Senatry FAQ

Senatry Frequently Asked Questions by aiwent

1. What is the benefit for newcomers?
Every player can have 200 Gold from the system when they first log in the game.

2. Is there any protection time for the newcomers?
Players won’t be attacked before they join a Family. That is the newcomers’ protection time.

3. What should I do when the game is stuck at Loading?
You can remove cookies in your Internet Explorer before re-login the game: select “Tools” in the menu bar—->> “Internet Options”—->> “Internet Temporary Files”—->> “Delete Cookies” and “Delete Files”—->>”OK”.

4. Why can’t the Senatus be further upgraded after it reached Lv 9?
Senatus level cannot exceed the level of the Area where you are in. If you want a higher level for your city, you need to relocate it to Rome. Rome will be open to you when you defeat Spartacus in the map of Appenine in the War Scene.

5. How can I get Gold within the game?
You have a chance to get Gold from each levy. A higher level Temple will give you a higher chance. Good luck will also be very helpful!

6. How can I get more Silver in the levy?
The amount of the levied Silver is related to the sum of Cottage levels, Scriptorium level, Regional prosperity and the League Tax Law level, etc. When the above are upgraded, you can get more Silver in the levy.

7. How to check my Prestige Rank?
Click Senatus and enter the Promotion panel. You can find Prestige Rank in the column of Noble Rank Info.

8. How much Silver does the Vassal pay the Sovereign?
Every time the Vassal levy Silver, a certain amount will be paid to the Sovereign. The extra Silver is not from the levy revenue but is generated from the system. The more Silver the Vassal levied, the more he has to pay the Sovereign. His payment counts for 10% of his revenue. However, when the Sovereign himself is in turn conquered by another player, the Vassal will then need to pay only 5% of his revenue.

9. Why do the Assists bring different rises in the Hero’s EXP?
Higher level training places, i.e. Area, Circus Maximum, Amphitheatre, enables bigger rises in the Hero’s EXP. So if you want to win more EXP for your Hero, upgrade these buildings first.

10. How many Trait Points can the Hero get at most after they take the adventure?
Hero’s current level + 20 is the most every adventure can bring.

11. What is the function of the EXP sharing?
Hero can share his EXP with his troop. In this way his troop can be upgraded but the Hero himself, losing all EXP, will be downgraded to Lv 1 and will need a new upgrade.

12. Why did I enlist the same amount of Soldiers with different volume of Crops?
The taken Crops is related to the City level which is determined by the Senatus level. Soldiers in higher level City need more Crops.

13. Why can’t I buy more Crops after I have done one Crops trade?
There is a trade volume limit daily. It is reset to 0 at 05:00 every day or upon Market upgrading. When the Market is upgraded, the trade volume limit is also raised.

14. How does the Crops Price change?
The lowest Crop Price is 0.5, the highest 2. It starts from 0.5 and increases till it reaches the top. Then it gradually gets down and returns to 0.5. Time is very important in Crops Trading. Buy crops at a low price and sell it high will be regarded as a successful trading.

15. Are all the buildings upgraded instantly?
Yes, all buildings in Senatry are upgraded in a second. However, the builders need a cooldown period after each upgrade. You can continue the upgrading till the cooldown periods are accumulated to the limit of 4 hrs. Then you have to stop upgrading and wait for the cooldown to pass by, or use Gold to skip the cooldown period.

16. Why does my Senatus take 2 hrs to upgrade to Lv 16 while others’ need only 40 mins?
It is related to the fatigue degree. Every cooldown will generate a fatigue degree and the fatigue degree will be added to the next cooldown. As the builders continue to upgrade buildings, their fatigue degree grows and makes the cooldown longer. The fatigue degree resets at 05:00 every day. Fatigue degree also exists in the cooldown of Bugle, Tech and levy.

17. Why has my Attack button turned grey and unable to click?
Probably the bugle is cooling down or that NPC has been attacked to its limit. Leave the cursor on the button for a while and the exact reason will be shown in the tooltip.

18. When can I receive the Expedition reward?
You can receive the reward when you achieve 100% of the Expedition. The completion degree will be shown in each map. The enemy with a red flag is the one waiting to be defeated while the one without is already defeated and the one with a whilte flag is your next enemy. After you have defeated all, the monument will emit a strong beam of light. Click and enter it to receive the reward.

19. Why can’t I relocate my city although I am qualified?
You might be in a relocating cooldown. After you have relocated your city to an area, you have to wait 24hrs for the next relocate.

20. Why do I get more Silver from levy in some Areas but less in another?
The amount of levied Silver is based on the regional prosperity. Higher level Area permits a higher prosperity baseline. You can also increase the baseline by investment in this area.

21. What if I run out of bugles?
One bugle is restored every hour. Besides, you can get an extra bugle every day at 8:30, 12:30 and 19:00. Every upgrading of Senatus gives you a bugle too. You can also buy bugles with Gold when your VIP level is sufficient.

22. What can I do when Hero cannot get much EXP in training and grows so slowly?
You can select a more advanced training mode with Gold, or assist the training with Exploits or Gold. Just click “Assist” in the Train Panel.

23. I want more Heroes in my array. What should I do?
Upgrade Array in University.

24. How could I raise the Allegiance in my City?
The only way to raise your people’s allegiance is to make the right choice in dealing with the Levy Events.

25. Where can I check the Domains?
After you joined a Family, the Domain button will be shown in the menu bar at the lower right corner. You can also switch to Domain from the Area Scene.

26. Where to check my Noble Rank and how to get promoted?
After you joined a Family, there will be a Promotion Panel in your Senatus. You can donate Exploits to get Prestige. When the Prestige is raised high enough, click “Promote” to get promoted. Other ways to win Prestige include attacking players of hostile Families and investing in your Area.

27. How useful are the Hero’s Tactical Offense and Tactical Deffense?
They enhance the Hero’s tactical offense and defense against the enemies’ tactical attacks.

28. How much Gold does the Builder Team and the Training Space cost?
The 3rd Builder Team costs 50 Gold, 4th 100 Gold, 5th 200 Gold, 6th 500 Gold, 7th 1000 Gold, 8th 2000 Gold, 9th 4000 Gold.
The 3rd Training Space costs 50 Gold, 4th 100 Gold, 5th 200 Gold, 6th 500 Gold, 7th 1000 Gold, 8th 2000 Gold, 9th 4000 Gold.

29. Where can I check my Prestige?
When you have joined a Family, Prestige will be shown in the bar at the top of the game.

30. Will the fights keep going on forever when the two sides are evenly matched?
A Draw will be concluded if they have fighted for 20 rounds without winning each other.

31. How can I cancel the status of Truce?
Truce will be automatically cancelled if you attack a player of the hostile Families.

32. Will Bugles be consumed in Ranch War?
Yes, they will.

33. Why did I get a DEFEAT when my League destroyed all members of the defender’s League?
You have to know that members who have won 3 victories leave the battle automatically. Your league is supposed to have at least 1 member in battle after defeating the defender’s League if you want to get victory. Otherwise, the defender wins even if they are all destroyed.

34. What are the ways to get Silver?
You can get Silver from the following ways: Levy, Crops Trade, Sell Equipment, Domain Harvest, Domain War, Commerce, Performance and Vassal Payment.

35. Can I still get Equipment from attacking NPC after I have received the Expedition Reward?
Yes, you can. Though Expedition Reward can be received only once, you can still fight NPC to get their Equipment after you’ve finished the expedition.

36. How can I get more Prestige in shorter time?
Try attacking players with a higher hostile degree. There are 6 hostile degrees which are marked in 6 colors.
1 Neutral (White): attack the player to get a little Prestige;
2 Offensive (Green): attack to get a little more Prestige;
3 Wanted (Blue): attack to get some Prestige;
4 Most Wanted (Purple): attack to get some more Prestige;
5 Nefarious (Orange): attack to get adequate Prestige;
6 Public Enemy (Red): attack to get plentiful Prestige.
Investment and Exploit Donation are reliable ways to enhance Prestige.

37. Why can I not attack players in some cases?
1. Attacking players is not allowed in winter.
2. You may run out of your Bugles. 1 bugle is restored each hour. Besides that, 3 extra bugles will be given by system at 8:30, 12:30, 19:00 every day.
3. Players will not be attacked under protection or in truce status.

38. Why should I be defeated by players who have a lower level than mine?
1. Your level only represents the level of your Senatus. While you have a higher level Senatus, your Equipment may be less developed. Equipment can be improved in Armory.
2. Or your Technology is less competent than theirs. Go upgrade Tech in University.
3. The function of your default Array is just restrained by the one of your enemy. Select another array as default in the Array Panel of the Troop Section.

39. Will the soldiers of my Heroes still be replenished automatically after I reached Lv 15?
The soldiers of your Heroes will be always replenished automatically. Before you reach Lv 15, during which you do not have a Barrack, fighting will not consume soldiers. After Lv 15, you will have a Barrack to reserve soldiers and the loss of soldiers in fight will be restored with soldier reserves in Barrack.

40. Why can’t I speak in Family Channel?
Only the players whose Prestige ranks within the top 100 can speak in Family Channel.

41. How many soldiers can be enlisted at one time?
The amount of enlisted soldiers at one time is the Barrack level times 200.

42. When can I make an entrustment?
When you reach Lv 30 and your Armory Lv 21, you can entrust Shield or Horse dealers to buy you advanced Equipment.

43. What is the reward for participating in the Area War?
There will be Prestige Reward for both parties. The winner gets more than twice Prestige as the loser. Senatus level could influence the Prestige amount too.

44. How can I recruit more Heroes?
You should have at least 100 Prestige to recruit the 4th Hero.
15000 Prestige to recruit the 5th Hero.
70000 Prestige to recruit the 6th Hero.
190000 Prestige to recruit the 7th Hero.

45. What is the rule in attacking the elite troops?
The number of elite troops being attacked is limited within one period. When the elite troop is attacked to its limit, you should wait for the next period. The start time of each period in a day: 8:30, 12:30, 19:00, 21:00.

46. When will there be a Vomitorium in my City?
You will have a Vomitorium in your City at Lv 41 and send Caravans to other players.

47. Why am I still using the former Array when I’ve changed it with a new one?
After you selected a new Array, please click the Default button below that very Array to make it the default array in battle.

48. How long can VIP functions stay effective?

49. How many colors does all the Equipment have?
Every Equipment has a color, 5 colors in total. They can be listed in the order of bonus, from lowest to highest: White==>Green==>Blue==>Purple==>Orange==>Red.

50. How to make profits in trade?
When Market shows up in the Lv 12 City, you start crops tradings in it. Buy low and sell high is a good way to make profits, and remember, the peak crops price is 2.0 while the bottom is 0.5.

51. Why can’t I start Ranch War?
Ranch War can only be started by League Host who has been in the League for at least 2 days, and the League should have a level above 10.

52. How does Hero EXP increase?
When you start training a Hero, his EXP will be refreshed every 10 seconds. Higher Arena level and advanced Training Mode gives more EXP at every refresh so your Hero can be upgraded faster. If you want an upgrade immediately, assist the training with Exploits or Gold.

53. Can I defect to another Family after I’ve chose one?
Sorry, you can’t. You must know that after you chose a Family, you are going to fight for it forever.

54. Why am I stuck at Lv 20 and cannot get a further upgrade?
The level limit of Rome is 20, which means you need to complete 100% of the Macedonian Expedition before relocating your city to a higher level Area. When you do so, your choice of Area decides which Family you belong to in the course of the whole game.
Entering Apulum==> becoming a Brutii
Entering Phillipi==> becoming a Julii
Entering Cirta==> becoming a Scipii
Note: your choice of Family cannot be changed, so make sure you want to join the Family before you join it.

55. What does “Production: 240” mean in the Farm or Domain Panel?
That number shows the Crops or Silver Production in every 10 minutes. Every seizing of Farm or Domain can last as long as 4 hrs (240 mins). (The league tech of Farmers’ Association can increase the ownership time of Farm.)
Total Production = Production per 10 minutes * 24

56. What may have an influence on the revenue of commerce?
The number of Caravans, your Bathhouse level, and the other Player’s Senatus level play a role in affecting the revenue.

57. How to conquer an Area?
When your Family has the biggest share in that Area, it goes into the reign of your Family automatically. Both Regional War and Investment can count as access to increasing your share in the Area.

58. Why did I get the same new Trait Points through the adventure of Espionage as in Military Drill?
When you start to carry out adventure, the new points you get from the first few adventures are the same no matter what adventure you take. In that case, first adventures should be the ones less resource-consuming, such as Gladiator Performance or Military Drill. Always make sure you spare the superior adventures for better use.

59. How many parts does Equipment of different colors consist of? When does Equipment part begin to exist? Only part after that?
Blue Equipment consists of 2 parts; purple, 5 parts; orange, 10 parts; red, 20 parts. When all the parts have been collected, they structure a complete Equipment automatically. The parts of blue Equipment appears first, then the others. A whole Equipment is also possible to get after Equipment parts take place.

60. I thought a defeated battle against NPC would not consume bugle before Lv 35. How could I lose bugle in a failed fight with Macedonian Legions?
Fighting Legions will always consume bugle whatever level you are at. Bugle will be spared only when you are defeated in the fight with NPC (a single troop) before you achieve Lv 35.

61. Whether will I get less Silver from Levy after I’ve been conquered by another player and become his Vassal?
No, you won’t. Being conquered will not influence the amount of your levied Silver because system will levy extra Silver in your city and attribute it to your Sovereign.

62. Whether will the bonus in the improvement of Equipment be decided by the Color or the Level of the Equipment?
The improvement bonus is decided by the color of Equipment instead of its level. Equipment colors can be listed as White—Green—Blue—Purple—Orange—Red, from lowest bonus to highest bonus. Equipment level decides the initial value in improvement.

63. Last evening I declared Truce for free, but when I wanted to do it again in the morning of today, I was asked to pay for it. Wasn’t the Truce refreshed in the night?
There is only one Truce in 24 hrs. You won’t have another free Truce until the exact same time of next day.

64. What is the use of the Technology of Supply?
It increases the efficiency of supplying Heroes with Soldiers.

65. Why is the Technology of Medicine useful?
It reduces Soldiers lost in war. With this tech, lost Soldiers will be < N when there should be N lost Soldiers.

66. What will influence the power of Medical Corps, the troop of Galen?
Troop Level, S-shaped Array, Research and Ring count as factors in its power.

67. How to increase the hit rate of Tactical Offense?
The hit rate of Tactical offense is not influenced by any factors such as Equipment, Intelligence, so the hit rate of Tactical offense cannot be changed.

68. Will conquering Players consume Soldiers?
No, it won’t. Occasionally your Soldiers value flashed just because your Hero was upgraded and certain reserve Soldiers were supplied to the Hero’s troop.

69. What is the major function of Hero’s Leadership, Bravery and Intelligence?
Leadership relates to Hero’s normal Offense and Defense, Bravery decides RS Offense and Defense, while Intelligence has an affair with Tactical Offense and Defense.

70. What can affect the successful rate of Priestess’ operation?
When the Hero encouraged by Priestess has a Rage Skill and can launch RS offense, Priestess will be useful. Equipment and Trait will not influence the Priestess’ successful rate.

71. When will Colosseum emerge?
There will be Colosseum in your City with Lv 82 Senatus. But you still cannot have performance in it before Colosseum is upgraded to Lv 82. Cost and Earnings from the play is related to the areal price of commodities.

72. Why am I forbidden to receive reward after I’ve completed the quest?
You Silver exceeds the Storeroom capacity and you have to consume some Silver to claim the reward.

73. What if the enemy is too powerful to destroy?
You need to enhance your strength through the following ways:
1. Click the Troop section on the upper right of the City Scene to enter the Train panel and start training your Heroes.
2. Enter the Armory section where you can Buy and Improve your Equipment (Remember to load the Equipment to your Hero afterwards).

74. How to train a Hero?
Two steps:
1. Select a training time (how long you want the Hero to be trained) and start training;
2. Select a training mode (how well you want the Hero to be trained). After that you can also assist the training with Gold or Exploits if you expect an instant upgrade for your Hero.

75. Can the Hero fight for you during the training?
Yes, he/she can.

76. How can I have more buildings in the City?
When you upgrade your Senatus to a higher level, you can have more buildings in it.

77. How can I win Exploits?
You can win Exploits when you win a fight and Exploits will not be cut even if you lose the fight.

78. About Levy:
Levy is a very important way of getting Silver. Number of Levy is limited and could be run out of. When you are in need of Silver and levy is finished for that day, you can use Gold to impose Levy though Impose might be the last way you’d like to get Silver.

79. Why does the game flash still keep going when the network connection is already lost?
The flash might have been uploaded before the connection is lost.

80. How to load my Heroes with bought Equipment?
Select on: Troop section—Equip panel—a Hero—a position—Equipment. And it’s done.

81. Why can I still fight NPC when the Soldier value is 0?
The Soldier value represents the amount of soldier reserve in your Barrack. Your Heroes may still have soldiers in their troops to fight a battle when the soldier reserve is 0.

82. In what way is the Clone button supposed to be used in Domain War?
When you click on the Clone button, you create a clone troop at the exact domain you are in. This clone troop is a copy of your troop and can ensure your defense in that domain while you are engaged in somewhere else.

83. Why can’t I impose levy when my Silver is not too much and my Gold is enough?
It may be caused by an insufficient VIP level. If so, you need to upgrade your VIP level.

84. On what ground is the Crops limit in Black Market calculated?
The Crops limit in Black Market is the Crops you can buy with all your Silver on the condition that Granary will not be exploded. Otherwise, it will be the largest amount of Crops the Granary can hold.


1.Why is some of the text in the game incomplete and I can’t see the whole message?
That could be caused when your operating system is not entirely compatible with the operating system under which the game is developed. Sorry, there hasn’t been any good solutions now.

2.Why didn’t I receive the Equipment after I defeated the NPC?
Equipment from NPCs drops randomly, not surely.

3.Why can’t I buy Crops in Market when my trade volume hasn’t reached the limit?
The smallest unit of crops trade is 100 Crops. When your current silver can’t afford to buy 100 crops, trade will be unavailable then.

4. I received the domain harvest mail but I didn’t get the production.
The ownership over Domain or Farm lasts for 4 hours. At the same time ownership ends, the harvest will be added to you and a notice mail will be sent. So the harvested silver or crops is already sent or consumed when you check the mail.

5. Why did the online gift button disappear?
Online gift is only sent within the first 2 hours you are online with our game.

6.Why is my Soldier is less than I enlisted?
Current soldier is the amount of soldiers in the Barrack. Your enlisted soldiers will first go into the Heroes’ troops, the remaining will be kept in the barrack as soldier reserve. If the enlisted soldiers is even not enough to replenish the troops, then your current soldier will still be 0.

7. Why can’t I see/do anything at commerce tab?
Under the current default settings, Commerce is free trade and doesn’t need the other player’s permission. Gamers will not see any Caravans waiting to be authorized in the commerce tab as they are always being authorized automatically.

8. Why can’t I harvest in our league’s ranch?
After your league has captured a ranch, you need to finish defeating all the NPCs in the corresponding map to harvest in the ranch.

9. Why can’t I start attacks to npc legions when I have no bugle left but still have a free bugle of npc attacking?
The free bugle of npc attacking doesn’t cover the attacks to npc legions, but single NPCs.

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