War2 Glory Jewelry Guide

War2 Glory Jewelry Guide by Mr_Crackpot

So you want to know all about jewelry and how to acquire them, well here is a little guide that explains it!

What is jewelry used for?

Jewelry can be used for a couple things. The jewels can be used as a reward for your officers to raise their loyalty. Or, they can be used to complete the Flying High Mission under your Missions tab!

The Flying High Mission is what gets you promoted (PVT, CPL, SGT, ect.), which is a VERY important thing on W2G! Every time you are promoted, you are able to build another city.

How do I get jewelry?

*First, figure out what jewelry you need. i.e. Platinum rings, Agate pendants, Obsideon rings, ect. Do this by going to your Missions tab. Then select Flying High in the window. There you will the credentials and jewelry you need to get promoted.

*Go to your map, scroll over a field or a “wild” (Basin, mountain, swamp, ect.), a small box will pop up giving details of the wild. It will state the most jewelry found in that wild.

*Single click on the wild.

*Select Scout to send a scout in order to get an idea of how many units and what kind of units are there.

*After you get a proper scout report, single-click on the wild again and click on Seize.

*Your Dispatch Screen will pop up. This is where you will select your units to fight. Be sure select enough troops to properly take the field.

*On your Dispatch Screen, there will be two drop-down menus. One will say Seize and the other will be blank. Select the blank one, then pick your best Military officer.

*Select Dispatch at the bottom of your Dispatch Screen.

*When your troops arrive and you defeat the the army occupying the wild, your will then be Garrisoning the wild.

*Recall all your troops from your wild but DO NOT ABANDON!

*Send ONE scout with your best politics officer to your now seized wild. There is no need to have more then that there. More troops doesn’t mean more jewelry or better success. It will only hurt your food output.

-For best results, use a politics officer with 65 or more attribute points in

*Click Ransackand your unit will then start searching for jewelry. You must let them ransack for a full 24 hours. If you collect early, you will not collect as much jewelry if any at all. After 24 hours, it becomes pointless because you will not collect any more jewelry then you have from that wild. You are simply wasting time and resources.

Are there any kind of boosts or items I can use to increase the politics on my officer?

Yes, there are items in the Blitzkrieg Outlet such as Captial.

Capital-Give this to an officer to increase their Politics attribute by 25% for 24 hours. The duration can be extended through multiple uses.

Are there any other ways to get jewelry?

Yes, in the Blitzkrieg outlet they sell Jewelry Chests. They can purchased with diamonds there but be warned, you won’t always get what you want.

Why would I want to use jewelry on my officer? It only raises their loyalty!

It’s a rather good substitute for gold if you don’t have enough gold to raise their loyalty. But be sure to only use common jewelry! There is no sense in wasting 1 of your gold bracelets when you have a ton of Obsideon rings!

Loyalty is VERY important for an officer! If their loyalty is high, it makes it less likely to lose them to an enemy player or them deserting you! Try to always have your officers loyalty above 80!

If you follow this guide correctly, you should be able to acquire jewelry rather easily! Just be patient when you are ransacking. Like 99% of this game, time is always a factor!

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