S4 League Fumbi Perma Guide

S4 League Fumbi Perma Guide by Degrade


I guess most of you guys hearing about those fumbi stuffs +5 +6. You can gamble it in the fumbi shop aswell. So there is a small chance that you will get perma. Before starting with the guide lets clear some myth. AP are not raise your chance to get perma. There is still no one who can calculated the fumbi system. Well then lets start ..

Fumbi gamle rule:
First of all you need to get enough PEN to gamble. For 1 clothes piece you would need like 80k PEN to gamble(the optimum amount are 120k or more), same for weapons 180k PEN to gamble(the optimum amount are 300k or more).

How to get much PEN in a short time?
Well the best way without to buy AP are arcade mode. Arcade normal mode solo are best to farm pen, if you dont want to die then take a friend with you and use ME. Do not wait till the time end. Just do it as fast as you can. You usually need like 45mins for 1 time to clear all stages. So that mean you could get 4 capsules within 3 hours. That mean you can get 4876 ~ 203336 PEN after this 3 hours.

How to clear all stages fast?
You will need the right equipment. And know how to clear the stages fast.

Equip and stages:
The basic equipment are shirt all+3. It only cost 2.6k PEN.
Stage 1: HMG
Stage 2: HMG, SMG
Stage 3: SMG, Semi, MS(if you are scare)
Stage 4: HMG MS(if you are scare)
Stage 5: SMG
Stage 6: SMG
Stage 7: SMG, HMG, Semi(You can use the bug, lets Kitsch die and then give up. Or just do this stage it is funny o.O)
Stage 8: HMG

Stage tricks:
Stage 1: None
Stage 2: Jump on the stone near the start point. The meele mobs cant hit you, except Taejo and his subs.
Stage 3: None
Stage 4: Just stay on Taejo head and spam HMG. Kill all the spiders when they spawned, because they do alot of dmg to Taejo. When the Guard spawn jump into the hill and just wait 1min.
Stage 5: Use SMG and stay behind a tree and shoot Teajo.
Stage 6: Updating
Stage 7: Use HMG again the CC, CU and robots. When Taejo spawn use SMG and Semi to kill him. Use shoot him it will annyoing him, so he will try to dodging your bullet and dont have time to hit Kitsch.
Stage 8: Run fast on the hill, just stay here and use HMG.

Stage tricks will be update on other forum since Alaplaya rules arent allow to post them here.

Well after you farmed alot of fumbi capsules and got enough PEN to gamble. Lets get on the most important thing.

Fumbi chance raise:
There is a bug in the fumbi shop. Well it is not really a bug, but it will raise your chance to get perma(it work for me like 100% and my friends 99%). If you got the weapon or clothes you want with the right color and bonus. Then click on the Help button and press on Step 4. It is very simple to explain why this raise your chance to get perma, because this option are made for newbies. So the develope decided to lets newbies got more chance to get perma. From now just dance till you get your perma. Do not stop dance or go out the shop.

After you know all of those. I can only say good luck to ya now.

Note: Only do gamble once per day.

I guess you will not believe it at all so here is some pics about the AP myth and the Help button trick.

200K before level 20(No AP+)

So have fun and good luck.

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