WW2 WarFare Gaming Guide

WW2 WarFare Gaming Guide by Elite_Inferno

1 : From R(1) to R(4)

Players might wonder what this improvement is good for. The price/performance ratio stays the same and the improvement costs a lot of resources. However, it’s worth it because your troops will gain in speed and be harder to scout.

It is not recommended to start building R(1) troops. Instead, climb the tech tree and get as fast as possible to R(2). From that point, wait until you are economically stable to get to R(3). You shouldn’t climb to R(4) until very late in the game (= 4th or 5th base).

R(1) = barracks/armor division HQ/aircraft factory lvl 1 + tech lvl 1

R(2) = barracks/armor division HQ/aircraft factory lvl 8 + tech lvl 5

R(3) = barracks/armor divison HQ/aircraft factory lvl 15 + tech lvl 10

R(4) = barracks/armor division HQ/aircraft factory lvl 24 +tech lvl 15

2 : Battle

Damage calculation :

‘Damage’ by round (by type, ex : aircraft does not add up to armor and infantry) – ‘Defense’ by type = ‘damage done’ to type.

‘damage done’ is divided equally on all brands of units by type and then divided by the total HP of that brand. The result is then rounded up or down.

Round calculation :

Unit with highest range’s max range = starting range

Starting range to Starting range-500 = round 1

Starting range-500 to Starting range-1000 = round 2

Starting range-1000 to Starting range-1500 = round 3

etc… until range reaches 0.

You can attack and be attacked only by players with [-2;+2] rank of yours. When you reach captain rank (148036 dev. points) this protection expires and you are vulnerable to any attack from any rank.

3 : Choice of troops* :

-Infantry is useless, there only infantry I recommend you to have are spies. However if you live in a packed zone, the travelling time handicap is reduced. The opponent won’t be expecting infantry.

-Armored vehicles generally have low speed and low grain consumption. They are useful to defend your base, attack close targets and accompany your opels. Better than aircraft in packed zones.

Axis :

– The Opel Blitz (opel) is a must : this is the only unit that allows you to plunder great deals of resources. It has low speed, low armor and low damage. They are pretty useless if not covered with other vehicles.

-The sonderkraftfahrzeug 234 Puma (puma) might be an attractive vehicle, but you’ll quickly notice it is not as good as it seems: it has average stats and is effective against infantry. Have som to plunder enemies with defenses.

-The sturmgeschüts IV (stug IV) is a good tank destroyer. It may come in handy against players with armored vehicles and to accompany your trucks. It has good damage, average armor and low speed. Its main handicap is that it cannot attack infantry and thus defence.

-The Ostwind is a must. He’s effective in attack and defense against players with a lot of fighters. In case there are bombers involved, be sure to have enough tigers and pumas to cover the lack of the ostwind’s armor.

-The Panther may be attractive with its high range and speed, but his damage, armor are only average.

-The Tiger is comparable to the stug IV but with its better armor and ability to damage infantry its slightly better. It’s as slow as the stug IV.

-Aircraft is fast, strong and expensive. Remember they have all 0 capacity so don’t count on them for resources. Have them for quick attacks and if you are in an isolated zone.

-The Focke-wulf Fw 190 würger (FW) is a fighter which combines damage range and armor. It is however not as good as the TA. It strikes once unless you have an AA(L) in battle.

-The Messerschmidt Bf 109 (BF) is an all offense plane. This long range fighter is fast and does high amounts of damage but has a huge lack of armor. It costs the most of all planes in oil but nearly no steel or grain. This plane is great in combination with high armored planes such as the Ta or the Blitz. You can’t guarantee it attacks twice (AA(L)) in attack which makes it less reliable compared to TAs, even though it’s better in TW. Unless you wish to be at clan’s service in TW, I recommend having only one for every attack to make sure TAs attack twice.

-A commonly made mistake is to buy the Messerscmidt Me262: this is due to the fact it is as well a fighter and a bomber. It has low armor and speed and only average damage to each type. To use the ME262 at his full potential, it must strike as well infantry armor and aircraft in low quantities each. His low and wide range allows him to strike in the 2nd , 3rd and 4th round in most cases ; they’re damage probably won’t be enough to pierce armor in each round. For the same grain consumption, you could have an equal number of TAs, Blitz and JU planes which will make your army way more effective.

-The Focke-wulf Ta 152 is a high armored fighter that does decent damage, it has low range but still enough to strike in the first round in most cases. What makes it the best fighter is that it fires twice. A small downside is that it is slow. Alone, it can’t kill an equal army of TA or BFs alone but with any other high range unit in battle, it’ll fire twice.

– The Arado ar 234 blitz is a effective bomber: It does average damage to infantry, high damage to armor, has enough range to strike twice (when accompanied) and in the first round and has decent armor. With its decent speed as a bonus, it’s one of the better planes.

– The Junker ju 87 is comparable to the blitz, only it is more effective against infantry than armor. This is a good solution to players with a lot of defenses and to the first day of tribal wars. They may come in handy.

-Defence (you got defense, in battle, and Defence, the units): defence is similar to troops but:

-they cannot be selected for attack

-they cannot be selected for tribal war

-they have a higher performance/price ratio

In my opinion an active player should only have Anti-air cannons (L). If you’re in a tight zone, you can build some Anti-tank guns as well.

Recap :

– Opel blitz : low stats, high capacity. Highly Recommended.

– Puma : Average armor ; High speed ; Dam : Average vs. Infantry/ low vs. Armor. Recommended

– Stug IV : Average armor ; Low speed ; Dam : High vs. armor. Not recommended.

– Ostwind : Low armor ; Low speed ; Dam : High vs. planes. Highly Recommended

– Panther : Low armor ; High speed ; Dam : Average vs. armor/low vs. planes. Not recommended

– Tiger : High armor ; Low speed ; Dam : Average vs. infantry/low vs. infantry. Highly Recommended.

-Focke-wulf FW : Average amor ; Average speed ; High range ; Dam : Average vs. planes. Not recommended

-Messerschmidt BF : Low armor ; high speed ; High range ; Dam : High vs. planes. Recommended in low quantity.

-Messerschmidt ME : low armor ; low speed ; low range ; Dam : Average vs. infantry/Average vs. armor/ low vs. planes. Not recommended.

-Focke-Wulf TA : High armor ; Low speed ; Average range ; Dam : Average vs. planes. Highly Recommended.

-Arado AR : Average armor ; High speed ; Average range ; Dam : Average vs. infantry/high vs. armor. Highly recommended.

-Junkers JU : Average armor ; Low speed ; High range ; Dam : High vs. Infantry/ average vs. armor. Recommended.

If you restructure your army and want to destroy troops, you have 2 options :

– Never heal them nor build them and they’ll perish slowly.

– Send them to a clan member after his agreement so he gets experience.

Do not send low quantities to the enemy.

*Low, high and average are comparisons to the units own class (arcraft, armor, infantry) : High speed for an armored vehicle is lower than high speed for a plane.

4 : Rewards

After a battle you do not only get your reward depending on the battle losses on both side, the resources captured and the consecutive wins.

The different chests are : leather chest (max. 5000 resources of each kind), camphor chest (max. 20 of each kind), metal chest (max. 40 000 resources of each kind), diamond chest (max. 100 000 resources of each).

The different tokens are :

Seasoned : all +4

Blazer : Str +10, Com +4, Intel +4, Cha +4

Vanguard : Str +4, Com +10, Intel +4, Cha +4

Blue Nightmare : Intel +30

White gundog : Cha +30

Dark Chariot : Com +30

Bare comet : Str +30

5 : Spying

Scouting is an important part of war, only scouting allows you to judge the strength of an enemy. There are only 2 factors that influence your spying reports : (military intel. (technology) has nothing to do with it) the number of spies you send, and the level of your intel. agency.

You must be sure to keep your intel. agency up to date as well for attack and defence. If you can’t scout somebody it might not be the lack of intel. agency, try sending more spies before drawing conclusions. If you want to check if your info is good, you can always attack a high leveled member to scout someone for you. This chart illustrates the levels of intel. agencies required to scout the different levels of units :

R1 R2 R3 R4

Infantry N/A N/A 15 21

Armoured vehicles N/A N/A 16 22

Planes N/A N/A 17 23

6 : commanders

Every point of an attribute increases the stat by 0.3125%

A :

When units moves or undertake action, they ‘take orders’ from a commander :

– In battle, units will gain a damage boost depending on the commander’s STR, a defence boost depending on the commander’s COM and a Hp depending on the commander’s INT.

– Travelling time will be reduced by an amount depending on the commander’s charm. Do not underestimate this capacity, it can be the most important in certain cases.

– In TW, the commander’s name and stats will appear to the officials with appointing rights and can be selected as TW commander for one battle (= 3 locations).

– A commander earns experience when opponent units are killed by his. The amount depends on the type and unit killed. There are no penalties for killed units on the commander’s side. Experience will allow you to upgrade STR, COM, INT, CHA.

B :

A commander can be equipped with tokens (see list above). Every token has an effect that upgrades one or two of the stats. A serie of the same type of tokens (misc, brainman, trainer, aide, secretary) will give an additional bonus depending on the type. The tokens you receive most easily are seasoned, blazer and vanguard, they give a small to medium bonus. The rarer tokens are blue nightmare, white gundog, dark chariot and bare comet. On the contrary of commanders, tokens can level up. For this go to base>commanders>upgrading. If you have two identical tokens, you can level up one of them with 100-(level*20)% rate of success (level 1 = 80%, level 3 = 40%). If you succeed, the other token will be destroyed and the first will level up ; if you fail the other token will be destroyed and the first won’t level up. It’s possible to increase your rate of success with documents, you can use up to 5 at the time.

C :

Random legendary commanders can be recruited. Their nationality, name or picture is completely random for allies and axis. One is recruited by sending a commander to visit :

-the success rate will depend on the commander’s level, your commander’s charm, your treasure (bought with gold).

-the travelling time can only be reduced by buying a vehicle (gold)

-the commander’s basic stats depend on your level which depends on your dev. points.

You can visit one about every three days for free but you can also buy invitation posters for instant visiting possibilities (gold). In this case the commander will have 1, 2 or 3 more levels than it should have. If the commander accepts your invitation you’ll be provided with a code that can be entered in base>commanders>historic key. When entered you’ll be asked to recruit the commander for a price of gold depending on its level. When you have one, every experience point that your commander earns is doubled allowing it to improve himself twice as fast: on the long run, it’s worth all the gold.

The blood(/bone) cleaning elixir is a good combination with a high leveled legendary commander : this item resets all of his stats to 1 and adds experience to the commander that equals the experience needed to upgrade the stats that were reset. This way you can concentrate on one attribute 9especcially usefull on CHA and STR).

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