S4 League Edit Background Music Guide

S4 League Edit Background Music Guide by xKeix

Most of you probably don’t know that you can edit Background Music in S4 League game.

Here is a GUIDE how to change Background Music in this game:

1. Go to your S4 League folder and click on BGM folder.
(Example: C:Program FilesalaplayaS4LeagueBGM )
That folder is empty (only text file in It)

1.1 Add to that folder OGG files (as many you want )
(OGG file is a music file. Any other files wont wont work)
For the first try you can try to add my own files
Download some OGG files from my Folder.Download some OGG files from my Folder.
(Or download 1 single file for the first try)
(I will update that folder from time to time)

You can use MP3–>OGG converters such as Audacity, SonySoundForge….
One Of this Converters you can download here:
[link updated since 6.12.2009]
(Another suggested converter is File Blender. You can download it here: http://sector-seven.net/software/fileblender )

2. Enter into the game.

2.1. In a lobby press SET UP button

2.2. Choose SOUND –> Juke box


In this box you can change background music.

Location (LOBBY) is MAP where you want to change music.
Total list (LOBBY) is music which you want to choose for location.
Selection List (LOBBY) is a music which you are using right now.

2.3 Now we will edit Background Music

Choose any location from ‘LOCATION’ list (example: Neden-2)
Choose any music file from ‘TOTAL LIST’ (example: Amusic002.ogg)
Move it (with UP and DOWN buttons) to ‘SELECTION LIST’

2.4 Now you need to remove old music from the list.

Choose from the ‘SELECTION LIST’ old file (Fuzzy Control) and move it to the ‘TOTAL LIST’ (With UP button)

3. Now we almost done.

Remember in ‘SELECTION LIST’ must be only 1 file (If more 2 different musics will play in the same time)

Press ‘APPLY’ button.

P.S. If you press ‘RESET’ button all music will be back to old one.

3.1. No need to restart game client(in most cases).

4. Is this Legal? Generally It not allowed to modify game clients but in this case It’s ALLOWED because that JUKE BOX option is made specially for that. This is not hack.

4.1. You can ask any questions about this guide.
If you don’t know where to get .OGG files I can create that files for you and share It with you. You also can request OGG files from me:
-Song name and artist
-Download link ( via MediaFire, megaupload or 4shared, other file hostlers I don’t accept) if this song not in Japanese or Korean language. If It’s in Japanese then just Song name+ artist is enough.

Have Fun~

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