8Realms Ancient Age Guide

8Realms Ancient Age Guide by BxbyJesus

:: Table Of Contents ::

:: 1.1 – Getting Started
:: 1.2 – Upgrades
:: 1.3 – Research
:: 1.4 – Making a “Wonder”

:: 1.1 – Getting Started ::

1. To begin your going to want to take a look at your tasks, the best way to go through Ancient is your tasks.

2. While doing your tasks you will receive bonus rewards, these are essential to completing Ancient in minimal time.

3. While you are working on tasks you’ll minus you do something else also, Multi-Progressing I guess you could call it. You are going to want get a Library for research, max out your Lv.1 library research by completing researching everything in the level one section of the research list.

:: 1.2 – Upgrades ::

1. If you have not maxed out Level One researching and resource plots, do not begin this section, go back to S1.3.

2. After you’ve completed all of your research you will need new things to do, upgrade your Village Centre to Level Two, then upgrade your Library to Level Two.

3. Upgrade all resource plots to Level Two.

4. Overnight you are going to want to Upgrade your Library and Village Centre to Level Three.

:: 1.3 – Research ::

In 8Realms the key to advancing is “research”. This is by upgrading you Library as you go through the game, to continue through efficiently, you will need the best tools and equipment for your military. As well as required knowledge to advance to the next age.

:: 1.4 – Making Your Wonder ::

1. After that night of upgrading your village and library you should be able to upgrade your resource plots. Go ahead and do this now.

2. By now you should have every Task completed, if not, get this done ASAP!

3. Your culture should be at 100% so go click on the large “8” at the top middle of your screen to see the wonders, you will be making a Colosseum.

4. You should have all required research and your required building levels. Make your Colosseum and continue to the next age!

All-in-All, Ancient is a very simple Age to complete.

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