War2 Glory Population Strategy Guide

War2 Glory Population Strategy Guide by Mirelly

Population control is complicated problem for which there are no single solutions. Each city will tend to have a different set of dynamics that will affect its economy and each player must learn to manage their cities as much from intelligent trial and error as from experience. Experience cannot be bought of course, however the intelligence to guide your trial and error can be shared. Here follows my slant on the problem. It is not a definitive analysis; nor do pretend it is without errors or omissions. It is just a guide based on my experience and — in some cases — speculation. It’s not a set of specific instructions; instead it is a guide, the thoughtful reading and understanding of which should place you in a better position to make your own decisions as to how to fix the particular problems the reader faces.

  • Idle workers (green) are unemployed. Leave them unemployed for too long and they will leave.
    1. Idle workers can quickly be put to work by building military units. Check your arms plants to see what troops you need and how many workers you can set to work.
    2. A slower method is to upgrade resource production, which when finished will require more workers. The upgrade dialogue will tell you how many extra workers will be needed, as well as how long the upgrade will take
  •  Idle workers (red) are an indicator of the number of vacant jobs. Vacant jobs stimulate migrant workers to move into the city but, if large numbers are involved, this growth can be very slow.
    1. City Hall > Pacify > Green Card: gives an instant population boost
    2. Strategics from the Blitzkrieg outlet (or saved from your Rookie period) such as Immigration Rules also instantly boost city population.
    3. Check your population: population cap ratio. Crowding — population is close to the cap (maximum) — will cause immigration to stall. During the rookie period you can quickly build build 10 civilian houses and upgrade them to level 3 instantly if you are prepared to keep clicking endlessly. Afterwards upgrading houses — or building new ones if space is available — is essential to keep the population cap growing to provide housing that will attract new workers.
    4. Adjusting production levels (downwards) is a desperation measure, but may be worth considering if for example you have a massive surplus of a resource that is NOT food and which is being lost due to hazards.
  • Complaints and morale. These inter-related factors have a variable impact on population growth or decline. They are relatively simple to fix but it is important to remember that the game’s dynamics make the morale/complaints issue less easy to comprehend; the only certainty is that high morale (say 70+) and zero complaints are more conducive to city growth than lower morale and whiny, disgruntled, citizens.
    1. Morale is related to the tax rate. If you want to raise morale, lower your tax rate. If you need gold, raise the tax rate.
    2. Fixing complaints is easily done via City Hall > Pacify and choosing Relief or Charity (costs food and gold respectively)
    3. Morale is easily boosted via the same options.
    4. A desperation measure would be to use a Reassurance Notice (acquired during Rookie Protection, or buyable from the Blitzkrieg Outlet) which instantly puts morale up to 100%
  • Food supply. I have no firm evidence to support this, but I suspect that a city hosting a body of troops who consume more food than the city is producing (food production in red) might have a negative impact on immigration.
    1. Quick fix: send excess troops away to another city with food surpluses or demobilise (remove) troops you don’t actually need. Note that removing troops provides an instant return of some resources, which can be useful if resource supply is a pressing problem
    2. Long term fix: upgrade the city’s food production farms.
    3. Desperation fix: ship in food to stop the food running out. This won’t affect any negative effects that the troops food requirements may or may not be having, but it might save them from deserting if the food runs out completely
    4. Diamond Fix: Use the auto-rationing option your Trade Centre. Note that this will buy sufficient food from the market on an hourly basis to keep the troops fed. Over a 24 hour period this will cost you 120 diamonds, and — of course — it will fail as soon as soon as your diamonds run out.
  • Deserters and Injured Troops Camp. Again I have no evidence, but the presence of troops in either of these facilities may well also adversely affect immigration.

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