Aion Speed Gain Equipments Guide

Aion Speed Gain Equipments Guide by 187ben

Are you  annoyed that you have to walk a long way to do your quests, or you are not quick enough to get rid of the attack from mobs. Here I will provide you six ways to get speed-gain equipments in Aion.(These can just increase your move speed, not attack speed )

1. Quests
when you reach lvl 37, you can get speed+20% gears by finshing special quests. and when lvl 47, you can get speed+22% gears by killing Balaur mobs in certain instances. (we can only experience these until the release, so I can’t provide quest detail.)

2.Crafting system

when your crafting skill(Armors and Quilted Armor ) reach the highest level, you can make speed- gain shoes by your self. these lvl33  shoes will be speed +18%–22%.

3.Balaur equipments.

Just as the title, you can make speed-gain shoes with the materials collected from Balaur mobs. it also requires that your Armors making or Sewing skill reach the highest level.  These are lvl 40/50 shoes with speed+20%–22%.

4.Abyss system

The Abyss system(it may be opened when Aion is released officially) is the special feature of Aion. players can get Abyss points by killing mobs, doing quests and killing opposite factional players in Abyss. These points can change into speed-gain gears from NPCs.
These are lvl 30/40/50 shoes with speed+20%–22%

5.Platinum quests( my own translation, the orginal name is Korean–ブラチナコイン)

From some special NPCs you can get the Platinum quests and by finishing them you get Platinum coins.  These coins can exchange speed-gain shoes with NPCs. These are lvl 46 shoes with speed+22%

6. Killing BOSS and mobs

you can get speed-gain shoes by killing BOSS and it’s not so hard if you can repeat killing. And you can also get such shoes from normal mobs, but it’s really hard. These shoes are speed+17%–22% in different levels.

7.(not equipment)speed-up scrolls

Speed-up scrolls can add your move speed by 10%-30% in five minutes. they also come from crafting system.

ps: 1. the higher lvl shoes have better additive attributes and cooler style.
2. these are information collected from CN/KR version, we can only  try these when Aion is released in NA/ EU.
3. There are also equipments which add attack-speed, but they are even harder to get.(I may try to collect the detail for you)

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