TransForce Newbie Guide

TransForce Newbie Guide by blacklinelevi

I’m writing this newbie guide to help all the new players that are joining in since the management made s4,s5, & s6 & became very popular on facebook. I started playing this game in February 2 days after S3 came out. I’ve learned alot from some players who have played since the beginning of S0 an even some players who picked it up quickly. These tips, strategies, etc are based on how I’ve played the game & some accounts of other’s tips/strategies. No single way to play the game will work for everyone so you must find your own feel to it & see what makes you feel good about the way it’s all going. There are both good & bad times in this game & certain things you love & certain things you hate. We all have our opinion so I say to you all who read this, don’t base yours off just reading this, get in a server, & play the game. Regardless if I have any bad opinions about any aspect of this game, I would not be taking the time to write this thorough guide if I didn’t love it & want you all to keep playing. During the newbie guide you will see words or items that you might not understand what it is or what it does just yet, so I will provide an item list and army list at the bottom of this guide.

Facebook –
First off is facebook. Most of you probably saw an advertisement for this game on facebook & decided to give it a try. Congratulate yourself for picking the best game facebook offers. This isn’t like Mafia Wars or Castle Age where you only collect things and watch your numbers grow along everyone else’s. In Transforce, you will be challenged in many different aspects of the game. The TransForce facebook account is (wont let me post URLs) for anyone who plays through bit/playcomet. The best thing about this game is you do not have to friend people on facebook in any way to progess in this game. You will not get any notifications of gifts or “mob up” invites. You join a tribe in TF & you work together with those people to gain tribe rank & help each other out in certain aspects such as Instance or Joint Attacking/Defending.

BitComet/PlayComet –
The TransForce Main page is linked in the big button in the middle of your game page. for you the check out all the latest updates and get to know what the game is about. There are new updates every week on Tuesday’s at 2am Central Time Zone. I believe the server time is the same for everyone no matter where you are & the server time is Central Standard Time(USA). Every weekend there are events, such as 30% boosts in resource production for those 2 days starting at midnight on Friday until 12:01am Monday morning. Every time they make a new server they usually give players time to build themselves up to have a decent army then set a 2 week period of top ranked players in 1.Attacking 2.Defending 3.Looting 4.Reputation. Usually the top 10 players of each will receive a set number of gold chests every day for that time period.

For players who have joined us through the comet passport, you can bind your account in facebook’s TF app to get your account back through facebook so you can gain direct access through facebook. For anyone who started from facebook, you may create a comet account to view/post or gain member perks on the comet network but if you log into Comet while you’re logged into facebook it will ask you to start over. You have confused your computer in making it guess which domain you are accessing the game from and comet passport beats out facebook. I don’t know of any way to get your comet password if you’re only starting from facebook. They assign you a random character login on the TF main page. So my advice is if you’re going to make a comet account after you have already started on facebook you should not stay logged into comet while you try to get back into your game.

Starting The Game –
So you’re starting the game. You will be asked to pick a faction, either Decepticons (The Bad Guys from the storyline) or Autobots (The Good Guys). Both have their destinctive pros & cons, advantages & disadvantages. Anyone from either faction can be the best. It’s all about how you play the game. It does tell you that Decepticons have the advantage in the short run but really doesn’t change the actual gameplay. All robots require two technologies, a weapon type, and an armor type, at high levels before you can build them.

Game Hub –
The layout for the game hub is as follows from top to bottom, left to right.
Your Information- It shows the Avatar you have picked, your name, rep, rank, amount of token/matrix, & the server time(CST).
The rep is reputation. You gain reputation for every robot you build, for every upgrade, & is dictated by you Dev(Development). The number to the right of your rep is your server rank, it has the arrow between it & the rep number. You can click this number at any time to see the rankings of every player in the server by rep, hero, military, attackers, defenders, looters & contribution. You can also view your achievements & the server achievements. You get a gold, silver, or bronze trophy for being one of the first 3 people to submit an achievement. You can also click your name to view your gamer profile. This is where you set your profile to complete a task in the beginning. You also use this to view another players’ gamer card to add them as a friend, send them email, invite to join tribe, or to add, scout, or attack their base.


You will receive free tokens every day you log in & more everyday for logging in more than 1 day in a row & so on & so on. You will use these to buy a hero when you have a renowned that you can recruit from visiting. You can spend them in the item Store. Only certain items can be bought with matrix, such as meteors, blue giants, rubies, or runes (for playing the wheel of fortune.) The difference is that tokens are given to you for free by logging in every day, completing the achievement tasks, & verifying your email account. (Click Setting then enter your email in the validation section then check your email & click the link to receive those tokens) Matrix is something you buy therefore those certain limited items must be ‘bought.’ The game does say FREE FOREVER but you can only enjoy all aspects of the game for free by winning certain items in the wheel of fortune, such as Blue or Purple Giants or anything in the Treasure tab of the Store.

There is an advantage you can gain by purchasing matrix, which let’s you purchase as many of the speedup items or anything else you might need as long as you continue to do so.

The top right shows where you are currently viewing, the CITY- which is where you can send email to a GM(Game Manager) or directly access a part of the game. INSIDE- which takes you inside the operations part of your base. Where you will build shelters, robot factories, tech centers, build troops, etc. It’s the meat off your operation. OUTSIDE- this is your ‘backyard” so to speak. It’s where you only build your resource producing buildings. This is where your resources will come from based on what you decide to fill your backyard with & how high they’re leveled. MAP- this takes you to the server map.

By clicking map, it always starts you off where your base is on the map from logging in. If you have moved your view on the map then go back inside it will take you back to where you last were on the map before. The map ranges in coordinates differently on the newer servers. There are many big squares in the server but only 3 big squares that make up the locations of set bases on the map. 45, 55, 56. Those are the 3 that make up all set bases. You will see this number in faded grey color in your map. For examle, if your coordinates are 450:560 you are in block 55. Block 45 is 400:400 on the left, 400:499 on top, 499:499 to the right, and 499:400 on the bottom. The blocks are made crooked not perfectly up and down so the points on the map will look like the points of the square. 55 block & 56 block work the same way in the 400’s:500’s & 500’s:500’s. There is no preset base starting at 512:460. The 1st number in coordinates (coords) is the number of little squares you are from left to right & the 2nd number is how far up or down you are. The middle of the map is the NPC City, which is now named Tuoert. This is the computer base that you can attack at any time after you reach 5,000 rep. There are also smaller NPC cities that will appear either on the map or through your missions that you can accept to gain more resources & items to attack said city. You can only attack ANY NPC city 3 times a day for free, but up to a total of 5 times a day costing 36 extra tokens/matrix to attack the 4th & 36 again to attack a 5th time. The travel time from your base to a certain point on the map is determined by your hero’s speed attribute & the speed of the troops you are sending. The whole army is only as fast as the slowest robot. Travel time is cut by a certain % based on the Whirlwind tech in your tribe technologies.

The bottom left shows you the chat window. The buttons go from left to right, Friends/Enemies List, X(Close the game), and Daily Claim. Every day you can submit your daily claim after midnight server time to receive free tokens. It ranges from 1.0 to 1.8 multiplied by 5 tokens & a set amount of resources based on your rep and based on how many days you have logged in a row. You can accept a divinity(by clicking Divine) which gives you a random resource & hero boost. The button that’s more to the right than the rest in the row is the Wheel of Fortune button. You use Runes to take turns there where it will give you a random item, troop, or amount of resource. The buttons to the right yet inside the chat window are from top to bottom- World Chat-chat with all players in the server / Tribe Chat-chat with only players in your tribe / Private Chat-privately chat with a specific player. You must either click on that player’s name from the chat window or type [ then type the name then type ], example [blacklinelevi] to send a private messege. They have recently added a new feature to the chat. There is a little drop down button to the right of every players name after they speak in the chat, which is a white arrow pointing down. If you click on this arrow, you will see three buttons. The top one says Ranking, which will bring up that players Gamer Card. The second option is to Ignore that person and hense, the third is to clear that Ignore option from that player.

The middle part of the hub is your viewpoint for that specific base. There are 5 buttons that look like castles. The first one will be an orange yellow type color depending on how your settings/vision is. These are the buttons that take you to your 1.main base 2.sub base one 3.sub base two, etc. Then there is an octogon Transforce Logo which takes you to if you click on it. The buttons on the right of that are Militarry-shows you where your current army is being sent & travel times, Build-to bring up the building list(if you have any vacant slots) Technology-brings up your tech center where you can upgrade certain technologies for army building, resource production, heal, number of heros you can have(leadership) etc. Train Military-this brings up your robot factory to build whichever troops you are currently allowed too. –I usually just click on the specific building to access these options. It is pointless to keep a tech center in any sub base so clicking on tech button brings an error messege so I just eliminate this by double checking which base you’re looking at–

Below these buttons are yellow bars, these are your current amounts of resources shown by type. You can click on any yellow bar to bring up your productivity sheet where you can set the % of you total possible population to work on making you that resource. Tip- To make energon you lower these ratios of resource building to give yourself more idle population therefore giving you more energon. To the left of these yellow bars are your base coords, the area-number of total spaces you have for buildings, you Dev- total amount of resources spent/technologies upgraded gives you more Dev., spot- click this to bring up you resource spot sheet. This is connected to the Military sheet, Resource Production sheet, & Total of resource production. Tip- Always check every box you bring up to see what tabs are on top, & search around. Check things out for yourself & read everything. You might be overwhelmed by how much there is at first, but you WILL understand it all in a short time & realize you will have more fun with your time on this game than ANY other you have played on facebook. Tip 2- You can hold your cursor over anything & it will show you any details about it. Such as holding it over a bot in your robot factory. If you hold the cursor over Build it will show you how much 1 unit costs & what is required. If you hold it over the image it shows you the troops stats.

To the right of the yellow resource bars are the things that have to do with population. You must build shelters to make energon. The numbers below that and to the right of the heart is your current loyalty. They recently changed it so that it tells you what you should set your loyalty to make most energon possible if you have all your resource production values set to 100. If you decide to set them lower, then set your tax rate higher. Remember not to over do it because when you pacify it will only let you pacify by 10 every half hour. Pacifying is bringing your loyalty back up after taxing so high. I.e. If you were taxing at 50% right from the start, then needed to produce res, you would have to set your production values higher which in turn means you would have to set your tax rate lower to bring up your loyalty. You would have to set your loyalty to 40, then click pacify. Then after 30 minutes has passed you may set to 30 and pacify again.

The right part on the bottom of the screen is your command keys. You will move amongst the game using these keys. The Task key is the most used. By clicking this TASK button, it will bring up a box with all the tabs you will need to learn to play all the parts of the game. (Will show print screen and details further on.

The MAIL button is where you will send and receive mail. You will get emails from various actions automatically. Those would include the 12am Server Time turnover, which will send you mail on who had the most attack points, defense points, impregnable points (how much of your attacker you destroyed from a defense battle), the King of Arena, and the player with the highest reputation. The King of Arena gets 500 medal of honor, and the other 4 get 18 tokens. Note – The Attack/Defense points are only from your biggest attack/defensive battle of that day. They do not accumulate. From the start of a server, the GM’s will hold a brief contest which usually lasts 3 weeks which gives players Gold Chests for holding certain spots in certain rankings. For example, the first two weeks in this three week period is usually given out to the players of the top 100 reputations. The last two weeks in this three week period are for attacking, defending, and looting. (You loot automatically when you attack a player and win. You will steal resources from that player based on your loot %, their loot %, their number of basements, and your capacity to carry resources.) The rankings are for the top 100 ranks, which gives players the Gold Chests every night at midnight. The BAG button opens your bag. You have many items in this bag and I will show a list of those items further on. There is also the STORE which is where you can buy every item you wold ever need. Most of these you can buy with tokens, the TREASURES are the only things you have to buy Matrix to buy those items. The Send and Hero buttons take you into those buildings, the Command Post (CP) and Hall of Hero (HoH), the four buttons to the left of these and directly from the right of the base buttons, the military, building, technology, and train buttons do as well. The military button is connected with the resource bars, the SPOT to the bottom left, and is what shows you where army is going to no matter what you’re doing with them as long as they aren’t idle. The building button brings up your HQ, the technology button brings up your Tech Center, and the train button brings up the first Robot Factory (RF) that you’ve built.

Bag –
The bag is where all the items are stored that you will accumulate throughout the game. You get certain items from reputation milestones and some from completing missions or attacking an enemy. You will get a Newbie Pack(0 Reputation) to start out with. Then another at 5,000 reputation, 10,000 reputation, 30,000 reputation, 60,000 reputation, and the last at 100,000 reputation. They each contain the same amount of items that you will need throughout the lifetime of your game. There are different categories of items and you can study them in the Store if you chose to do so. Some items are rare to get for free, and very limited. Such as Meteors and every speedup or booster item. You get 3 Tech Blueprints in each Newbie Pack, 6 Construction Plans, and 1 Training Booster in every pack from 10k rep on. There are many more items but there are few and far between to open and see all of them. You get items like 25% Resource Boosters, 25% Attack or Defense Boosters, Simultaneous Constructions, 1 Meteor, Vehicles, Airplanes, Power Cubes and Energy Cubes(last 4 for speedups and boosters in Renowned Hero recruiting) are a few to mention. You will also claim many tasks from the start that give you Newbie CHESTS, which only contain 1 item. If you save all of them for a while until you have about 30 or 40 of them, you will have a good chance of getting a tech blueprint out of 1/3 of them. Usually the other 2/3 are construction plans or simultaneous constructions, sometimes a resource production booster. The reason these speed ups are so important is because they can take away so much time from an upgrade and construction plans are only 9 matrix, while a tech blueprint is 27. It takes three days of claiming the Daily Claim at 1.8x to get 27 tokens, and more than likely you’re going to need them to buy a Renowned Hero when you can.
There’s also hero items, such as HP Potions, Hero Badges which give your Hero Experience, Skill Diskettes you will get from the Instance, and Different types of segments. A segment is a piece of an item that you will use under the Exchange tab within the Bag to make one whole item. The Hero Skills only require 5 segments, while Meteor and Star Particles require 10. You can find these segments also in the Instance, by completing missions, and occasionally when you perform an action with a Slave. There are special occasions when the GM’s will hold contests or just things for fun where they add a new item that you will collect from doing a special mission or expedition and usually only last a limited time. The Lily Exchange options you would see are from Easter and no are no longer in gameplay.
Tip – I tell people NOT to waste your tech blueprints or construction plans right away unless you feel it necessary to use them on something that only takes a few hours rather than take 1500 away from something. Note – A Miracle Level 6 takes 12 years to finish if you choose not to use any constructions on it, but also costs 1 billion of each resource. . But, do use the simultaneous constructions right away, you need those to progress quickly from the beginning and will get enough at the start off the game that by the time you’re finished with the first one’s 24 hours you will have another. And you will get 1 out of every 3 or 4 of the Newbie Chests you get and 1 from each Newbie Pack. You will have about 10 or so that you probably will use few and far between once you hit 10k rep.

Building –
You start off with 9 empty spots & an HQ(Headquarters). To build something you must click an empty spot and then choose which building. The amount of resources needed to build it will be shown below the description. After you have built something a number 1 will appear on the image of the building. If you click on the building, it will have a list of how much resources and time it will take to upgrade it up to the next level. The placement of all the buildings doesn’t change anything in your gameplay, except certain placement is just easier to follow. For example, you wouldn’t place your Tech Center in an empty spot that’s really close to the top four buttons just to save yourself time in case you accidentally clicked the wrong button. Certain placements make it easier to remember where things are even in sub bases. For myself I usually place my two Robot Factories in the first and third spot within the HQ area and I place the Command Post in between the two. I usually keep all shelters on the outside spots and put my Tech Center and Hall of Hero somewhere below and to the right of the HQ for easy access. The outside buildings, the Oil well, Crystal Plant, and Metal Factory placement does not matter. You can open your HQ and view all your current buildings and click the upgrade button from within the HQ without having to keep going outside to do so.

Headquarters – The headquarters is the main building of your base. You get one at level 0 automatically each time you create a sub base. You will start out with 9 empty spots in your base, both inside and outside and will gain 1 extra spot once your HQ reaches level 5 and one more for each level thereafter. The HQ also gives you a construction speed bonus for every level you upgrade it, along with any other building that has anything to build from. Such as a level 10 HQ will give you a 100% construction speed, and a level 15 will give you 150% bonus construction speed. The prerequisite for upgrading the HQ is just a level 1 Shelter. The HQ has three tabs, All Ques, Loyalty/Tax, and Requirement. Note – Every building has a requirement tab. This is where you can see what is required to upgrade that particular building to the next level and shows the next six levels. Only the miracle can go to level 6, the rest can go to level 15. I’m not sure if the Shield goes past level 15 or not, but I’d assume it’s something that could if you needed room for more defenses. The All Queues tab shows you a list of all the buildings you currently have, their levels, and has a timer on the ones that are currently upgrading. You can only upgrade two at a time, unless you go into your Bag, and use a “Simultaneous Construction” item. That will let you have five construction queues at one time for a certain amount of time. You get 24 hour “simultaneous construction” items from newbie chests and newbie pack milestones and you can buy 7 day ones for 50 tokens. The loyalty/tax tab brings up a menu of your current loyalty/tax rates. This, along with your produce values, goes by a % basis of 0 to 100. If your tax is set to 20, then your loyalty is 80% of what your population would be if your tax rate were set to 0. There is an equation for how much energon you produce based on your tax rate. The words ‘total population’ means whatever your total population is at whatever your loyalty is set at. It could be set at 20, and your total population could be 8,000. Yet, your total population would be 6,000 if your tax rate was set to 40.
Energon= Idle Population*Tax Rate*4; Total Population= Max Population*Loyalty; Max Loyalty=100-Tax Rate. Adjusting the Tax Rate can increase both the output of the Energon and total population. The Loyalty will decrease when you adjust Tax Rate to higher rate or you get attacked. That will also effect the total population. So please make sure you will have enough time and money to strengthen people’s Loyalty. You can spend 100 Energon strengthening people’s Loyalty at 30-mimute interval. You can also use Incentive to increase the loyalty to the max instantly.

And then the requirements tab is just the menu of all the resource and time requirements for every level afterwards. It only shows six at a time but all buildings but the miracle go to level 15.  The yellow “Speedup” button is shown in every building that is currently being upgraded and will show when you move your cursor over either of the current timers on current production queues. It also shows inside of the Tech Center for your technology queues and in the Robot Factory for your military queues.  If you click on this you will use one of three speed up items depending on what building you’re in. If you’re in the Tech Center, you will not be able to use the “Construction Plan” for the actual upgrading of the building itself. But for the speedups of your technologies it uses a “Tech Blueprint.” If you click on a military queue, it uses a “Training Booster,” and for any building queue it uses a “Construction Plan.” The training booster takes 30% off of the time for the robots you’re currently building. The construction plan and tech blueprint are very important items in this game and as a warning you should NOT waste them in the start of the game just to complete the tasks. They take HALF the time off of an upgrade, and only 1 hour off if it’s currently under 2 hours long. It makes sense to save them for something that takes a long time so you can take away 800 hours from something rather than use it just to have a low level upgrade done in an hour. Note – Technologies and the Miracle are the longest queues in the game. A level 15 technology can run over 3,000 hours and a level 15 HQ can run 352 hours.

Shelters – Shelters are the main building that all of your produce revolves around. You need them for population, and your resource buildings need population to have workers so they can produce resources. (Don’t worry this isn’t search and gather game where you actually control this “population,” it just means if a building such as an Oil Well needs 148 population to produce at 100% productivity then you would need 148 population to do so plus extra for you to make energon at the same time. Tip – You will gain A LOT of resources from all of the tasks/quests you will be claiming during the beginning of the game. You can set your production values to 0 and put your tax rate to 50 if you’d like to make only energon and the most you can for the first couple of days. Trust me, you’ll have plenty of resources and not enough energon in the beginning and technologies only require time and energon while buildings require resources. It is important to build a lot of these in each base to cover your production values and to have some left over to produce energon for you at the same time. You will have more shelters in sub bases because you get more empty spots to start out with, and you can’t build other buildings there(basements) or don’t need certain ones(tech center) so you’ll have extra room for more shelters. It is not uncommon to have 14 to 16, or sometimes more shelters in each sub base. Sometimes you’ll find that you wont need even a trade center or a Space Fortress in certain sub bases.

Resource Depot – The Resource Depot is needed to upgrade your capacity of resources within your base. You have a capacity of 10,000 without one, but will need to upgrade on as soon as you can. Whatever your capacity is, that means you can produce resources until they hit that number. It applies to all three resources separately, not together. I.e. If your capacity is 200,000, then you can produce up to 200k of each resource, not just all of them added together. If you fill your capacity with one resource, either build something, or set that resource’s production value to 0 and raise the other two. You may build two of these buildings per base.

Basements – You are able to build basements only in your main base. You can build two of them in that base and basements are used to store resources like a Resource Depot, (they don’t add to your capacity) but in a different manner. Such as if you were to get attacked, and you have a Basement that will hold 80k of each res for you, it means the attacker can loot EVERY resource and energon amount from you, but can not bring you down past this capacity level. You will always be left with 80k of each resource after defending.

Trade Center – The trade center is where you will sell and buy resource from other players, or trade tokens in for resources to the NPC. The system is really well laid out, three tabs with each res for buying, and selling you will select which type of res you want to sell, the amount of energon you wish to sell it for, and total number of TONS(K) you wish to sell. So if you type in 20 tons, you will sell 20,000 of that resource. It will then appear on the bottom of the sell tab then you’ll have to hit OK to process that info. It should appear roughly three to five minutes later for everyone else to purchase. You will have to sell your res within a limit of the average price from the following day, and you will be taxed on the energon depending what level your Trade Center is. The higher the level, the less the tax. Note – You will gain plenty of res from early missions, you can set your productions to 0 and just make energon for the first day or so and should be fine. The Trade Center does help if you decide to do a ‘Resource Paying’ mission where you will trade in resources for either another type of res or for energon. It is a very helpful mission in the beginning along with the Reputation Rise missions. You won’t be able to get any chests from expeditions without robots, nor will you be able to occupy res spots or fight the NPC without them.

Tech Center – This is an important one.. You will need to upgrade this building as quickly as you are upgrading the technologies within it. You can only upgrade a tech as far as your center is upgraded. This is the only building you will not be able to use any construction plans on to hasten it’s production speed so if you wish to upgrade it without hindering your progress with other buildings, you can use a simultaneous construction so that you can build 4 other buildings at the same time. Usually I’d work on the Tech Center until level 3 and then use the rest of the 24 hours to build shelters and resource buildings up. If you time your queues just right, you can set 5 more queues before it’s over and they will finish even if the Simultaneous Construction (24 Hours) has expired. I won’t give away all the secrets right away, but take a look in your Robot Factory, and decide which robot you want, and work towards the techs needed for that robot. Recon is important, the higher it is, the better chance u have of knowing what an opponent has before you attack them and less chance of them learning what you have. For every level of leadership you can recruit one hero. The rest are pretty self explanatory. For the most part, your newbie tasks will ask you to upgrade certain ones, and you will learn exactly what each one means as you hold your cursor over them. Reminder – This is the ONLY building that you can not use Construction Plans to speedup the building queue. If you click on the yellow speedup button that will appear on the left after you select a tech to upgrade, you will use ONE tech blueprint.

The techs start out very fast at around 7 to 12 minutes. Some only cost around 2k energon while others cost 10k, like Leadership or Recon. The techs for the most part, will double in queue time as you upgrade it every level, and nearly double in cost. There are some you need more than others at first. So I’ll explain what each does first, then give you a suggested pattern.

Base Defense – Base Defense is upgraded for the requirement of building certain Defensive Structures in your Shield. This, along with most techs, adds a 5% bonus to the attack and/or defense to their attributed buildings or robots. In this case it will add a 5% bonus to your deflection of your defensive structures per level.

Ammunition – Ammunition is the required tech to build Honor Fighters. Ammunition units deal 90% damage to heavy units and defense facilities while 100% to other units.

Penetration – Penetration is required to build Mammoth Chariots, Othello Guards, & Death Fighters for Decepticons. Ammunition units deal 90% damage to heavy units and defense facilities while 100% to other units.

Energy – Energy is the premier all around same damage to every robot style of attack. It helps in making your Energy Pulses stronger and is needed to build Saviors for Autobots and Black Bollworms for Decepticons. Both of which are only tier type robots. Energy units deal 100% damage to all the units.

Scatter – Scatter, now we’re talkin’ power here. Scatter is the one that keeps it’s bonus 10% to the robots that are weak to scatter and still has a 10% bonus attack on defensive structures. As an Autobot, Scatter is for Laser Towers and Ultimate Guards. Scatter units deal 110% damage to light units and defense facilities while 100% to other units.

Suicide – Here is the last attack type tech, it is very powerful but also very demoralizing to your own armies. Suicide is only needed for Magneto Thunders and a Decepticon robot known as the Destroyers. Suicide is only used at range 1 and destroys your own robots while also dealing a great deal of damage to your opponent. If you choose to go the suicide route, or bored and feel like teching it up for more DEV, then feel free. They are very helpful in keeping in your bases to help just defend. You will get loss points for them as well so you might destroy most of the opposition yet you could lose the battle. Suicide units deal 100% damage to all the units and to both enemy and self.

Light armor, Medium Armor, and Heavy Armor are the next three techs you will see in your tech center. They are requirements for different robots. Again, hold your cursor over the image of the robot in the Robot Factory and it will tell you which armor and attack techs are required. Every robot but the Roamers and Plunders have Tiers. Tiers go from none, to III. No tier being the weakest, while tier III(T3) robots are the strongest. The first couple of good robots need their attack and armor tech at level 3, then level 6, 9, 12, and up to line until you get to T3 robots with the techs at level 15. Contrary to what you’ve heard, techs DO go past level 15. They will cost about 10 million energon for a level 16 tech and about 10,000 hours but I hear are needed once everyone hits the endgame and you need that 5% bonus to attack to help your cause.

The next techs are Recon, which helps you gain full scouting reports on enemies and prevents them from getting one on you. Leadership, which lets you own one hero for every level it is upgraded. Following next is Transportation. You will need transportation to be level 6 to start building Aero Transports which are way faster and have more capacity than regular Transporters. A must for active players who wish to loot plenty of res from the successful battles. The next three techs are solely for giving yourself a bonus to your resource production. The first is Mining for Metal, Geology for Crystal, and Drilling for Oil. They add 5% bonus to your total production until level 10, at which point you will have a 50% bonus and then it will add a 10% bonus for that resource for every level after. So if you got drilling to level 15, you’d have a 100% bonus on your Oil output, which will double it. These tech’s bonuses apply to all of your sub bases as well. Following these is the Loot tech. It works just like the Recon tech, only it applies to how much of your total capacity you will fill upon winning a battle and looting their res. Next is Spot Exploration. With this, you can occupy one res spot for every level you have this tech upgraded. Remember, you take the level of the spot, add one, and that’s the % bonus you will have to that resources output for the base you sent the attack from. Res spots degrade by one level for every 24 hours you occupy it. Your robots also consume double oil while at a res spot, but help in the digging process. Digging means that if you beat the Autobeasts at said spot, you can click the Spot button on the bottom and to the left of your res capacity bars. You will have to click the Dig Action because it is not automatic unless you use a VIP item. You can choose to dig 20 times in one day, and will gain resources depending on the oil consumption of the robots you have at said spot.

(After you conquer a spot, the units can either be stationed there or called back to your base. The stationed units will consume double oil to dig. You can order the stationed units to dig in the resource spot. The resources dug = The oil stationed units consume x the level of spot to the power of 1.1 x digging time + the oil consumed. The digging time shall be more than 1 hour and the resource dug ceases to increase after 24 hours. –Copied from the game.) The next tech following is Virgin Field. You start out with only your main base, but can have four other sub bases. Virgin Field starts out at 100k energon to upgrade to level 1 which only takes about four and a half hours, but you’ll need to upgrade your tech center to level 6. Level 2 requires 500k energon and about 42 hours, with your TC to level 11. Level 3 requires your TC level 14, 2million energon, and roughly 450 hours. Level 4 requires your TC to level 15, 5million energon, and about 977 hours. It is wise to put a little distance between your bases, it makes it useful if you need to kill time by transporting your robots at a slower pace if you wish to do so while you sleep to avoid getting wiped out while you’re offline. The next teach is Heal, which starts out at 30% heal rate for all the robots you lose in everything, but goes up by 3% for every level you upgrade it. The same applies for Loot, it starts out at 50% though, but rises by 3% per every level upgraded. The last two techs are Disguise and Back Track. You will need your Robot Factory level 15, and TC level 15 to upgrade Disguise. Having Disguise will let you build robots of the opposite faction depending on what attack and armor tech you have upgraded. Disguise at level 1 will let you do so for 7 whole days, 8 days at level 2, and so on. After those disguise days are up, you will have a cool down period. The cool down period starts out at 21 days, but can be reduced by upgrading this Back Track tech.  After you have Disguise upgraded, you will have to go into the store, then Items, and buy a Disguise Module for 24 tokens or Matrix. Once you do this, all you have to do to activate the Disguise period is click the blue Disguise button at the top of the robot list inside your robot factory.

Robot Factory – This is where you will build every robot for your armies. You can have two per base, which will help you in making twice as many robots in the same amount of time, but the construction times do not apply from one RF to another. If one is level 10, and the other level 12, the level 10 will build at 100% production speed and the level 12 at it’s own 120%. You will need to upgrade the RF accordingly to the robots you wish to make. Such as the Aero Transports, they require Transportation level 6 and the RF level 6. Tier I robots require everything level 9, Tier II techs and RF is level 12, and Tier III techs and RF to level 15. Once you have an RF level 15, you will see the total construction speeds for each robot. – Times for the RF level 15.

Autobots                     Base Attk/Dflk/Oil – Time
Mammoth Chariot    – 22/24 /4         -8 min                     Honor Fighter    – 45/61 /6
Mammoth Chariot I  – 54/66 /8         -16 min                  Honor Fighter I  – 76/108 /8
Mammoth Chariot II – 76/92 /12       -24 min                  Honor Fighter II – 112/157 /12
Mammoth Chariot III- 112/138 /16  -32 min                   Honor Fighter III- 182/234 /16
Penetration, Light Armor, Range 2                                   Ammo, Heavy Armor, Range 1

Othello Guard I  – 50/75 / 8                                               Saviour I  – 98/88 /8
Othello Guard II – 78/97 /12                                              Saviour II – 140/129 /12
Othello Guard III- 118/142 /16                                         Saviour III- 218/198 /16
Penetration, Medium Armor, Range 2                             Energy, Light Armor, Range 1
There are a few robots both factions have. They are…
Ultimate Guard I  – 64/61 /8                               Scout  – 0/10 /2 – Speed of 4k, used solely for scouting.
Ultimate Guard II – 90/85 /12                            Transporter – 0/12 /2 – Capacity of 5k and speed of 15. Very slow.
Ultimate Guard III- 132/128 /16                        Aero Transporter – 0/20 /6 – Capacity of 20k and speed of 25.
Scatter, Heavy Armor, Range 2                         Exloiter – 5/20 /20 – Built to move to an empty spot to create bases.
Decepticons          Note – Production Speeds are 16min for T1, 24min for T2, and 32min for T3.
Mirage Spider    – 32/39 /4                                                                Death Fighter    – 39/36 /6
Mirage Spider I  – 87/99 /8                                                                Death Fighter I  – 64/61 /8
Mirage Spider II – 126/143 /12                                         Death Fighter II – 90/85 /12
Mirage Spider III- 189/227 / 16                                        Death Fighter III- 131/129 /12
Scatter, Heavy Armor, Range 1                                         Penetration, Heavy Armor, Range 2
Note – Mostly all T1’s have a speed of 30/35, T2 are 35/40, while T3 are 40/45
Black Bollworm I  – 69/56 /8                                              Thunder Armor I  – 102/84 /8
Black Bollworm II – 95/80 /12                                            Thunder Armor II – 156/113 /12
Black Bollworm III- 136/124 /12                                       Thunder Armor III- 244/172 /12
Energy, Light Armor, Range 1                                            Scatter, Medium Armor, Range 1
Those are all the Robots you will see in your Robot Factories. The Plunderer and Roamer are robots you shouldn’t build more than 1 of to complete the task. They’re just slow and have no real military might, unless you want to use 5k of them against someone. Happy Hunting!

Shield – The Shield is where you will build your base defenses. There are five different types of defensive structures, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses against certain robots and every defensive structure is weak to Scatter attacks. They go up in cost as you go higher up the list, but are more worth it. You will be able to build more defensive structures for each level you upgrade your shield. You start out being able to make 50 structures at level 1, and eventually up to 700 at level 12. Remember – These and robots have an Oil Consumption Per Hour. So if a laser tower has a consumption of 4, and a tier 2 robot has a consumption of 12, you have 10 of each, then you’d be losing 160 oil per hour. So you’d have to build and upgrade oil wells to compensate for this. The other three resources do not have a consumption, which is why you need more oil fields to compensate for this, while making as much in profit as the others.

The first structure is a Pillbox. It is a Ammunition type structure, which has a base attack of 24 and a base defense of 28. It has a range of 1 is the weakest of all these structures.

The Defense Missile is the second structure. It is of Penetration type attack with a base attack of 24 and deflection of 32. It has a range of 2 and does work relatively well in high numbers against robots that are weak to penetration.

The Energy Pulse is the third one. It is of Energy type attack with a base attack of 26 and base deflection of 46. It has a range of 3, which makes it a very useful defensive structure. When you can build a lot of these you can have an advantage when defending because these will add an extra round of attacking for just your side. The Energy attack has a 100% power against every type of armor, which makes it useful for dealing equal damage to every robot in any army that is attacking you. Remember to upgrade the energy tech to make it’s attack power stronger.

The Laser Tower is considered the best defense to build among many players. It deals scatter damage at range 2 and has a base attack of 47 and base defense deflection of 58. Since most people choose to upgrade Mirage Spiders and Ultimate Guards, therefore having Scatter at a higher level before the others, it makes having laser turrets with a higher attack better than having any of the rest with hardly any bonus to their attack.

The last is called the Magneto Thunder. It is of Suicide type attack with a base of 86 and 0 deflection. It has a range of 1 and because it is a Suicide type, it will destroy itself upon attacking the opposition. It will deal lots of damage to your opponent, but if you’re Autobot there usually is no point to bother since there is no robots you can build that require the suicide tech.
% bonus when at the   % bonus when at
NAME                    Required Techs                 Attk/Deflk/Range   required tech level   level 15 tech level     oil consump

Pillbox –                 Ammo 1/Base Defense 1           24/28/1                 25/30                              42/49                     2

Defense Missile – Penetration 3/Defense 3                24/32/2                 28/37                              42/56                     3

Energy Pulse –       Energy 5/Defense 5                  26/46/3                 33/58                              46/81                     3

Laser Turret –        Scatter 7/Defense 7                  47/58/2                 64/74                              83/102                   4

Magneto Thunder – Suicide 9/Defense 9                 86/00/1                 125/0                              151/0                     6

Hall Of Hero –
This is where you will buy your regular (GV3) hero’s to start with and visit Renowned (GV4-GV6) when you can. GV means Growth Value. For example, if you visit a GV5 hero, it will take 4 hours, and have less % chance to be able to recruit him than a GV4. It means that each time the hero levels up, you can add 5 points to the four stats; Attack, Command, Defense, and Speed. They are each important in their own right. I have not figured out the exact % each point helps, but the most important one is Command. For every point of command you can bring 10 robots with that hero. So if you can get command to 100 before too long you will be able to take 1,000 robots with you into battles, arena, or instance. The attack/defense stats I found do account for a big part of it, but mostly you’d need more robots to make an outcome of a battle differ. Regular hero’s you buy with mere energon. GV4’s cost 100 tokens if you can recruit, GV5’s cost 400, and GV6’s cost 900. If someone else is able to recruit a hero after visiting it, and chooses not to keep it, that person can share that hero’s code. The code can only be used once. No matter what GV the hero is, it will cost an extra 100 tokens for sharing the code. Reminder – You can gain 100 tokens quickly by validating your email, and by accepting the Cometbird Task after you hit 500 rep.

Hero Equipment – Do not be worried, you will not be confused for long. This process is actually very entertaining so it’s fun to learn. The hero can have six Gear Items on him/her at one time and up to three skills. The gear are weapons, armors, communicators, processors, propellers, and engines. Each adds points to a specific stat. You will get each of the gear items chests at random, and the level of the gear will be random as well, which will range from level 5 to level 25. You will get most of your gear chests from the Alliance Wars on every Sunday. You will only gain 1 or 2 on each sub expedition and you will gain multiple ones in battles, attacking or defending, in or out of Alliance War, the more robots there are in the battle, the more Gold Chests and more Gear Chests you will get.

All hero items and Bag items will be explained later. Tip –  Your hero has to be of the same level or higher as the gear you will get from the chests, and you will have to use one meteor to level a gear up if your hero hits level 30 because you do not get gear past level 25. Do not waste meteors upgrading gear to higher levels before then. For example, if you get a level 4 GV4, and you put on a level 5 weapon when it hits level 5, do not upgrade the weapon to level 10 when your hero hits level 10. Meteors are limited unless you can buy Matrix, and you will NEED them for further upgrading of each gear item. Plus, you will get plenty of gear items don’t worry. Just be active, sign on as often as possible, progress quickly and help your teammates in the Alliance Wars on Sundays. (AW explained later.)

Command Post – The Command Post is the hub for all actions. Except for when you’re already in another tab, but even then it’s the same interface. Everything that you will do in this game, that involves selecting a hero and sending your army somewhere, is done through this interface. It has a well designed layout, makes it easy to know what you’re doing. If you’re in the map, and trying to conquer a resource spot, it will bring up this interface and have the “occupy spot” tab selected. You can also choose different functions. Send means to attack, reinforce you must click first to send your army to reinforce another teammate, transport is to transport resources between your OWN bases(it does not let you transport or give your res to a teammate,) and scout. You will choose the scout tab before you can actually scout someone. Only then will it show your number of scouts, you select your hero and scouts, then click send. You should try different numbers. Such as if your Recon tech is at level 5, you could probably get away with getting a semi report on an enemy with 4 scouts. The more scouts you choose, and the higher your hero’s attack stat, the more chance you will have that the scouts will actually attack the person, in which case you will learn nothing of them.

Just recently they’ve added new titles to the amounts of robots that are being sent and/or traveling towards you. None – 0, Few – 1-4, Several – 5-9, Squad – 10-49, Company 50-99, Regiment – 100-299, Legion – 300-799, Horde – 800-1199, Phalanx 1200+   (If those are wrong please feel free to correct them.)

Every command to move your troops from base to base is through here, such as the station command. While you are in the map, you can attack resource spots. Oil fields, Crystal basins, Metal mountains. They rise in difficulty as they rise in level. Level 1 is usually 12 autobeast robots which are Light Armored, Ammunition type, and Range 2. Level 6 could be between 90 and 140, and level 7 to level 10 will differ from 165 to 325 autobeasts. You will get (Res Spot Level + 1 = % of Bonus to that Resource Production) for just the base that you sent the attack from. Same goes for doing missions, if you chose to accept an occupy resource mission, you will have to claim it afterwards while you’re in that base. Other missions you can accept from any base which does save time on transporting.

Other functions will bring up a mini Command Post interface, where you will just select the hero and the robots to send. Such as Expedition, Arena, Dependancy, and Instance.

Expeditions are a series of 6 different quests. It starts out with a distance of 5 and you can do the first one, Befall, 10 times in one day. The distance(travel time) will rise for every new quest you unlock and will lower in number of times you can attack in one day. You will get task completions for each of the six expedition quests at levels 1, 10, 30, and 50. If you should lose at ANY time you will go back to level 1 and same for if you beat the level 50 of each of the quests. You should notice you’ll obtain a random Hero Gear Chest at or near level 40 and always on the level 50 expeditions.

The Arena is basically a ranking system in which you battle other players 1 VS 1 and gain an item called “Medal Of Honor” for winning. You can do as many arena battlers per day depending on what level your Command Post is. You get one chance per level. There are tasks for doing a certain number of arena battles and for winning a certain number in a row. The Dependancy tab is part of the Arena. The people you defeat in Arena you can make your “slave” for up to 72 hours. You can only rule someone if your rep is UNDER THREE TIMES as much as your opponent. During each day of your dependancies, you can perform two actions. You can either Suppress or Exploit them, and then Support or Construct them. Both first choices will give you an equal amount of all four of the resources. The second of each of the two options will give you the same amount of TOTAL resources, but compiled of just two of the resources which is chosen at random. For example, right away you could get 5,000(5K) of each res by Suppressing and Supporting them each time, or you could get 7,500-10,000 of only two of the different resources. Occasionally you will get a meteor segment after performing one of these actions. These suppressions or pacifications last two hours, and you can only choose one of the two each once a day. After midnight server time you can then suppress/pacify them once more and release them to get more. You will only get five chances a day to rule someone in the Dependancy tab. In both Arena & Dependancy, it counts if you lose, but the Dependancy side does not ruin your arena Win-Streak if you lose there. You also get res by releasing a slave. If you’re ever being ruled, you can click Tribute once a day to obtain resources, and can try up to five times to defeat your master to set yourself free.

Missions are basically like a checklist for the day. You can accept and claim five a day for free, and have to pay nine tokens or matrix for each one you wish to claim after. You can do up to eight a day. You have to have a mission accepted before you actually DO the mission to be able to claim it as finished and receive the bonus. The level of missions you get depends on your contribution level. The more you do the faster you do them, the sooner you’ll get higher level missions that are the same. Except they’d give out more rubies, resources, and/or hero badges or mission chests. Mission Chests are basically an amount of rubies and a military badge, which shows the exact number and type as you claim the mission. Note – To “Claim” means you have finished and satisfied the requirements for that missions or task and the ACCEPT button will change to CLAIM or SUBMIT. At which time a little box will appear telling you that you’ve received the amount of resources or other bonuses it showed that you would.

Instance is another mini-game within TransForce. It adds a little different touch to the game. It’s basically like a co-op expedition game. You will see a series of levels, and gate keepers or guardians between each level. You have to work your way up from the start to complete each level of instance, and each level has six floors. The gate keepers or guardians you will have to defeat alone, but can have two other teammates with you for the actual six floor levels of the instance. They do NOT have to be teammates within your tribe, and it will show you on the bottom right of the instance tab who is on that level right when you are. The invite, accept, and ignore buttons are laid out very well. It’s very user friendly to understand once you get the hang of it. For anyone who didn’t play before March of 2010, be thankful. The GM’s changed the difficulty of the Instance around the beginning of March. It used to be insanely tough, where the enemy hero’s would be level 40 to 50 with over 130 of each stat and hundreds if not thousands of their robots along with very intense hero skills. A hero can have up to three skills, which you will gain diskettes to make in the instance. I do not know them all, but they all have a different function, such as one that decreases the enemies attack/defense/ammo/scatter/etc stat by X amount of points. It used to be that the Instance hero skills would take our defense out by 10k points, now you could probably solo the first levels, Instance Guardian and Outter Sphere with a few hundred robots and a couple revival cubes. There are skill diskettes placed at the sixth floor of each level in the instance. After you defeat each floor your hero will gain little experience, but have chances to get +1 particle item, meteor segments, HP potions, or hero badges. After you beat the sixth floor, you will get one skill segment for any of the different skill diskettes they have for that level. Like Outter Sphere has Bulletproof and Ion Armor Diskettes. So you’d get the segments at random, and you need five segments to make the entire diskette. You’d have to continue to beat that same level to get all the different total segments and sometimes get left with extras after you’ve already completed one. Skills take away HP from your hero, they occur starting at a 1% chance in every battle and go up in level every time they’re used. The higher the level, the more HP it drains from your hero, but the stronger it is. It also goes up 1% chance to be used in every battle when it’s used.

NPC – The NPC I believe means Non Player Character. It’s basically the game’s CPU that has a main base directly in the center of the map, and randomly sprouts little NPC cities throughout the map and in your missions. Usually one will show up when someone gets it in a mission. If you accept the mission it will automatically bring you to the NPC city on your map. You can only attack the NPC three five times in one day, but three for free. You’d have to give 26 tokens to attack for a fourth time, and again for a fifth time. The missions go in true sequence with the levels of the mission. For example, you’ll get 10k of each res from a level 1 NPC mission and 80k of each res from a level 8 NPC mission. The ruby and contribution amount goes higher for level seven to level ten missions. Some level 10 missions give 15 contribution points and rubies while some give 51 of either. You will not be able to attack any NPC cities until you have reached 5,000 Rep. Tip – Don’t try to attack a high level NPC city right away if you see one, the NPC hero’s are really strong and have robots to match your levels. Example- A level 1 through level 4 NPC city will have robots as strong as No Tier to Tier 1 robots, while a level 9 or 10 NPC city will have robots as strong as Tier 3’s, plus the strength of attack and defense are added due to the NPC hero’s stats. The NPC city in the middle of the map(Tuoert), is ALWAYS there, and starts out with very high reputation. The city’s rep will go down after each successful attack, and once it gets to 0 it will rise one level. After a level 3 Tuoert has been defeated it will go back to level 1. The player who defeats the Tuoert City will receive random bonus items.

There are travel times for everything you do to send your armies. If you set a sub base just one block from your main on your map, then to start out right away when you only have a GV3 and Mirage Spiders or Mammoth Chariots and regular Transporters, it should roughly take 18 to 22 minutes to transport there one way, when after your tribe has the Tribe Tech “Whirlwind” upgraded, (which adds 10% travel speed to reinforcing teammates,) and your hero has had some points added to speed it could take only 11 minutes or so with faster robots. It will take at least 20 minutes in the beginning and only 10 shortly after to go one block on the map, and usually only adds another couple of minutes to go every block after. Remember – You can NOT travel diagonally to go faster, it will just calculate the time by going only in the four directions from left down right and up. The more points your hero has for speed, and the speed of the robots your using is taken into calculation. Note – It will calculate this for you after you click on any resource spot, or open the Command Post yourself to transport between bases, or any other action to send your armies somewhere, it will calculate the travel time for you and it will show it in the bottom left corner of your Command Post after you’ve selected your hero and the robots he will lead. The Whirlwind tech, when at level 5(+50% faster travel speed to reinforce tribe mates) it will only actually be taking 1/3 of the travel time off. 150% means 1/3, 200% means ½ which is how the Haste Potions work. To use haste potions you will see this drop down bar directly right of your travel time, you will set it to 150% or 200% to use the 1/3 or ½ haste potions.

The other tech’s that have something to do with the command post are the recon tech, which is determined by the CPU by comparing your Recon tech along with your opponent’s to determine who will get a scouting report or will not. The same goes for the Loot tech. Loot, or to ‘Loot’ means you will send an attack to another player, and if you win, you will automatically ‘Loot’ that player of his resources.  That number, again is determined by your capacity, which is shown on the bottom right of your CP before you send, your Transportation tech level, (Level 6 will make Aero Transporters available to you,) and if the defending player has any basements. You will loot perfectly even amount of each res upon looting if the player has more res than you are looting, while sometimes you’ll only loot one type of res if the defending player has nothing of the other resources.

Joint attacks, meaning reinforced hero’s and armies from your tribe mates are shown here. The military tab and your travel time bar will show Reinforced times, attacking times, and being attacked times over anything else. When there are more hero’s reinforced at your base, you will select their hero’s along with your own before finishing up in the CP and clicking Send. That hero will automatically bring with him the robots the player sent with him in the first place. Travel times are equal in return home trips. You CAN buy instant retreat items from the military button, but will cost 18 tokens. Keep in mind, you need Oil for every operation you do, including sending joint attacks. If you run out of oil you will lose all of your robots and even defensive structures and have to buy them back in the Cure tab of your CP. It’s VERY expensive, so make sure you make your three of each res buildings at first, then add more oil buildings right away. A good number by the time your main HQ is level 15, would be having five metal factories, five crystal plants, and ten oil wells. You can move your cursor over your oil capacity bar (the yellow bar right of the oil display in the bottom middle of your gamer hud,) and it will show you what your current production rate/output is, and your total consumption for that base. Holding your cursor over each of these also helps when changing production values so you can see how soon certain resources fill your Res Depot and can change them accordingly. Reinforced robots consume double the amount of oil per hour, until you upgrade the Tribe Tech Endurance. That tech will take 10% off total oil consumption by reinforced armies. Note – It does cost a lot more to send more total robots. If you’re sending five whole armies of 800 robots each to a place that’s an hour or so away, you could be looking to spend about 150k oil on that joint attack.

Space Fortress
– You will need a Space Fortress to have your fellow tribe mates reinforce you whenever you are under attack, or to join you for a joint attack. You can hold one other person’s hero with their army per every level you have the Space Fortress Upgraded. Note – Reinforced Robots will consume double amount of oil per hour, unless you have the Tribe Tech ‘Endurance’ upgraded. You can not move reinforced armies anywhere except the place you are attacking, or to send them back to their owner.

Miracle – Now here is the last building you will be able to build. The Miracle requires that you have a level 15 HQ and a level 15 Robot Factory before you can build one. When you get a level 15 HQ, save an empty spot for the Miracle. It will cut your robot production speed in half for that base. Like if a Tier 3 robot takes 32 minutes to build one, then it will only take 16 minutes when you get a level 1 Miracle in that base. Level 2 will bring that time down to 8 minutes, and a level 6 will take it down to 30 seconds.
Level 1 – 3.2million of each resource – 1,666 hours 0 minutes (I believe it is that, could be less though.)
Level 2 – 16million of each resource – 3,333 hours 20 minutes
Level 3 – 40million of each resource – 6,666 hours 40 minutes
Level 4 – 200million of each resource – 20,000 hours 0 minutes
Level 5 – 600million of each resource – 53,333 hours 20 minutes
Level 6 – 1billion of each resource – 106,666 hours 40 minutes   Note – The Miracle only goes to level 6.

Tribes and Alliance War –  The Alliance Wars(AW) I thought would only naturally come after the Command Post section. In each server there are groups within the game called, “Tribes.” You can start and/or join a tribe after you’ve gained 1k rep in that server. For the most part, most tribes have gained reputations for being number 1 no matter which server they’re in because of the way they play. You’ll find a tribe to get into eventually, and not always will your first one be the one for you. Some people get very serious into this game, some have members who don’t but are just that good, and some have a recent influx in first time players because of the new servers. I welcome all first timers, which is why I chose to write this. This actually helps the game a lot, and I hope it will continue to stay fun more years to come. Okay with that said, you should get into chat as soon as you can, and just be yourself. Don’t use this question, “How to play?” when you’re asking for help. Everyone hates seeing people not even take the time to say a sentence right and seems to show that you wont even be here to see 5k rep, which also has been the fad lately. But get into chat, make some e-friends and either start a tribe or join one. The benefits of being in an active tribe are many. Most are from the Alliance Technologies. They apply to nearly everything you do that involves your tribe. There are techs you’ll need to have upgraded for the Alliance War, such as Joint Attack or Joint Defense, Heal, Endurance, and Whirlwind. The top tech in the list is Halo. This adds five member spots for every time you level this up. Joint Attack and Defense add 10% to each stat for every member’s armies when fighting in the Alliance Wars on Sundays. Endurance takes 10% less consumption from reinforced armies while reinforced in another player’s base. Note – Reinforced armies consume double their normal oil, which is taken from the player’s base that they’re in. Whirlwind gives you a 10% faster travel time when traveling to another tribe mate’s base. The Revival (Heal) tech starts at 50% normal heal rate while the Heal tech you have for your base alone starts at 30%. And the AW gives you back that 50% for free after the midnight turnover for the servers directly following the AW. The tribe tech Revival adds 3% extra heal rate for each time you level it up. The tribe techs don’t show a timer when you hold your cursor over the upgrade button, but they start out relatively short time and can go up past thousands of hours. You can use rubies to reduce the upgrade time. It costs 3 rubies to reduce the time by 1 hour. Rubies are something you get from missions, and have NO purpose other than to donate to your tribe. You can NOT trade them for anything or sell them. Donating rubies to your tribe ensures a better bonus each week from the towers your tribe owns each week. The Alliance Wars have six resource towers. Two metal, two crystal, and two oil. The level 1 towers give a base rate of 30% bonus to that resource output for the week, while the level 2’s give a 20% base bonus. You get a higher bonus for your average donation of rubies. For example, currently on S3, my tribe has control of the Metal 2 tower and my output bonus is 32% which was based off of my average of ruby donations. The following is the information that is in the depot of every tribe.

-The members of the alliance can donate both Energon for upgrading alliance technology and Ruby for accelerating the upgrading of alliance technology or bidding alliance war. The bonus from alliance war is related to the rubies the member donates. The bonus one member enjoys = initial bonus x 40% + (The amount of donation/average donation) x initial bonus x 60%. Twice is counted if the total amount of this member donation is more than twice of average donation. (The donation history will be deleted if the same player quits the alliance and join again.)
When the members reaches 20 and total reputation reaches 100,000, the leader of the alliance receives extra bonus of Token equal to 2% of Matrix purchased by the members, and the alliance receives extra bonus of Token equal to 3% of Matrix purchased by the members. The leader controls the usage of alliance Token while alliance Token can not be distributed to the leader. There is alliance message for Tokens obtained. The message is default anonymous.

When you click the Tribe button on the button bad to the right, there is a tab for the Depot. Here you can view the top donators for the tribe, and you can click donate once you have rubies to do so. Energon is also needed for the tribes to upgrade the tribe techs. The Alliance War tab is the furthest to the right, and will bring up it’s own set of tabs after you get into it. For AW, starting Friday will be a ‘bidding’ period where each tribe will bid rubies to gain control of a tower from the start. Then on Saturday if you win the bidding you can have your tribe members station their armies there to defend it. This is the ‘Stationing Period’. If you choose to attack a tower, you must wait until 12pm Server Time on Sundays to do so. The ‘Contending Period’ will last until 10pm server time. It always takes one hour to send or recall armies to and from these towers. So if you’re doing a joint attack on a tower, you must have a Space Fortress at the upgraded level for every army you wish to take with you, and you have to compensate for the times it takes each player to get to your base. If you win the battle you gain control of the tower. You can choose to recall the armies if you wish, just click on the Tower you currently control, and this is where you can send or recall armies. Once the Contending Period is over you can recall your armies if you still have any there. You can view all the battles that takes place in AW from the reports tab, and you can view current travel times in the Military tab of the AW. You can only see oncoming attacks for the towers you own, and only attacks your tribe is sending. To send an attack on a tower, it costs 50 rubies. So make sure you have enough to do so, and the player sending the attack must have AW Command. Authorities are giving to each title within a tribe. As a tribe leader, this will be your responsibility to set each player’s titles. Titles with AW Command can also recall armies from the towers, and players without AW Command can only station their own armies in a tower, but can not see what is already there. Only eight armies can be stationed in a tower during Sunday’s AW.

Important Note – I have just been informed by the game system, that players can now use construction plans on the Tech Center. This is definitely very helpful. Now you can get technologies done faster as long as you have enough speedups to do so.

Reference –
Headquarters/HQ   Robot Factory/RF   Tech Center/TC   Command Post/CP   Hall of Hero/HoH   Alliance War/AW   All Robots have Tiers I,II, or III except for Plunderers and Roamers
Mammoth Chariots/MC   Honor Fighters/HFS   Othello Guards/OG   Saviors/Savs  Ultimate Guards/UG
Mirage Spiders/MS   Death Fighters/DF   Black Bollworms/BBS or BBW   Thunder Armors/TA
Similar robots – Transporter/Xporter   Aero Transporters/Aero Xporter
Bag Items – Construction Plan/Con Plan   Tech Blueprint/Tech BP   Simultaneous Construction/Sim Construct

Those are the normal abbreviations you’d likely see people saying in this game on a regular basis. They’re definitely not the only ones, but they’re also of a player’s personal choice to use. It is an internet game, so people will always being using abbreviations and shortening words to type faster. The chat also has a limit for what you can type at one time, and please, do not spam the chat. The GM’s WILL intervene when a player is spamming. This guide, I hope will help all of you, and I hope is easy to understand. I tried to make it as detailed as possible, and I have yet to actually upload anything to the Comet Forums so if it will accept the screen shots of the game, I can add them to this guide at a later time. As of now, I hope this will suffice in making your gaming experience better, and make it easier for you to understand everything. My biggest goal is for people to have fun, but people do “farm” in this game. For the most part, it’s only to players who have quit and there’s no point in seeing that resource go to waste. You will find empty bases at some point throughout the life of a server. You can tell if a player has quit if they’re coordinates on their gamer profile say -1:-1, or if you scout their base and see the three resources being completely even since the depot is filled, and no robots or defenses. A good way to Loot another player is to have a second hero that has a high speed that you can use to send Aero Xports to a base that you have just defeated, but bring a couple military type robots in case there’s a few base defenses in a players farm. 200 Aero Xports will not gain any loot if there are just a few base defenses or fighting robots there to defend.

On another note, if you’re looking for a good game, this is it. This is definitely one of the best free to play games I’ve ever played. Don’t quit if someone attacks you and wins the minute you hit 5,000 rep. There are newbie restrictions, which means you can’t attack or be attacked if you’re within a certain rep range. Once you hit 5k rep, you can attack whoever you wish, as long as your target is also above 5k rep. The restrictions will not allow players to attack other players that are less than half of their reputation up to 20,000 rep. Which means if you have 15k rep you can not attack someone who has less than 7,500 rep. After you hit 20k rep, you are free game to all players even if they have 200,000 reputation. The restriction only goes to 20k.

To end this Newbie Guide, I want to say that I hope I have fulfilled any expectations a player would have before reading it. If there are any errors in spelling or even a time I gave, or misrepresentation of anything in the game or the host companies, please feel free to let me know to make the changes. If the forums allow me to upload the actual Word file, I will add print screens to this within the next few days. I did put one under the HQ information just to see if it does.

Messege to the GM’s or Admins. I will send you my email address through the S3 server so you may email me to make any changes on here or to send the Word Document with screen shots added if you wish for me to do so.

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