Facebook The Sims Social Traits and Personality Types Guide

Facebook The Sims Social Traits and Personality Types Guide by cutelilkittie and Achlys


  • Great Kisser – Others say it allows you to be able kiss earlier in the relationship. I do not have any experience with this yet. It supposedly helps boost or make your social actions more successful/positive.
  • Insane – Let you do weird actions to fulfill your needs.
    1. Level 1 – Chat with plants?
    2. Level 2 – Chat with plants without using any energy and fulfill your social need
    3. Level 3 – Add “Eat your own shoes” to fulfill your hunger need
  • Neat – Others say cleaning is faster and increases the time for items to get dirty.
  • Night Owl – Increase the time between on having to sleep.
  • Ninja – Allows you to move fast like a ninja. This trait is the most expensive.
    1. Level 1 – Run faster randomly.
    2. Level 2 – Add teleport randomly.
    3. Level 3 – Higher chance of running and teleporting.
  • Ogre – Others say this trait makes cleaning consume no energy. I haven’t experienced it yet.
    1. Level 1 – Your sim can burp randomly.
    2. Level 2 – Your sim can burp and fart at the same time randomly.
  • Slob – Let’s you pee and bath at the same time in the shower. I do not have any experience with this trait yet.
  • Steel Bladder – Others say this trait increases the duration that your Sim will not need to use the bathroom.
  • SuperMechanic – Others say repairing becomes faster.

My Opinion:
First get Ninja to at least level 2. This lets you move around places quickly.
Get Insane level 2 so you can talk to plants without using energy to fulfill social needs.
Kisser for fast/good relationship boosts.
Ogre for 0 energy cleaning, but I think maybe it’s level 3 it’ll activate.

Night Owl, SuperMechanic, and Steel Bladder are useless. Just use someone else’s bathroom if you’re worried about your bathroom furniture breaking. These skills only trim off a few seconds.

Special Traits Abilities

Ninja: You can be faster when walking. After upgrading it, you can teleport sometimes but not every time, sorry. The more you upgrade it, the more you can teleport. But a little warning to you, this is the most expensive one of all. You must save your almost all points to one upgrade. But it is worth. Pof!

Night Owl: You can stay awake longer like forgetting sometimes your sweet pillow. You can stay awake much longer after every upgrade. Like an owl at scary jungle!

Insane: You can reduce the need of being social. Plus, you can talk with plants without using any energy. Awesome! (Thanks to kajleen & yamadalei)

Great Kisser: You can kiss other sims earlier in relationships. More faster lips every upgrade. (Thanks to kajleen)

Orge : You can fart. You can burp. Even you can do the both at the same time. Is’nt it wonderful? (Thanks to Rawrr08)

Neat: You can automatically wash your hands after using the toilet. You can have fun when cleaning. But who really wants this? (Thanks to kajleen)

Slob: You can enjoy the dirtyness. Dirtyness, dirtyness, dirtyness. Who really wants to clean up when you can sit on dirt with friendly flies?

Personality Types

  • Socialite: These Sims Love to be the center of attention! They can Toast with friends and are very fun to be around with! 
  • Rocker: Masters of the guitar and great singers – music is a REALLY fun thing for them and they can perform Air Guitar with friends! 
  • Romantic: Natural charmers. Falling in love has never been easier! 
  • Introvert: Not the most social folks around, they can have the ability to Introspect 
  • Tycoon: They care a lot about money. However, no extra detail on this type of personality is available at the moment. 
  • Geek: You own your personal laser sword and can even put on laser fights with friends.
  • Athlete: These Sims love sports and life’s a challenge for them. However, we don’t know exactly what specific interactions they have. 
  • Creative: They love to paint and that makes them happy. They’re creative. They always see the bright side of life. 
  • Villain: If you want to be the bad guy (or girl), this is the personality type for you. They somehow find it funny to do bad things and are pretty good at it!

Can I change my personality type in The Sims Social?
Yes, you can change your personality type at any moment, but it costs Sim Cash to do it. Right now, the price is 50 SimCash to change your personality type in the game.

Special Personality Abilities

Villain: You can put fake spiders into your enemie’s toilets but only if you are a villain sim. You can have a lot of fun when retuning your enemie’s televisions or radios. You can get a lot of fun with making prank calls. Best insults comes from villains. Long live villains!

Geek: You can make laser fights with your geek friends.
Even watching is fun, think about making it!

Rocker: You can have the “Air Guitar Skills” option as a part of the interaction options. (thanks to greenpea)

Creative: You can get a lot of fun from painting. I mean, you can really “taste” all colours of fun. Feed your soul with making portraits! (thanks to BurningSol)

Introvert: You can “Introspect” only if you an introvert sim. At least, for now. Until someone will deny it. (thanks to RogerBear)

Athletic: You can have an interaction option like “show off skills”. Isn’t it a little snob or what? (Thanks to Umpic)

Some Traits Details by Yillup

Great Kisser:

This means the “kiss” interactions are available earlier in your relationships, and you can kiss with less chance the other person will reject you. I personally haven’t used this trait yet, so if you have, feel free to let me know any details so I can put it in here…
Photofitz has said there doesn’t seem to be any benefit from taking this trait beyond level 3 as there appears to be little if no change.

Level1: (150LP)
Level2: (?LP)
Level3: Steamy makeout and romantic kiss interactions available (700LP)
Level4: (?LP)
Level5: (?LP)


One of the most useful traits to develop. Once you get to level 2 you can chat to plants for 1 energy point (sadly they removed the free chatting). As you increase in the levels other needs (hunger, fun) can be met through interacting with just yourself, which reduces your dependence on the other items in the game. You tend to wave your arms all over the place and make strange noises too…

Level1: Your sim will wave their hands around occasionally and make funny noises (?LP)
Level2: The “social” need can be met by talking to plants but now uses an energy point (?LP)
Level3: “Eat own shoe” will increase hunger need (thanks ShooShood) (600LP)
Level4: “Talk to self” will increase fun need (thanks ShooShood) (?LP)


Another useful trait to develop. This makes your sim run to different tasks when their need isn’t on red, or they can even teleport straight to the activity. It’s random though – you can’t force a teleport to happen. One draw-back I have found is that sometimes your sim will teleport to an area that is blocked off for some reason and then it can be hard to get back out. Refreshing will help this, but I generally just keep clicking an activity until she finally decides teleporting is a good idea.

Level1: Your sim starts running to some activities (150LP)
Level2: Your sim will teleport to some activities (?LP)
Level3: (700LP)
Level4: (1000LP)
Level5: Gradual increase of “ninja” like activities (thanks ShooShood) (?LP)


You get an extra set of interactions with friends like burp and fart. I’ve heard someone say that when their toilet was broken their toilet need was met by peeing on a bush instead. Feel free to post extra info for me to add to this!

Level1: Burps and farts when idle (thanks Mythyrzeo) (100LP)
Level2: Walks through water puddles normally (thanks Mythyrzeo) (?LP)
Level3: Negative action “fart” to use against other sims (thanks ShooShood) (?LP)
Level4: Negative action “Super fart” to use against other sims. Cloud of green gas appears (thanks Pikachu2NE1) (?LP)
Level5: (?LP)


Not as worried by messes and dirty objects. I’ve never had my sim turn her nose up at using a dirty stove anyway, so not sure what this is good for. Let me know if you’ve had some experience so I can expand this section.

Level1: (75LP)
Level2: (?LP)
Level3: Having a shower increases both cleanliness and toilet need (thanks source of badclay) (?LP)
Level4: (?LP)
Level5: (?LP)

Steel Bladder:

A trait I used when the game was in Closed Beta. Didn’t seem to do much even at a high level, but supposedly will increase the time it takes for your toilet need to drop. If anyone’s used this since the game has gone live, please let me know if it’s working now!

Level1: (50LP)
Level2: (?LP)
Level3: Possibly… Takes a lower level of the toilet need to drop out of “Inspired” (thanks Silver Paladin)(?LP)
Level4: (?LP)
Level5: (?LP)


I’ve been developing this trait in the hopes that my sim will clean items automatically. I’m at level 4 now and it hasn’t happened. She’ll run around polishing random things though. When she’s on an automated polishing run she won’t leave that task to do the tasks I’ve set her though, which can be annoying. The negative action “clean sim” can be done to your enemies.

Level1: Your sim will sometimes go to random objects in your house and other sims houses and “polish” them (100LP)
Level2: Your sim will sometimes automatically wash their hands after using the toilet (?LP)
Level3: “Clean Sim” is a negative action when visiting other sims (thanks Pikachu2NE1) (?LP)
Level4: (?LP)
Level5: (1000LP)

Super Mechanic:

A handy trait I have found. While repairing (which we all have to do anyway), the “fun” need is filled as well – might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone! I also hoped that this trait would enable my sim to fix things automatically, but once again I’m at level 4 and it hasn’t happened yet.

Level1: The “fun” need increases when you repair broken items. (50LP)
Level2: (?LP)
Level3: (?LP)
Level4: (?LP)
Level5: (750LP)

Night Owl:

I developed this trait in Closed Beta as well. It is meant to make it a longer time before your sleep needs drop. Let me know if it’s working since the game went live…

Level1: (50LP)
Level2: Sleeping will increase the “fun” need as well (thanks Rin 0811) (150LP)
Level3: (?LP)
Level4: (?LP)
Level5: (1500LP)

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Geeks also can hack others computers, higher chance of getting furies

  2. Anonymous says:

    Geek personality: you can also download cheat codes on a computer (gives simoleons)

    Typo: Athelte -> Athlete

    Trait Ninja: sometimes teleports even at level 1

    Trait Supermechanic: Seems to have no benefit after level 2 (it says repair is faster, but it is not noticeable)

  3. Anonymous says:

    You can Pick Pocket if you are a Villain

  4. ok the comment above really wasn't right. u can place fake spiders and pee on bushes and do all that without being a villian. the villian thing just doesnt have a good trait thing goin on.

  5. Anonymous says:

    the great kisser lets you kiss anyone even if you are not in a relationship.. i don't remember level 1, but level 2 allows you to air kiss anyone and level 3 allows you to "steamy makeout" with anyone, I think the steamy makeuout was pretty funny so ive been looking around to see whether or not it'll be worth upgrading the trait :P I had no idea the other traits were so useful though! I guess i'll start using my lifetime points for those :) Thanks for making this!

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