WW2 WarFare New Player’s Guide

WW2 WarFare New Player’s Guide by CronicNeurotic


1.Starting out




5.Training your Troops





1.Starting out;

You made it here so claim your newbie bonus and daily bonus click the?overview screen claim bonus, if you have a card code in your email enter it here too.

Okay so by now you have some helpful items and some resources and some newbie tasks.?If you follow all of these newbie tasks you will be rewarded enough resources to start a second base so get on with doing them and make sure you have a depot (storage) lvl high enough before you finish each task.

To make your second base remember you need a Pioneer (armour) and Military Committee (building) and then just go to the map and click where you want it.

There is also if you notice in the tasks a patrol mission ignore this for now.

So assuming you now have your second base and have completed the newbie tasks you want to know how to attack and spy on other players.

Go to the map screen, to attack or spy click on another base then attack from the menu, choose which option you want attack, spy or support and click the troops you want to send and which commander.

2. Attacking;

The units with the longest range fire first, each turn the range is lowered and the only units that can attack are the ones where the range is in their specific range… For instance?

1st Round (Range 1601 – 2100)

the Fw 190 (R1) has a range of 1720-2090 so it can attack now

2st Round (Range 1101 – 1600)

the Fw 190 (R1) has a range of 1720-2090 so it cannot attack now

the damage is tallied and the units taking damage are removed if enough damage is done. If you are successful you will plunder the enemy base and take some resource as well as gain some XP for your commander.?Sometimes after attacks you will receive a message informing you of wounded soldiers, you can cure the soldiers with a Medical Center (building) and by paying gold also sometimes you may receive a chest which will show in the battle report to open the chest click on it in the report or by clicking Mall, Bag, Chest.


Commanders lead the forces and gain Exp from how succesful your attacks are, their attributes are passed onto your forces and increase with experience.?If you click base then commander you can view his attributes and increase them with xp gained from fighting.?If you click on the name you will also get a screen which shows Brainman, Trainer, Aid, Misc and Secretary you cannot directly recruit or buy these add-ons but if you complete the task missions (not newbie tasks) you will get these completing the crusade tasks.?You can recruit new commanders through command screen recruit tab. The number of commanders shown here is the same lvl as your military Academy, lvl 3 Academy, 3 commanders available to recruit (the lvl of your academy does not increase the attributes of the commanders you can recruit)?


Using spies you can get information about troops, tech, buildings and resources.?The level of information you receive is based on how many spies(infantry) you send the level of your Intelligence Agency (building) and the technology level of Military Intelligence (Infantry Technology) comparatively with the base you are trying to spy on.

5.Training your units;

There are three different ranks for each unit, each one must fulfill building requirements and technological requirements.?For each rank increase there is substantial improvement in all fields excluding range.

This is all that will increase the effectiveness of your troops, increasing technology lvls higher than what is needed to raise the rank of your training does nothing, except in the case of military Intelligence. If you train 50 Commandos (R1) then fulfill the requirements for Commandos (R2) the 50 Commandos (R1) are not retrained so be aware.


Alliances are helpful as a community of players who help each other and have fun together and can also co-ordinate attacks and defences with several players and even with other alliances.?To join an alliance you need to have a lvl1 Diplomacy Headquarter (building) and find an alliance and apply for membership, if you want to start your own alliance then you will need a lvl10Diplomacy Headquarter . When starting your own alliance you will have 10 member slots for each lvl increase in the Diplomacy Headquarters you will get another 5 player slots.

lvl 10 Diplomacy Headquarters = 10

lvl 11 Diplomacy Headquarters = 15

lvl 12 Diplomacy Headquarters = 20

and so on


You will need two things for buildings, resources and base area each building will only take up one base area and if you run out of base area you can increase the lvl of your City Hall (building).

Factories for producing resources take resources, a base area larger than one and population the population is shown on the top of the window next to the resources, you will need to increase the size of your shelter to increase the population here.

lvl I?Factories take up 8 population and 5 base area

lvl II?Factories take up 12 population and 7 base area

lvl III Factories take up 20 population and 12 base area


You can use gold to purchase items in the mall, cure injured troops and to buy and convert resources by clicking the relevant buttons at the top of the screen next to the population counter, don’t forget everday to click the claim bonus button and send your troops to search the field for some free resources and some gold.

9. Defence

When you are attacked the same system is used as attacking, you can also build base defences to protect your troops. If you are under attack and think that you may be in danger then put your resources onto the market at an unreasonable ratio.

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