WW2 WarFare Beginner’s Guide

WW2 WarFare Beginner’s Guide by Biggunz

Welcome to the Biggunz Basic guide to WWII Warfare.

This is a beginners guide to help you get started

and is in no way a complete guide to the game. All

of what you see here is my opinion on how to get started,

From my experiences in WWII Warfare.

I: Introduction

WWII Warfare is a Browser Game based on World War II in which you build bases and armies in the hopes of conquering the world. There are two sides (Allies and Axis) to choose from. The main difference here is that allies receive 10% more steel production and Axis receives 10% more oil production. Choose your side wisely because you can only join an alliance that is of the same side that you choose. More on alliances later.

II: Game play

In the beginning you will want to follow through all the Newbie Tasks as this will get you to the point of owning a sub-base. The rewards for completing the Newbie Tasks are important also, since they allow you to pretty much continuously build your base. Following the Newbie Tasks will teach you the basics of the game as far as development of a base goes. Also Make sure after starting your account to claim your Newbie reward for 50 gold from the main page of the game, and to collect the 5 gold reward every day from your claim tab. Gold can be spent on Item Mall items and is a very important commodity. You can purchase resources with it or make your factories produce more resources each hour. There are many other items all located in the Mall tab.

III: Resources

By the time you finish doing all the Newbie Tasks you will have your sub-base built and will want to start building up resource factories, after all a nation with no resources is a failing nation. There are 3 levels of resource factories I,II,III each collecting more resources than the tier below it. Level I factories collect 50/hour of their resource, level II Collect 100/hour, and level III collect 300/hour for each factory you own. My advice is to skip making level I factories other than what is required by the newbie tasks and build level II factories as soon as you can. 2 Level II factories collect as many resources as 4 level I factories and use less space than 3 level I factories.

Resources are the most important item in the game as without them you can not build your base, learn technology, or recruit troops. Make sure to get your resource income as high as you can in order to grow quickly.

IV: Base

Every Building serves a purpose, from allowing you to make certain troops to giving you room for more resources. If you have done the Newbie tasks then you can see how each building affects your production and research. Technology is also just as important as everything in WWII Warfare has certain requirements that must be met in order to build them. Make sure you look at each item you will want to build to see the pre-requisites to make them so you can get the building/technology needed in order to make that item. I.E A spy requires you to have level 5 military intelligence, so you would want to learn this technology in order to be able to recruit spies so you can scout out the enemies you wish to attack. Also base area is very important. Each item you build requires a certain amount of Area to be built. You area is limited therefore make sure to keep an eye on it as you are building. You can expand the base area by building City halls also.

V: Alliances

Alliances are simply a group of people that have grouped up for protection/friendship/common interest. Alliances are very important since they allow you to come together for defense or attacks and make life a bit easier within the game. If there are 2 players nearby one is in an alliance other is not, with around the same resources, I would attack the unallied player as he would tend to be the easier target. The downfall of attacking a member of an alliance could be a major war with the whole alliance they are a part of. To join an alliance you must have Level I Diplomacy Headquarters. To Create an alliance you must have a level X Diplomacy Headquarters. When an alliance is created is has 10 spots for members including the founder. In order to make room for more members you must raise the level of your Diplomacy Headquarters. Each consecutive level gives you 5 more member slots. So if you have diplomacy level XII you could have 20 members in your alliance. Also as the leader of an alliance you have the task of appointing members as officials for diplomacy, recruiting, etc. All done under your alliance tab.

VI: Tasks

Under the Task tab you can complete missions using your commanders and troops that you have recruited. Each time you do a task the level goes up and the task becomes more difficult to complete. This requires you to recruit more troops to go on each consecutive mission in order to be successful. Doing these tasks will get you experience for your commander and the chance at getting a chest that will contain a random amount of resources in it.


When you have your army built up and your defenses in place chances are sooner or later you are going to get into a battle with another player. You may attack them or be attacked by them but either way the battle will be decided by your armies. The Bigger army will beat the smaller army and win the battle. If the attacker wins they will be able to take resources that the defender has at their base. So it is very important to protect your resources and armies at all times. I would advise doing a Safety movement every time you will be away from your computer for an extended period of time to keep crashers from destroying your army and taking all of your resources. Basically you will want to figure out how long you will be gone and send your troops somewhere that will make them arrive back at your base after you have returned to the computer. As far as resources go either keep them low so you do not make a tempting target or transport them to another of your bases when you are AFK, same idea as doing a Safety movement on your troops.

Thanks for taking the time to read this beginners guide. I hope it helps those of you with questions on how to play the game. This is by no means a complete guide to the game and is my personal opinion on getting started. If you have any information that would help feel free to add a reply with it so that everyone can enjoy themselves here on WWII Warfare.

Semper Paratus

“Always Ready”


Founder of Revolution

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