Rakion Gripping FAQ

Rakion Gripping Frequently Asked Questions by Guides v1.0

I know lots of people in Rakion who dont know how to grip and I have to spend time telling them only to get killed. Well, this topic is dedicated to all you noobs out there who need to learn to grip.

Q: How do you grip?

A: By clicking left+right in front or behind the enemy.


A: You probably werent facing the enemy’s back/front or you weren’t close enough.

Q: Is it always best to grip?

A: It depends. Ninjas should grip as should mages. Other classes have more powerful attacks they can preform during an enemy’s delay(Swordie’s 3-Hit charge, Blacksmith Charge, Archer Invinc.)

Q: What is stun-gripping?

A: Stun-gripping is a basic attack followed by a grip while the enemy is stunned.

Q: Which character should I use for stun-gripping?

A: Ninjas are the best characters for stun-gripping. Swordies can be used but you would have to pump the attack speed of your swordie for best results.(Ninja too)

Q: When should I stun-grip?

A: When you see a Hit x 1 on the right side of your screen. Then grip immediatly.

Q: How do I avoid getting stun-gripped?

A: If the character only likes to attack you once before gripping, there’s not much you can do. If they hit more than once you can block the attacks.

Q: What is Block gripping?

A: Block gripping is where you block an enemy’s attack and then grip him/her.

Q: When should I block grip?

A: When an enemy does a full basic hit combo(and you block it), a jump attack(slightly more difficult), or an invincible attack.

Q: What character is good for block gripping?

A: I personally found all characters good for block gripping.(except ninja, I havent tried it yet)

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