Megaten Frequently Asked Questions

Megaten Frequently Asked Questions by gmpeanut

  • What should i do after Act 0?
    You should talk to Snakeman, he will tell you what to do next. You should also talk to Father Figure Guard outside of Virtual Battle, he has some quests that will help you to better understand the world of Megaten.
  • I didn’t read the tutorial in Virtual Battle, is there a way to redo it?
    Yes, you can always come and talk to Snakeman again.
  • I completed the Virtual Battle Tutorial what do i do next?
    When in doubt ask Snakeman, he will be the main NPC (non-Player-Character) who will direct you on your path.
  • I can’t contract Leader Pixie or any other Demon.
    You have to use the negotiation skills (Talk, Threaten) several times before a demon joins you. Sometimes you might need to try talking with another demon of the same kind, before you find the one that will want to join you.
  • I got a demon but cannot call it to my side, what do i need to do it?
    You need a special item, called Magnetite, to be able to summon your demon. Magnetite can be obtained from looting demons you defeat in battle.
  • My Demon Friend died, how do i bring it back to life?
    You need to go to Pharmacy and buy an item called Revivial Orbs and just use them.
  • Why is my weapon greyed out and i am dealing less damage?
    Your weapon is probably damaged and it’s durability decreased to 0, you just need to go to the Weapon Shop and talk with the NPC to repair it. Weapons become less effective as you use them and loose durability.
  • My clothes are greyed out too, what do i do?
    You will have to repair your clothes from time to time, you can do it in Accessory Shops, in any City.
  • My Top had 30 durability now it only has 28, why?
    While repairing you always have the small chance to permanently lower the items durabilty by a few points.
  • How do i prevent it?
    You can look for Repair Kits/Tools, the first can be found in reward boxes in some dungeon runs, the second can be bought for AP (Aeria Points) by going here.
  • I got a gun but i cannot shoot, why?
    You need to buy some bullets and make sure they are equipped, otherwise you cannot use your shooting skills.
  • What is Expertise?
    To put it simply Expertise is your skill level. The higher the Expertise rank the stronger your skills.
  • How do i start learning Expertise?
    You need to unlock the skills, you do it by clicking the small rectangle on the right side of the window.
  • I unlocked the Expertise, but it’s still not going up, why?
    In Megaten you learn by repeating the skills, for example to raise Attack, you need to use Attack skills.
  • What are Ranks and Classes?
    Ranks and Classes tell you how strong your Expertise is, the higher the Class and Rank the better the skills.
  • How do i learn the skills in each Expertise?
    You need to double click on the Expertise and choose what skill you want to learn. Some of the classes and ranks give you only one skill, in others you need to choose which one you think will benefit your more.
  • How many Expertise Points do i have?
    At the begining you have 17,000 points, the number grows with each 10 levels by 1,000, the total amount of points you can have is 26,000. This means that you WILL NOT be able to master every skill. For further information about expertises, check out the Expertise section
  • Are there any items that lower the Expertise Class?
    You can buy Water/Bottle of Forgetfull in Magic Shop in any City, they lower your Expertise by one rank/class respectively. The only requierment for those is that your Character is below level 30. If your Character is above level 30 you need to buy Lethe Water/Bottle for AP. You can obtain some Non-Trade Lethe Bottles from NPC Quests and Demon Friend Quests.
  • How do I get a demon mount? At Shinjuku Babel, one of the cities you will come across during the game, you’ll find an NPC called DB Okabe, who is riding a Cerberus (the white lion-like demon). Talk to him and take his ‘lessons’ to receive a free Nimble Cerberus and its Intaglio (a ring that once equipped, allows you to mount a certain demon).
    However, Nimble Cerberus is level 20, so in order to summon it and mount him you must be level 20 or higher.

    If you happen to have an Intaglio for another demon mount, you can talk to DB Okabe again, and he will offer you to train your demon as Nimble (meaning it’s trained to be mounted). Your demon must be one of the ones in his list, and has to be level 20 or up, to be made Nimble. Also, make sure you have the Intaglio ring for that demon, so you can mount it. Also, keep in mind that demons trained as Nimble, will lose any other skill, keeping only the basic ones.

  • What are these demon cards for?Some demons may drop “demon cards” (like, Jack Frost card, etc.) You can trade these demon card to Card Maniacs NPC’s (non-Player-Character) for some special items (mostly, equipment). They will ask you to get a set of certain demon cards in order to give you a reward in exchange.
  • What are Fortune Cards?
    Fortune Cards are AP items that give random prizes. The list or prizes is changed frequently, and posted in forum. To look at the list, click the “List” option when a FC is highlighted, a window will pop up like a shop screen, displaying all the items, and even lets you try them on.
  • How can I do a dungeon run?
    Buy a key called a “Plate” at the Yagiya in the dungeon lobby. Click the glowing Tablet and select the Plate from the list.
    There are different kind of Plates but the most common are Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each category is related to the level of difficulty of the same dungeon, with Gold the hardest.
  • Why do some players have equipment with special names?
    It’s because their equipment/weapon was modified to improve it. These modifications add special names to the equipment. This is a more advanced feature that you shouldn’t worry about yet. For more information about this, check the Synthesis section on the MegaTen Wiki.
  • Why can’t I make a second character in my account?
    To make more than one character, you must purchase Character Tickets with AP from the Character Select screen. However, keep in mind that if you delete a character created with a Character Ticket, you’ll have to buy another in order to create one again.

There are several NPCs scattered throughout Home 3 to assist you as you begin your journey into Shin Megami Tensei Imagine.

Here are a few important NPCs you’ll want to get acquainted with once you begin:

  • Snakeman
    If ever you are confused as to what your current objective is, talk with Snakeman. He is here to guide you as you get started in Shin Megami Tensei Imagine.
  • Virtual Girl
    Speak with Virtual Girl to begin Combat Training and learn more about it’s mechanics.
  • Fatherly Figure Guard
    The Fatherly Figure Guard will assign you a few tasks to become better acquainted with your surroundings as you get started. Talk with him to familiarize yourself with Home 3 and the NPCs within it.
  • Experienced Demon Buster
    The Experienced Demon Buster will teach you about Parties, Trading, the Bazaar System and several other elements of gameplay.
  • Terminelle
    If you are ever running short on Inventory Space, speak with Terminelle. She will gladly hold an additional 50 items for you in an Item Depository.


Here is a brief overview of how the interface works in Shin Megami Tensei Imagine:


Clicking this icon will open up the PC Details Menu, which has a list of selections pertaining to your character.

  • Status/Equipment
    This menu displays detailed information on your character’s stats and items you have currently equipped.
  • Skills/Commands
    This menu is split into two sections. The Skills section displays all the abilites you have learned for use in combat. To unlock more Skills you will need to train Expertise. The Commands section lists different social skills such as greetings and emotions, as well as actions to control your Demon partner.
  • Expertise
    This menu displays all the abilities you can learn in Shin Megami Tensei Imagine. You must turn on an Expertise in order to learn the skills from it.
  • Alignment
    This menu displays the Alignment Chart. Your alignment will change based on actions you make throughout the course of the game. You will learn more information on this as you progress through the storyline.
  • Versus
    This menu displays your PvP (Player versus Player) records and trophies. You must be at level 30 or above in order to participate in Versus. For advanced information on this, talk to the Yaginuma at the Home Point.
  • Item Mixing
    This menu displays the Item Mixing Screen, where you can combine items in order to make something new. Feel free to experiment with this. *Note: Not all items can be mixed with each other*

Clicking this icon will open up the Demon Menu, which has a list of selections pertaining to your Demons.

  • Demon List
    This menu displays all the demons you have stored in your COMP. A COMP is a computer terminal equipped on your character’s left arm. Players use COMPs to summon Demons in Shin Megami Tensei Imagine. Use this list to summon demons, unsummon demons, and get more details on your demons stats and abilities.
  • Transfer Skill Gauge
    The Transfer Skill Gauge gives you the ability to use special combination attacks with your demons. You must have at least 2 demons in your COMP to do this. For advanced information on this, talk to the Friendly Demon Buster outside of Home III.
  • Demonic Compendium
    This is an encyclopedia of the Demons in the world of Shin Megami Tensei Imagine. You can add entries to this based on demons you have contracted. For advanced information on this, talk to the Demonic Researcher in the Cathedral of Shadows.
  • Plug-in List
    This is a collection of Plug-Ins collected throughout the course of the game. Plug-Ins are required to fuse specifc Demons you might not have been able to create otherwise. You will learn more about Plug-Ins as you progress through the game.

Clicking this icon will open up your inventory. You have 50 available spaces in your inventory. For additional Storage, speak with Terminelle in any major city.

Clicking this icon will open up your Quest Guide. If you ever forget where you were going or what was required from a quest, this menu will help you get back on the right track.

  • Quests
    This menu will display all the side-quests you have accepted & the requirements to complete them.
  • Episodes
    This menu will display the current Act you are on and the requirements to complete it.
  • G1 Trials
    This menu will display your records for Timed Dungeon Runs. For advanced information on this, talk to the Yagiya Express in any dungeon.

Clicking this icon will open up the Communications Menu.

  • Party
    This menu will allow you to invite members to a group, adjust the way treasure is split between group members, inform other players your group is seeking members, inform other players you are seeking a group, break up a group, or leave a group. Only group leaders can invite other players or break up a group.
  • Clan
    If you are a member of a Clan, this menu displays a list of all the members in your clan. Only Clan Masters and Submasters can invite new members to a clan and remove members from a Clan. For more information on forming a Clan, speak with Terminelle in any major city. Also feel free to check the Forums or the Party List for Clans that are currently recruiting members.
  • Friends
    This menu will allow you to register and remove other players from your Friends List. This allows you to keep track of when your friends are online. You can set privacy settings here as well.
  • Versus Team
    This menu allows you to form a Team for Versus Mode. Only Team Leaders can register a Team for Versus Mode. You must be at level 30 or above to participate in Versus Mode.
  • Party List
    This menu is used for seeking other members to join a group that might not be on your channel. Clans are also able to display if their Clan is currently recruiting. Only Clan Masters are able to register their Clan for recruitment, and this is only available to do so in a Clan’s Base Town.
  • Trade List
    This menu is used for bartering with other players in the game. You can register items you have for sale or are looking to purchase, as well as request items from other players.
  • Communication Log
    This menu is used for receiving messages from the Party List and Trade List. The COMM icon will flash if you have a new message.
  • Bazaar Depository
    This menu displays the items that are currently in your Bazaar for sale if you have one opened. ONce your bazaar closes, your items not sold can be found here, as well as any money that you made from bazaar sales.

Clicking this icon will open up the System Menu.

  • Change Channel
    This selection will bring up a menu allowing you to change channels in the world of Shin Megami Tensei Imagine. There are currently 7 channels. You must remain still and out of combat for 10 seconds in order to change channels.
  • Select Character
    This selection will bring you back to the Character Selection screen. You must remain still and out of combat for 10 seconds in order to select another character.
  • Option
    This menu will allow you to adjust the settings of the display, sound and interface. To go back to the default settings, simply click “Reset”.
  • Key Configuration
    This menu will allow you to customize the controls of the game to your own personal liking. To go back to the default settings, simply click “Reset”.
  • Quit Game
    This selection will allow you to log out of Shin Megami Tensei Imagine. When you log back, in your character will be right where you left it when you logged out. You must remain still and out of combat for 10 seconds in order to log out.

Clicking on this icon will bring up your Mailbox. Any AP Purchases you make will be delivered to you here.

Clicking on this icon will bring up the COMP Shop, which allows you to purchase General Supplies, AP Supplies, check the amount of AP you have, and view the weekly Fortune Cards. The General Supply list changes according to what Moonphase the server is in at that given time. The Moonphase Indicator can be found on the Radar.


The Health Bars are displayed on the top left corner of your screen.

Your Character and your Demon both have separate Health Bars. Displayed are the following things:

    • Character/Demon’s Name


  • Character/Demon’s Level
  • Character/Demon’s Health Points (HP)
  • Character/Demon’s Magic Points (MP)
  • Character/Demon’s Experience Points (when this reaches 100% you will advance to the next Level)


    • The INFO Button will bring up a menu that displays detailed information on your Character’s stats and items you have currently equipped, or more details on your Demon’s stats and abilities.



This is located on the top right corner of you screen.

  • Clicking on the Compass Icon will bring up a Map for the area you are currently in. Some areas require you to obtain a map for them, so not all maps are available in the beginning of the game.


  • The Moonphase displayed is what Moonphase the game is currently in. Moonphases progress as follows:



  • The time displayed tells you what time of day it is in-game, and progresses in a 24-hour format.
    1 minute in game = 2 seconds in real time. The moonphases change based on the in-game time.



The Chat Window has several different tabs selectable for chatting, each with it’s own range to be displayed.

    • Say: Displayed in a radius around your character. Used for short distance chatting.


  • Shout: Displayed across an entire map, dungeon, or town. Used for mass communication and ideal for finding parties.
  • Party: Displayed only for members in your Party to see. Used for communicating in small groups only.
  • Clan:Displayed only for members of your Clan to see. Used for communicating with people only in your Clan.
  • Tell: Displayed only for one individual to see. Used for private one-on-one communication only. You must type the name of the person you want to send a Tell to.
  • Team: Displayed only for members in a Versus Team only. Used for communicating with your Team during a Versus match.


  • The “E” Icon on the right hand side of the Chat Window will bring up a shortcut list of Emotions used for social interaction.


  • The “O” Icon on the right hand side of the Chat Window will bring up a menu with different options to customize your Chat Window to your liking.



Hotkeys are shortcut keys to you use your Skills in combat in Shin Megami Tensei Imagine.

  • The 1 – ^ and F9 – F12 Keys are reserved for your Character’s Skills.


  • The F1 – F8 Keys are reserved for your Demon’s Skills.



  • You can Drag & Drop any of your Character’s Skills or Items on the 1 – ^ and F9 – F12 keys for easy access to them. You can setup up to to 10 different Hotkey Bars, and scroll through them using the Up and Down Arrows on your keyboard.


Shin Megami Tensei Imagine has a very diverse combat system. It’s not something you can just hit one button and expect to destroy life itself without expecting yourself to die. To remedy this, let’s go over the combat system in depth.

There are several different methods of attacking. Here’s a brief overview of basic attacks.

Close-Range Abilities
These abilities are usable only with melee weapons such as swords, spears, axes, and other assorted close-range weapons.

  • Attack:

    This targets one enemy and allows the user to make combos with a melee weapon.


  • Spin:

    This attacks the enemies around the user by using a melee weapon.
  • Rush:

    This attack charges an enemy with a melee weapon and typically does more damage than a standard attack.


Ranged Abilities
These abilities are usable only with long-range weapons such as handguns, rifles and shotguns.
You must have bullets equipped to use these skills.

  • Shot:

    This is a ranged attack that requires a gun. It fires single shots from a long distance away at slow intervals.


  • Rapid:

    This is another ranged attack that requires a gun. It fires multiple shots at close range. This can be considered a gunner’s equivalent to a melee’s basic attack.
  • Destruction Magic:

    This is a ranged that is not restricted to melee weapons or guns. This is similar to shot but has a shorter distance.


There are also defensive abilities to protect and defend against these attacks.

Defensive Techniques

  • Guard:

    Halves spin and attack damage and stuns the attacker momentarily. Can be broken by rush and ranged attacks.


  • Counter:

    Reflects melee attacks and rushes back at the attacker, knocking them back. Can be broken by spin and ranged attacks.
  • Dodge:

    Allows the user to dodge an incoming ranged attack. The attacker is forced to pause momentarily before using another action. Can be broken by any melee attack.



Now that you have a rough idea as to the basic attacks, let’s apply them in actual combat scenarios. When fighting demons, they are capable of all of these same basic moves. There are a few things to take note of:

  • When a demon is guarding, they will circle your character.
    In this instance, you can either shoot them with a ranged attack, or use a rush to break through their guard.


  • When a demon is stationary, they are preparing to counter you.
    In this scenario, the demon could be preparing to use rapid shots on you, preparing a spin, ready to counter, or ready to dodge.


If you have observed how a demon attacks, you can typically guess if it has a rapid or spin technique. You may also notice that some demons may use just counter or just dodge.

Approaching with guard or creeping closer with dodge is typically the smartest way to do it determine what this demon is going to do.

Here is an example of combat:

    • Player attacks Kodama.
    • Kodama attacks player, but player uses guard.
    • Kodama cannot attack momentarily.
    • The player uses attack to knock back and damage the kodama.
    • The Kodama is stationary.
    • The player uses spin, expecting the Kodama to use counter.


  • The Kodama’s counter is broken and is knocked back.


To use an item double click it in your inventory, or click once to select the item and then press the Use button to the bottom left of your inventory.

Revival Orbs

  • When a party member or a demonic companion dies they can be resurrected by using Revival Items and Skills. Skills such as Recarm can be used on a fallen teammate or demon, items like Revival Orb has the same effect.


  • Items such as Ointments can be used to regain 30 HP when injured. It is used the same way as revival orbs with the exception that you cannot target it on another player

Chakra Gum

  • Chakra Gums are used to restore 10 MP, it is used the same way as an ointment.

Magic Stone

  • Magic Stones are used to restore 30 HP and 15 MP to your summoned Demon partner.

Medical Powder

  • Medical Powders are used to heal yourself and those around you.

Traesto Stone

  • Traesto Stones are used to teleport your character back to it’s Home Point. Your default Home Point is Virtual Battle, but can be set in any City or Dungeon as well.


Here is a brief overview of the different Character Classes in Shin Megami Tenesi Imagine:


  • Uses swords, spears, axes and other assorted close-range weapons.
  • Primary forms of offense include Attack, Spin, and Rush.
  • Main combat stat is Strength.
  • For more advanced information check out the Megaten Wiki Entry on Melees.


  • Uses rifles, pistols & shotguns to combat demons from a long-range distance.
  • Primary forms of offense include Rapid and Shot.
  • Main combat stat is Speed.
  • For more advanced information check out the Megaten Wiki Entry on Gunners.


  • Uses spells to combat demons from a mid-range distance.
  • Primary form of offense is Destruction Magic.
  • Main combat stat is Magic.
  • For more advanced information check out the Megaten Wiki Entry on Mages.


  • Provides the party with buffs to improve combat abilities and heal wounds.
  • Main stat is Intelligence.
  • For more information on check out the Megaten Wiki Entry on Enhancers.


  • Non-combatative role, capable of crystalizing demons to add enchantments to weapons and armor to boost combat abilites.
  • Main stats are Intelligence and Luck.
  • Synthesizers are best off being a dedicated class.
  • For more advanced information check out the Megaten Wiki Entry on Synthesizers.


  • Non-combatative role, capable of of creating weapons from the remains of Tokyo.
  • There are two types of crafters, Armsmakers & Swordsmiths.
  • An Armsmaker crafts handguns, rifles and shotguns. Their main stats are Intelligence and Luck.
  • A Swordsmith crafts swords, axes, spears and other various close-range weapons. Their main stats are Vitality and Luck.
  • Crafters are best off being a dedicated class.
  • For more advanced information check out the Megaten Wiki Entry on Crafters.

Expertise allows you to customize your character however you see fit. It’s one aspect in Megaten that contains one of the greatest degrees of customization next to demons.

Expertise is one of the most complex things in Megaten. How you work on Expertise will determine how well your character can function. Your character’s strengths and abilities are essentially dominated by how well you work on your expertise.

Raising Expertise

As a player, you start off with 16000 points of expertise. Every 10 levels gives you 1000 points. At the moment, the level cap is 93, so the maximum expertise you have is 26000.

1 Class = 1000 Points
1 Rank = 100 Points

Using the default keyboard configuration, if you hit H you will pull up your expertise.

  • 1.) MAX is how much expertise you have available. TOTAL is how much expertise you have used up.
  • 2.) This Green Square opens up what is available in that expertise.
  • 3.) This shows the amount of classes and ranks in one expertise.
  • 4.) This bar displays how much you have raised in one rank toward the next one.
  • 5.) This tick is on, allowing the expertise to rise.
  • 6.) This tick is off and the expertise will not rise.
  • 7.) This shows a numerical value for the bar, displaying how many points you have in between ranks.

As you can see from this example, Attack is highlighted. This has Two Classes which means 2000 points have been invested in the Expertise Highlighted. Now, looking at Attack, you see a beside it with an arrow pointing up. If this is displaying, then that expertise will grow. If you see a , like the one with Spin, the expertise will not grow.

Expertise will only increase if you perform the actions in that expertise repeatedly (ex. Using Attack on enemies will slowly raise the Attack Expertise).

In order to learn the skills from expertise, click the next to them. That will pull up what you can learn from the expertise.

Chain Expertise[

Chain Expertise spawns from raising specific types of expertise. These Chain Expertise are incredibly useful and could be the make it or break it factors in one’s build.

  • 1.) This shows what Chain Expertise you have unlocked.
  • 2.) These are the required skills in that expertise and their respective class and levels.
  • 3.) This displays how many points that specific Expertise contributes to the Chain Expertise.
  • 4.) This shows how much each point is worth in one Expertise in relation to the Chain Expertise

This is what the chain expertise tab looks like. Each chain expertise has specific requirements that you must meet to unlock it. By raising each required expertise, the chain expertise also increases as well. The Class and Ranks within the chain expertise do NOT count toward your total Expertise.

Here is a list of the Expertise currently available in Megaten. Clicking on their respective names will link you to the Wiki article, which contains a more in-depth information on each one as well as the requirements for each Chain Expertise.

Arms Maker: Allows the creation of guns by using materials obtained by deconstructing items.
Curse of the Wretched: Allows the user to throw a variety of debilliating status ailments and debuffs on an enemy.
Demolition Dasher: A powerful spell-based rush.
Enhancement: Allows the ability to throw down powerful support and healing spells on allies.
Magic Bullet: Allows the user to throw down a variety of status ailments on enemies while allowing gun shots augmented with elements.
Retaliation: A Melee chain expertise that allows for a variety of weapon-based support toggles with different effects.
Sharpshooter: Allows the user to deal increased damage to specific demonic classes.
Swordsmith: Allows the creation of melee weapons by using materials obtained by deconstructing items.
Synthesizer: Allows the user to crystallize and fuse demons into various pieces of equipment.

Finalizing Your Expertise

Now that you know a bit about Expertise, you’ll notice that when you raise your expertise that it’s a little messy. Everything won’t stop at exactly Rank 1 or Class 1. To remedy this, there are items available to perfect your build.

There are two items available to players below level 30 and can be bought with Macca in the magic shop. If “Cannot use” appears on the item, then the player is too high of a level to use the item.

This item reduces your expertise by one Rank. If it’s at Rank 2 with 54 points, it’ll just go down to Rank 1. The AP equivalent of this that can be used for all levels is called a Lethe’s Water.

This item reduces your expertise by one class. The AP equivalent of this that can be used for all levels is called a Lethe’s Bottle.


The world of Megaten is widely inhabited by creatures called Demons. Demons can be friendly companions or nasty foes. Demons are a very important part of gameplay in Shin Megami Tensei Imagine. You can use Demon partners to attack, heal, buff your characters, and many other things.

Demonic Negotiation

  • In order to contract new Demon partners, you must go through a negotiation process with them. Negotiation is done in two ways: by Talking or Threatening. Both ways work very similarly.
  • You are only allowed to contract new Demon partners that are at or below your current level.
  • To determine whether a wild Demon is above or below your current level you can take a look at what color the Demon’s emblem is. The emblem is located to the left of the demons name.
  • If the emblem is red that means that the Demon you’re facing is above your current level.
  • If the emblem is blue the Demon is at or below your current level.
  • You must make several attempts to contract a Demon using Talk or Threaten.

Friendship Levels

Demons will have a certain bond with you depending on how well you treat them. This is called a Friendship Level. The higher your Demon partner’s Friendship Level is, the more powerful your Demon partner’s Skills are. The order of Friendship Levels is as follows (on a scale from worst to best):

Wishes Death – Looking to Betray – Used Like a Slave – Contracted – Good Friends – Trusting – Open Hearts – Linked By Fate

Ways to increase your Demon partner’s Friendship Level:

  • Leveling up your Demon partner
  • Using the “Care” Command on it (found under the Skills/Commands Menu, usable every 20 hours in real-time)
  • Using Friendship Level increasing items (such as Gift Melons)

Ways your Demon partner’s Friendship Level can decrease:

  • Allowing your Demon partner to fall in combat
  • Killing wild Demons of the same species as your Demon partner (i.e. killing Pixies while you have a Pixie summoned)
  • Using the “Mooch” command (found under the Skills/Commands Menu, usable every 3 hours in real-time)

Demonic Fusion
This image has been resized. Click to view the full Size Image.
Another way of gaining new Demon partners in Shin Megami Tensei Imagine is by way of a process called Demonic Fusion.

  • Demonic Fusion takes place in the Cathedral of Shadows. Demonic Fusion requires you to have two demons available to merge into one new demon altogether. The resulting demon will have Skills from the original two demons your merged together. Some Demons are only available to you through Demonic Fusion. This allows you to create new Demons whenever you want with custom Skills.
  • Demonic Fusion costs macca in order to attempt.
  • There is a certain percentage a Demonic Fusion will succeed. Upon failure the only thing lost will be any macca that is required to perform the fusion.
  • Not all demons are able to be fused together, as fusion is dependent on what species the Demons you fuse are.
  • You can plan out fusion by downloading a Fusion Tool, which is highly recommended. This helps to simplify the fusion system.
  • Another form of Demonic Fusion is known as Triangle Fusion. This requires three players with one Demon each that has a friendship level at Good Friends or higher. The player hosting the Triangle Fusion receives the resulting Demon. Some Demons are only available to you through Triangle Fusion, and most require a Plug-In to fuse.


For more advanced information on Demons check out the following Megaten Wiki Entries:

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