Age of Empires Online Chest Gambling Guide

Age of Empires Online Chest Gambling Guide by tyrannus1115

If you’re unfamiliar with Moe’s Mystorium, it’s a chest-gambling building that players can get via loot drops or by buying chests from another Moe’s. Chest gambling can be very frustrating, whether you’ve spent an exorbitant amount to get your own Moe’s or you regularly visit another player to try your luck. I’ve done some extensive chest gambling, often spending more time at that than at playing quests (you can see the results in the Trading Post section in my store and my current auction). As I’ve spent thousands and thousands of gold there, I’ve figured out some basic tips which should make chest gambling at Moe’s more productive, enjoyable, and profitable.
NOTE: This is a guide for inexperienced or lower-level Moe’s gamblers. I haven’t reached level 40 so I haven’t gambled level 40 chests.

WARNING: If you gamble, be prepared to lose.There is no foolproof way to actually make a profit at Moe’s. I’m just relaying to you my own experience.

The chest gambling levels fall into 8 categories:

  • Level 5 — 20g
  • Level 10 — 40g
  • Level 15 — 70g
  • Level 20 — 110g
  • Level 25 — 160g
  • Level 30 — 220g
  • Level 35 — 290g
  • Level 40 — 370g

The first thing to remember is that you DON’T receive items that are a higher level than you. If you are a level 15, the HIGHEST level item you will receive is level 15. So, that means that you should just forget about gambling with chests that are higher than your level.

The second thing is to know what kinds of things you tend to get at the different levels. At levels 5, 10, and 15 you tend to get lots and lots of materials and uncommon gear. In other words, you should only gamble level 5, 10, or 15 chests if you need materials. Otherwise, you will simply be throwing your money away. Trust me, any uncommon gear you get in Moe’s you might as well sell right back to the vendor – it’s pretty much worthless and can be gotten for cheaper elsewhere. And usually you can get the mats cheaper elsewhere. I’d recommend mostly staying away from these chests.

At level 20 you begin to get fewer materials (you still get a few, like garnets, wool, and other similar mats) and more rare and epic gear and you can even get Moe’s Mystoriums (I’ve found 3 Moe’s at this level)! But the fun really begins with the level 25 chests, because you’ll find that a huge number of rares and epics are level 22. Plus, at level 25 you findlots of advisors (mostly rares and quite a few epics). Rare and epic advisorssell back to the store for 300g and 400g respectively, which gives you a substantial profit against the price of the level 25 chest (160g). In fact, you can often break even with the number of advisors you may end up with just by vendoring what you got back into Moe’s.

At level 30 you can get some of the higher level epic advisors plus even more rares and epics. And it continues like that up until level 40.

Until you reach level 40, however, it seems tobe quite adequate to stick with the level 20/25 chests (especially the level 25 ones as you get more bang for your buck with epic advisors). I’ve found 3 Moe’s with level 20 chests and nearly 10 epic unique quest/storefront buildings with level 25s. Be prepared to spend about 10-15k in searching for one of them, though – but at the higher levels you can pretty easily get that money back.

TL;DR — Don’t bother chest gambling (and try saving up your money) until at least around level 22, as that’s when rares and epics begin to drop much more frequently. Vendor all uncommon items and pretty much any rare item that adds +cost or +training time as they don’t sell very well.

Anyways, I hope this helps a few people be a little less frustrated in their Moe’s gambling.

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