World of Tanks Running Game in Borderless Maximized Window Guide

World of Tanks Running Game in Borderless Maximized Window Guide by Typhaeon

Hello, I originally posted this in the preferences.xml thread, but felt it might be more appropriate in its own thread, seeing as how this workaround has nothing to do with modifying that file. I’ll remove the post in the other thread if this topic is approved and put up on the board.

If you have two monitors — or just prefer the idea of running games in Fullscreen without the problems it can present when using alt-tab — you probably enjoy the “no border” windowed option in other major releases, such as World of Warcraft or Team Fortress 2. This is how to make the game run in a window, yet take up the entire visible area of the screen at your desktop’s native resolution, without the intrusive borders or cumbersome title bar Windowed mode usually forces on you.

Before you begin, you may want to go into the game’s Settings menu and uncheck “Full-screen mode”. Make sure the Window Size is set to your current Windows desktop resolution (it may show up as a few pixels off, 1920×1186 in my case, but this is normal) as well.

You will need two programs to start.

First is WinExplorer, which allows you to disable both the borders and title bar of the WoT window.

Second is ShiftWindow, which you’ll then use to center the window onscreen.

I’ll provide a detailed explanation of how to do this with screenshots:

1) Download, extract and run both ShiftWindow and WinExplorer.

2) Run the WoT launcher; continue into the application proper.

3) In WinExplorer, click Refresh, which will bring up the “W.o.T. Client [App]” window in the list, like so:

Posted Image

4) Highlight “W.o.T. Client [App]” after putting it in windowed mode, click the Style tab, and uncheck the following 2 boxes:

Posted Image

Doing this removes first the top bar, then the borders from the window.

5) Go into ShiftWindow. Name a rule after WoT; whatever you want, really. Then do the following:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Your game window should now be centered without borders. The taskbar will also not be visible or interfere with the window when in this state; you can call it up by pressing the Windows key or alt-tabbing.

The one bug I have personally experienced with this workaround is that the mouse cursor will behave as if it is slightly below where the pointer is on the screen. Be aware of this if you try to Ctrl-Click a square on the map’s bottom row and nothing happens, for example (moving your pointer up so the tail touches the square works in my case).


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