Rakion 1v1 Etiquette

Rakion 1v1 Etiquette by Tea+Crumpets

a short guide on 1v1 etiquette.

things that are rude, unfair, and just obnoxious. you get kicked for these.
>breaking set game rules
>purposely increasing lag
>double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, septuple, or octuple teaming (1v1 you retard, not 1v87)
>boasting, taunting, bragging, flaming, etc.
>retard kicking

>breaking set game rules:
if the room is called su nc 1v1, then stay up, dont summon, and only fight 1 person at a time. exceptions to these are accidental summons (like on reflex), summoning to meet an opponents summon. (then its no longer cheap, your opponent is the one breaking rules, not you). falling down is an exception, as long as you dont abuse it, come right back up. even if your opponent chases you down, immediately run for the way to go up. and of course, the major exception to this game type, the last round. break all rules on the last round, its fun:P

do i need to explain it? you shouldnt hack anyways.

i, myself, only suicide when i would otherwise die from gay means. campers, laggers, excessive gang rape, etc. but in a 1v1, you just dont suicide at all, unless someone else, the person attacking you that is, breaks another etiquette rule.

>purposely increasing your MS to give you an advantage:
you get kicked, pure and simple. dont be a prick, dont play while your dling gay child porn. save that for later.

it might not be your fault, but if your lagging bad, your breaking etiquette rules. exceptions are when another persons making you lag, the host is lagging, or circumstantial lag, like getting the gs, summoning, or chaosing. that sort of thing. if your warping badly, just leave.

in a 1v1, when its clearly explained by the host, either verbally or in the game title, its EXTREMELY FUCKING OBNOXIOUS TO TEAM UP. normally, you get immediately kicked, but heres some etiquette rules on it:
-if a person who just joined doesnt know what an su nc 1v1 is, and starts teaming, dont kick him. just explain the rules. if he still breaks them, THEN kick him.
-if a person who just joined on your side is attacking the person your fighting, stop attacking. allow your opponent to deal with the idiot, and even let him heal to make up for it. (if hes a mage:P)
-if its last round, just break rules.
-if the people teaming you dont let up, say 2 of them against you. its alright, and encouraged to kick both of them.
-give warnings, dont just kick people for breaking a rule if they werent aware of it. thats more rude than breaking the rule.

>sore winner or loser:
dont be a faggot. if it was a good fight, say gg, compliment your opponents, whether you won or lost. dont boast n brag, cry or whine, or just outright flame. unless of course, your opponent did something to merit a good flaming. or if your losing MISERABLY, from stacked or otherwise gay teams. then its alright to bitch a little. but dont rub it in the losers faces when they lose. treat others how you wish to be treated.

defined as, in a set 1v1, attacking the opponent while hes afk, typing (visably typing, like running sideways into a wall), has his back turned and is unaware of you, is generally unaware of your prescence, on the delay from killing someone else, on the delay or during the slaughter of an illegal cell or rule breaking player, just warped in, etc etc.
in a 1v1, always BE SURE that your opponent knows hes fighting you before doing any powerful attacks. if your a mage or an archer, a simple whack is alright to grab their attention. missed shots and such are good too, or a simple flicker of shield or special. but if they attack during a signaling gesture, its alright to cheapshot them because theyre faggots anyways. treat others how you wish to be treated.

>idiotic kicking:
dont kick people for no reason. i joined a game where the host immediately cheapshot stun gripped me. i wiped the floor with his ass, and he starts flaming me when i told him not to cheapshot. then he tried to kick me. this is BAD ETIQUETTE. dont be a prick when kicking, be honorable. kick only those who deserve it, not those who offend you. especially if theyre right.

if you break a rule, apologize. it may not have been on purpose, but it doesnt matter. apologize and explain the situation and your 99% less likely to be kicked.

the basic logic of 1v1 etiquette is simple.
treat others how you want to be treated. with respect, honor, and dignity.
and on the last round, break all the rules.

this concludes another blunt logic guide by crumpets.

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