Megaten Hidden Dreams Quest Guide

Megaten Hidden Dreams Quest Guide by Glocker

Hey guys. Since lots of players are having issues for not finding the quest whereabouts I decided to write the guide for it.

– Must be lv 40+
– Must be NEUTRAL Aligned (LAW and CHAOS won’t be able to get the quest)

First of all, Talk with the Union Guard Kawata NPC near the stairs to the fountain plaza at Protopia (the one with the afro). Ask him about work.

He’ll give you a small explanation about the Innocent factory, and ask you if you want to help. If you do (obviously, DoH!), you’ll need to find 100 Elements: Bronze and 200 Elements: Rubber (both can be obtained from deconstructing stuff… Remember to have your Fuel Tank active!)

After you hand out the elements, you’ll receive a Connection Cable.

The guard will ask you to talk to the Terminal Girl (right behind you, on the Terminal Counter) for the next part of the quest.

When you talk with the Terminal Girl about the work, she’ll explain you that you must access the database and retrieve the Innocent factory files. When you accept the quest, you’ll be inside a Hack-like instance, dealing with Arcturus-like robots.

The instance is time-based (10 minutes) and you need to reach the last room of the instance (Room 3).

Room 1 and Room 2 are filled with 8-10 blue Arcturus. You need to kill them all to reach the next room.


Room 3 will be filled with Red and Green Arcturus. All of them are weak to lightning-based attacks.


After you kill all the Arcturus in room 3, access the Terminal, get the data and use the Logout Program that will appear on the center of the room.


When you’re back to Protopia, go talk with the Union Guard Kawata and he’ll reward you with:

* 50.000 Player and Demon XP
* 1x Valuable Card
* 1x Random Box: TBA.

What are Valuable Cards?

Those little cards you get from the quests aren’t that trash as you may think. If you have seen the Hardworking Yagiya shop near the Nakano entrance at Suginami fields, you can trade valuable cards for some great items.

Here’s the Hardworking Yagiya location:


Also, you can get ~4 Valuable Cards during Act 15. Just talk to the Innocents gathered around the Docks and you’ll get one card per NPC. Here are the coords (X = Upper numbers. Y = Left side numbers): (NOTE: ONLY ACT HOLDER CAN GET THE VALUABLE CARDS!! And don’t try to leave the docks, then talk to the Innocents again. It won’t work)

-X17 / Y17
-X22 / Y17 (Thanks to Zeronoid for the JWIKI link)
-X19 / Y20
-X26-27 / Y19

It should look like this (Thanks to Alerym for the screenshot)

Here’s the detailed list for each category:

Sacred Relics:

* Egg of Pangu ————————————— 75
* Ten Commandments Tablets —————– 75
* Oracle Mirror —————————————- 75
* Crown of the Abyss ——————————- 75
* Bird’s Spittle —————————————- 75
* Cat’s Footfall ————————————— 75
* Platinum Spirit Money —————————- 75
* Damascus Chakram —————————– 75
* Amenonuboku ———————————— 75
* Astral Crystal ————————————— 75
* Necronomicon ————————————– 75
* Cintamani ——————————————- 75
* Rheingold ——————————————- 75
* Leather of Amaltea ——————————– 75
* Ark of the Law ————————————– 75
* Mithril Wheel —————————————- 75

NOTE: If you don’t recall, these are the items that you can use as replacement for runestones for Rank 7+ rebirths. For more info: The Demon Rebirth guide. These items can also be used on Soulstone and tarot fusion. What are the results for using these items, it’s unknown for me (any info about what on earth can you make with those items will be good)

Tarot card:


NOTE: Each card has the same stats (number related). Stats are the following:

From Ace to V:
-Sword: Strength (1~5)
-Cups: Speed (1~5)
-Rods: Magic (1~5)
-Pentacles: Intelligence (1~5)

VI cards:
-Sword: +1 Strength, +1% Close-Range damage
-Cups: +1Speed, +1% Long-Range damage
-Rods: +1 Magic, +1% Force-based magic damage (NEED A GM TO REALLY TEST THIS)
-Pentacles: +1 Intelligence, +1% Curative-based skills.

* I of … ——- 20
* II of … —— 25
* III of … —– 30
* IV of … —– 45
* V of … —— 70
* VI of … —– 120


* Talisman of Mind Control — 35
* Talisman of Body Control — 35
* Talisman of Will Control —– 35

What is the Random Box: TBA?

It’s a dice-like box, that will give you an item when you use it. You can get one of the following:

– 1~3 Valuable Cards
– 1 Tarot Card (any deck), I ~ IV
– 1~2 Gift Melon (Good Friends)
– 1~2 Mirror of Moonlight (Lunar Eclipse)
– 1~2 Cup of Twilight
– Relics (Need more info about this)
(Thanks to Loriel for the Random Box drop description at GKWIKI)

Drop rate for the items is unknown for me. So far, stats says that first Random Box will give you (higher chance) a III of any deck card.

If you have any info about the relics or any other aspect of the guide, please post here with details, so I can add the info to the guide.

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