MapleStory Tower of Oz Guide

MapleStory Tower of Oz Guide by FarNearHere

What is Tower Of Oz? Tower Of Oz is a 50 floor challenging experience that will take you through a journey of frustration, happiness, and accomplishment. Each floor offers a different puzzle that has to be solved or some sort of monster slaying. You can get a variety of special rings with unique effects such as setting your range to 2m, or ignoring damage reflect.

Why write a guide on Tower of OZ? I feel like Tower of OZ is such an important chunk of content that people are neglecting because they think it’s a ‘waste of time’ or ‘too hard’. People should give a good shot at Tower Of Oz enjoy the rewards =)

Prerequisites 100k+ range is optimal for getting to floor 30. 250k~+ range is optimal for getting up to floor 47 At floor 47 you need to hit cap and have lots of dps to get past the door so if you aren’t hitting cap, don’t worry about 47-50 yet. You also need a pet.

Getting your first OZ points The quickest way to farm up OZ points is to disable cut-scenes through Alicia’s soul and clearing Floor 1, enter Floor 2, then use the hotline to leave. Do this until you have at least a stack of 10 boxes. You should get between 1-5 Oz pouches from this and they contain about 100-500 Oz points each…

Floors 1-10 This is where you get your first taste of Tower of OZ ;p

Floor 1 – In this floor you have to kill 300 slimes or do 50,000,000 damage. You should be going for the 50m damage. Try to go for the cluster of slimes that usually spawn at the top-left.

Floor 2 – This floor is an invisible jump quest. It’s the floor that makes people not want to do OZ. It’s not that hard… really. For the first few runs you’d want to use this map. When going down to a platform from a higher position, remember to not jump and just walk off the platform.

Floor 3 – Collect 1,000 eggs. Pretty straight forward floor. Just use spider familiar or any drop rate boost and cycle the map in a clockwise direction.

Floor 4 – Balance out each side of the map by killing kargos. Use a basic attack to see which side you need to be on. If it says “you have loss x amount of balance points” head to the other side. There’s a simple jumpquest in the middle of the map linking both sides. To get through the jumpquest, jump onto the platform with the axe attached onto it (those are the safe platforms) then wait until the axe fully swings behind you, then jump to the next axe platform (so 2 jumps) and repeat.

Floor 5– Resting stage =) ! If you dc here you’ll still remain at floor 5 when you relog. You also get a medal here :D Use this stage as a breather, take a break, eat a cake, etc.

Floor 6 – Kill 300 Slimes. Use the various tree portals around the map if you are playing an immobile class and go for king slimes (they count as 30 kills) which spawns every 30 seconds.

Floor 7 – Protect the Wounded explorer from lupins. Just kill the monkeys and talk to him when he tells you to. This floor can be sped up like crazy with a kanna.

Floor 8– Kill 100 Volcano Bugs. Easy floor. Avoid the fire pillar things (I think they 2-hit you). Potions have a cooldown so becareful!

Floor 9 – Similar to the guessing stage in LPQ (ludibrium party quest), guess your way down to the bottom. I think there are 10-12 floors where you have to guess with 4 platforms each per floor. Depending on your RNG this floor could take 2-6 minutes. It is one of the worst floors in Tower Of Oz and I just absolutely hate hate hate it. >:(

Floor 10 – yay! First Boss =) Slay the spider. Watch out because the spider can damage reflect so don’t be too reckless. He can burrow underground and surprise you dealing damage. He also summon eggs which if not killed in time summons spiderlings. He has about 600m hp? and he drops some small oz pouches containing 1-100 oz points (i think).

Floors 11-20 This is where things start getting tricky ;o

Floor 11 – Kill 300 monsters. The spawn-rate in this map is pretty decent in this map so this stage shouldn’t take to long. Use skills that controls the maps such as (turrets, traps, etc) on the opposite end of where you are to increase spawn.

Floor 12 – This floor is a 3 part jump quest involving a bit of RNG =) This stage is best explained here by Marksman Bryan. Some key things to note – Turn your map to simple mode through system options and ticking the simple option. To get past the last thorn in the first section, head to the furthest right of the platform containing the thorn and jump directly onto it and face right. This method makes it so the thorn does not knock you off the platform and you can continue through.

Floor 13 – Before you race through the cut-scenes in this stage, look at the left side of the screen. If there blue balls falling down, DO NOT SPAWN. These balls will 1HKO and end your run. Wait for them to pass by and spawn when the coast is clear. The premise of this stage is like a typical tower defense game. Do not let the monsters (which spawns in waves) reach the far left of the map. Stand in the middle left(ish) of the map and slay the monsters will dodging the balls (greens do not 1HKO but be wary). After it says clear there are 5 more monsters than spawn so make sure to kill those off too before heading to the far right (next stage).

Floor 14 – This one is a point and click shooter that looks like this. Be patient on this stage and go for theeasy ones first. Wait until the mushrooms are at the end of their cycle before blasting them with your shotgun. They key to this stage is patience and accuracy. Do not rush your shots because the maximum mistakes you can make is 5, and you have a 30 second time limit to hunt 20. Have fun hunting these to extinction :) ;(

Floor 15 YESSS. A rest stage. After that stressful floor omg. You get a medal here :D

Floor 16 Hunt 200 crocos & ligators (in total). Just hunt them (they mostly spawn at the left) and just cycle the map.

Floor 17 This is a ‘blinded jump quest’. Here’s a map of the jumpquest. When you make it to the first thorn, do not jump and just walk into the thorn (let it propel you) and hold up so you can attach on the rope. Go all the way to the top and jump to the next rope (twice). Then on the third rope go near the top and jump while holding right. The platform you land on has a thorn and you will need to perform a thorn jump, which like in floor 12 requires you to move up to the thorn and jump juuust before you hit it. After that you can just jump over the last thorn and finish the jump quest.

Floor 18 On this floor you have to collect a total of 10 coconuts. They are located inside the boxes and trees. The boxes can drop 1-2 coconuts or spawn lorangs and clangs. The trees drop 1 coconut however there are only 3 trees in the map. Do not go for the trees right away, instead, go for platforms with 2 boxes on them to and just break them. Only hit the trees once you make it there or if you’re on 9 coconuts.

Floor 19 Protect the girl. Much like the hobgoblin or ice knight quest, you have to protect a stupid npc through various obstacles. That path she takes is all dependant on RNG but usually it doesn’t make much of a difference. Make sure to stay close to her or you will fail the stage (I think 10 seconds is the maximum amount of time you can be away from her). When you get to the cloud bridge, use a flash jump or teleport to the other side of the bridge. Do not fall off the cloud bridge or you’ll risk failing the stage. Other than that she has a lot of hp so don’t worry about her dying. Just stick close to her. Make sure you buff at the end of this floor…

Floor 20 The Tin Man. As soon as you spawn in the room, run straight towards him and attack him so that he can’t oil up. When he oils up, all his skills 1HKO and with 3 lives, it might be tough. You can tell that he will 1HKO if his skills are glowing yellow/orange colour. He has 3 major skills you should watch out for. The first being his ground slamming skill (dodge by jumping or being far away). The second is his chop skill (dodge by staying out of range). His third skill is his spinning beyblade skill (dodge by staying out of range). Classes with stuns will have an easy time at this stage. He has 1b hp and drops ring boxes and oz pouches :)

Floors 21-30

Floor 21 – Kill Eliza. To summon Eliza you need to kill 300 mobs in the map. You can preset this stage with a practise ticket by killing 290~ and leaving so when you come back you only need to kill 10~ mobs. After you’ve killed enough mobs a message will appear in the top-middle of the screen indicating that Eliza has spawned.

Floor 22 – This floor is a disappearing cloud jump quest. For the first few tries this jump quest will seem extremely difficult but by the time you memorise all the safe spots, it’s not too difficult. I’ll link this video here because this stage it difficult to explain in text. In the video, he shows the most optimal path to reaching the end and all the safe spots you should be looking for. If you’re really having difficulty with this stage consider buying a practise ticket along with pills so you can figure out the jump quest.

Floor 23 – Turn off pet loot! On this floor you need to pick up a card higher than the corresponding coloured stone and change the number by pressing up. Do this to all four stones and you complete the stage. The violet card is a wild card and can be used anywhere.

Floor 24 – Turn up your BGM! In this stage you have to listen to the BGM that plays and answer it correctly. Do not get it wrong. Take your time because there is a 5 minute penalty if you get it wrong (includes spelling, etc). Some difficult answers are Heliseum Reclamation HQ, Lumiere and Fox Point Village.

Floor 25 – Rest stage~ You get another medal for making it here :D If you’ve made it this far you’re doing a pretty good job, keep it up!

Floor 26– Kill 300 Orange slimes. The mobs in this map do not spawn by themselves. You need to collect the etc it drops and drop it on the altar in the middle of the map. You can only drop two stacks of 10’s at a time. Whenever I do this stage Finley spawns (the flying monkey) and he basically chases me around the map because I take too long. If he spawns on this stage, you can usually dodge him fairly easily but he slows your progress by A LOT so **** you too Finley.

Floor 27 – This floor is an RNG jumpquest. It is best explained here. There are platforms where you have to guess and there are definite safe platforms. Do not die to the spinning throwing stars! Take your time. For the guessing stages you can open up the boss arena tab and press “learn more about…” to bypass through the guessing parts if continually walk and talk.

Floor 28 This floor is super easy! Hit the cave at the top of the map to spawn mobs. There are two different types of mobs you need to kill (you need to kill 20 of each). They spawn in waves of 8 so at best you only need to kill 3 waves of each mob.

Floor 29 On this floor you want to slay the monsters and pick up their etc. Every 10 you pick up spawns a sand crystal at the top left of the map. You need to drop between 1-7 sand crystals at the top right of the map in the door-way thing. To efficiently do this stage, wait until there are 3 sand crystals spawned then pick them up. Drop 2 and 1, and if they don’t work pick it all up and drop 3. If that still doesn’t work then keep collecting and dropping until it says clear.

Floor 30 Cowardly Lion Boss. Now this guy is a bitch. Not sure how much hp he has but I think 5-10b? (idk) he’s really tanky and might take some time for most people. To summon him, talk to the fear amplifier and he will spawn at the bottom. You get like 2 seconds to hit him and he teleports right away. You just need to keep hunting him down and damage him to death. He has two attacks than continue to get stronger. He has a close range attack where he uses his claws to slash you (easily avoidable just stay out of range) and a roar attack which you can’t dodge. When he has 20 stacks above his head he will 1HKO you. Everytime you die the stacks above his head reset. Overall the teleport is what makes him a really annoying boss. You need at least 200k range and a decent amount of %boss to complete this stage.

Will work on the rest later =) hope you enjoyed so far! One thing to note, only boxes you get from floors 21+ have chances to contain rings in them (from my knowledge).

Also, if you ever find yourself stuck at a floor, use practise tickets to help you out! The higher the floor, the most costly the entry becomes.

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