Adventure Quest Worlds Mogloween Guide

Adventure Quest Worlds Mogloween Guide by Jason3

Here is a Guide to show you how to complete Mogloween step by step. Please remember that these quests are all chained and you cannot do a quest without doing the one previous and that this is a rare event that happens only once per year around September/October. This guide will also include Items from Shops and also Monsters. A big Thankies to The Black Mouser and Laos for supplying parts of the Guide. (Guide previously owned by Leumas Dragonsword) P.S: If you use the information from this guide as a quote, please say something along the lines of
Quoted from Jason3’s mogloween guide

Table of Contents
1. Mogloween Quests in /join mogloween
2. Mogloween Grave quests in /join mogloweengrave
3. CandyShop quests in /join candyshop
4. Voltabolt quests in /join voltabolt
5. CandyCorn quests in /join candycorn
6. Mogloween Shops

FIRST STEP: Section 1 Type /join mogloween and move into the house on the far right, here you can accept Quests from Bubble, the first Sister.

Candy Craze:

“Mogloween would be my favourite time of year if it was more about candy then all the other spooky stuff. This year I haven’t had a single piece of candy and I’m craving candy. I heard that inside these houses all the creatures are carrying candy with them. I would go in, but I’d rather not. Can you collect 20 pieces of candy for me? (Bring back 20 pieces of candy to complete the quest.)”

Chocolate Goodness:

“Out of all the candy, chocolate is my favourite, but it is so much harder to find. Chocolate is very well-guarded by Pumpkinhead Fred and you have to fight them to get the chocolate. Can you search the Pumpkinhead Fred for 5 chocolates? (Bring back 5 chocolates to complete the quest.)”

  • Items Required: 5x Chocolates
  • Item Location: Dropped by , Pumpkinhead Fred and Chest in Mystcroft.
  • Rewards: 200 Gold and 200 Exp

After you have completed these two quests Bubble’s Shop should open, you can access it by talking to Safiria and clicking ‘Bubble’s Shop’. After this, enter the middle house, and talk to Toil, the second Sister

Chilling Costume:

“Mmmm. I really want to create a really cool Mogloween costume this year. But I don’t want to have the same thing as everyone else has. I don’t like those Spider guys, Hocky masked scary guys or Powerful Rangers. I want a costume different from everyone else and for that I will have to do it for myself. If the costume is great this will help you gather more candy. Can you bring me 10 pieces of fabric from the ghosts inside the houses? (Bring back 10 pieces of fabric from the ghosts to complete the quest.)”

  • Items Required: 10x Ghost Fabric
  • Item Location: Dropped by Ghostly Sheet (Monster) in Mystcroft.
  • Rewards: 150 Gold and 150 Exp

Candy Basket:

“This is terrible! We don’t have any place to store our candy! I’ve seen big pumpkins inside the house that can make a great storage space for candy. It would be great if we can store candy for an entire year! Can you collect 6 pumpkins and bring it back to us? (Bring back 6 pumpkins to complete the quest.)”

  • Items Required: 6x Pumpkin Heads
  • Item Location: Dropped by Pumpkinhead Fred in Mystcroft.
  • Rewards: 150 Gold and 150 Exp

After you have completed Toil’s Quests her shop should open as well, just talk to Safiria and click Toil’s Shop. When you have completed this go to the house on the left, talk to Trouble, the third Sister.

Lollipop Potion:

“I’m trying to come up with the ultimate lollipop margarita…umm potion. I need only the best candy there is. Underneath this houses there is a secret passageway that is full of Jack-O-Dooms that carry lollipops. Go into the passageway and grab 8 lollipops from the Jack-O-Doom. (Bring back 8 lollipops to complete the quest.)”

  • Items Required: 8x Lollipop
  • Item Location: Dropped by jack-o’-doom in Mystcroft.
  • Rewards: 250 Gold and 250 Exp

Mystery Candy:

“There are rumors that Blister holds the ultimate candy. It is called the mystery candy. This piece of candy is very rare, because it can become any flavor that you desire. If I had my hand on a few of them I would be so happy. Can you bring me back 3 pieces of the mystery candy? (Bring back 3 pieces of mystery candy to complete the quest.)”

  • Items Required: 3x Mystery Candy
  • Item Location: Dropped by Blister in Mystcroft.
  • Rewards: 300 Gold and 300 Exp

Can’t Have Enough:

“Wow, that mystery candy was amazing! It has all the flavors that I like in a single bite. I couldn’t control myself and I ate all the ones that you brought me already. I need to have some more! Can you go and get me 5 more pieces of that delicious mystery Candy? I can’t wait to have that candy again! (Bring back 5 pieces of mystery candy to complete the quest.)”

  • Items Required: 5x Mystery Candy
  • Item Location: Dropped by Blister in Mystcroft.
  • Rewards: 600 Gold and 600 Exp

NEXT STEP: Once again, Trouble’s Shop should be open now and you can access by talking to Safiria and clicking Trouble’s Shop. Once you have completed all three Sisters Quests talk to Safiria.

Squash the King:

“As the sun set behind the howling moon, the mystcroft pumpkin patch begins to shake! A Huge monster bursts out of the soil -its body is the shape of a giant pumpkin, sprouting huge vines that grab nearby victims. The Great pumpkin King is here… and TRICK – hes here for your treats! Defeating is the only way to gain access to my graveyard… so bring my back 1 Pwnkin seed to show me you victorious outcome!”

  • Items Required: Pwnkin seed x1
  • Item Location: Great Pumpkin King – Mystcroft
  • Rewards: 100 Gold and Exp

NEXT STEP: Section 2 The three following quests can be completed in Mogloween Grave, to get there type /join mogloweengrave

A Bone to Pick:

“Have you spoken to Gravelyn recently? Just who does she think she is—sending all of her leftover skeletons to MY graveyard?! Humph. This is unacceptable. Do you mind purging my lands of the Undead? It’s the only way for the Cauldron Sisters to get back to their Candy Shoppe, too! I need you to gather up 10 Skeletal Craniums from the bone heads wandering about my graveyard. You can only get there by sneaking past the Great Pumpkin King!With whom you might ask. The skeletons in the Graveyard area left of the Pumpkin King. Hop over and rattle some bones til you come home to Safiria with 10 Skeletal Craniums.”

  • Items Required: Skeletal Craniums x10
  • Item Location: Graveyard Soldier – Mogloween Grave
  • Rewards: 125 Gold and 125 Exp

Were are the Wolves:

“The spine-tingling howls that erupt when a full moon rises can only mean one thing: a Vampire’s worst enemy. For ages, Vampires have struggled against Werewolves—but now you can fight on behalf of us! Go into the graveyard and slay as many wolves as you can. Bring me back 6 vials of Slobber so I know the deed is done. The Cauldron Sisters are counting on you, too.”

  • Items Required: Slobber Vial x6
  • Item Location: Graveyard Werewolf – Mogloween Grave
  • Rewards: 150 Gold and 150 Exp

Killer, Chiller, Thriller here Tonight:

“Something’s lurking in the dark… in the moonlight, I saw a sight that stopped my heart. I tried to scream, but terror took the sound and as I froze, horror looked me right between the eyes— I’m paralyzed! ‘Cause it’s the Thriller, Thriller fright! And he’s stopping all the Sisters from Myx’ing candy late at night! It’s up to you— brave Lore Knight— to stop the Thriller in his tracks and collect his 1 Glove of White”

  • Items Required: Glove of White x1
  • Item Location: Thriller – Mogloween Grave
  • Rewards: 200 Gold and 175 Exp

NEXT STEP: Section 3
Once you have completed Safiria’s Quests her Shop should open too. After you have rummaged through there type /join candyshop. Talk to the Cauldron Sisters and watch the cut scene. Afterward, complete these quests.

Clear a Path:

“Toil: Thanks for helping us out. Normally we can handle Monglinster on our own but these are getting out of hand. You’ll make it out alive unless you clear a path to the storage room where Myx is being held. Bring us 10 tufts of Moglinster Fur so that I know the way is safe.”


“Bubble: Those Sugrarush Ghouls in there are pretty mean when they don’t get enough sugar. They’ve found our stash of bar of Kanthalite-D, one of the rare magical substances that makes out candy so amazing! If they get ALL of the bars of Kanthalite-D then we’ll be ruined for sure! Before you Myx! Please stop the Sugarrush Ghouls and bring us 8 Kan-D bars!”

  • Items Required: Kan D bars x8
  • Item Location: Dropped from Sugarrush Ghoul
  • Rewards: 250 Gold and 200 Exp

Myx it up:

“Trouble: Myx is being guarded by some kind of Super Moglinster. He appears to be quite a bit tougher than the others. You might want to invite to some friends with you. If you can defeat the Super Moglinster before the rest of them show up then you should be able to sneak back here with Myx. Please hurry.”

  • Items Required: Myx x1
  • Item Location: Dropped from Super Moglinster
  • Rewards: 100 Gold and 100 Exp

NEXT STEP: Now that you have completed these first three quests the Seasonal Shop should be available to you. Once you have done this continue onto the next quest.

Candy Conundrum:

“There has got to be a reason for the Moglinsters’ violent behavior! You have helped us out so much, Hero, but can you do us another favor? Apparently the Moglinsters ate too much candy… but this candy was not a Cauldron Sisters’ specialty. Who could be behind this Mogloween madness? Collect 10 Candy Samples from Moglinsters… and hurry!”

NEXT STEP: Section 4 Once you have completed the quest above, a portal should open run through it or just type /join voltabolt

Boos Clues:

“Head through that portal and bravely face whatever is waiting on the other side! I am sure that whoever is responsible has set up defensive security precautions, so be careful! Collect 4 clues that the monsters drop and bring those items back to us. These clues just might be the answers that we are looking for.”

  • Items Required: Fluoride Element x1, Stainless Steel Veneers x1, Robotic Drill Bit x1, Fill-up’s Screwdriver x1
  • Item Location: Dropped from Moglinsterbot and Nightmare Dentist Chair
  • Rewards: 300 Gold and 150 Exp

What’s up, Doc?:

“Dr. Voltabolt must be stopped! Everyone knows he’s a magic-hating mad scientist and all, but this time he’s gone too far! Head back through the portal and confront Voltabolt. Bring us back his Monocle once you’ve had a few choice words with him! You are our only hope at saving Mogloween!”

  • Items Required: Voltabolt’s Monocle x1
  • Item Location: Dropped from Dental Driller
  • Rewards: 500 Gold and 250 Exp

NEXT STEP: Section 5 Once you have completed Voltabolt’s quests, there are more quests at /join candycorn.

Investigate the Farmhouse:
Note: This quest can only be done once.

“Something’s just not right… and do you hear that ominous music playing off in the distance?! What is going on here?!? Please take a look around. Come back if you happen to come across anything too unusual, even for a Hero like yourself.”

  • Items Required: Farmhouse Investigated x1
  • Item Location Go to Screen 4 in the Candy Corn Farm
  • Rewards: 50 Gold 50 Exp

Children of Chaos:
Requirements: Must have completed previous quest

“Where are these kids’ parents anyway!? Don’t they know it’s a dangerous place out there? Well, I guess it’s up to you to protect them. Make 10 of them take off that hideous Chaos getup and send them to bed…or wherever. And tell them NO video games either!”

– When Completed
“Where do all these kids keep coming from? They’re going to be so grounded when their parents find out.”

  • Items Required: Freed Chaos Kid x10
  • Item Location: Dropped by Candy Kid
  • Rewards: 550 Gold 400 Exp

Where is that Barn Key?:
Requirements: Must have completed the previous quest.

“You need to get into that barn. Maybe the kids’ parents are trapped in there? We don’t know of any barns that have locked doors… but regardless, you have to find that key. Maybe one of those rebellious Chaos kids have it? Come back to us when you find it!”

– When Completed
“Good! You found a key! Now let’s see if it will open that barn door…”

  • Items Required: Candy Corn Barn Key x1
  • Item Location: Dropped by Candy Kid
  • Rewards: 600 Gold 450 Exp

Investigate the Barn:
Requirements: Must have completed the previous quest.
Note: This quest can only be done once.

“Alright. You got the Key. Now plow through those doors and find those parents… hopefully!”

  • Items Required: Barn Investigated x1
  • Item Location: Go to Screen 5 in Candy Corn Farm
  • Rewards: 50 Gold 50 Exp

Malik-EYE is so Grounded:
Requirements: Must have completed the previous quest.

“You know what you have to do. Go back to the barn and show that candy-crazed-chaos-kid who is boss around here!”

– When Completed
“So Malik-EYE has been grounded? That kid looked like he was up to no good anyway. But your work isn’t through with yet – there are still more chaos kids everywhere!”

  • Items Required: Malik-EYE Grounded
  • Item Location: Dropped by Malik-EYE
  • Rewards: 650 Gold 500 Exp

Clearing the Candy Corn Field:
Requirements: Must have completed the previous quest.

“Behind the barn is where the fields of free range candy corn grow. But it wouldn’t surprise us at all if the scarecrows there have been chaorrupted too! Clear the fields of 10 Field Guardians and head on back here so we know you’re still alive.”

  • Items Required: Field Guardian Slain x10
  • Item Location: Dropped by Field Guardian
  • Rewards: 700 Gold 650 Exp

So Sick of EYE-sac:
Requirements: Must have completed the previous quest.

“Just like the chaos kids and Malik-EYE, EYE-Sac needs to be taught to respect his elders. I bet that little scoundrel is hiding somewhere in the candy corn fields. Go find him and free him of that chaos curse!”

– When Completed
“You did it! Now only one thing stands in your way… the Stalkwalker!”

  • Items Required: EYE-Sac Grounded x1
  • Item Location: Dropped by EYE-sac
    Rewards: 750 Gold 700 XP

She Who Walks Behind The Stalks:
Requirements: Must have completed the previous quest.

“We don’t know who this Stalkwalker is, but she doesn’t sound like a nice person. Defeating her is your only shot at freeing the kids from this chaos spell (maybe even finding out where their parents are) …and hopefully getting our most needed shipment of ultra-high fructose candy corn syrup…”

  • Items Required: Stalkwalker defeated x1
  • Item Location: Dropped by Stalkwalker
  • Rewards: 850 Gold 800 Exp

Section 6:
Congratulations! You’ve completed Mogloween!

Here are a list of Shops:

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