Granado Espada Enhancement and Enchantment Differences Guide

Granado Espada Enhancement and Enchantment Differences Guide by Crystal Novalight

I wrote this guide because there are a lot of players who doesn’t (or still doesn’t) understand the difference between the term Enhancement and Enchantment in Granado Espada. Before we go in-depth, let’s have a brief explanation on the meanings of Enhancement and Enchantment in the world of Granado Espada.

Enhancement – the process of enhancing a weapon or an armor, giving it additional base attack power or base defense value respectively.

Enchantment – the process of enchanting a weapon or an armor with special options, with different options giving them different effects or powers respectively.

While those may sound confusing, but players who have already been through both of the processes will understand them very clearly. So let this be a guide to new players as well, and to help them understand the concept that allowed the existing players achieve greater strength.

A. Enhancement

First, what is Enhancement?

Enhancement is what players want when they intend to strengthen their weapons or armors. By enhancing weapons or armors, they gain additional base attack strength or base defense capability respectively. Not only that, once a weapon or an armor is enhanced beyond a certain point, it gains additional Attack Rating or Defense Rating respectively. Therefore, it is essential for a player to utilize Enhancement to the fullest to transcend beyond the limits of battle.

Enhancing a weapon or an armor adds a number in front of its name, with the number representing the amount of times the equipment has been enhanced. e.g. A +3 equipment indicates that the equipment has been enhanced 3 times. When an equipment has been enhanced 4 times (thus giving it a +4 number prefix) each subsequent enhancement will add Ratings, whether it is Attack or Defense. But be forewarned, that enhancing an equipment +5 and above has a chance to break the equipment. That’s right, you can break an equipment from enhancement, and once an equipment breaks, it’s gone forever. That is the risk of attaining power via enhancement. However, breaking an equipment level 32 and above will give you the corresponding level Enchantment Chip.

So, how do you enhance equipments? You must visit either of the 3 main enhancement NPCs in the world of Granado Espada so far: Idge Imbrulia of Cite de Reboldouex, Soho of Port Of Coimbra, or Vincente Rio of City Of Auch. An enhancement NPC has the hammer and anvil emblem above them (see figures below).

Figure 1(a). Idge Imbrulia of Cite de Reboldouex

Figure 1(b). Soho of Port Of Coimbra

Figure 1(c). Vincente Rio of City Of Auch

Talk to the enhancement NPC, and select “I want to enhance an item” (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Whether it’s Idge, Soho or Vincente, all of them have the 1 same option: Enhancing

Once you’ve selected to enhance an item, you will be shown the enhancement window. This is where you choose what equipment you want to enhance.

Figure 3. The enhancement window

The price shown in point 2 of Figure 3 is the price for a one time enhancement only, which means by clicking on “Start Enhancement” once, that amount of vis will be deducted from your total vis. Incidentally, if your total vis is lower than the required amount shown, you will not be able to enhance the equipment.

My equipment is always breaking! What can I do?

Use Enhancement Boosters to increase the success rate of enhancing an equipment to +5 and beyond.

Figure 4. Enhancement Booster

Enhancement Booster is a cash-shop item that is sold by the Premium Items Merchant in each of the 3 main cities for 550 G-Points each. Each Booster slightly increases the chance of success in enhancement. Although, in order to ensure the best success rate, a player will always aim to use the maximum amount of Boosters allowed for the equipment. By clicking on the doubled arrow pointing up in the enhancement window (Figure 3), the maximum Boosters allowed will be used, provided you have that amount in your cash-item inventory. The maximum amount of boosters allowed for an equipment is different for different equipments, with the higher level equipments needing more Boosters (with the maximum Boosters required being 20). Using the maximum amount of Boosters ensures a 100% success rate for enhancing to +5.

Why should I enhance my equipments to +5 and above?

Enhancing a weapon or an armor to +5 and above gives additional Attack Rating or Defense Rating respectively. The exact amount of Rating given for each level of enhancement can be found here. In addition to that, enhancing a weapon to +5 and above gives your weapon a cool aura glow, with the exception of weapons with inherent glow (see F. Appendix). Basically, equipments enhanced to +5 and above are strong enough to allow you to travel to areas much higher than your current character levels allow. Also, once you’ve reached the higher levels (level 100, Veteran etc.) it is essentially the only way to travel to the transcendent level areas by getting additional Ratings.

Hey, my percentage says it’s higher than 100% but my equipment still breaks! What gives?

Do not confuse the percentage seen in the enhancement window with the percentages here. The percentage you see in the enhancement window is merely a multiplier for the percentages here. For example, if you see 150% in the enhancement window when enhancing to +5, it means you have a 150% out of 50% chance to succeed, which means a 75% chance to succeed overall, while a 200% seen in the window means a 100% success rate for +5, and a 50% chance for +6 respectively. For an easier calculation, just use the maximum amount of Enhancement Boosters and multiply the percentages here by 2.

I really, really, really need to know the exact amount of maximum Enhancement Boosters required for a certain level of equipment. Can you help me?

Check out Mistress Hrin’s Granado Espada Blog. There are 2 ways to calculate an equipment’s base Attack Rating or base Defense Rating.

1. Try it out.

Put on the equipment, and note the Rating of your character. Then take it off, and note the new rating of your character. Then use this formula:

x – y = z

x = Rating with equipment on
y = Rating without equipment on
z = equipment base Rating

2. Use the basic formula.

Equipments come in every 4 levels. Therefore, take the level of the equipment and divide it by 4. That is the base Rating for normal equipments. Add 2 Ratings for equipments labeled as Uniques, add 5 Ratings for Elite equipments, and add 3 Ratings for the Pioneer’s Series equipments. However this formula starts to become inaccurate for the higher level equipments, since a lot of them has inherent Ratings that are hidden.

I have a +10 Shield but when I equip it I only get 1 additional Defense Rating! Is this a bug?

No it’s not. Shields are a special case in terms of enhancement. No matter what level of enhancement is a Shield, it only gives you 1 Defense Rating when equipped. Enhancing a Shield only adds to its base defense value. The only way a Shield can give higher Defense Rating is via Defense Rating+ options, whether inherent or via Enchantment (see Enchantment and Rules of Enchantment).

I used the maximum Boosters required for the equipment to +5 but it still breaks! I thought you say it’s 100%?

It should be. However, there have been numerous reports and complaints from players that their equipment still breaks from using the maximum Boosters even just for +5. Although there’s no official statement from the developers, everybody is playing safe by assuming that the correct chance of success is just a 99.99% chance. That also means that you have to be really lucky if you can break it at that percentage, although, don’t be surprised if it does. Otherwise, try filing tickets to IAH.

B. Enchantment

If you have noticed, most of the equipments you see lying on the ground during your travels are white in name. However, some have yellow names. And when you pick them up, you should notice that in your inventory, some of these equipments’ names remain yellow, while some are blue in color. And when you check these equipments, you can see some special descriptions such as “Attack 25% up”, “Attack speed 17% up”, “5% chance to Stun”, “Adds 30 Fire attack”, or even “Additional 80% damage to Undead”. These descriptions are known as options. Equipments from level 1 to level 28 that have options cannot be modified. However, equipments from level 32 onwards that are not labeled as Unique can be modified in terms of options. This process is known as Enchantment.

Enchanting an equipment requires a catalyst item known as an Enchantment Chip. Enchantment Chips come in different levels, and an equipment can only be enchanted using Enchantment Chips that corresponds to its level or higher. But it just gets as simple as that, for Enchanting equipments has no suspense of the chance of failure like Enhancement does. Yes, while enchanting an equipment, there’s a chance for failure as well, in the sense that the equipment gets no options at all, and yet the Chip is used up. There’s no percentage chance of success or failure, it’s just based on a Yes Or No coin flip, in other words, it’s either you get options, or no options at all.

How do you enchant an equipment? Visit the one and only Enchantment Merchant located in City Of Auch I-6.

Figure 5(a). An Enchantment Chip

Figure 5(b). GPS of the Enchant Merchant’s location

Figure 5(c). The Enchantment Merchant lady

Talk to her, and agree to the advice. You’ll be shown the Enchantment window. Drag and drop the corresponding Chip and the equipment you want to enchant into the window.

Figure 6. The Enchantment window

If you drag and drop in your equipment first, the Chip box will automatically be filled with Enchantment Chips of the corresponding weapon’s level, if you have any in your inventory. If you wanna use Chips of different level, drag and drop them into the Chip box. Only Enchantment Chips of the same level or higher level than the equipment can be used to enchant it. A confirmation window will appear if you decide to use Chips higher level than the equipment. A one time enchantment will use one Enchantment Chip from your number in stock. Once all Chips of that level is used up, the Chip in the Chip box will disappear, and you will have to drag and drop another level of Chips yourself.

Help! I have wasted Enchantment Chips and got no (good) options!

Use Enchantment Tranquillizers to ensure a 100% chance to obtain options while enchanting.

Figure 7. Enchantment Tranquillizer

Enchantment Tranquillizer is a cash-shop item that is sold by the Premium Items Merchant in each of the 3 main cities for 220 G-Points each. An Enchantment Tranquillizer ensures that you get options when you enchant. However it does not ensure that you get good options, it just ignores the chance of getting no options at all. Unlike Enhancement Boosters, you can only use one Enchantment Tranquillizer per enchantment. You still need to use an Enchantment Chip though, thus a one time enchantment will use up one Chip and one Tranquillizer.

Why should I enchant my equipments?

Options on an equipment are essential, and may sometimes prove to be the border between survival or annihilation of your characters. Different options on a certain equipment may suit different playing needs. For example, if your rifle user can already kill in one shot, having an Attack speed% up option for the rifle basically means no one can get near him. Or, give an already high speed character a weapon that can stun, and practically every hit will cause the stun ailment. In addition, there are also rare options such as Attack Rating+ and Additional Damage to mob-type for weapons, or Defense Rating+ and Maximum HP% up for armors.

C. Summary

Rules of Enhancement:
-Only weapons and armors can be enhanced.
-Costumes, accessories, gloves and footwear cannot be enhanced.
-Enhancing requires vis. Insufficient vis denies the ability to enhance.
-Enhancing to +5 above can break the equipment.
-Breaking an equipment level 32 and above will give you an Enchantment Chip equal to the level of the broken equipment.
-Using Enhancement Boosters increases the chance of successfully enhancing an equipment.
-Maximum Enhancement Boosters ensure a 100% success rate to +5, but not +6 onwards.
-Equipments +5 onwards give Ratings and different glow for some weapons per level of enhancement.
-The percentage shown in the Enhancement window is just a multiplier for the real, hidden percentage chance of success.
-Enhancing a Shield does not give additional Defense Rating. It only adds base defense value.

Rules of Enchantment:
-Only weapons, armors, gloves and footwear can be enchanted.
-Costumes and accessories cannot be enchanted.
-Enchanting requires Enchantment Chips. Shortage of which, enchantment is not possible.
-Only Enchantment Chips that are the same level or higher than that of the equipment being enchanted can be used to enchant it.
-There’s a chance for no options at all to appear when enchanting.
-Using Enchantment Tranquillizers removes the chance of getting no options when enchanting.
-Enchantment Tranquillizers do not ensure getting good options when enchanting.
-A Shield can only have a maximum additional Defense Rating value of 2. It is the only way a Shield can give additional Defense Rating.

D. R-M-T (Rumors, Myths and Truths)

Each enhancement NPC are specialized in a certain equipment type enhancement. Idge is better in enhancing metal armor and shields, Soho in leather armor and Vincente is better in magical weapons.
None of the enhancers are specialized. All of them are the same.

The more I enhance with one of the enhancement NPC, my proficiency with him will raise, and next time he will have higher chance of success with me.
Enhancements doesn’t gain experience. You may be on a roll in enhancing with one of them, but one fateful moment he’ll just break your stuff too.

If you talk to the enhancement NPC more, you gain more friendship with him, thus he enhances your equipments better. Likewise, the one who hates you will break your equipment more often.
There’s no interaction with any of the enhancers. There’s no friendship meter either. If you need to know what a friendship quest is like, do Lorch Furholden’s quest.

Having the same RNPC in your family increases success rate of enhancing with him.
It makes no difference. And logically it should be worse. Nobody likes to see their own clone, you know.

Although a Shield gives no additional Defense Rating when enhanced +5 above, it still gives the cool glow.
Shields enhanced +5 above does not give any glow. Only the Los Toldos Shields give glow as of now.

Using an Enchantment Chip higher level than the equipment gives it better options.
The fact is, it’s a waste if you even attempt to use a higher level chip for a lower level weapon. The chances remain the same, and you even still can fail at enchanting.

E. F-A-Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. I always fail at enhancing to +5. Is it a must to get Boosters?
A. Not really. It’s pure luck. Sometimes you get to +5 without the need for Boosters, just when you really don’t need it.

Q. Where can I find Enhancement Boosters and Enchantment Tranquillizers?
A. You can buy them from the Premium Items Merchant.

Figure 8(a). Leticia, Premium Items Merchant

Figure 8(b). Boosters and Tranquillizers in the Others tab

Or you can try buying them from other players, if any are selling.

Q. What are the chances of success for each level of enhancement?
A. See here.

Q. What are the chances of success for each level of enhancement with maximum Boosters?
A. Just multiply the percentage found here by 2.

Q. What’s the maximum Booster required for an equipment?
A. Different levels of equipments have different maximum Boosters requirement, the most being 20.

Q. I inserted some Boosters but I don’t need them. Besides closing the window and talking to him again, is there anything else I can do?
A. Click on the arrow pointing down in the Boosters window to reduce or remove Boosters.

Q. I inserted a Tranquillizer but I don’t need it. Besides closing the window and talking to her again, is there anything else I can do?
A. Click on the arrow pointing down next to the Tranquillizer box to remove the Tranquillizer.

Q. Where can I find Enchantment Chips?
A. First, some mobs drop them, the most common being in Bahia Island and the Island of Fire. Second, you can just break an equipment equal level to the desired chip. Third, you can use the Chip exchanger located in Auch opposite the Enchantment Merchant, or there’s one in Port of Bahia as well.

Q. What are Imperviums? Why didn’t you elaborate on that thing?
A. Imperviums are cash-items that prevents your equipment from disappearing if you fail at enhancing. But that is all I know, and can tell you. I do not use Imperviums myself, and as such, do not hold the capability to elaborate for fear of confusing other players further.

Q. What’s that blue aura around your characters?
A. It’s an aura for faction leaders of factions level 51 and above.

F. Appendix

Figure 9(a). +5 glow. A light aura.

Figure 9(b). +6 glow. A glittering shiny aura.

Figure 9(c). +7 glow. A reddish, light aura.

Figure 9(d). +8 glow. A reddish, flashing aura.

Figure 9(e). Examples of weapons with inherent glow.

G. Conclusion

Crystal Novalight – for writing this guide
Ginz/ChuKai – a very good friend, and my mentor to guide-writing
Ginz/ChuKai, hitsfm – for reminding about the special case in Shield enchancement
Bandeau – for suggestions about the multiplier percentage, and the exact number of maximum Boosters
Mistress Hrin – for her helpful blog which saved me lots of time

Mistress Hrin’s Granado Espada Blog –

This guide is written by me, with help from the people of Nova Kingdom and those who asked the questions so that they can be answered. This guide is based on my personal experience only, and I shall not be held responsible for any outdated, false or unrelated articles.

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