Age of Empires Online Defending Against Rushers Guide

Age of Empires Online Strategies to Defending Against PVP Rushers Guide by EmpireWudi

Scouting – Scouting is VERY VERY important. Good players tends to build watch post very early to monitor the enemy base. This help you see what exactly is coming so you can counter your enemy effectively.

Build your military facilities early – I see many newer players build their Barracks or Archer range way to late. You want to pop out some military units early because you can use them offensively and defensively! Your best offense is literally your best defense!

Level up –  If your opponent is lvl 30 and you are lvl 20. He should own you because there is a huge gap in equipment and skill points.

Do your research – Watch more videos and read the forums. Knowledge is power my friend. =]

Play more – I love this one. =] and it should be pretty self explainable. (Practice makes perfect, don’t be afraid to get owned! I personally rather play against experienced players and get stomped so I can learn from my matches.)

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