Metal Assault Item Set Stats Guide

Metal Assault Item Set Stats Guide by marksteele

Hey guys, the purpose of this guide is to collect info on every single item set and what stats they give you. Eventually I plan on this guide having info on every ITEM but for now this will do.

Remember guys we need your contributions to this project. Feel free to post item stats (and preferably their icons).

When posting please post the Item Icon, the stats of the icon and its set stats, the item name and the set it belongs to. A good example is KZee1994’s post

TIP: Use ctrl + F to find an item.

Contributors List:

So Here we go:

Item Sets

Common sets(white)

Unique sets(blue)

Sticky Zombie Set

Sticky Zombie Outfit

Sticky Zombie Feet

Fast Zombie Set

Fast Zombie Outfit

Fast Zombie Mask

Fast Zombie Foot

Rotten Zombie Set

Rotten Zombie Outfit

Skeleton Set

Skeleton Mask

Skeleton Outfit

Skeleton Gloves

Skeleton shoes

SG Sniper Set

SG Sniper Cap

SG Sniper Team Gloves

ROC Tech Engineer Set

ROC Tech Engineer Outfit

ROC Tech Engineer Combat Boots

ROC Tech Engineer Gloves

Combat Vehicle Soldier Set

Roc Combat Bandanna

Roc Vehicle Goggles

Roc Vehicle Soldier Outfit

Roc Vehicle Soldier Gloves

Vehicle Solider Combat Boots

ROC Air Patrol Set

Roc Air Patrol’s Combat Outfit

Air Patrol Helmet

ROC Air Patrol’s Gloves

Squad Commander Set

Squad Commander Cap

Squad Commander’s Combat Boots

ROC Squad Commander’s Outfit

ROC Squad Commander’s Gloves

Commander’s Goggles

rare sets(pink)

Fatso Zombie Set

Fatso Zombie outfit

Fatso Zombie Foot

ROC D-TX Stormer Set

Roc D-TX Stormer Helmet

ROC Signal Men Set

ROC Comm-Ops Combat Boots

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