Adventure Quest Worlds J6 Secret Walkthrough

Adventure Quest Worlds J6 Secret Walkthrough by Beowolve
Introduction: This guide is designed to take you through the J6 storyline. Because it is a very complicated zone, much of the information may be hard to find in-game which is why this guide will walk you through step-by-step, although you are encouraged to try and solve it yourself. 


Table of Contents: 

·  Getting the J6 items. 
·  Saloon 
·  Hyperium 
·  Zephyrus 


Part 1 – Obtaining Items 
To start this long quest you must obtain the weapon J6’s Secret Hideout Map. from the Sketchy Dragon at the first J6 map(/join j6). From there proceed to Dwakel (/join dwakel) and head up one room and into the little shack. In there click on the red button on the top of the boiler. This button will drop the Dwakel Decoder. As long as you have this item in your bag you will be able to decode the map. To access the map simply equip the weapon and click on it. The decoder will show up in the top left corner of the map. When you find something on the map the decoder will change from red to green. 


Part 2 – The Saloon 
Now that you’ve enhanced your map and found the decoder, you can get to the Saloon by clicking on the map when it’s equipped. This area is the first place you’ll meet J6. You cannot get to this map using the /join or /goto command, as is the case with all the J6 secret maps after this point. 

Using your magnifying glass cursor, go to the co-ordinates (342, 197), or close to them. The red circle in the corner of your screen should turn green, meaning that you are at the right spot. Click it, and you’ll be at the saloon. 

The Saloon NPC’s and their Quests

Black Boles 
Smoothie Alchemist 


·  Practice makes Perfect Bottle 

So you wanna help me find a Perfect Bottle, huh? It ain’t ganna be easy— they don’t call it *perfect* for nothing. William Picket over there has a Perfect Bottle for barter, but will only trade it for 100 Broken Bottles that have been thrown away. It’s ridiculous, I know, but if you need my help, I need yours first. Search through enough Trash Cans until you find 100 Broken Bottles and trade them in for William Picket’s Perfect Bottle. But if you’re lucky enough, you might even find a Perfect Bottle amongst the trash… 


·  50 Gold 
·  50 Exp 
·  Boles Helm 

Ask about J6 

I’d love to help out but if I don’t find a bottle soon, my juice will spoil! Can you help me out? 

After completing Black Boles’ Quests 

So you got some questions about the infamous J6, huh? Well I will do my best to help ya… whadya wanna know? 

1. Where J6 was spotted last?

…hmmm? Whazits? Sorry, this Moglinberry Juice reminds me of the cold smoothies that I used to get on Westion when I went to school in Soluna City. Mmmmm… delicious! 
2. Who saw J6 last?

Well, if the gossip was true, then the last person who saw J6 was the Engineer of Zephyrus. I can’t recall his name though. 
3. What did J6 steal?

Oh, whatever J6 stole was important. The sure-shot always gets his prize. If he wants it, he’s ganna steal it. No doubt about it. 
4. What is J6’s weapon of choice?

If you ever plan on fighting J6, don’t bring a knife. He’s really quick on the draw… 
5. What is J6’s eye color?

If J6 had Pink Eye, then I wonder that color his eyes would turn out to be? 
6. What is J6’s class?

Once a thief, always a thief. That’s no class I would want to live by. But to each their own, right? 

Charlie Morning 
Honky Tonky Pianist 
“Howdy! This is your first time at The Rusty Spitoon, huh? And you’re already trying to ask questions? Easy partner; if you need my help, I’m ganna need yours first to power my Stream Piano before the dinner rush.” 


Tap that Cactus 
“Like most wonders in this era, objects are powered by either magic or science. My piano right here is steam powered and requires water to operate. Unfortunately… we’re kinda in the middle of a desert. So water is no the easiest thing to come by. Some of the Cacti in the area should have built-up water reserves that we could use to power my Piano. Take this Tap and check every Cacti in the area for Water. They’re big an’ green an’ prickly so you can’t miss ’em!” 

Items Required: 

·  Cactus Water (10 Litre) (Collected from “clicking” Cacti in Sandsea Saloon


·  Slightly used Spittoon 
·  Saloon Door Wings 
·  Charlie Morning Helm 

Ask about J6 

Slow down there! These people get rowdy without their music. Find me some water and I’ll help you out. 

After completing Charlie Morning’s Quests 

J6 has been the buzz for some time now. I might be able to help ya out. What do you wanna know? 

1. Where J6 was last spotted?

Soluna City, definitely. Ordering a pizza. Oh wait, was that someone else? Lemmie tell you— these long shifts are doing a number on my memory. 
2. Who saw J6 last?

Hmm, I don’t know who would have seen J6 last. Maybe a hot cup o’ Joe will help stimulate my memory? Yes, yes… a hot cup o’ Joe sounds mighty nice right now. 
3. What did J6 steal?

What hasn’t he stolen? Exactly. J6 will steal anything of value, whether it’s gemeralds, a running locomotive, or even crystalized dragon breath! 
4. What is J6’s weapon of choice?

Swords! There are so many different types of swords out there that it’s near impossible for me to a weapon of choice. Oh waaiit, you were talking about J6’s favorite, huh? Uhh…
What is J6’s eye color?

Malachite. Chartreuse. Verdigris. Those are my kids’ names. I named them all after my favorite color…and also J6’s. 
What is J6’s class?

Class? HA! What class? Just kidding. I don’t think the world of Lore has a class set out that describes his “class.” 

Henry Bonney 
Rock Paper Scissors Grand Champion 
“Aha! A new face! Which means… a new challenger! Beat me in 3 rounds of Rock-Paper-Scissors if you want me to help you out with… whatever you need help with!” 

-Rock, Paper Scissors! Mini Game- (Optional) 
“When you’re ready, press the start button. You’ll have 3 seconds to pick rock, paper or scissors using the two arrows. Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors , scissors beat paper. Win 3 rounds to defeat Henry Bonney!” 

Ask about J6 

You’ve got to earn some respect here before acting like you own the place, and everyone respects a champion! 

If you lose: 
Now you know why they call me the Rock, Paper, Scissor Grand Champion. Maybe you can try again some other time, if you want to be beaten again. 

If you win: 
Random messages: 

  • Pheew! You sure showed me! Alright— a deal’s a deal. What do you want to know ’bout the infamous J6? 
  • You beat me! I can’t believe you beat me! I want a rematch! 

After beating him in Rock, Paper, Scissors 

1. Where J6 was spotted last?

Oh, where was J6 last seen? Hmm… I think his silhouette was somewhere over the direction in which the sun sets… 
2. Who saw J6 last?

Artix, Cysero, Joe Jingle, Thyton, and Rolith. Heed my riddle, traveler; the middle man will be the last to have seen J6. 
3. When did J6 steal?

J6 has stolen many things that I can’t keep track anymore. Something dealing with Dragons? Or Crystals? Maybe both… or maybe neither? 
4. What is J6’s weapon of choice?

Hey, I have a question for you: do you have tickets? *flexes arm muscles* Tickets to the gun show, of course! Ah-ha-hahaha! Good one, right? 
5. What is J6’s eye color?

J6’s eye put the “G” in Roy G Biv! 
6. What is J6’s class?

Class? Class! I just missed my night class! Oh man, I have got to go… sorry I couldn’t be more help! 

William Pickett 
Saloon Owner 
“I’m a bargain man, traveler. If you want my help with something, you’ll need to help me out first. What can I do for ya?” 


Get me that Recipe! 
“Alright, listen up: you want to know more about J6, and I want to know more about Yulgar’s Famous Rasberry Smoothies. All you have to do is search around until you find his Recipe. Once you search high and low and find Yulgar’s Secret Recipe, bring it back here and I’ll let you in on what I know about J6… to the best of my knowledge, that is.” 

Items Required: 

·  Secret Recipe (Can be found in Cellar– Screen 3) 


·  Brown Bowler 
·  Barstool 

-Trade- (Optional) 
“I’ve got this Perfect Bottle for trade, see? No, you can’t buy it… but it can be yours in exchange for 100 Broken Bottles. Don’t question my motives. Do you have 100 Broken Bottles or not?” 

Items Required: 

·  x100 Broken Smoothie Bottle (Dropped by Trash Can


Ask about J6 

If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. If you want help, you’ll have to help me; and then come back and scratch my back, it’s been bothering me for weeks! 

After completing William Pickett’s Quests 

A deal’s a deal. You helped me out, so now it’s time to return the favor. Ask away, buddy. 

1. Where J6 was spotted last?

I dunno, buddy— the last time I spoke to Artix, he said Cysero told Reens that he heard that J6 was somewhere West of here. But other than that, I dunno where. 
2. Who saw J6 last?

Who saw J6 last? Ha! Well it certainly wasn’t me— I haven’t seen that bounty hunter since he left on a supposed train robbery mission. 
3. What did J6 steal?

He’s stolen the heart of Cinazool, that’s for certain! But if I had to bet AdventureCoins on it, I’d say he’s after a much more mammoth prize. One that is valuable as a Dragon! 
4. What is J6’s weapon of choice?

His weapon of choice has to be that giant axe he slugs around Battleon. Oh wait, you’re talking about J6? Do ya honestly think I’d ever WANT to find that bit of information out? You should lay off the Raspberry Smoothies, buddy. 
5. What is J6’s eye color?

Hidden behind that red, gray, and green glowy helm of his.. how would I know what color his eyes were? Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. 
6. What is J6’s class?

Hey buddy, sorry I can’t help you out, but something came up. Came up missing, that is. Some of my tavern treasures have disappeared… I wonder if a thief is to blame? 

Annie Star 
Queen of the West 
“Hello, sugar. Really wish I could help you out right now, but my shift is just about over and I haven’t yet collected my tips! Help me out first and I’ll be more willing to help you too, sweetie.” 


Tip Out 
“My shift is just about over. But goodness me, my Tips are strewn all over the bar! Under the tables, beneath the chairs, ughm, they’re everywhere! Can you do me a big favor and help collect my Tips for me? Just click on each golden coin you find around the bar and bring them back to me when no more tips can be found! Thanks, sugar!” 

Items Required: 

·  Annie’s Tip (Collected from “clicking” coins at Sandsea Saloon


Ask about J6 

Please help me get my tips first and then I’ll tell you anything you’d like to know. 

After completing Annie Star’s Quests 

1. When J6 was last spotted?

The last time I heard anything about J6 was when I was tending the bar over on Westion. But that was ages ago, sugar. 
2. Who saw J6 last?

Dunno who last saw J6 , sweetie. But I gatta make a a cup o’ Joe for the pianist over there! He looks like he needs that caffeine boost! 
3. What did J6 steal?

Left socks! He has stolen thousands! Er wait, was that Cysero? Wouldn’t stealing something valuable like crystalized dragon breath or a vault full of Gold be more profitable… or rational? 
4. What is J6’s weapon of choice?

Those colts of his are more like stallions… with just as much horsepower hidden behind those triggers! 
5. What is J6’s eye color?

I think J6’s eyes are similar in color to that of Cysero’s robes. But I’m not too sure— I haven’t seen that man in ages! 
6. What is J6’s class?

Is “Heartbreaker” a class yet? Well it should be— that thieving J6 stole my heart years ago… 

Robert Parker 
Manliest cowboy west of north pinto 
“Helllllllooo! Have you brought me more Moglinberry Juice? *hic* No? Pssh…well since you’re standing there, make yourself useful! I’m stuck in this room ’til this sugar rush passes. Maaaan, I love that Juice so much, and am willing to help you out if you bring me more! I’m parched…” 


Juice on the Loose 
DialogueGlad you wanna help a partner out. I’m dying of thirst over here, and could really use more Moglinberry juice… and 3 Pints should do it. If I can *hic* recall correctly, there are a few beasties out there that love that Juice as much as me: Warden Elfis, the drow prison guard inside Dwarfhold; that big bad Cyclps Warlord in Mobius; and Big Jack Sprat in the Graveyard near Swordhaven. And don’t come back here without my 3 pints of moglinberry Juice! *hic* 

Items Required: 

·  Pint of Moglinberry Juice (Dropped by Warden ElfisCyclops WarlordBig Jack Sprat ) 
·  Pint of Moglinberry Juice (Dropped by Warden ElfisCyclops WarlordBig Jack Sprat ) 
·  Pint of Moglinberry Juice (Dropped by Warden ElfisCyclops WarlordBig Jack Sprat ) 

Rewards that you may also receive, at random

·  Robert Hat 
·  Henry Hat 
·  Poker Hand 

Ask about J6 

Hic*…what did you want again? 

After completing Robert Parker’s Quests 

Alright, alright, since you got me this wonderful Juice, I guess I should help you out. Seems fair, right? *hic!* Okay, so what questions do ya got for me? 

1. Where J6 was spotted last?

[1]Geeze, I wish I knew where J6 was. I have traveled all across Westion trying to find him. The man owes me big time after our previous outing. I’m hoping that he’ll show up here one day… *hic* 
2. Who saw J6 last?

Do you really think I would know who saw J6 last? The best person to talk to *hic* would be some Joe-shmo by the name of Jingle. 
3. What did J6 steal?

Hey, bud, if you plan on standing that close to me, you might wanna invest in some breath mints. Now what was the question? Eh, nevermind, I probably wouldn’t know the answer anyways. 
4. What is J6’s weapon of choice?

What is J6’s weapon of choice? Um… it’s right on the tip of my tongue… OH! Yea. That thing. Requires a permit. Bang bang! 
5. What is J6’s eye color?

An unbroken horse. Something relating to envy. The color of air coolant in giant Mecha. Yep, his eyes are that color. 
What is J6’s class?

His Class? *hic* Come on now, isn’t it obvious? His crimes are classified as anything but petty… 

Bounty Hunter 

Trying to sneak up on me spy? I heard you coming a mile away! What do you want? 

I want items! 

So you want items? What do I get in return? I don’t want gold, I have plenty of it. Cupcakes don’t work either I’ve had more than I can handle from the bar downstairs. Anyways, I only give items to people I know and my friends list is full. 

Can I be your friend? 

So you want to be my friend? You sure you aren’t a spy? Well either way, you need to prove yourself. Plenty of people come wandering on in here demanding something from me, but if you want the good, you need to work for it. I’d challenge you to a dual, but that didn’t end quite well for the last guy. 
So here’s the deal. I ask you 6 questions, you need to answer them all. Sounds easy? Good, let’s start. Oh, and small detail, if you are a spy, or get any questions wrong, then I’m locking the doors and taking you out. Nothing personal. 


Clicking I’m a spy! or Can I be your Foe? will force J6 to take you out with 1 hit. 

J6’s Quiz 


·  Use the two arrows to switch between answers. 
·  Press the answer button to give final answer. 


·  Answer the questions correctly. 


·  Reward is optional. 
·  Can only be done once, No reward after second time. 



Part 3 – Hyperium 
Now that you’ve completed the Quests in Saloon and J6’s Quiz and obtained coordinates to hyperium open up your J6 Map and use the co ordinates 525 275 to get to Hyperium, J6’s Ship. Please note that you should have the screen size normal and graphics on high to reach the coordinates. 
If your having trouble take a look at this map made by Jonzee Boy

The first challenge is the Defense Turrets which can kill you if you try to walk past them. In the side room you’ll see two red buttons which can deactivate the turrets for a short period. You’ll need a person to turn the switches and a person to run across. You can also invite anybody to a group and summon them to get to the other side. The /goto feature won’t work. 

For the weapon armory, you need to click the gauges in the right order. Use the times like a clock in the order 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 – and it will open. Here is a very useful Gauge Map. You can also watch this youtube video (Thanks to Ana!) to see how to open the armory. However, you are not yet done. If you wish to access the items in the shop, then you must complete two mission. To access the mission, leave the room and head over to the next door. This will be the elevator for the ship. Click on the bottom button and you will be transported to a room full of monitors. In this room is a big red button in the middle. Click on it to start the missions: 

How to complete misson1: Head over to the Forest (/join forest) and kill a zardman grunt then return to 1st floor on hyperium 

How to complete misson2: Head over to Boxes (/join boxes) and goto the room on the left and kill Sneeviltron then return to hyperium 1st floor 

In the elevator, there are three buttons, the first will take you to the main floor, the second will take you to the quest/mission/VR room, and the third will take you to the command center. To get to the VR Room, you need an access ticket. Go find J6 in Hyperium and click on his pocket to get the VR Room Access Ticket. That will allow you to proceed to the VR Room. 
Note: You will not be able to steal the VR Room Access Ticket if you don’t have enough dexterity! If you don’t have enough dexterity this will happen (click)If you have enough dexterity you will be able to take the card (click). 

In the VR Room there is only one quest currently available which will take you to the next map, Zephyrus. 


Part 4 – Zephyrus 
1.) When you get to Zephyrus, Go down the ladder and into the train, The brown lizard guy sitting beside a Star Captain has a Quest Called “Two Eyes”, yet the use of that quest is still unknown and not connected to having full access to Zephyrus. 
*Twist NOTES: 
-The Quest Item from the “Two Eyes” Quests drops from the Vulture men inside of the train. 

2.) Well to continue head right, then you will see a Female Star Captain sitting beside an old man, which seems to be the guy who drives the train. Then Click the old man’s pocket/belt (the brown belt at his waist). Then you will get the “Engine Room Key”. 

3.) Then head all the way right until you get to room #1. You’ll see a steel door at the very end which needs your “Engine Room Key” to unlock. Well its a good thing you have it already so now you can access the Engine Room! 

4.) In the Engine Room you can find an an NPC Wearing the Zeus Armor. To access his shop just simply click the white button at the middle of his chest. 

5.) To Open the Lock at the Furnace just click it, Then you’ll see 2 circles and a peg/steel rod at the right side of it. Simply drag it up to unlock the Furnace. Then Click the floating crystal inside and you will get a “Virtual Crystallized Dragon Breath”. 

6.) Then After getting the drop look at the right side of the Engine Room and you’ll see a big steel pipe, when your cursor passes by it it will turn yellow. Ok so click it, Then turn the knob right until it opens and then you’ll be up the roof of the train! 

7.) Then just go all the way left until you see J6’s ship. You need the :Virtual Crystallized Dragon Breath” to go to the next area. 



·  How do I deactivate the turrets in Hyperium?: 

You need someone in the room left of the turrets to press the buttons. 
The second turret can only be turned off by Crystallized Dragon Breath, 
You can get this in the Forge Room with J6, It’s the orangey crystal floating in the forge. 

You need someone in the room left of the turrets to press the buttons. 
The second turret can only be turned off by Crystallized Dragon Breath, 
You can get this in the Forge Room with J6, It’s the orangey crystal floating in the forge. 

You will need a rogue skill set with rank 5 (Rogue/Renegade/Vampire/Barber/Leprechaun Class/pirate) for this strategy. 
Equip it, and use the last skill which increases your haste and chance to dodge (a good thief build increases chance of success) and run across. 
It has been tested 10 times with a full warrior build and 8 out of ten times, the person passed through unharmed. 

·  How do I unlock the Weapons Cache in Hyperium? 

To unlock the weapons cache you must use the clue Prime 2-11. 
Prime numbers from 2-11 are 2-3-5-7-11. You must click the gauges in the in the correct order. 
Each gauge represents a time and you can easily see which is which. 

·  What are the answers to the J6 Quiz?

2.) Joe Jingle
3.Crystalized Dragons Breath
4.)Dual Revolvers
5.) Green
6.) Theif.

·  How do I get the quest items in Zephyrus? 
All quest items are dropped from Vulture Men except “Requesting a Request” which you get from clicking the blonde haired boys belt
·  How do I unlock the ZEUS shop? 
To unlock the ZEUS shop you must click on the white center piece of the Zeus Armor 

The AQWs wiki team for dialogue, quests info and rewards, and wiki links. 
moneybags and tokijin for coordinates. 
THEtrader for Saloon information, wiki link and the Saloon NPCs. 
Trogdor V20X6 for item information. 
Jonzee Boy for the FAQ and part of Hyperion 
Hay for the gauge map 
Mecha Mario for the VR Dexterity info 
THEtrader for the Zephyrus part 
Leumas Dragonsword for spelling 
mturf for noting links needed updating. 
Ashluv for redoing ALL the NPC conversations (thanks a bunch!) 
alvin720 for update hyperium info. 
THEtrader for noting Zephyrus bug had been fixed. 
Jonzee Boy for the update to the FAQ. 
The Legendary d4 for a correction about Z.E.U.S Helm 
ObliviousEffect for how to do Missions 1&2 in Hyperium 
Ana for the youtube video on how to open the armory 

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