Travian Start Position Guide

Travian Start Position Guide by Housefish

Players who activates their accounts at the start of a round, for instance on the 25/05/xx, will be placed near the middle of the servermap, players who active their account later will be placed outwards, in the choosen quadrant. This was scripted to avoid smaller players (new activated) from spawning near bigger ones. Otherwise they wouldn’t have a chance…

The directions

You can choose your quadrant/direction when you register out of this four:

NE = northeast – coordinate prefix (+|+)
NW = northwest – coordinate prefix (-|+)
SE = southeast – coordinate prefix (+|-)
SW = southwest – coordinate prefix (-|-)

You will always be placed at the edge of your quadrant/direction.

How can I be sure that we (my friend and I) are very near together?

1. activate your accounts at the same time.
2. Select the same quadrants.

Even after following those two easy steps, it can happen that you are not beside your friend. Especially when the server is somewehe in the mid game, the spawn area will be much bigger.

Both player will start in the choosen qudrant, but as you can imagine the spawn area is now much more bigger, which can cause a bigger distance between you and your friend

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