TransForce Battle Basics Guide

TransForce Battle Basics Guide by Mumrick21

It is not hard to make a battle force in TransForce and it’s well explained in all kinds of the tutorials. But making force that can win is much harder. So – here is some tips to make your forces fight more effectively.

The components of your victory are simple. And every one of them is vital to make you fight-ready.

1. Economics

Economical strength is most obvious part of your war might but there are some tricks that could make your way easy.

First – you will need oil. No, not just some oil, you need lots of oil, huge amounts of oil, rivers and seas of the oil. Reason for that is rather simple – your units consume oil on permanent basis. And at the higher military ranks they consume higher amounts of oil. Military units Tier II consume 8 units of oil per hour, tier II – 12 units and tier III – 16 units. On the other hand, highest level oil well (level 15) have a basic production around 1000 units per hour. With latest Drilling tech  this amount increased by 100%, thus every well can support up to 125 tier III units without bonuses. You should have that in mind always because most of the players build their resource production facilities long before building mightiest armies. On other hand – there is a nice item in the store, named “SHIFT”, it is placed on “production” tab of your store and costs 36 matrix/tokens. If you are planning to use this one you can build a balanced economy, switching more and more resource producing facilities to oil then necessary.

Talking about other two resources – they not needed in such a great amount as oil, but they, of course, significant too. Planning your economy you should have in mind cost of the specific unit you planning to use later – for example, production of Black Bullworm  requires more crystals and Mirage Spiders consume more metal. Although later you may start to build more then one type of the units first one will be hardest to build because you will start building them on the earlier stages of development.

2. Heroes.

Heroes, of course, are huge part of your war might. You will surely need them.
And here I will try to explain something about their stats and how they work.

HP. HP means hit points of hero himself. And hit points are the measure of his abilities to use the skills.( I will say something about skills later). Despite the in-game description, hero doesn’t die then he run out of Hp, instead he loses his ability to use skills. Maximum amount of hero Hp depend of his level. At this moment the only way to recover hero’s hp is energy potion, that could be bought from the store or found in instance or in some NPC fights.

Attack. Every point of hero’s attack increases attack of all his units by 0.5%. It is not a big deal, but then amount of units is greater then 1000 it works fine. This stat is more important then defense for ranged units.

Command. That is simple. Every point of command allows you hero take 10 more units with him. Command is ignored for defending hero – he always use all units available. Any active hero must have his command up to 100 as soon as possible. After that it worth less in PvP but still good enough and absolutely necessary in long fights like instances or defense in alliance war. It is good for all types of units.

Defense. Every point of hero’s defense increases defense of all his units by 0.5%. As for attack it is most used for large amounts of the units but it is good anytime. Defense is necessary for the close combat units, like Mirage Spiders or Saviours, but also good for ranged ones. Defense absolutely useless for destroyers and if you have hero, who specializes with them – don’t build a single point.
Speed. Speed determines how fast you heroes moving. Speed of all hero’s troop increases by 1% for every point of his speed. So army of Mirage spiders with speed 45 under command of the hero with speed 100 will move by 90 squares per hour. Nice. You should remember, however, that speed of your army determined by slowest troop in it so don’t expect hero’s speed to have much effect on plunderer’s army. Also, every movement have some fixed amount of time, that associated with it, this time isn’t affected by speed. For example, attack on another player will take 20 min. + time to travel to target.

3. Units

You will never win if no one will fight for you. So units are vital components of the victory.
After the latest game rebalance TransForce allow you to use 18 combat unit types if you are an Autobot and 16 types – if you are Decepticon. Most of that units have 3 “grades of excellence”, usually called “tiers”. There is one simple rule about it – more is better. Higher units always have better parameters then lower ones. And even increased cost of construction and maintenance does not compensate it. Units become available then corresponding weapon and armor tech reaches 9 for tier I units, 12 – for tier II  and 15 – for tier III.Many players in TransForce use short names for most of the units, so MS3 means “Mirage Spider III” and “OG2” means “Othello guard II”. Some of the units< namely Honor and Death fighters, Mirage Spiders and Mammath Chariots  have 4 variations, in this case basic variations called without tier ( like HF or DF). Actually units in TransForce are rather well balanced and almost any of them have it’s use, although some are little better then others. So here is the short description of Autobot and Decepticon units.

Type: Light armor/ammunition attack
These units are weakest in the game and actually the same for both factions. They don’t have any advantages on any unit type, although they can win you some battles against low level spot guardians or expeditions but even then you may loose too much of them.

Autobot units.

Mammath Chariot
Type: Light armor/penetration attack
Basic type MCs are good as the beginner’s units in PvE battles because of their range. You can win first two expeditions without any casualties if you bring enough of them. Later on you can build tier I-II-III MCs, which have moderate usefulness. They are most effective against DF because or their combined advantages. They also can be used against MS if they numbers are much greater because they vulnerable themselves.

Honor Fighter
Type: Heavy armor/ ammunition attack Melee.
This Autobot unit have a basic model too, although it is almost useless. HFs are most useful as a damage soakers because of their unmatched defense. Adding some of them to another units will greatly reduce casualties, especially in fights vs UG. On the other hand, HF have terrible attack of the worst type – ammunition. This makes them bad fighters by themselves so it is not recommended to use them as the first high tier troop. Their defence makes them best choice against destroyers.

Othello Guard
Type: medium armor/penetration attack
Othello guard is autobots most powerful armor killer. It have a nice defense and some attack, so it is a best choice against MS and not a bad one against UG. They are easy prey to BBs although.

Type: light armor/energy attack. Melee.
Saviour is an excellent unit, it have most powerful attack along autobots and some defense, too. It has 2 drawbacks however. First one is its range so they are always losing some of their ranks. Second is a light armor, that is particularly vulnerable to MS and UG scatter weapons. So they are most effective against armor-piercing ranged troops like DF and OG. Also they are good if used as support troops for your favorite ranged ones.

Ultimate Guard
Type: heavy armor/scatter attack.
UGs are possible the best ranged autobots unit and maybe best autobots unit ever. They loose only to DFs and practically are BB and Saviour slayers.

Decepticon units:

Mirage Spider
Type heavy armor/ scatter attack Melee.
Although basic MS are weak unit without range advantage of the MC, higher tiers are much more useful. Practically MS3 is the most powerful single unit in the game, winning by raw attack/defense even over units, what have native advantage over them like DF or OG. However, price of such victory may be too high.

Death Fighter
Type: Heavy armor/penetration.
DF are most powerful anti-armor units ever (and the only one anti-armor decepticon units). They are natural born UG killers and good against MS. They are an easy prey for MC and BB.

Type: Light armor/suicide attack
Destroyers have no analogs. These units have not any defense at all. Instead of that they are simply invulnerable. If after first round of the battle some enemies still standing some of them will detonate, killing themselves and inflicting damage, comparable with damage of tier3 ranged units. Number of detonating destroyers depends from the total defense of the enemy so if enemy is stronger all of them will explode. Using destroyers is always costly and very limited, although they can perform tasks no other unit can. Their main advantage is that they always do their max damage, no matter what they up against. So they still can punish enemy if left on hopeless defense, can cripple mighty force if sent to attack and can deliver info on large army if sent to battle recon. Main victims of the destroyers are all types of the ranged units because of their reduced defense.

Black Bullworm
Type: Light armor/ energy attack
BBs are the most powerful ranged units in TransForce in terms of attack. Their energy attack have no weaknesses so they are able to deal damage against anything. On the other hand, they are fragile. And their light armor make then even more vulnerable in front of popular UGs and MS. So you can win many battles with BBs, but be prepared to heavy losses. Weakest opponents for BBs are MC, OG and DF because their penetration attack weak against BB light armor.

Thunder Armor
Type: Medium armor/scatter attack Melee.
TAs are not very popular among TransForce players so their actual characteristics are still mystery to me. I could only make notice that they have highest attack available in the game and lowest defense along melee units. This could make them nice but expensive unit for fighting melee enemy and easy target for all ranged units, especially penetration based ones.

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