DDTank Introduction

DDTank Introduction
“DD Tank” is a fun cute multiplayer online browser game. There is no need to download, just register, login and play. You can compete with many different players in the game. The simple keyboard operation makes interaction easier so that players can enjoy the game .

There is no need to download: Only register and login.

Fun graphics: Cartoon style character designs are fun and cute.

Various battle modes: Enjoy the fun of either breathtaking BOSS raids or PvP competition!

Fun Outfits: Express yourself by choosing from thousands of  styles, of hats, eyes, clothes to facial expressions, etc. You really can use the Character editor to recreate yourself inside the game with the myriad of options available.

Great Graphics: Different weapons have different attack effects. You may like using a stone age “zax”, or a modern “cannon”, or even a ultra modern “light gun”!

Basic Gameplay
The basic controls of the game use “↑、↓、←、→”and “space” on the keyboard.

“←、→” : Control character to move left and right on the map.

“↑、↓” : Control weapon’s attack angle. There is a dial at the lower left corner to show the angle.

“space bar” : Control weapon’s attack power. The longer the space bar is pressed, the greater the attack distance is. The length scale at the bottom will show current power.

Creating a Character

After your first login, the character creation page will appear. First choose whether you want a male or female character. A beautiful heroine, her gentle but strong personality can destroy anyone who is plotting evil.

A Cool hero, hidden under his jaded view of the world is a spirit of persistence and kindness.

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