Habbo Hotel Free Coins Guide

Habbo Hotel Free Coins Guide by Kiks52

That’s right Habbos, there are ways to get credits if you don’t want to purchase them! I’ve made up a list of ways you can get credits without paying, courtesy of Habbo and other players!

1. Competitions

Habbo will always be running competitions every now and then, where you can win furniture or credits! For example, Habbo had a competition called ‘CVS Pets Trivia’. This was in the Theatredome, and I ended up winning 50 credits!

Another example of a competition was the Habbo Marathon! You had to come to Habbo everyday for 60 days, and sign in by typing your Habbo name and e-mail in. If you did this for 60 days, you won 100! credits, and that’s not all! You also won 3 rares, which were the Hammock, Red Ice Cream Machine & Red Fan!

Other competitions can be advertisement competitions, such as the “Another Crazy-Good Pop-Tarts Webisode”. All you have to do is watch the Pop-Tart webisode and answer the questions about the webisode! The first 20 Habbo’s who answered the questions correctly won moon rugs!

2. Habbo Exchange

You could ask your friends or message your whole console asking if they could donate any Habbo Exchange! By double clicking on Habbo Exchange, you can convert it into credits! If you’re friends don’t want to donate their Habbo Exchange, if you have some furniture already, try going to a trade room and getting some Habbo Exchange!

3. Invite your friends!

By getting your friends to sign up for Habbo, you’ll get 3 credits per friend! All you have to do is enter in your Habbo name, your e-mail address, and their e-mail address. Make sure they sign up following the e-mail’s instructions!

4. Running into Habbo Staff!

Sometimes, just by running into Habbo staff, you could win coins! For example, one time Hiro-p came to one of our BlueBobble parties, and he gave out 10 coins to people who answered his trivia questions!

5. Gifts

Maybe on your birthday, Christmas or another occasion, you could ask your friends if they could get you some Habbo exchange in a pressie! It would be a really nice thing for them to do, who knows!

6. Gaming Lagoon

GamingLagoon.com will mail you free voucher codes for credits once you complete offers for points. Although, you must be a US Resident.

Note: Any website offering free coins is usually a scam! Do not enter your Habbo username and password anywhere but on Habbo.com

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