Travian Heroes Explanation

Travian Heroes Explanation by conquerer7


Heroes are extremely strong units that can really pack a punch. To train a hero, first you will need a Heroes Mansion. Then, you will need one unit to train into a hero. The hero will be the same speed as the original unit, but the stats can be much better! The hero will also eat 6 wheat per hour, since heroes are above the measly food rations that your normal soldiers get. A word of warning: the unit you choose will impact the hero’s stats, so choose wisely!

Your Hero’s Five Stats

Now go to your hero’s mansion when your hero is done training. Your hero will start at level 0 and will have five stats:

You will start with 5 ‘points’ to put into these five stats. Choose wisely: At the moment you will be able to redistribute them freely, but once your hero levels up for the first time, you will not longer be able to redistribute any points.

Attack means the attack value of your hero. For example, if your hero has 1000 attack, it attacks like a unit with 1000 attack. If your hero was trained from an infantry unit, it will attack as infantry. If your hero was trained from a cavalry unit, it will attack as cavalry. So if your hero is a maceman with 400 attack, he** will attack as if he were 10 macemen, since each maceman has 40 attack.
Same thing goes for defense. By putting points into attack and defense, you can raise your hero’s attack/defense values.

Off-Bonus affects troops other than your hero. For every point you put into Off-Bonus, each one of your troops in the same village as your hero gain a 0.2% attack bonus. This doesn’t seem like much, but if you have a large army it really adds up. Def-Bonus is the same, except with defense.

Regeneration is how much health your hero recovers. Each point in Regeneration makes your hero recover 5% health per day.

Each stat can go up to a maximum of 100- That’s a 20% off/def bonus, 500% health regen per day, and a ****load of attack and defense.

Experience and Health

Below this, you will see an experience bar. This shows how much experience your hero has. Your hero can gain experience by killing units in a battle, either defending or attacking. The amount of experience you get is equal to the wheat upkeep of the enemy troops killed. So if you killed three macemen (1 upkeep each), you would get 3 experience, and if you killed 100 elephnats (5 upkeep each), you would get 500 experience.

Getting to level 1 will take 100 experience. Getting to level 2 will take 200 experience. Getting to level 3 will take 300 more experience. (For anybody curious, it takes 400 more experience to get to level 4) Your hero can get to a max of level 99, at which point all the stats will be maxed out.

The Experience Bar is shown in percent, so if your hero is level 1 and has killed 30 upkeep worth of troops but only gained 15% experience, it is not a bug.

Every time your hero gains a level, he will gain 5 more points to put into the five stats.

You’ll also find the hero’s health. Your hero’s health after a battle is based on how many of your troops died during the battle. If, during the battle, 50% of your troops died, your hero will lose 50% health. (Not 50 percent of his current health!) If your hero loses more than 90% health in one battle, he will die.* Be sure to put some points into Regeneration, because if your hero dies it will cost a fortune to revive it.

But what if my hero does die?

If your hero dies, you will have two options.
1. Revive your hero. This will cost quite a bit, especially for higher level heroes.
2. Train another hero. You can train another unit into a hero. Later on, if that hero dies, you will be able to revive your first hero or your second hero. You can have a maximum of three heroes, and only one can be alive at any given time.


Heroes aren’t only good for beefing up your army. They can also annex oases, which can provide a large resource boost to your village! Oases are easy to find, as they stand out on the map, unlike the other blank squares or villages.

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