Rakion Mage Guide

Rakion Mage Guide by Novercalis

Welcome my young Apprentice.
So you acknowledge yourself right away that your not big enough like those streoid freaks like the Blacksmiths.
Than the Bow is more bigger than you are, with a tork pull back of dbl your weight.
You tried to weild the sword, but all you manage to hit when your lucky is someone else toe, and via that, your own teammate toe!
well you have 2 options left, A Ninja and a Mage.

Lets not bother with a Ninja, clearly your self aware they are for newbies.
Thus the whore who wombed you for 9 months has passed her trait of wisdom upon you.
You had a knack for aiming at the knees and was inspired by the Taru Taru Cleric.

welcome to Rakion, Novercalis’s version of Mage training school.


The Apprentice Way

1 -To swing your twig once: Left Click
2 -to swing your twig of ub3rness twice: Left click 2 times

3 -To crreate a Healing Ball: Right Click

*****You can only Create 4 healing balls, they heal 20% of your life.

***** Enemies can destroy your healing Balls

***** You Can Create 4 and they will be there always until once of your teammate walks through it

****** It is best to create the 2 healing Balls so, if you dont have the time to stop and create a heal ball due to someone is on your back, You Can run to the other 2 balls you have

****** with that note above, its best to CAST A HEAL BALL, somewhere hiddenly, only YOU know where.. behind a box, pillar, in a corner of a unwalked pathway.

4 – To Cast a Fireball – Use your WAND of 4Nee, Left click and Hold for atleast 1.5 seconds and than Release.

5 – To cast a HOMING fireball – use your WAND of nee, Right Click and HOLD, AIM at target player and hack it LOCKED on that player for atleast 1.5 Seconds.

**** You will see a Yellow Circle appear and begins to Shring, The second that circle turns RED, RELEASE the button ASAP before you lose lock.

**** Homing Fireball = VERY strong damage, very hard to Hit

**** You shot 2 of them, MAKE SURE there is nothing in your way that will block the fireball, such as box, pillars, fences, floor, wall.

6 – To Create a Tornado – Right click and Left click @ the same TIME!
*** Deals no Damage
*** Pushes Enemies Away from you
*** Has a Dizzy effect on you for 2 seconds
*** Dizzy = You cant move, cant block

7 – To Paralize with ICE:– GRAB MOVE — You Must be next to him, face to Face, and Left Click, Right Click @ the SAME time.
*** If missed, you will create Tornado

8 – To Create an Ice Shard, stabbing the enemy – GRAB – Must be directly Behind opponent, Left Click and right Click @ the SAME time.
**** does very little damage, Would not Recommend it.
**** when missed, you will create a Tornando

9 – To Cast Ice Spikes – Click any 2 Directional Key + Left Click.
**** Use this to kill GOLD and Enemy GOLEM
**** It has a delay of 3 seconds (1 second When you performed it, than 2 seconds stalled)



When the Enemy has the GOLD Sword: Some areas, where you know they have run to, and the Path isnt WIDE such as Hallways, Doorways that is halfway Open, Stair Cases
You will want to Put yourself in the entrance of the hall, when you see Gol guy come near, He is expecting you to SWING or Ice Spike, so he WILL jump
however what you do is:
This will allow your teammates who are behind him to CATCH UP to begin the beat.
Chances are, he will get hit ONCE, enough time for you to recover to cast another tornado.
If at all, You can RUN to the END of that hallway and BLOCK him once more.

Same with Doors in some areas.

*** Now if he is at the GOLEM, you have 2 options:

against Arhcers use Ice Spike
against Blacksmith use Tornado
against Knights use Tornado
against Ninja in long range – ice spikes
Ninjas with Melee – Tornado
Mages – Ice spikes


Other Tips/Trick

Some maps, When you have GOLD SWORD
use fireball froma Distance, many expects, Gold sword will be melee’ing Golem until the realyized, “Hey Golem taking dmg and I dont see him.. oh shit, FIREBALL!


If you decide to GO DEFENSE:

Use Fireballs to HIT ALL ENEMIES in a small area of effect and GOLD GOLEM
This will allow, Knock down on enemies = less dmg hit on gold goem for opposite team, more for your team.

there are some maps, where instead of tornando and ice spike being effective, the use of fireball Directly on your own golem can assure knockdown or stun on the enemy
which in reuturn gives your teammate to ROMP HIS ASS.

If you decide to use Grab: USE PARALYZE.. it does MINIMAL damage, however if your teammates are nearby and REALIZES IT… that dude who is locked in there is in one hell of a ride.
its a PARALYZE of 4 seconds.

If your PRO at it, use it on GOLD sword, so he can die ASAP.

When falling down from a FAIRLY HIGH PLACE, hit left click + right click at the SAME time to prevent Damage.


As a mage, we tend to have Knights and Blacksmiths on your ass.
Why is that, cause your Ice spike Knocks thier Armor Insanely!!!
Due to you run very SLOW: chances are, your gonna be knocked down by a running attack from a knight, archer or take 1 hit from a blacksmith running attack.

Therefor, every 4 or 5 seonds when running away, JUMP.
this is the time, I Counted a “UGH” sound from a knight, trying to charge me. and always VERY close. He does it every 3 seconds, so if he ran for 4 seconds on me or 5 seconds, he has a GUARENTEED hit on me.



what to raise????

Well, I have raised from the 1 column, 2nd row.
This is “Long Distance Attack”
This helps damage done by your Ice Spike and Fireballs.

Suggested Stats:
INCREASE SPEED…. it would WOULD ALOT catching up on gold, moving faster and away from enemies.
getting closer to perform ice spike when u see someone in a DIZZY state.


HEAL BALL – the other 2 u have saved up, or maybe 4
If you see a teammate low in life or is attacking you, he is telling you to HEAL him.

pls DO SO… ur weak, he can save u maybe, HEAL HIM/HER!
we will be lucky enough to see our life at 40%, since basically after our AMOUR is gone, it takes about 3 hits more and we are dead.
That goes QUICK!


Mages vs Blacksmiths:

Use Ice spike when he performed to swing moves back to back, he has a delay of 1.5 seconds.

use Ice spike when he is attacking someone else and your nearby behind him

use ice spikes when he does his spinning attack.


Mages vs Archers

Just ZigZag run, when near, Ice spike

When using ice spike, dont be TOO CLOSE, than they will run.
they forget, your ice spike has a range of about 5 blacksmiths standing infront of each other.
As long as you hit him/her with the TIp is enough.

or, If you notice the archer is a JUMPER, predict his/her jumping pattern:
Run towards archer, SWING once, turn to the predicted jump area and ice spike.
He thought you ice spiked when you actually SWINGED and now took a load of damage.

as a midget mage, its hard for them to aim at you… use Guard if your faily at a distace. The closer you r to them, they ahrder for them to shoot you.

MELEE attacking is possible for SAFER way with no delay on archers.


Mages vs Knights

Good Luck… unless its a newbie, just start jumping and run away.
RUN TO YOUR OWN GOLEM and hope he gets hit by it!

on a 1 vs 1, U WILL LOSE.

however, try your best killing them first ASAP.
always chase behind a knight when he is tagretting someone else.
if they are chasing you, run to your nearest Blacksmith or Archers to help out.
if your the ladt person, GOLEM is your best friend, stay in front of golem majoirty of the time and start shooting FIREBALLS

he will have to get close sooner or later and take a golem hit.

if alone, DONT BOTHER KILLING GOLD GOLEM, you dont have enough power to do so, nor the time if a knight is on you.


Mages vs Ninjas – Very hard to hit… use Melee until he/she strikes back with a combo, dodge combo and ice spike.
also, Golem is your FRIEND


Mages vs Mages – Who is skilled with hitting the opponent with ice spike = winner.


REMEMBER: Golem is ur friend, be a COWARD if u have to.. your a mage, your wise, even if it gives u a yellow back.. who won and ets to go home to a hobbit wife for some freaky foot fetish?
You do my taru friend.

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