Granado Espada Los Toldos Recipes Guide

Granado Espada Los Toldos Recipes Guide by Kenzai

Los Toldos Recipes



Great Sword









Fake Unique needed for Spirit Stone

Al Quelt Moretza Spirit Stone

Small Knife, Great Maul

Tetra Ruins Spirit Stone

Pollux Sword, Castor Sword, Harpoon, Rouge Plaque, Noir Plaque, Pollux Guard, Castor Guard, Scythe

Porto Bello Spirit Stone

Axe di Gavi, Beam-gun, Iron Axe

Joaquin Prison Spirit Stone

Bandersnatch, Muses Bahiaspada, Octagon shield, War Hammer, Gladius, Wierd Sword (Fallen Champion Sword), Muses Bahiastar, Dragomahawk

About Baron Shields

Baron shields provide the highest base DEF and Block among all accessible shields in game right now. (The only shield that is better is the expert shield Phantom Guard with 27 DEF, 15 Block, and inherent +2 DR.)

These baron shields have 27 DEF and 13 inherent Block. On top of that, they have 25 resistance to a certain element depending on which one you make.

And the best part is they glow and have special effects! No other shield does that.

Castor & Octagon Ice
Pollux & Rouge Fire
Aquila & Noir Lightning


Q:What’s the price of each recipe?
It cost 1m per recipe.

Q: Can I sell those recipes?
These recipes cannot be traded or discarded.

Q: Where can i find pure otite?
After completed the quest given from Gloomy old man, you’ll receive 1~2 pure otite as rewards.

Q: Where can I find Spirit Stone?
Throw a Fake Unique into anvil and you’ll receive a Spirit Stone.

Q: Where can I find Steel Spirit Stone?
Throw an Elite 84 Steel Series item into anvil and you’ll receive a Steel Spirit Stone.

Q: What is Steel Series?
Steel Series is a rare Elite 84 weapons. Pizzaro, Dragon Hunter Bayonet, Shaft Hammer is not a Steel Series weapons.

Q: Where can I find Steel Series?
You can hunt Steel Series recipe from HellBreaker.

Q: Where can i find the anvil?
The anvil is just beside Gloomy old man in Los Toldos.

Q: Which NPC’s should I find to craft it?
You have to find Gloomy old man to craft it in Los Toldos.

Q: What is Elite Wave of Steel?
Elite Wave of Steel is a Special types of Rod like The Rod of Armageddon and The Grim-stick.

Q: Pictures of Elite 92 glow?
Here’s a link of some Elite 92 screenshots.


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