Ether Saga Odyssey Terminology and Abbreviations Guide

Ether Saga Odyssey Terminology and Abbreviations Guide by Jedge

Ever wonder what a word is but you don’t know what it means? Well look no further. This guide will define Ether Saga Online terms and also some MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) terms.The default for windows searching (finding) – Crtl + F

*Note – This is all categorized alphabetically


Accuracy – Determines the chance of landing a successful hit.

Affinity Points – Every 5 levels you will get to choose 3 affinities. Oora, Pyra, Erda, Widu, Unda, or Pyra. Each has their own special effect. An affinity raises the damage of a spell with the same subsequent affinity. For example, a skill like “Flight of the Sea Dragon” which is a Unda spell, more affinity into Unda increases the damage of that spell.

AFK – Away from Keyboard

Andracil – Supreme Executive Forum Commander and self-proclaimed community queen.

AOE– Area of Effect.

Aggro – refers to a mob or monster that will attack the player if it is in its view range.

Drawing Aggro – means to ‘take away’ as much aggro as possible away from other players such as healers and mages.

Attitude – Pets have different battle attitudes. Each attitude has unique skills
Fierce, Bight, Cautious, and Normal

Attribute – HP, MP, STR, INT, DEF, ACC,


B> – Buy

Bag – A carrier of items. You can expand it by buying red-banded- yarn, from the cash shop for 3 e-bucks

Bahuu Magebane – To complete the quests from Ziola and others who need you to defeat and collect items from the 3 bosses in the crypt, please talk to Chauncey the Adventure Dispatch in the middle of Pokari, near Dawn and Dusk. You might also have a quest to kill the other normal Bahuu Mageban, so talk to him first, and he’ll become killable.

Birthday- When making a character, you have to choose a birthday. That birthday decides three of your skills, which you’ll get at level 10, 30, and 50.

BoE- Bound on equip. Refers to items that become bound to the player after they have been equipped. The item can be traded as long as no one equips it. Certain Cash Shop items cannot be traded

Bot – Actions of a character can be automated preformed by a third-party program. The Possessor is not considered a bot.

Bound Gears – Once equipped these items cannot be used by other players. If you need to get rid of the item, visit the Master of Coalescence(455, 424) in Pokari.

BRB – Be right back

BRT- Be right there

BTW – By the way


Camping – Waiting in an area to hunt a mob or group of people

Cards -Players can collect monster cards that allow them to transform into specific monsters. In monster form, players gain access to new abilities and skills.

Class – Six different playable ‘characters.’ Dragoon, Conjurer, Mystic, Ranger, Rogue

CoH- Abbreviation for “Crypt of Hunters.” It is an instance/dungeon for level 15-25

Consumables – Various items such as weapons, armor, crafting items, and quest supplies that can be used.

Cooldown – The time before a spell, item or ability can be used again.

Conjurer – Spell Caster (offensive). Uses offensive and manipulation spells. Can also cast damage-increasing buffs. Wears light armor. Weapon of choice: amulets.

Crafting – To make items out of resources. You’ll have to buy or obtain the recipe for it. Most recipes can be bought at the Craftsman, or dropped in instances. You can buy gathering tools at the Woodsman, and Crafting items at the Tool Merchant.

Critcast – Chance to cast a critical strike on a target

Critstrike – The damage multiplier of the critical attack


Dance – Hotkey: U. An action that let’s you get your groove on. New clothing (outfits) grants you new dances.

Debuff – spells cast on an enemy that weakens an attribute or combat ability

Diplomatic Quests Items – Random drops from monsters that you can obtain at level 15+

Ding – Announcement signifying someone gained a level

DnD- Do not Disturb

DoB – Date of Birth

DoT – Damage over time. Refers to attacks that deal damage over a period of time.

DPS – Damage per second.

Dragoon – Melee attacker and/or tank class. Engages in battle wearing heavy armor.Weapon of choice: lance.


E-bucks – 100zen = 1 ebuck. Used to buy cash shop items.

Embedding – Putting gems in your gear, which gives a standard added bonus determined, by the gem itself.

Etherlic – Item used to upgrade your weapons or armor. +1,+2,…..,+20 What kind of etherlic (normal, condensed, godly etc.) is determined according to your gears glow.

Ethyr – Ethyrs can be equipped like gear. Once equipped they provide the player with a special skill. Up to four different Ethyrs can be equipped at a time. In addition to regular Ethyrs, there are also special Class Ethyrs.

Event – An occurrence that happens in realm 6-15 in the middle of pokari
Check CloudFairys guide for event times  Ether Saga Odyssey Event Times Guide

Experience – A reward for finishing a quest or killing a monster. Characters level up when they gain enough experience points.


Farm(ing) – Accumulating currency or items by constantly killing a mob or repeatedly performing a series of action

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Flying- You can get transform cards that allow you to fly. Cash shop items also let you fly in style. The most basic flying item is the cloud. The Cloud is a quest reward from a level 12ish Training quest. The cloud itself is a simple item: Use it as you would any other, and use Spacebar and Z to ascend/descend.

FTW – For the Win

FTL – For the lose. Similar to FTW but refers to failure.

Fusion – You can successfully fuse a pet, if the pet is 30+
Check this guide for pet melding: Ether Saga Odyssey Pet Melding Guide


Gold- Currency of ESO.
100 bronze = 1 Silver
100 silver = 1 gold

Gm – Game Master or sometimes-called Game Manager

Heal – Spell or skill that restores the health of the target

Health (HP) – Called hit points or HP, that signifies the character’s life. When health runs out, a player dies.

Heaven Repository – Cash Shop

HoT – Heal over Time


IMBA – Imbalanced

IMHO – In my humble opinion.

INC – Incoming. When a player pulls for a group, this is a warning that a mob is incoming.

INT – Intelligence. Raises spell damage.

Instance – Dungeon where a group of players tries to complete an objective. Talk to Chauncey the Adventure Dispatch in pokari to start an instance

IRL – In real life


JK – Just kidding

KKite – To lure a mob or player around while attacking or allowing allies to attack. The monster tries to follow the target but cannot keep up, leaving it open to spells/attacks

KoS – Kill on Sight

KS – Kill Stealing. When one player attacks the same creature as another player, and receives the reward for the kill instead of the person who started the combat.


LB – Lightbenders

LFG – Looking for Guild and/or Looking for Group

LFM – Looking for more

LMAO – Laugh(ing) my ass off

LOL – Laugh(ing) out loud

Loot – Items that are dropped by a mob when it’s defeated.

LoS – Line of sight. Any fixed obstacle such as a wall must not obstruct the view of the target.


Mana (MP) – Mana is used for spells, fusing pets, and other actions.

Marriage – Both characters that wish to get married must be over level 30. The
two characters should form a party and acquire the marriage quest from the Eldest Matchmaker in Pokari City. The couple will be married after finishing the special quest. To finish the marriage quest, the Marriage Packs are required. The packs can be
purchased in the Heaven Repository. (Cash Shop)

Moderator (mod) – The Current mods are Andracil, ladycrane, and aryannamage

MMORPG – Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

MT – Mistype

Mule – An extra character created explicitly for the purpose of being able to check auction houses or store extra items. These characters are rarely played.

Mystic – Spell Caster (defensive). Possesses the power to heal and cast defensive buffs. Wear light armor in combat. Weapon of choice: staves.


Nascent Skills – referred to as Birthday Skills.

Nerf – To decrease the power of an ability, item, player, or action. This is applied when an ability is seemingly too powerful.

Newbie – A new player to a game.

NP – No problem

NPC – Non-player character and/or Non-playable character

Nm- Not much


OMG – Oh my god

OMW – On my way

OST – Original Sound Track. The game’s music.


PC – Player Character.

Ping – Response time from client to server; measured in milliseconds.

PK – Player Killing.

Port – Short for teleport.

POV – Point of View

PPL – People

Possessor – Item that takes control of your character.

Power Level – When a higher-level player tries to help another player level faster.

Pull – Where a player lures a single or a group of mobs, to the group so that the group can hunt from a safe area.

PvE – Player vs. Environment. Environment means all monsters (mobs) in the game world.

PvP – Player verses Player combat.


QQ – “Tearing eyes.” Sometimes an insult towards a player who complains.

Quest – A task that players complete from NPC’s, and events.

Qwerty – A stardard type of keyboard. The first six letters spell out: Q, W, E, R, T, Y.


Ranger- Ranged attacker. Capable of disabling targets with status effects such as slow, ensnare, and sleep. Wears medium armor. Weapon of choice: Bow

Race – There are 3 races in Ether Saga. Renzu, Shenzu, and Yaoh.

Regen – Short for regeneration of health, mana, or other attributes.

Resilience – Chance to evade attacks

Resist – Less spell damage received per point

Rez – Short for resurrection. Relates to abilities that revive players that have just died.

Rdy – Ready

RL – Raid Leader

RMT – Abbreviation for Real Money Trade – selling virtual currency or items for real currency. RMT is illegal in ESO, and will result in punishment

ROFL – Rolling on floor laughing

Rogue – Melee attacker. Can become invisible and has the ability to flee. Wears medium armor. Weapon of Choice: Dual-wield daggers

RP – Role Playing

SS> – Selling

Shaman – Spell caster/tank. Uses healing magic spells and status effects to aid as a secondary tank class. Wears heavy armor. Weapon of Choice: hammers

Socketing – Adds an extra socket meaning 1 more gem can be put in your gear. Note that unlike imbuin/embedin a failed attempt to socket your gear destroys it completely if you don’t use a light bender

Solo – going alone.

Soul Charge- Every piece of armor has it’s own soul. If you have armor that you don’t need or can’t use, you can keep the soul of the armor in a Soulstone. The Blacksmith will sell you Empty Soulstones.

Spirit – Points gained by killing monsters. Spirit is required to obtain skills when you reach the required level. Spirit is also needed for melding, ‘upgrading weapons’ etc.

Stun – An ability that immobilizes the enemy.

Support class – A class that usually doesn’t fight on its own. Used to assist groups.


T> – Trade

Tank – A character that can take a lot of damage.

TNL – To next level. How many experience points or percent, needed for a player to reach the next level.

Train – To lead a group of monsters into another player or group

Transform – After you obtain a transform card, use the card. Then press “T” to transform into a certain monster. Each have their own unique abilities.

TTYL- Talk to you later

TY, Thx – Thank-you and/or Thanks.


Uber- Slang for a German word meaning super



WB – Welcome back

WC – World Chat. Also stands for Wrong Chat

WTB – Want to buy

WTG – Way to go

WTH- What the hell

WTS – Want to sell

WTT – Want to trade


xD – An expression.. happy face.

Xp – Short for experience points.



Zodiac Sign – Currently this sign does nothing.

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