Transforce Comprehensive Guide

Transforce Comprehensive Guide by doblefilo

SUPER SHORT VER(by clawsofhonor)
ive been playing for a few months now. very good game. its slow to get started but once you get a head of steam going it gets thoroughly enjoyable. my experience has been that the best thing to do early on in the game is focus on one type of troop youd like to use …ask around for peoples opinion on favorites…..mine is ultimate guard if youre autobot….and mirage spiders if your decepticon. puting research into shield and base defense early on in your game is pointless. outside of your troop choice …research reconnnisance(if in a pvp server)….leadership….spot exploration…and driling. when you work on “outside” i make all my resource factories oil ….oil is ALWAYS  necessary to keep your units from abandoning your base once you start building troops ….more oil you make an hour…larger an army you can have at each base without your oil consumption cutting into your reserve oil. lastly …if you have questions….you can usually get them answered by players on all servers. as a general rule people in this game are friendly and helpful to newbies

well fellas, im only playing at server 2 wich is the only server with the coolest rule ever(imo), pve
it stands for Player VS Envivorement, and it means that other players cant attack you, and in this game more specifically, that cant attack your bases, they can attack your resourse spots so be carefull of  “army hunters” (people that enjoys killing armys, either for exp, fun, pure evilness xD)
ok now to tactics for being 1337 or atleast think you are xD
first when you create an account(maybe its already too late), you can choose a faction which has its pro and cons

Decepticons: Have formidable power, some advantages in range 1 (melee) combat on a 1:1 basis, larger load capacity for loot, and unique suicide robots (which have a 1 time use once engaged in battle) that cause heavy damage.Autobots: Have advantages in excellent defense, low-cost units, more range 2 (long-range) units, and further down the road able to build robots with some real power that are not to be taken lightly by any means.

i wasted my simultaneous constructions during a week or almost a week in the main base, by the time i realised i wasnt getting more i saved 2 for when i started a sub-base

they are exelent items for new bases, but loose efficience in larger bases(if you wanna do lots of building in 24 hours) if you have te resourses for doing 5 lv 14/15 buildings at the same time its also a very good way to use them

focus in one spec seems to be usefull also

whats an spec?
i will classify them in
1)good units(lv I, II, and III)
if you wanna do this, focus researchs in the armors and weapons of only 1 unit(good for leveling your heros, bad for resourses)also its good paired with healing tech

units have different kind of attacks in a kind of rock, scisors, paper game its not like pokemon were you do 2x dmg but you can do 10% extra dmg for example with piercing dmg vs heavy armor will write more about units in the robot factory section

2)resourse obtaining
thats what i did spec first(good for base grow rate, and if you wanna get tons of dead units while training you heros, because you have weak units)
for this you would need to upgrade the mining, geology and drilling techs and if you want to expend some units exploration is also a good option
and it would be best to get some decent units before training a hero

well your resources are 4
metal obtained from metal factory
crystal obtained from cystal plant
oil obtained from oil well
those 3 need population to can work to theirs max potential, you get popuation from shelters(done in inside tab)
but, energon is obtained in a complicated way. compared to the other 3 resources

how to get energon?
you get energon based on your population, and how much of it is iddle for example you have 1000 population and only 500 are being used in the metal,cystal and oil buildings, so you have 500 lazy units “creating” energon there is a loyalty/tax tab in the headquarter where you can go to adjust the taxes, those affect the energon you get affecting your population, you just have to keep the tax rate to the recomended rate, sometimes having to use the pacify button(can only be used every 30 mins) it just uses 100 energon to raise your loyalty, because loyalty ceilingit increases if you lower taxes, but loyalty can only be “bought” with this button(increases loyalty by 10%), if pacify wont be enough you get another button,
incentive button, it will use an item named incentive, that will get loyalty to the max possible spending no energon, but one limited item

the exploration research allows you to get even more resourse bonuses by conquering kinda NPC areas

desserts  increases oil output from +1%(lv1) to +11%(lv10)

basins  increases crystal output from +1%(lv1) to +11%(lv10)

mountains increases metal output from +1%(lv1) to +11%(lv10)

plains can be converted to a sub-base with an exploiter+ virgin field technology
the created sub-base can have 10 to 15 as basic area(up to now i just know ppl with basic base area of 13, 14 and 15 might be really rare)
the bigger the less base expanders you will need when hq hits lvl 15 to make the base be of area 25, the max size

you can also dig at a spot wich means that the units that survived the conquer battle vs the NPC army will stay in the spot, consume double the oil they use normally but they will mine resourses
basically the more oil you consume the more of the resourse of the spot you get, up to a certain point diggin either crystal or metal is like exchanging with yourself oil for metal/crystal the only one with is a 100% profit its diggin oil, the more oil you expend diggin, the more oil you get
this is the actual formula, you also have chances to get rubies

The resources dug = The oil stationed units consume x the level of spot to the power of 1.1 x digging time + the oil consumed. The digging time shall be more than 1 hour and the resource dug ceases to increase after 24 hours.

its in the resourse spots tab in military icon
the drawback of this is the army hunters, if you are diggin a spot its very probable that someone sends his troops to see if there is an army at that spot that he can destroy to get items,exp and fun

after you conquer a resourse spot it will be yours until
someone else conquers it
it degrades to lvl 0, the spots degrade by 1 lvl per every 24 hours under your control, there is a nice strategy that its to leave the spot before it degrades, so you can go and retake again the same lvl of the spot for another less than 24 hours

this can be prevented with

ocupy a spot
24 hours later it looses a spot level
thats the normal behavior

now lets say i ocupy a lv 10 spot
less than 24 hours pass and i decide to abandon the spot
i retake that lv 10 spot from the npc
you just won the same spot of the same lv(lv 10) for another “less than 24 hours”

what a mod said: (jeremywu)

Ya, there is no problem with this case, you can abandon lv 10 spot less than 24 hours and then reoccupy, you still hold the lv 10 spot if you win the battle against the units defending lv 10 spot.

3)doing tasks
(good for resourses, and items. bad for having strong units and a reliable resourse income, in early game)
this is basically doing the tasks that the game has, but doing all of them will make you suffer from no focus in an spec, somes are “do this kind of defenses” that need heavy armor and ammunition lv 9, then the next asks for lv 9 of medium armor and lv 9 of energy, that will make you loose some precious hours(more like days) of researching time

2 techs you wont need(because of PVE) are recon(more than lv1, its a task) and loot(since you cant attack other player bases)
you will not need a basement(only 1 for a task, then demolish it)
base defenses wont be a must have until you are strong enough to attack NPC cities, because they will maybe attack your base after you attack them
(i got 25k rep i got 50k rep i got 100k rep and started to attack a npc city(touert lv1 and 2, could do 3 but too much looses compared to my units output per day),  can do mission npc citys

in the beggining you wont have much energon but dont worry, after some weeks you will have more than what you need

i started focusing in tasks, then i saw that i was getting low on resourses after the tasks started to be harder and changed to resourses and whenever i can i do army research but im growing too slow according to the tribe master ^^(tier 2 units in 3 months)

image database of all buildings -> … &extra;=page%3D4

now i will explain some buildings, this applies to all servers
a basic rule for all of them(atleast now) is that their max lvl is 15 20(24th august 2010 update)
A) headquarters
this building is really powerfull, it speeds the construction time of your buildings by 10% per lvl up to lvl 10, then from 11 to 20 its +20% per lvl
and also after lvl 5 and up to lvl 15 it increases your base size by +1 from lvl 16 to 20 its just +20% building speed (reaching in totall +300% building speed)
+1 base size enables
+1 building in the inside tab

and +1 building in the outside tab

since an update i dont know the date the HQ also limits your max building lvl being yet 20 the max lvl, so having a lvl 15 HQ limits your inside buildings lvl to 15 until your HQ levels to 16, i dont know if it limits all the buildings but i got confirmed that it limits Robot Factory and Tech Center and does not limits the outside tab buildings
B) tech center
the only building that cant be speeded with construction plans
now its possible to speed it with construction plans
each lvl increases researching speed by 10%
and its lvl limits your techs max lvl, so with a lvl 15 tech center you cant research lvl 16 technology
D0 1T 424P!(do it asap!)

C) robot factory
your barracs, each lvl improves training speed, wich means that units will take less time to came out of the factory and some lvls are needed for certain units
since S2 is PVE you wont need them as much as in a pvp server, getting spots, doing npc or remmants and AW(Alliance War or Tribe War) is where you DO NEED TROOPS
units have range in this game, range 2 units attack 1 wave before the combat starts and if amased in enough ammounts they can 1 kill a horde of range 1 units, to avoid this being so easy to do, the range 1 units are stronger(have better stats) than range 2 units

D) resourse depts
basically increases the maximum ammount of resourses you can have with just the auto obtention of resourses, you can hold more than the dept but your mines will stop generating resourses if the dept is full, energon needs no room, so if you have a full base, either move resourses to other base or go to military(a little sword icon that activates after you build a command post ) then go to production tab
and reduce all ratios to 0 and press confirm

in green the ratios
in red the very hard to find confirm button!

E) command post
basically it allows to have more “travels” at a time each travel needs a hero, heros need the leadership tech, each lvl allows you to have 1 more hero.
dispatch tab
you have all the type of “travels”(missions)
1) dispatch, used for pvp
2) reinforce, when in a tribe, you can send your units to another tribe member(if he has a space fortress). uses: make joint attacks or a joint defence, fleet saving(no res can be sent)
3) station, used to send your units to another base and they will stay there. uses: move troops to defend one of your own bases in pvp, move units, move res, fleet saving
4) scout, used to spy another player´s base, usefull in pvp, what info you get depends on the difference between each players recon tech and spy units sent
5) transport, used to send your units from one of your bases to another and then, they return to original base. uses: move res, fleet saving
6) crete base, its used when creating a base…you dont use this that much to deserve a better explanation
7) ocupy spot, used to get res spots, the max ammount of res spots you can hold is limited by your exploration tech, set the coords of the spot you desire and send the units or click a spot in map and it will be selected automatically. uses: conquering res spots(from neutral or players), fleet saving(no res can be sent)

the simulation tab(not very usefull since it does not consider heros and techs)
basically you simulate a combat based on spy reports so you know how much units exactly you need to send to an enemy base to avoid wasting oil in sending more units than the neededs. tooltip says its VIP only but i used it in S2

the cure tab
there you repair your wounded units for just a half of what they cost, instantly
wounded units are the 30+3 x lvl of heal tech % of the dead units in a combat

the call back tab
here is where your units will be, if you cant feed your units with oil. beware of that because it uses metal crystal oil and energon to get them back, not just oil, look at this post

spy reports ammounts
None – 0,
Few – 1-4,
Several – 5-9,
Squad – 10-49,
Company 50-99,
Regiment – 100-299,
Legion – 300-799,
Horde – 800-1499,
Phalanx 1500+
taken from —–> … &extra;=page%3D9

arena tab
the command post allows you to have 1 arena duel per day per lvl, example: command post lv 9 allows you to do 9 arena battles per day, arena battle give you honor medals that can be exchanged for nice items, for doing this you will need a good unists spec(the best attainable items imo are either a VIP day or hero badge(small)= has the best honor medals/ exp rate or res chests(still researching wich has better chances because maybe more bronze chest might be better than not many gold chests)

F) hall of heros
just needed for getting heros and renowned heros, common heros are recruited with energon and get 3 stat points per lvl while renowneds need tokens/matrix to be recruited and you need to succed in finding one(every 8 hours in each hall of heros) and if you manage to find one, then you have to succed in inviting it(chances depend on energon given, and items you choose to use) also this heros are 33%, 66% and 100% better than a common hero, this means they get 4 stats points per lvl, 5 stat points per lvl and 6 stat points per lvl

the prices of the renowned heroes are 100/200 tokens for a gv4  400/500 for a gv5  900/1000 for a gv6
first price is if you find it, second price is if you use a code someone shared to you
this also depends on how much renowned heros you already own(from 5th hero it starts to be more expensive) and your reputation level(makes them cheaper)

rumor that better hall level gets you gv6 more often is killed here

now some basics about heros

list of all the possible heros … &extra;=page%3D1

the tooltip at the hall of heros says that
attack: each point increases the attack stat of the troop the hero is commanding by 0.5%(I.E. 1% every 2 points)
command: each point increases max troop size by 10(by far the best stat quantity wins vs quality)
defense: each point increases the defense stat of the troop the hero is commanding by 0.5%(I.E. 1% every 2 points)
speed:  each point decreases the time needed for reaching point “B” from point “A”  of the troop the hero is commanding by 1%(if you are patient you dont need this stat )

you can equip items to the heros
they increase different stats and have many levels of quality and only two limitants
the lvl requirement: items need that the hero has atleast this lvl to can equip this item
the weight: the hero can carry more weight as he levels up and i dont know if upgrading items increases the weight
compress reduces the weight of an item level 1 is just 1 meteor, level 2 is 3 meteors, level 3 is a blue giant, ammount reduces is related to the level of the equipment for example my lvl 50 gear with compress lvl1 is 5 weight lighter than a non compressed lvl 50 gear

the star level: this increases the stats of the item by, according to a post of Jeremywu
( … &extra;=page%3D1)
Star                 Attribute enhancement
1                              10%
2                              26%
3                              47%
4                              70%
5                              95%
6                             123%
7                             152%
8                             184%
9                             217%
10                           251%

and this is done setting a target item, that will “eat” other 2 items of the same kind, for example in the picture im using propellers
you can also use +xparticle items to avoid using an item(but actually there are only up to +4 particle items, but +3 and +4 havent been seen ever so we think they arent avaiable as segments, yet)

in red the items that will be eated I.E. dissapear and will never return
in green the item that will be upgraded
in brown the meteor

the refined level(sry lazyness is strong in me i will post a pic of that xD)

both help a lot to improve your gear, and if you ask yourself wich comes in first and wich after
imo its calculated
[base +(base * starlvl)] +{[base +(base*starlvl)] * refined lvl}

translating that to text
base gets buff from star level and then that gets buff from refine lvl

your hero has a max carry weight wich has no problems while you only equip your hero with just gear, but if you wanna equip gear and cores, you will mostly need to make your gear lighter by compressing it(after level 50 non matrix users will start to have extra carry weight due to the very hard ways to get a free blue giant to keep upgrading equipment to lvl 55 and more, till it starts to need purple giants to keep upgrading further)
so mostly matrix users tend to compress the gear so they can equip the high level gears and cores

Level 1 compression costs 1 Meteor
Level 2 compression costs 3 Meteor
Level 3 compression costs 1 Blue Giant
Level 4 compression costs 3 Blue Giant
Level 5 compression costs 1 Purple Giant

SKILLS(copy/paste from task)
The hero can learn the skill on the skill diskette and the skill is bound to the hero(the skill cant be taken to other hero once learned by a hero, but you can get another skill diskette of the same kind).

There are chances for the skill to activate in the battle after the skill is equipped. The activation of the skill consumes EP of the hero and EP can be recovered with certain items(energy potions).

The proficiency of the skill increases 1 every time the skill activates, and the skill upgrade when the requirement is fulfilled
max lvl of a skill is lvl4

There are 3 skill slots
1st slot is for free and with no time limit.
2nd slot and 3rd slot are available with Matrix activation and last 14 days.
The hero can not activate the skill in 2nd slot and 3rd slot when the activation expires, but the skills in 2nd and 3rd slot won’t disappear and come into use in next Matrix activation.
The skill in the 2nd slot deal 80% power of the original effect
the skill in the 3rd slot deal 60% power of the original effect.
In composed hero, the skills in the first slot of each hero come into effect, there are chances for at most 5 skills to activate in the battle. The higher level of the skill, the greater chances to activate and more powerful, the more ep consumed.

chances to activate/EP consumed/times neded to lvl up it(of level S skills)
equip skill diskette to hero
lvl1 30/100/30
lvl2 31/150/50
lvl3 32/250/100
lvl4 33/300/(equip skill diskette M of the skill)
chances to activate/EP consumed/times needed to lvl up it(of level M skills)
lvl1 34/350/140
lvl2 35/400/160
lvl3 36/450/180
lvl4 37/500/(equip skill diskete A of the skill)
chances to activate/EP consumed/times needed to lvl up it(of level A skills)
lvl1 ?/?/?
lvl2 ?/?/?
lvl3 ?/?/?
lvl4 ?/?/?

SKILLS GUIDE(incomplete)

iron armour/stattic cannoneffect
level 1+2000 defence/attack
level 2+4000 defence/attack
level 3+6000 defence/attack
level 4+8000 defence/attack
level 5+10000 defence/attack
level 6+12000 defence/attack
level 7+14000 defence/attack
level 8+16000 defence/attack
level 9+? defence/attack
level 10+? defence/attack
level 11+? defence/attack
level 12+? defence/attack


tool for calculation of stats after transformation: … 26amp%3Btypeid%3D22
There’re four forms of the transformation of the hero: Attack, Defense, Command and Speed. When transformed, 20% of other three attributes except the specific attribute are deducted and added to the specific attribute. The transformation lasts 12 hours in the base, and the transformation of the hero is cancelled after one battle. You can order the hero to transform again after 24 hours. In the Hall of Hero, click the name of the hero, then click “Transform” under the image of the hero to transform and click “Back” to cancel the transformation
BACK DOES NOT EXISTS , it´s cancel

copy/paste from the hall of heros explanation
Each hero represents one part to fuse into composed hero. There’re five parts: left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg and body. The attribute of composed hero = the highest attributes of the heroes x enhancement.
this means for example that if the attack of 4 heros is 30 and one has 100 the composed will have 100 attack as base attack(so training the 5 heros focusing each in one stat would be the best for using the compossed hero)
(The enhancement of composed normal hero is 100% when level 10 and 3% more for each extra 5 levels. The enhancement of composed renowned hero is 110% when level 10 and 5% more for each extra 5 levels.)
It costs one piece of meteor for each fusion. The fusion lasts 12 hours or one battle, whichever is first.

ABSORPTION(matrix only)

The growth values of the two heroes involved shall be different. The hero with lower growth value shall be more than level 10, and 2 level higher than the hero with higher growth value. The new hero inherits everything except the level from the hero with higher growth value. The level of the new hero = the level of the hero with lower growth value – 1. The hero with lower growth value shall disappear in the absorption, please remove the equipment.
this allows you got give some lvls to a freshly recruited gv4,5,6 from a hero with lower gv
lets say i have a gv3 hero with lvl 60 then i get my 1st gv4 hero with lvl 4 so i do absorption and i end with a gv4 hero of lvl 59 with the stats the hero with gv4 had, but with the new levels, you can increase his stats

here you can exercise your heros. basically you trade energon and/or matrix for experience to a hero, it can be done while the hero is away doing any missions or thing out of the base so its a great deal
now every deal has its terms and conditions and bonuses, right? now risking myself to sound like captain obvious i will list them here

1) 20 mins + 120% effective.  it only uses energon. price is 100 energon per lvl

imo this is the best deal and if you can do it every 20 mins you will get you hero a level in just 2 weeks since it awards 0.0925% of the level of the hero that makes 1% exp of the lvl every 220 mins then that makes a lvl in 22000 mins and that divided by 60 makes it 366.6 hours and that divided by 24 gives us 15.27 days add to that npc+soc+pvp(in pvp servers)+expeditions and you should get a level every less than 2 weeks aprox in higher levels like 80+ where each lvl starts to be 10m exp and beyond it all adds every dime of exp helps to level your hero faster

also estimated exp gain is wrong because it hasnt been updated because there was an update to exercise that increased its exp gain by 50% but developer team didnt update the estimated experience calculator that show us the exp we will get with that training … ance%2B%2B%2BUpdate

2) 2 hours + 100% effective.  it only uses energon. price is 1000 energon per hero´s lvl
3) 2 hours + 120% effective.  it uses energon. price is 1000 energon per hero´s lvl and 3 matrix
4) 8 hours + 100% effective.  it only uses energon. price is 8000 energon per hero´s lvl
5) 8 hours + 120% effective.  it uses energon. price is 8000 energon per hero´s lvl and 3 matrix
6) 24 hours + 100% effective. it only uses matrix. price is 10 matrix
6) 24 hours + 120% effective. it only uses matrix. price is 10+3 matrix
6) 24 hours + 150% effective. it only uses matrix. price is 10+10 matrix
this would be the best deal, if you dont care about using matrix

you can also buy training capsules, by selecting another hero after started exercising a hero and a buy capsule button will be visible instead of the usual choose of exercise deal interface 1st is 50 token or matrix, they became more expensive the more you buy obsideon from s2 told me that they are permanent once bought and that he bought it with just tokens and second additional capsule(allowing you to train 3 heroes at the same time) costs 100 token/matrix so i assume 3rd would be 200 or more, if you buy one, you can train 1+ hero simultaneously being 1 the default ammount.  someone else can confirm this?

also you can train your hero while exercising it, with score. score is gained from participating in Chaos War(CW) wich will be covered later in the guide now i will just explain training wich is pretty simple.
you have the scores? use them!!!, press train button and you hero will get and instant injection of steroids… err… experience(DONT USE DRUGS THEY ARE BAD!!!! IM JUST JOKING OK? ¬¬) and a cooldown timer will showup, if you want to avoid the cooldown you can use 3 matrix each score = 1k exp so if your score usage is 15 each time you use the 15 scores your hero will be awarded 15k experience and thats all about training while exercising(SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!) note: i wonder if matrix can be considered a drug

G) basement
as the description says it will keep a fixed ammount of resourses safe from players that won a battle against your base
can only build up to 2 in the main base
useless in S2, after doing the task of making one

H) shelters
think of them as generators
mines need energy and the extra energy(not used for mines) becames energon

I) space fortress(in ground )
its used to make joint attacks(I.E. a two units or more vs one objetive that can also arrange a joint defense),
max lvl is lvl 10
to actually reinforce someone this requirements must be met
1) the reinforced base MUST have a space fortress
2) reinforced base must be in the same tribe as you
then just do this
3) use reinforce type of mission, input the coords and send them to your tribe mate
4) the tribe mate that received the reinforcement will have the hero from you avaiable in the cp to use him along with one of his heroes
you cant joint space ships and res spots

when the reinforce army arrives to your base it consumes your oil and also consumes double the oil it would consume(this can be reduced with tribe tech endurance) so be ready to loose lots of oil.
after 1 attack, defense doesn`t counts, the reinforcing units go back to owner
its usefull for spamming npc attacks to strong npc citys, you could do 3 joint attacks with the help of tribe, and then just reinforce another member to do another 3 attacks more and so on

J) miracle

well i dont own a miracle yet, so i will write all i know about them and will update as soon as i confirm all the data
people told me that each lvl unlocks 1 more lvl to research of all techs in the research center(their common max lvl is 15)
if that is real, techs max lvl would be 21 since miracle max lvl is 6(not yet confirmed, see my image above)
techs max lvl arent related to miracle

How much Rank Points does it gives? Can we use Construction Plan?
9600 if this is correct +1 point per 1k resourses expended
yes plans can be used in all buildings now

now about the task button(your door to the world of resourses and hero exp )
it has several tabs

those will help you to get resourses and very helpfull items

expedition(the hero exp farming tab ^^)
per day you can repeat this skirmishes and with each time you win their difficilty increases,

in green the times per day you can do this expedition
in red the actual lvl/max lvl of that expedition
some tasks will ask you to get to certain lvl of a certain expedition
every time you win in expedition you get a chest(bronze, silver,gold)
from lvl 30 to 49 you also have chances to get an item chest(equipment for heros that increase stats)
and in lvl 50 you have 100% chances to get an equipent chest
and experience points!!! w00t!
and the level of the expedition increases in one lvl (more exp the next time!!!!)
if by any chance you manage to loose, the lvl of the expedition lowers to one
also when you reach the lvl 30 of an expedition you unlock a new expedition, always check the range of the units in the expeditions missions the ones with range 2 units tend to kill many units and you end trading units for exp(wich is bad if your training speed of units is slow)
when you win the max lvl of the expedition it resets back to lvl 1 (w00t exp farming can go on!!!)
only for S2 the expeditions exp formula is according to a jeremywu PM

Jeremywu 2010-6-20 22:27
Since s2 is pve, the Exp in expedition is the amount of the resources for the killed enemy units / 100

while the other servers have the same formula /400 or /200

if i die i want to be buried in the expeditions tab

this ones are for getting resourses and some items(and doing the task of contribution)
in S2 you cant do the slay,looter and(there was another one i cant remember  right now, this guide F41LS!)
you can do up to 5 per day without using tokens/matrix and you can do up to 8 using token/matrix(wich is a WASTE!!!)

if you complete the 3 missions, you get a free instant refresh(I.E. 3 more missions)
it gives new missions every 2 hours and it takes away all the missions you havent accepted(have a green check )

in red(top one) a checked and able to complete mission(wont be gone when refresh hits zero)
in green(the middle one) a non checked mission(will be gone when refresh hits zero)
in white(lower one)a checked, but yet not complete mission(wont be gone when refresh hits zero)

storm of core
well this is the newest toy we have now,
to make it short ultil i have some time to even include some jokes
there are 3 types of new npc that will give you new items “an item that changes its name every lvl of storm of core” and “dark ores”
dark ores are for making cores(bag-> exchange tab-> core exchange)
each core upgrades an atribute and you can only equip once of each core type
core zero  (increases all stats)
core I       (attack)
core II      (defence)
core III     (EP)
core IV     (command)
core V      (speed)

each core has 2 atributes that are important right now :

(important)stat % increase(increases the total, so with better equipment they have an enhanced effect): this can go from the super common 1% cores to the more powerfull than the “the precious ring” 20% increase in the stat

(important)weight:  this can go from a featherish 5 to a pure lead of 50 weight

level:    all cores i got are level 1, maybe in the future this will be upgradeable and based on the room left for more cores maybe they will be bigger(use more core slots) and this would allow them to give a better increase in stats, like up to 40% or who knows, this is just an idea i have nothing of that is confirmed

quality: since all cores say “ordinary” maybe in a future they will be upgradeable to excellent, elite and legendary, like the normal equipment

“an item that changes its name every lvl of storm of core” are for donating for the event once the event ammount is reached we get this rewards
(from … t=storm%2Bof%2Bcore)

The awards for the tribes are:

1st:1000 Token
2nd:500 Token
3rd:200 Token
4th:100 Token
5th:100 Token

The awards for the players are:

1st:Medium Skill Pack IIIx3;Medium Skill Pack IIx3;Medium Skill Pack Ix3;Core Chest Ix8
2nd:Medium Skill Pack IIIx2;Medium Skill Pack IIx2;Medium Skill Pack Ix2;Core Chest Ix6
3rd:Medium Skill Pack IIIx1;Medium Skill Pack IIx2;Medium Skill Pack Ix2;Core Chest Ix4
4th-10th:Medium Skill Pack IIIx1;Medium Skill Pack IIx1;Medium Skill Pack Ix1;Core Chest Ix3
11th-20th:Medium Skill Pack IIx1;Medium Skill Pack Ix1;Core Chest Ix2
21st-100:Medium Skill Pack Ix1;Core Chest Ix1

the medium skill pack contains (M) skills and the core chests contains cores

so how do you get those “an item that changes its name every lvl of storm of core” answer is: by attacking the 3 types of npc alien spaceships that each storm of core has
lvl 1 are zealot archon knight wich are difficulty 1 send atleast 600 tier 3 units to get decent looses and drop dark ores for core II and core V
lvl 2 are abyss creeper, abyss lord, abyss eel wich are difficulty 2 and need 1250(1.25k) tier III units to get decent looses and drop dark ores for cores IV and I
lvl 3 are brown dwarf, gemini pulsar and super nova beaner wich are dificulty 2 so you need the same as storm of core lvl 2 and drops dark ores for ALL NORMAL types of cores( I, II, III, IV, V)
lvl 4 comming soon(like 6 months for s2)
(for tier II i would send the 1.5 to 1.75 times the ammount of tier III recommended and tier I the double or 2.5 times the ammount suggested for tier III)
anyways you can send you hero full to reduce even more the looses, its your choice
you can do 3 attacks to each type per day(or 5 if you pay extra)
so now we have 12 npc attacks per day(or 20 if you pay for the extras)
counting the 3 normal npc we had before
lets enjoy the extra exp!!!!

to make a normal core you just follow this steps bag -> 2. press exchange tab ->3. press core exchange -> 4. choose wich core you want to make and press the related exchange button, each core needs 1 meteor and 10 dark ores

to make a core zero you just follow this steps bag -> 2. press equipment ->3. search and select a core(you can also press the core sub-tab) and choose compose core zero in the drop box -> 4. choose wich core you want to expend to compose the core zero

you can also: 1. click hero button(the same as pressing the hall of hero of a base) ->2. choose and make click in a hero ->3. press craft tab ->4. press compose core zero ->5. choose and click wich core of each type you want expend to compose the core zero
core zero increases all stats and its random like the other cores, so this is a good way to dispose of the useless normal cores(I, II, III, IV, V) you dont use

more info in dravyore´s guide … &extra;=page%3D1

i have no idea what that is my young padawans(again this guide F41LS!!)
UPDATE  this info has been found … &extra;=page%3D1
seems usefull for getting your revenge spending matrix

basically a dungeon to get l00t!!!! but you can only complete it 2 times per day
now there are level S, M and A of each instance
after you win/loose in the instance all your units will be ressurected and it will take them 30 mins to go back to your base, that is a fixed ammount of time, speed stat of the hero does not reduces it
the final floor always rewards a skill diskette segment to make skill diskettes for your heros you get s segments in s instances m in m instances and a segments in a instances, duh! xD
M and A instances are a little harder, core and queen M are tough while the other m instances are harder but easy to win, core A is pretty har and i cant solo the last floor of queen A with an attack gv6 with 458 attack 518 command 153 defence full with DF III with penetration 16 and heavy armor 15
but my fusion did win xD

swarm instance in last floor is the only instance that has chances to give you a meteor chest
tunnel instance in last loor is the only instance that has chances to drop a +2 particle segment
the queen is the only instance i have seen that in the last floor can drop a EP potion lvl 5(lol reward)

the units that fight here do not die it basically is another way to get some items and slaves!(i hope i aint being banned for writing that word…)
the items that can be obtained are found in the bag button  and then go to the exchange tab, then medal honor

by drayvore(because i often fail in maths, also thanks drayvore )
Yes it is cheaper to buy smaller ones but your limited to using 3 a day of each one.

Small     560 per 1000xp (limited to 3k per day)
Medium  600 per 1000xp (limited to 6k per day)
Large     700 per 1000xp (limited to 15k per day)

small hero badges offer the best medal/exp proportion of all 3, if you dont mind using them overdays
biggers are for a one day exp injection but needs more medals
choose your path my comrades!

dependency(the slaves tab)
here you can enslave loosers, they are obtained by winning in the arena, you can enslave only player accounts with atleast a third of your reputation
once you enslave a player you get
+1% exp gain for heros per dependency, max of 2/3 with vip status (not so 1337 but all counts)
also you can
(supress  OR exploit) and (support OR construct)
now supress and support give you 2400/2500/4800 of all resourses, while exploit or construct gives you 5k(might give even more since i started to get 4800 from the other 2 options) of two random resourses, this might give resourses based on the rep of the enslaved player, i need some enlightment here. it also has a chance to give you meteor segments and each action has a cooldown of 2 hours and after you make the 2 actions you prefer you can only wait until tomorrow to repeat the  (supress  OR exploit) and (support OR construct) or release the slave to enslave another one(releasing pays 5k of all resourses and has chances to drop a meteor segment)

achievements and server achievements are just for fun, renown, and showing off(and i dont know if being the 1st one to get an achievement in the server gives something, besides a kind of trophy icon in your player profile)

now about the tribe button
well this button will allow you to make a new tribe, or join one it depends on your personalyty to be a charismatic leader or a great tribe mate(my case)
as far as i have seen in a tribe there is a main role and(due to my gameplay) a kind of possible other role
the main is to be a warrior that fights in AW(Alliance War, or Tribe Wars) if someone isnt calified for that(strong enough to really help in that matter)
you can be a supporter, how to be a supporter? defend towers and or dig a lot in spots, why dig in spots would help the tribe?, to get an advantage in the tribe techs
now i will describe many things i have named but not described

AW/TW Alliance War/Tribe War
every saturday the 6 towers in the alliance war tab

the 6 towers(please dont think i am showing off my great tribe ^^, wich i dont lead, i am just a supporter as i said up there)

well going back to the point, those 6 towers became neutral every saturday and after a

“bidding time”
in wich all the tribes bide with ruby for the towers, after that the

“stationing time”
begins in wich the winning tribe will be able to station units in the towers it won, after this time there will be a

“contending time”
in wich any tribe can do attacks to get the towers, every hour that passes the defending troops at the towers get theirs def increased(i think it was 10%), extreme cooperation is needed, unless you are really away in top1 and can solo most players, or even the full power of another tribe, thats is organised.
after “contending time” the tribe will get a bonus based on the towers it gets wich boost oil, metal or cristal individually
if a tribe gets 2 towers of the same type, only the best makes effect(but rival tribe get no bonus ^^, if there is a “rival tribe”)
the bonus a member gets from the towers is based in the rubies he donates
the exact formula is this one(and really confusing)

The bonus from alliance war is related to the rubies the member donates. The bonus one member enjoys = initial bonus x 40% + (The amount of donation/average donation) x initial bonus x 60%. Twice is counted if the total amount of this member donation is more than twice of average donation. (The donation history will be deleted if the same player quits the alliance and join again.)

so with this explained i better explain the
depot tab

when you press it you get this window

inside the green square the current stock of tribe tokens, energon and ruby

inside blue square a kind of top with the biggest donators wich can be arranged to be seen by energon/ruby

inside the red square is the important thing about this tab, after yoou press it you get tho choose how much you want to donate to the tribe(and never can get it back) input the ammount you want to donate and press the lower donate button
why donate? to get more bonus from the towers the tribe owns and, the main reason tribe techs wich can be found in the

technology tab(wich has depot highlighted lol fail!)

and when you press it you get a free journey to this great window(hope you dont mind that i merged it all in an img and hided the lvl of the tribe techs you will die if you saw such info O_O)

here basically the ones who have technology tab rights can expend the ruby for speeding the researchs 3 ruby per 1 hour(its a great deal take it now or never!) and choose with technology to research later(wich costs energon). so now u might be asking yourself what are rights? how do i get them? are they tasty? will they make me get a girlfriend in real life?

i will just try to answer 1 and 2 in the

manage tab(i leak some powers but might be able to explain its overall functionality)

wich has 3 tabs inside!(yo dawg we heard you like tabs so we put a tab in your tab so you can manage while you manage )
aplication: (blanc to me) so i cant even guess what is hidden inside such a tab
player: (has an invite button) so i gues it works to invite ppl to tribe O_O
authority: (has many ranks!) i guess that if you have enough rank you can
create/delete/mod ranks

diplomacy tab
imo looks like an alliance top so i wont explain what a top is

bulletin tab
it looks like an summary of the attacks received and done by the alliance, but no reports avaiable -_-

member tab
thats where you can bet you soul to tribemates in the event we named, “find yourself faster than the others to keep you soul and get all the alliance members souls to do whatever you can do with someones soul” or just transforce for short(hahaha)
jokes aside its to look at the tribe members and look if they progress, donate, ranks or to say”i joined before you, i am more important, now shut up!” xD
and finally

BBS tab
well mainly another way to chat, works great when global/alliance/private chat dies
used to sharing hero codes, vital information that isnt sen try mass mesages
or to post the link to the guide that someone made in forum
but you need to be allowed to write there, you might loose that righ if you dont behave O_O

well i think that should do it for the tribe button i think i am missing something joint stuff… but…. now now….

O_O oh noes! the bird has left the nest!!! repeat the bird has left the nest!!!…..(communication is cut suddendly)

well this looks like to be all what you need to know, there are some tactics for anti pvp gaming like never leave your resourses en your base I.E. use transports at 10% their speed from base to base and tell them to hold as much resourses as they can, works the same for protecting your army from bigger armys

random questions answered

daily claim: basically its an every 24 hours bonus, that upgrades every day until your ninth day you loged in in a row
the most important is the tokens you get
you also get resourses, the base ammount is 1k and it increases with the reputation lvl by another k(that based on this, i have rank 14 and i get 15k resourses as base)

you can get tokens just logginining(this word exists?) everyday it starts as 5 token(and some resourses)

what are tokens?
they are a kind of free real money except it has some limitations like that you cant buy items from the treasure tag in the shop, everything else can be bought with either tokens or matrix

treasure tag

what is matrix?
its a film, starring keanu reeves….NOT!
its real money the cheapest deal is 10U$D = 100 matrix you can buy it in the charge button


its another random  and every 24 hours buff to your bases
it can be resourse diggin bonus %
travel speed bonus %
attack bonus %
defense bonus %
and the best of all, hero exp bonus %

they are at the popup window every time you log in
or at the daily claim button

did this window, with this messege poped up to you today?
Born from the same root, why should one prosperous at the expense of another?
that happens when an ip triying to attack another ip that is the VERY SAME
solution: get a new ip

security code
it is located in your settings button, if you already setted it and forgot it i guess you gotta contact a GM to set a new one

blank in a scout report?
It means the name for the amount is too long and gets cut off

vacation mode
to activate it you have to click the settings button there you can activate it if all your units are idle.
in this mode you cant attack and cant be attacked, also, your res output will be zero any queue queued before vacation mode will continue its timer

pillage ratio formula(given by a smod but it doesnt works anyways)
Pillage reputation rate=20%+(original rate -20%)*(defender‘s reputation /attacker reputation

my attack was more than the defence of the enemy(in a battle report) why did they survive and battle went to a second round?

Not sure the exact formula but this a rough chart i have

Attack  (%)Casualtes(%)

Drayvore Post at 16-9-2010 10:43 PM

more info on range 2 units
do they get to attack one round in advance and then once again the second round ? which would make there attack double am i right?

They hit in the first round for there full damage, then they take a 20% penalty to attack for the se …
Drayvore Post at 13-9-2010 01:29 AM

the forum money:

forum money is for props O_o

By the way, Prestige is a kind of score which can only occur when moderator give you a rate.
When your credits reach 200, you are able to put pictures in your signature.
In the future, the credits may have many other functions, please keep waiting.
Thank you!
Estelle Post at 16-5-2010 11:03 PM

props can be found in user CP —-> props

St. Gamila(Lv.3)

After exploring St. Gamila(Lv.3), Nessy is lucky to find Hero Badge(Big)(3),+1 Particle(1),Revival Cube lv2(4),Revival Cube lv3(2),VIP(1 day)(1),Revival Cube lv1(7),Simultaneous Construction(1 day)(1),Spy Satellite(1),Construction Plan(5),Tech Blueprint(1),Instant Retreat(1),Meteor(1),Haste Potion(Small)(1). The downfall of St. Gamila(Lv.3) keeps the war away from the castle for a period.

St. Gamila(Lv.4)

After exploring St. Gamila(Lv.4), Xhiro is lucky to find Blue Giant(1),Revival Cube lv2(5),Revival Cube lv3(3),Hero Badge(Big)(4),Revival Cube lv1(9),Simultaneous Construction(1 day)(1),Haste Potion(Small)(1),Construction Plan(6),Tech Blueprint(2),+1 Particle(1),VIP(1 day)(1),Instant Retreat(1),Meteor(1). The downfall of St. Gamila(Lv.4) keeps the war away from the castle for a period.Incredible!

Incredible! doblefilo leads the units and defeats Phoenix(Lv.1)! After exploring Phoenix(Lv.1), doblefilo is lucky to find Hero Badge(Big)(1),Revival Cube lv1(1),Construction Plan(1),Meteor(1). The downfall of Phoenix(Lv.1) keeps the war away from the castle for a period.

Incredible! Maxx leads the units and defeats Phoenix(Lv.4)! After exploring Phoenix(Lv.4), Maxx is lucky to find Revival Cube lv1(4),+1 Particle(1),Revival Cube lv3(2),Revival Cube lv2(3),Hero Badge(Big)(4),Construction Plan(4),Meteor(1),Tech Blueprint(1). The downfall of Phoenix(Lv.4) keeps the war away from the castle for a period.

this guide is slowly bacaming a big “composed guide”(based in others i add what i forgot)
ty to all
fun info: at a normal mouse wheel scroll rate it took me: 34.38 segs from top to botton 24/7/2010, 37.03 segs 11/9/2010, 38.07 segs 2/6/2011
to do: add cw, add detailed level per level skill guide for as many skills as possible

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