Megaten Reshapes Guide

Megaten Reshapes Guide by Kuenaimaku

What are Reshapes?

Reshapes are a handy item that allow the creation of other hard-to find items. Each type of reshape can be used only for a certain selection of items. For example, Collect enough of the right reshapes and you’ll be able to turn a Dainslef into a Flamehorn! There are Reshapes for all kinds of items, such as incenses, Runestones, Clothing, Weapons, and gems.

How do I use these Reshapes?

Using reshapes is done through item mixing. Simply drag the item you have and the reshapes you have (Given that its the right kind of reshape) and you will be able to receive the correct result item. Here’s an example of using a Gender reshape in order to get a different set.

List of Formulas

Don’t know what you would need? Here’s a list with many formulas involving reshapes.

ItemItem AmountReshapeReshape AmountResult
Scatter SG1Reshape Sword10Flamehorn
Dainslef1Reshape Sword50Flamehorn
Royal Scepter of Demonic Blood1Reshape Sword10Cosmopolitan Sword
Gabishi1Reshape Sword50Cosmopolitan Sword
The Punisher1Reshape Sword10Heaven Bent Earth Shaker
Heixuanfeng1Reshape Sword50Heaven Bent Earth Shaker
ItemItem AmountReshapeReshape AmountResult
Tenimuho1Reshape Magic10Phlogiston
Main Gauche1Reshape Magic50Phlogiston
Floral Whirlwind1Reshape Magic10Executor
Conviction1Reshape Magic50Executor
Zero1Reshape Magic10Eistanzer
Death1Reshape Magic50Eistanzer
ItemItem AmountReshapeReshape AmountResult
Floral Whirlwind1Reshape Gun10Avalon 24
MADMAX1Reshape Gun50Avalon 24
Spear of Duftach1Reshape Gun10Wind Master’s Havoc
Foresta1Reshape Gun50Wind Master’s Havoc
Death1Reshape Gun10Parabellum
Yreizeigel1Reshape Gun50Parabellum
ItemItem AmountReshapeReshape AmountResult
Magnetite10000Reshape Jewel10Philosopher’s Stone x20
Mana40Reshape Jewel5Diamond x20
Decayed Scrap Iron (Clump)5Reshape Jewel3Ruby x20
Decayed Scrap Iron (Bullet)5Reshape Jewel3Pearl x20
Decayed Scrap Iron (Blade)5Reshape Jewel3Sapphire x20
ItemItem AmountReshapeReshape AmountResult
Sound of Silence (M)1Reshape Gender5Sound of Silence (F)
Sound of Silence (F)1Reshape Gender5Sound of Silence (M)
Isolator’s Cloth1Reshape Gender30Data Ticket (Ruler)
Dominator’s Cloth1Reshape Gender30Data Ticket (Wanderer)
Mail of Replica1Reshape Gender20Data Ticket (Fighting Maid)
Fighting Maid Dress1Reshape Gender20Mail of Replica
Jack Frost Costume (M)1Reshape Gender10Jack Frost Costume (F)
Jack Frost Costume (F)1Reshape Gender10Jack Frost Costume (M)
Ruby Eyes (M)1Reshape Gender5Ruby Eyes (F)
Ruby Eyes (F)1Reshape Gender5Ruby Eyes (M)
Ruby’s Gauntlets (M)1Reshape Gender5Ruby’s Gauntlets (F)
Ruby’s Gauntlets (F)1Reshape Gender5Ruby’s Gauntlets (M)
ItemItem AmountReshapeReshape AmountResult
Small Runestone of Victory10Reshape Rune5Large Runestone of Victory x1
Small Runestone of Secrets10Reshape Rune5Large Runestone of Secrets x1
Small Runestone of Destruction10Reshape Rune5Large Runestone of Destruction xi
Small Runestone of Life10Reshape Rune5Large Runestone of Life x1
Small Runestone of Change10Reshape Rune5Large Runestone of Change x1
Small Runestone of Protection10Reshape Rune5Large Runestone of Protection xi
Small Runestone of Courage10Reshape Rune5Large Runestone of Courage x1
Small Runestone of Travel10Reshape Rune5Large Runestone of Travel x1
Small Runestone of Knowledge10Reshape Rune5Large Runestone of Knowledge x1
Small Runestone of Endurance10Reshape Rune5Large Runestone of Endurance x1
Small Runestone of Harvest10Reshape Rune5Large Runestone of Harvest x1
Small Runestone of Fate10Reshape Rune5Large Runestone of Fate x1
ItemItem AmountReshapeReshape AmountResult
Mirror of Moonlight (Lunar Eclipse)5Reshape Grow10Mirror of Moonlight (Full Moon) x10
Earl’s Vest1Reshape Grow15Kuberis’s Vest
ItemItem AmountReshapeReshape AmountResult
Incense of Experience (3X)5Reshape Incense7Balm of Life x10
Balm of Life5Reshape Incense7Incense of Experience (Demon 5X) x10
Incense of Experience (5X)5Reshape Incense7Incense ofMastery(5X) x10
Incense of Mastery (5X)5Reshape Incense7Incense of Experience (5X) x10

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