War2 Glory Gaining Reputation Guide

War2 Glory Gaining Reputation Guide by daniellucas

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There are 3 main things to remember when you want to gain rep:
1. Build troops
2. Seize and plunder things
3. Build up more cities
Now these 3 things go hand-in-hand, without troops you can’t seize things, without seizing things you can’t build cities, and without cities you get barely any rep.

Each troop you build gives you a small amount of rep. With those troops you need to go out and seize some fields of all type [The higher level the better]. And with those troops get the cities built.

-Building Up Cities-

When you get a 2nd city, build resource plants, then civilian houses. That should get you a nice flow of resources and gold, then, after this, get a research center built, this will help you get all the things you had in your main city to come to your 2nd with each upgrade of the research center.
After this get a General Headquarters and Staff Headquarters built. This will help control your city and let you put a mayor in place, straight after this you’ll need a military institute to buy officers to use during attacks and seizes, this will have got you lots of rep already. Next you need at least 5 Arms Plants, these will let you build troops. After that just get a few Warehouses and 1 of everything else on the building list.

-Troop Building-

Always get research done in your research center to build different troops and get those Arms Plants upgraded to make it possible to build them.
Once you’ve got about 5000 infantry, you need around 3000 Motorized Units and around 1000 Armoured Vehicles and to even it off you need around 500 trucks to take all the loot from plunders. The more troops you have the better, this is just what I think. :-)

-Seizing And Plundering-

Last of all is seizing and plundering. This is probably the most important thing in the game, everybody has to seize or plunder, it’s the aim of the game.
So, you need to build many troops to get plundering. For each level field you want to plunder you need to send more troops e.g. for a level 1 field, I find that around 100 infantry and 50 Motorized Units does the trick. For level 2 around 100 Motorized Units and 25 Armoured Vehicles again does the trick. But when you get to around level 7-10 you need to send the cavalry in, say around 5000 fighters, 2500 Armoured Vehicles and around 2000 Self Propelled Grenades and Rockets just to be safe. It varies though, even at level 10 you cant really be exact.

NPC’s are also good for gaining rep, I can’t personally say I know much about this part of my guide, but all I know is they are good for resources, but can’t be taken as cities. Level 1 NPC’s have about 10k of each resource, level 2 NPC’s [as far as I know] have around 20k of each resource, and so on for the rest.
Every level of NPC has a never ending troop supply.

I hope this guide will help in some way.


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