DDTank Weapons New and Old Names and Pictures

DDTank Weapons New and Old Names and Pictures by AworldOfChaos

There are only 3 weapons which have had a name change, those are the following.

1) New name: Japan Dart
Old name: Magic Wind
(Agility based weapon)
[Single Bullet Pow]

2) New name: Laser
Old name: Lightening
(Defense based weapon)
[Single Bullet Pow]

3) New name: Explosive
Old name: Thunder
(Luck based weapon)
[ 3 in 1 Pow]

4) Name: Nugget
(Offense/Defense weapon)
[Single Bullet Pow]

5) Name: Plunger
[3 in 1 Pow]

6) Name: TV Set
(All rounded stats)
[Single bullet pow]

7) Name: Medical Kit
(Offense/Agility weapon)
[Single bullet pow]

Cool Name: Basket
(Luck/Agility weapon)
[3 in 1 Pow]

9) Name: Flames
(Offense weapon)
[3 in 1 Pow]

Here are the images of what weapons look like when they’re fortified beyond +10

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  1. Anonymous says:

    still the same

  2. Kinthalas lvl 28 10860 Power Server 1 says:

    what about the start weapons like ak or hatchet??? how do they look???

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