War2 Glory Capturing WW2 Heroes Guide

War2 Glory Capturing WW2 Heroes Guide by Caramon

Why would you want to get a WW2 Heroes?

WW2 Officers are the best officers in the game, they have the highest base statistics and they are extremely powerful. They also give you a little war history information on their personal story when you click on «Introduction» button right beside their name.

1. What is needed to get WW2 Heroes?

1.1 First you need to capture him. You will only be able to capture him if you have his portrait 30 diamonds.

1.2 Second thing, you will need to recruit him. You need a «comission letter» for this.
– You can either buy it 500 diamonds on the shop.

-or do the quest for the item. Look at the «WW2 Heroes» tab in the mission window (you can only do it once)

– Number of Obsidian Rings required: 300
– Number of Amber Necklaces required: 300
– Number of Platinum Rings required: 300
– Number of Gold Bracelets required: 200
– Number of Agate Pendants required: 200
– Number of Jade Necklaces required: 200
– Number of Sapphire Pendants required: 100
– Number of Ruby Rings required: 100
– Number of Emerald Brooches required: 100

2. How do you capture a WW2 heroes?

You need to see where the Heroes is located. Is he already owned by a player or is he still free in the wilderness?

You will need a military institute level 5 or higher to see a list of WW2 heroes. Click the «WW2 Heroes» button.

Check the list and spot a Heroes you like. Note that the Heroes all appear at level 100. Write his name down. Check the «Officier» ranking list and look for him somewhere.

If you can’t find the Heroes in the ranking that means he is still free in the wilderness. If the Heroes appear in the ranking, that mean he is owned by a player.

If you are lucky, you can find a WW2 heroes when scouting a player city.

You can also buy his portrait (30 diamonds), it will give you the coords where the Heroes his stationed.

2.1 How to capture a Hero that is free in the wilderness.

2.1.1 You need to lower his loyalty below 50 by launching attacks. Some player will use an «Advanced Resettlement Plan» to move a town close to where the Heroes is held to speed up the process. Note that after one successfull attack, the Heroes will flee to another field. Make sure that you scout the field and don’t send too large an army to attack as the hero may flee if your army is too large.

2.1.2. Repeat buying his portrait to get his new location. And attack him until you capture him. Only a seize attack can capture him. Note. You will need between 4 to 7 attacks to drop his loyalty below 50.

It is recommanded to use a high level and high star officier to attack against the Heroes, since it will lower the loyalty faster than a low level low star officier. You need to win the fight in the wilderness to sucessfully lower his loyalty.

2.1.3 Once captured you will find him in your «Staff Headquarters» made sure you have a free room for him.

2.2 How do you capture a Heroes that is held by a player.

2.2.1 First. You can only capture a player owned WW2 Hero if he is the mayor of the players city.

2.2.2 Kill the defending troops in the city. If gate are closed and they are ordered not to leave the walls, you wont have any troops to kill.

2.2.3 Once the city is undefended. Each attack will lower the loyalty of the Heroes by 1 point. Note1, you can also use the «Show Discord» stratagem to lower his moral quikcer. Note2. You can’t cast this stratagem while the city is at war.

2.2.4. Once you have sent at least 50 attacks to the city, you can seize it one last time to capture the Hero. (You need his portrait to succesfully capture him). You will need less attacks if the Heroes loyalty is already below 100.

3. How do you recruit a WW2 hero you have captured?

3.1 If the Hero was free in the wilderness.

You will have 12 hours to force him to surrender. You need to use a «comission letter» (one per Hero you recruit).

3.2 If the Heroes was held by another player.

When you try to recruit him, you will get a crappy message like «This WW2 Hero refuses to surrender for the next 12 hours since he was recently released from capture. Please try capturing this hero again later.» But remember that you need to recruit him within 12 hours because else he will flee back into the wilderness.

So, you need to wait like 11 hour and 55mins and spam the «recuit» button until you can get him to surrender (dont forget to have a «comission letter»). If you fail to recruit him within the time, the Heroes will flee back into the wilderness, so you will have to buy portrait again to get his new location, and seize him to capture him again…

Note2. No one knows when the Heroes actualy flee, is it after 12 hours straight, or is it on the «mini hourly update» after the 12 hours have passed….

4. Play with him

Now you should be done and have recruted your new WW2 Heroes. You can now send him out on attacks and dominate the battlefield with the strongest officers in the game!

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