8Realms Raid and Capture Guide

8Realms Raid and Capture Guide by Trebor115

I’m personally doing some research on Raids and Captures, and here are my findings so far, and so here’re some tips on what to do in the right situations

SBR – still being researched
C – Confirmed

– Raids DO give materials after your army returns, so if you need any materials and have army to spare, raid some tiles. (C)
– It’s is better value to raid LOWER LEVEL tiles (I.E. less defence). After comparing the difference of two tiles with a 500 troops difference (250, 750), the latter only gave 100 more materials that the former, as well as using up MUCH more of my army, outweighing the gains (C)
– Current results show that raiding Luxury tiles will provide you with a lot of materials (C)
– Raiding strengh 0 tiles do not give resources (C)
– Having transfer technologies (symbolised with a crate) increases yield from a tile (C)

– Capturing a resource tile will increase your production of that material (C)
– The amount you recieve from a resource tile increases as you upgrade your trade building. (C)
– Moving troops between your city and captured tiles doesn’t use up an active army slot. (C)
– Capturing Luxury tiles adds culture.(C)
– Capturing a tile before raiding does not give resource(C)
– Having transfer technologies (symbolised with a crate) increases yield from a tile (C)
– More units on a captured tile increases hourly output (SBR)

Tiles and resource given (respectively)
Wood – Wood
Food – Food
Iron – Iron
Stone – Stone
Silver – Iron
Marble – Stone
Dye – None (May give in later ages)
Precious Gems – Iron

Those are the findings so far, if you have any experiments you want to try, or any results, feel free to post.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    there is no gold but there is platnum

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering if you have ever seen a gold tile on the world map because i have been hearing rumours about there being a gold tile as a luxury.

    :D THX

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