Granado Espada How To Be Rich Guide

Granado Espada How To Be Rich Guide by KUSABIREIKA

Read this link before you read this – From Rags to Riches – by Bnargin

1. Introduction
2. Scam – how to avoid it? -Complete-
Hack – how to avoid it? -Complete-
4. Common Mistake when Earning Vis -Complete-
5. General Earning Viz Mentality -Complete-
6. Earn Viz by Trading and Merchanting -Complete-

  1. Buy Low Sell High
  2. Of enhancing and Enchatment
  3. Depreciation and beyond
  4. Selling of lvl 40 Chips
  5. Spare G-points
  6. Keep LVL 76-90 equips with bad stats

7.Earn Viz by Ingame Activity -Complete-

  1. Bahamas
  2. Island of Fire
  3. Treasure Hunt on Island of Fire
  4. Participate on the tresure hunt on the fire Island
  5. Katovic Snowfield Quest
  6. Los Todos

8.Bahia mini game -Complete-
9.Earn Viz by Raiding, Hunting and Grinding -Incomplete-

  1. Raids
  2. Mini boss hunt
  3. Grinding Hot Spot

10. How to purchase g-points -Complete-
11. Commonly used Premium item -Complete
12. How much vis can you earn from 70k -Complete-
13. Adelina Booty -Complete-

  1. How to Play Adelina Booty
  2. How do i deliver my Booty items to Granado Espada
  3. Adelina Booty Faqs

14. Update 2.7 (New game currency peso!!)-Complete-
15. Update2.8 (Loom Permission Book and etc) -Complete-
16. Fesso
17. Faqs -Complete-
18. Additional Info -Complete-
19. Credits

1. Introduction
Hello I’m KUSABIREIKA. I’ve noticed that the old thread on how to be rich needs some update so I gathered some info. Since Bnargin doesn’t update much I hope this guide will help newcomers and experienced players. Suggestions and help are greatly appreciated meow meow ^ ^V

Getting Started Everyone wants to be the strongest possible player in GE. But this is not possible without vis.
Based on my experience in my server (Vivaldi) – here are some basic tips on how to earn AND save those Vis :

2. Hack – how to avoid

  1. Simple basic rule – don’t share your password. If you have to play at a lanshop/internet cafe – change your password when you get home, better save than sorry.
  2. On key-loggers – there’s plenty of anti key-logger software on the net, the most notable being Ad Aware/Spybot, download and run them on the said computer if you think you’ve got a key-logger running. Or, check out this link – plenty of helpful stuff on there.

3. Scam – how to avoid it?

  1. If anyone asks to borrow your equips for your password – ALWAYS CHECK FAMILY PROFILE FIRST, in case you get scammed
  2. Avoid trading with anyone who had a record of being a scammer. [add on: Check with your friends or faction mates if the player is a scammer]
  3. If someone you trusted borrows your items, DONT accept a trade request with him and instead request him/her for a trade. This way you can guarantee if you’re really dealing with the real player.
  4. Always check family profile of the person who will borrow your items.
  5. Always double-check the items when trading. [the confirm and exchange button is there for a reason, check what’s in the trade window before pressing them
  6. Do not share your password with anyone
  7. Do not purchase GVCs from unofficial sources
  8. Do not use 3rd party unauthorised software
  9. Please be cautious when someone approach you for loaning of items or asking for password, they might be imposters using a same family name

4. Common Mistake when Earning Vis

  1. Selling too cheap
  2. Not knowing the actual price/mm price
  3. Whether its a good deal
  4. Miscalculate
  5. Too desperate for vis.
  6. Lack of patience

5. General Earning Viz Mentality

  1. The L.E.Y.S. Method or The Loot Everything You See MethodThis is perhaps the most basic way to earning vis. Loots (monster drops) varies depending on the level of the monster killed and the drop rate of the item. Remember, as you progress and move to higher level maps, the amount and change of getting loot increases. Loots easily translates to vis and you should not miss on picking up one. Loots can include equipments which can sell for a better price either in Market Manager or selling to NPCs. You can check whether you get a special loot (like Mega Ionium, Area Vouchers etc…) by comparing what the Item NPCs sells.
  2. Hunting What’s HotIt is fun studying what’s on Market Manager. Most of the time there are overpriced items being sold there but what’s fun is you can determine what the market needs. The Market always have a demand (which is very profitable) and the supply would always be scarce. Though this is a good way to earn vis, it is long and tedious and sometimes very frustrating. Another thing you need to know is where to hunt that certain item. Let’s take Catherine’s Pelvis for example. Let’s say the market has a high demand for it and you can easily train in Torsche’s Grand Library to hunt for it then by all means go and do so. The only downside is that there’s no sure guarantee of you getting a Catherine’s Pelvis. The risk of wasting your precious time is high but the payout should still be good. Training in areas with a Boss/Mini-Boss and hunting them has a better chance of getting a good drop.
  3. Farm Vis in High Spawn AreasThis is a mostly overlooked technique. If you have characters who can easily take care of high spawn areas like Rion Hollow, forgotten territories, Skull Dungeon etc… I suggest you go there and farm instead. A day farming in Rion Hollow for example can earn you 3M+ vis from crappy equips and normal loot pickups. They may sell for little but when accumulated it’s a lot. The Premium Item that allows you to go to the Forgotten Territory has high spawn and better drop rate (based from observation) at the same time. The longer you stay in your farming area the more vis you’re earning. Of course, level penalty applies.
  4. Keep level 80 itemsKeep level 80 items with option and you can trade 3 of those to get 1 level 84 enhancement chip. I do believe that those chips are very useful in chipping level 84 elite items. This applies to all items that you can get from higher level dungeons. Using 3 level 88 items with option that you can get normally from mobs will net you 1 level 92 enhancement chip. You can sell those to a player or place it on market manager.
  5. Do more level 4 trinity missions.-This mission can be easily obtained from the booty. I managed to get 2 or 3 level 4 trinity missions by just topping up 40 booty searches. Play level 4 trinity missions with having 3 of your friends take up 1 lane each. You can farm a lot of level 80 above items with options that can be converted to enhancement chips. Needlessly to say, there is a higher chance that you might get skill rings, level 92 unique items, level 84 elite recipes and items.
  6. Play Adelina Booty. – depending your luck you can good armor or worst item you can get here the link Adelina Booty
  7. Ferrucio Forge and Golden Well– An easier way to convert loots to better items is through using them in Forges or Wells. Ferrucio Forges (can be found in Channel 1 of Cathari Fall, Jezebel Glen, and El Lago de Tres Hermanas) can only be used once every hour so you should take advantage by training there and farming drops. Items from Ferrucio Forges can be used to sell for more vis in Market Manager as there are demand for them.Golden Well (Channel1 outside the City of Auch). After some time, the Golden Well’s effectiveness in terms of earning more money has decreased. I believe so, but still I find potential in it. The Golden Well allows you to dump gold pieces in it for Gold Bars(sellback: 150k vis and RARE) or Bellem Boxes. Bellem Boxes generates a random item when used and it’s more like a gamble when you’re hoping to come up with a good drop. The most you could get from Bellem Boxes nowadays (v.2) are Spinelles which some could sell for a lot (if you’re lucky to get that certain Spinelle) or E.chips and gems. for more info read this – From Rags to Riches – by Bnargin
6. Earn Viz by Trading and Merchanting
  1. Buy Low Sell High Monitor the market. Idea being – buy cheap to sell high. Sometimes the prices of an item will fluctuate, so keep an eye out for those items you can sell
  2. Of Enhancing and Enchantment One of the reasons why some Equipments in the Market Manager looks overpriced is because of the stat in the weapon and/or it is Over-Enhanced (it has more than +4 Enhancement). This is a very risky way to earn more vis but the amount of profit is exponential and very beneficial to your own characters as well.. Most of the time, you’ll be focusing on making your characters stronger by equipping them with the best possible equipments. Over-enhanced weapons sells as much as the one with normal enhancement but with better Stat/Enchantment and vise-versa. If you can get both, you’d be racking up more vis for the gamble you took. There are some tricks to Enhancing like getting a bunch of +4 then enhancing everything to +5 and when one broke replace the next one with the equipment you wish to get to +5 and it is said to have better chance to not be broken. Of course these are just theories so don’t gamble on it. for additional info go to this link “Enhancement and Enchantment: Understanding the differences” Guide
  3. Depreciation and Beyond If you check the Market Manager most of the time the most equipments sold is at around 4pm to 10pm (+8 GMT) maybe because a lot of people are active or have left the items in Market Manager earlier. Check the Market and compare prices between 48- 68 equips and 72-92 equips. Most of the time the equipments that is sold right away are the cheaper one with reasonable stats. In my server (Pachelbel), a decent level 48-68 equip can sell for 200-400k right away compared to the market of 72-92 that has an average selling prices of 500k-1M which takes sometime before it is sold. Depending on how mature your server is and your main team’s current level go take on the maps that you can handle pretty well. Remember, the more time you spend in the training field the more chance you’re earning your vis. Also, in accordance to point #13, it is better to earn as much Vis as you can even to the extent of training in areas where the monsters are levels way lower than you. As time flies, your server matures and a lot of people goes past that certain level and so the prices of equips will depreciate. With the ample earning you have, you’ll have more purchasing power.
  4. Selling of lvl 40 chips – as you know lv40 chips are used to enchant gloves/boots.So, buying tons of lv40 daggers at port of coimbra and breaking them. Then reselling the chips at the market.(I think the cost of buying and breaking a dagger is somewhere about 10k vis total.)
  5. Spare G-points – If you have g points to spare, you can buy enchantment tranquilizers, enhancement boosters or imperviums and sell it in the Market Manager (MM) or to other players.
  6. Keep lvl 60-90 Equip Bad Stats- Keep those level 76 – up equips with bad stats and exchange them for chips. Check the market price and sell them.
  7. Spamming Upgraded Bellem Boxyou can buy bellem box from Cite de Rebloduex tool merchant, City of Auch tool merchant, Port of Bahia Tool Merchant, Port of Coimbra Emilia here the drop of the upgraded bellem check the link Share your goodies from new bellem boxes!
“Profit varies in each servers but profit is still profit “

7. Earn Viz by Ingame Activity

  1. Bahamas commmon drop 92chip 96 chip 84-92 normal gears rare drops 84 Elites
    Very rare drops 32AR recipies and Dragon heart. for more info about bahamas go to levan guide A preparatory guide to the Bahamas about equips recipe in bahama [Guide] Bahama Chess Recipes
  2. Camp in Island of Fire (IOF). Zone 3 of IOF drops high lvl e chips. Pick up those strange minerals and exchange for items with the mineral exchanger in Bahia port. You can get items (eg MSP) used for crafting elite weapons and armors..
    Warning: In Pk Server: “The Baron Mode is Turned On” Everyone in iof are in the Baron Mode however any form ok pk on the island will not result in Baron Points or Dropping item

    In Non-Pk Server: “The Baron is Turned off ” Meaning you cant pk anyone in the island
    Island of Fire
    Map of Fire Island
    There are 4 zones on the Island of Fire.
    The first zone can be accessed directly from Bahia Island. To access the remaining 3 zones, you will first need to purchase keys from the key trader located at each zone.
    The key to Island of Fire Zone 1 costs 100,000 vis
    The key to Island of Fire Zone 2 costs 500,000 vis
    The key to Island of Fire Zone 3 costs 800,000 vis
    The key to the Treasure Chest on the Island costs 1,000,000 vis

    Participate in Treasure Hunt on Island of Fire or bellem hunt . for more info read the link from from Starstorm Guide for more details [Guide] Bellem Ruins Revealed
Bellem Ruins
Bellem’s Ruins have been discovered on the Island of Fire. You can enter Bellem Ruins from Bellem Tombstone found at ‘Island of Fire’ (Channel 1 only). You must have a Key of Bellem and can only enter within a specific time period. There will be a server wide announcement whenever the Bellem Ruins are open. Bellem Ruins is a place where mini bosses and bosses are summoned randomly. After hunting the Mini boss and the boss monster, you will find a treasure chest with your name on it which can only be opened by you.
Depths of the Crater
Within the depths of the crater, lies the Tombstone of Ferrucio. 

A ruthless Lava Queen and her underlings reside in the crater which seems to be sealed by the Tombstone of Ferrucio’s mystical power. Those said to have seen them have never returned. 
There is only one way to break the seal: Before even attempting to break the seal, you will need to collect four insignias - Fire, Ice, Lightning and Darkness, which is rumored to belong to the four Celberos on the Island of Fire. The Tombstone of Ferruccio will tell you that there is a secret number between 1 and random number, e.g. 3538. If the amount of vis you place upon his tombstone is the same amount as the secret number, you will be able to break the seal and unleash Sekhmet. Each time you make an attempt, the tombstone will inform you whether the number you have guessed is higher or lower than the secret answer. You will have a total number of 11 attempts to break the seal, after which you will need to wait a certain number of hours to try again. 

Sekhmet is a Level 125 raid boss! Defeat him and one of the most legendary weapons in the world will belong to you!


  • Katovic Snowfield Katovic drops from my experience that the rare drop is golden apple well if you want a full info about katovic try to open the link here Guide to Katovic Snowfield Quests from Valkrin Guide
  • Los Todos farm pure otite is very valuable in making e92 equips but first before you go there you must have otite perfume before you enter


8. Bahia Mini- Game

Map of Port of Bahia

Bahia Island
For the mini game:

1.1 Talk to watermelon npc or Capybara npc. You must pay 20k vis each time if you wanna play. It is advisable to have Catherine the summoner, jack, angie or viki because they have faster reaction time as compared to aoe of stock chars. The drop here range from 2nd ticket to 4th ticket and sometimes it give useless junks the mostly is blank ticket, claw, coconut, watermelon skin, starfish, deflated balloon and copper piece
1.2The games net you 1st(very rare), 2nd,(rare) 3rd, 4th (common) place coupons. Go to the ticket exchange box and give your ticket to get the price.
1.3 To get 1st coupon you must battle at the Battle Coliseum at Bahia. You must pay 100k each time you wanna play. When you enter at the battlefield you’re going to battle random boss from lvl 100 – 135. The reward is random but if you win you’ll get 1st place coupon.

Kinds of Coupons

Water Melon NPC and Capybarra NPC

Playing the Mini-Games
NPC at Battle Coliseum at Bahia

Talk to the NPC at Battle Coliseum at Bahia

  • A) 4th ticket (10 pcs) give you: 3 piece of sapphire, emerald, or ruby [random]/ lvl 76 chips / lvl 80 chips
  • B)3rd ticket (20 pcs) give you:4 piece of sapphire, emerald, or ruby [random]/ lvl 92 clara mago / lvl 92 rosa matrimosa / 2 lvl 84 chips
  • C) 2nd ticket (30 pcs) give you: lvl 92 recipe / lvl 88 chips
  • D) 1st ticket (10 pcs) give you: high quality gem [random] / Elite recipe / lvl 100 or lvl 96 chips
Tiburon mini-game

  • You can bet a max of 5 chips (lvl 36 to 96) and guess scissors, paper or stone. If you win your chips will be upgraded to the next level. Eg, lvl 40 to lvl 44 chips. If you tie, your chips will be downgraded eg lvl 40 to lvl 36 chips. If you lose, you will lose your chips.
Version 2.6 Update on a new Mini-Game called Catch Spear Fish
The new mini-game Start here

  1. go the upper right of the map
  2. talk this npc to enter the swiming pool
  3. to begin the game you must this items
  4. You can purchase Nandez or Arowana from Pool Lady or you can head to Ustier base camp’s Arrenntos for a cheaper version(However, you will have to complete his quest before he give you the shop).
  5. Now you’re teady to go talk to pool lady to start fishing!! You will be be giving a limited tym to hunt as many Frozen Marlins as you can. Don’t bother bringing melee classes as you can only attack Frozen Marline from the edge of the swimming pool. The frozen Marlin will rewerd you coupons to redeem at the Prize Exchanger
  6. NPC which you buy the fishes
  7. Arrenntos
  8. Pool Lady
Pool Lady


9.Earn Viz by Raiding, Hunting and Grinding

1. Boss Raid

1. Do Boss Hunting either solo or in a team. The common bosses are as follows (recommended vet and above)
  • One trick in getting all the loots of a certain raid boss is to inflict the most damage to that boss. Try making weapons with anti racial options along with attack bonus and attack speed option to your weapons, it might be expensive. However, it will surely help you in doing boss raids. It would be best if you have rifle users on your team to dish out that much damage.
  • It’s up to you to think for the perfect lineup. All I can say is that it takes some Vis investment in order to make more.

go to [Guide]Updated Full Boss Info for the raid boss info

2. Mini Boss Hunt
go to [Guide]Updated Full Boss Info for the mini boss info

3. Grinding Hot Spots
  • Camp in skull Dungeon lvl 1. Here you will be getting lots of 80 – 92 equips.
  • see from no. 3
Skull Dungeon LVL 1 Map

Skull Dungeon LVL 1 Mobs

10. How to purchase g-points

  • 1. Click on the “Top-Up” button and choose the game you wish to top up to.
  • 2. Enter the Game Value Code and Game Value Password into the field provided.
  • 3. Select the Game Value you would like to add and the game world that it goes into. If this card comes with a bonus item, you will be asked to make your choice now.
  • 4. Confirm your selection.
  • 5. Top-up successful. Have fun!

Buy GE Game Value Code from your local distributor



11. Commonly used Premium Item


Mystery Powders

Mystery Powders. You can enter Tierra de los Muertos with these.

Eliminates the chance of having no bonus when applying a special item enhancement.
Enhancement Booster
Increases the chance of successfully enhancing an item.
Impervium +5 : Normal

Used when enchancing a +5 normal item to +6. Prevents an item from disappearing when enhancement failed.

Impervium +6 : Normal
Used when enchancing a +6 normal item to +7. Prevents an item from disappearing when enhancement failed.
Impervium + 5 : Veteran
Used when enchancing a +5 veteran item to +6. Prevents an item from disappearing when enhancement failed.
Impervium + 6 : Veteran
Used when enchancing a +6 veteran item to +7. Prevents an item from disappearing when enhancement failed.
Barrack Slot

Opens 1 additional Barracks slot.

Promotion Scroll – Veteran
Promote a selected character to veteran. After promotion, character gets 1 additional stat point. Only usable after level 100.
Promotion Scroll – Expert

Promotes a character to Expert level.

Promotion Scroll – Master

Promotes a character to Master level.


Liquid which contain various ingredients. Contains untold power.

Level 92 Chip Kit

This package contain 5 Level 92 Enchantment Chips and 5 Enchantment Tranquilizer

Level 100 Chip Kit
This package contain 5 Level 100 Enchantment Chips and 5 Enchantment Tranquilizer.
Socket Tranquilizer

Prevents item loss when socketing process fail

Mercenary License
Converts a selected character into a tradable NPC card (Mercenary License).

*to look for complete link of this go to of all the Premium items go this links*

12. How much vis can you earn from 70k

  1. link from Icefox Guide
price may vary according to server and market fluctuations

13. Adelina Booty

13.1 How to play Adelina Booty

  • 1.To play, log in at the main page using your IAHGames Passport account.
  • 2.Once you’ve logged in, the search counter will display the amount of searches you have on this account.
  • 3.You can now search. To search manually, click any of the ‘X’ on the map
  • 4.For a faster search, you can click the 1, 3, and 5 numbers on Adelina’s Compass. These buttons will execute an auto search for one, three, or five items.
  • 5.The compass will spin and an icon will show what item you have found.
  • 6.For a longer description of that item, you can click the “Booty List” button and see everything you have won.

2 How do i deliver my Booty items to Granado Espada

  • 1. Once you’ve finished searching, click the “Item Claim” Barrels at the top of the screen. This will take you to the item claim.
  • 2.First, use the drop menu to select the server and family you wish to send the items.
  • 3.The booty you have found will appear in the left window. Drag the booty you wish to claim into the treasure chest, and it will appear in the left window.
  • 4.Once you have dragged all the booty you wish to claim, click “Confirm”.
  • 5.Your booty has now been sent to Granado Espada.

How do I collect my booty in Granado Espada?

To collect your booty in Granado Espada, simply visit the Leonardo Expresso representative in any of the game’s 3 major cities. He is stationed near the waypoint, and next to a horse-drawn carriage.

Speak to the NPC, and then select claim items. The items will then be added to your inventory.

  • Note: Granado Espada will group similar items together, which may result in the number of items you collect in game differing from the number of items you drag into the treasure chest. Example: If you win 30 items, but 2 items are “5 pieces of Mega Talt”, when you will only collect 29 items in Granado Espada. The two bundles of Mega Talt will be consolidated into one bundle of 10 pieces.

3 Adeline Booty faqs

  • What is the Search for Adelina’s Booty? The Search for Adelina’s Booty is a flash game that let players earn elite and unique items for use in the Granado Espada online PC game. Granado Espada players earn searches whenever they add value to their Granado Espada account using an IAHGames Granado Espada Game Value Card.
  • What is Granado Espada? Granado Espada is an online PC game set in a baroque fantasy world. It boasts over 350,000 players worldwide, and has won multiple awards. To play Granado Espada, you’ll need to follow the following steps.
  1. Download the game client from one of the links listed here.
  2. Sign up for an IAHGames passport here.
  3. Install Granado Espada on your PC
  4. Launch the game and login using your IAHGames Passport account.
  • How can I search for Adelina’s Booty? – You can execute 30 booty searches free of charge and without logging in using your passport account, but the items found during these fresearches will not be applied to any Granado Espada game account. To earn items for a Granado Espada account, you’ll need to purchase a Granado Espada Game Value Card, and add the value to your account using the IAHGames Passport. You can add value to your Granado Espada account here. This value can be used in game to purchase premium items, but every GVC top-up also comes with Booty Searches! The more value you add to a Granado Espada account, the more booty searches you earn. Look at the Gpoints page for more information.
  • I found more items in the booty search than I collected in Granado Espada. Why? Don’t worry. All your found items are in your account. Granado Espada will group similar items together, which may result in the number of items you collect in game differing from the number of items you drag into the treasure chest.
  1. Example: If you win 30 items, but 2 items are “5 pieces of Mega Talt”, you will only collect 29 items in Granado Espada. The two bundles of Mega Talt will be consolidated into one bundle of 10 pieces.
  • I have an IAHGames Passport and a family in Granado Espada, but I can’t Search for Adelina’s Booty. Why?You need to have a registered nickname to search. You can register a nickname on the official Granado Espada forums or at the ‘Account’ section of the IAHGames Passport site. For a guide to creating a nickname, see the Registration Guide here.

14. “2.7 updates(
New game currency peso!!)”

“i hope this helps with the new currency”

New game currency feso!!

The feso function was added.

Where there used to be exclusive items not available for purchase in the cash shop, fret not – now they’re in the new feso shop!

It’s not hard to farm for stones to turn into Feso, anyone can do it. Exclusive costumes like Rio/Calyce are in the feso shop.

– The use of Feso to purchase items
1. After collecting stones, sell them to the Feso Merchant in all cities for fesos.

The menu at the feso merchant’s shop.

– How to use feso or vis in transactions
1. Feso and vis are seperate currencies, but both can be used in transactions.

Feso possession and private transaction scene

– Difference in private store between feso and vis

1. Feso and vis stores have differentiating symbols.
2. Ctrl+N (to open feso private store), Alt+N (to open vis private store)
3. The feso has a market tax of just 3% while the vis store has a tax of 5%.

Private store open scene

– Feso and vis in the Market Manager
1. If you choose to view items sold in fesos, then you will see only the list of items being sold in fesos; vice versa.
2. If you choose to view items sold in fesos AND vis, then you will see a mixture of items.
3. If you choose to sell items in fesos and hide your family name, there’ll be a additional tax of 3%. But when the item is sold, the tax changes to 4%.

Above MM scenario


What kind of stones are available?

Sun, Moon, Growth (not out yet)

Where do I go to farm Sun Stones?

Ans: Poison Yard, Secret Temple, Forgotten Territory and Ancient Territory.

Places to farm Sun Stone

15. 2.8 Updates (Pay Stores, Loom Permission Book, and Etc)

Moon stones are supposedly sold in cash shop in gpts, to direct convert into fesos.

[New costume addition]

The Cockatrice costume was added.
– The Cockatrice hat was added to Karja’s Boxes.

What the costume looks like

[Costume single item sale]

Now you can directly purchase costumes from the feso shop.
No longer will you have to spam Andre boxes to get that costume you want.

[Portable bullet box]

– These boxes sold in fesos maximises the amount of bullets you can carry around with you

16. Fesso

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Feso is the third currency in Granado Espada used to regulate fluctuations of the economy. You will be able to get Feso by selling special stones to the Feso Item Merchant.

Sun Stone sells for 1,000 Feso

Moon Stone sells for 10,000 Feso

Growth Stone sells for 100,000 Feso
Where do I get Sun Stone, Moon Stone and Growth Stone?

You will be able to get these stones from hunting monsters from the areas listed below.

  1. Tetra Ruins Forgotten Territory
  2. Porto Bello Forgotten Territory
  3. Dr Torsche Mansion Forgotten Territory
  4. Prison de Joaquin Forgotten Territory
  5. Skullic Nest Ancient Territory
  6. Bahamas Ancient Territory (Tentatively to be released on 20 Nov 2008)
  7. Hidden Skullic Nest Ancient Territory (Only accessible with iCafe premium buff)
  8. Super Fight Poison Yard
  9. Super Fight Secret Temple
  10. Super Fight Battle Coliseum

17. How to earn Feso on 1 Hour

  • buy new gp item legendary book^^ (CASHSHOP)
  • go to auch ch1 only
  • Click Treasure hunter npc ( besides fesos npc )
  • kill 100 treasure mob inside
  • come out talk to Treasure hunter npc
  • receive legendary box
  • open and get 70% chance to receive 2 growth stone ^^ 100k fesos each^^
Credit on fcuker11 for this guide

1. FaqsQuestion:

  1. 1) Press Alt+O. Untick Block Personal Trade.
    2) After you get 700 rept points, go speak to Christelle, the Rebo Pioneering Quest officer.
    3) Get trading
  • Question: I just bought a Barracks Slot Premium Item. Now how do you use it please? I can just see it in the premium Items window (CTRL+F) but then what?
  • Answer: Talk to either the pioneering head officer in each town.
  1. Cite de Reboldeux – Reboldeux Civil Servant
  2. Port of Coimbra – Nunez
  3. City of Auch – Auch Civil Servant
  • Question: What do Bellem Boxes drop?
  • Answer: Consolidated List:
  • Question: What happen if i didnt claim the item on leonardo?:
  • Answer: if i’m not wrong, after a certain period of time if u don’t cLaim it, it’ll be gone forever or during those patches to next version cum maintenance, pls rEmove ur items from cabinet/cLaim items from leonardo
  1. Enchantment chips (lvl 36 to 100)
  2. Mission – random lvl and type (no lvl 4 ones)
  3. Equipment – random lvl and type up to lvl84
  4. Key – random types (Porto Bello Saloon/ROTD/Joaquin Assize/AQM Hollow/Tetra Treasure Chamber)
  5. Gem – from piece of ruby/emerald/sapphire to HQ ones (rare)
  6. Warp Scrolls to all entrance of AT/FT maps, Bahamas Underground Cave
  7. Dye – random colour
  8. Spray – Snow/Water
  9. Spinelle – random boss (Thoractocomy, Vladimir, Golden Spider, Fallen Champion)
  10. Potion – random type
  11. Ore – random type
  • Question: were will i upgraded bellem box
  • Answer: you can bought bellem box from
  1. Cite de Rebloduex tool merchant
  2. City of Auch tool merchant
  3. Port of Bahia Tool Merchant
  4. Port of Coimbra Emilia
  • Question: What is feso
  • Answer: Feso is the third currency in Granado Espada used to regulate fluctuations of the economy. You will be able to get Feso by selling special stones to the Feso Item Merchant.
  • Question: Where can I get gpts in PH?
  • Answer: you can get gp from any shop who have load central ^^

18. Additional Info

  • The Arsene Tickets sell for high price, and you can always get 2 level 100 equipments and several chips in there.
  • In my opinion, it is better to keep your gold pieces than to put it in the golden well.
    It is possible you only get a bellem box after you put 3x 50 gold pieces into the well. When you open it, you may only get a level 1 weapon or some worthless misc item. I think a better bet would be to sell it to the npcs. So far I have not gotten any items that justifies the amount of gold pieces I put in.

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  • This Guide is meant to give tips, its not a surety of getting rich.
  • Although my guide is there for you to get rich, most of the time you have to depend on your luck to get rich…. meow!

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