Megaten Synthesis Guide

Megaten Synthesis Guide by pelmen

A Brief Introduction

Since there is a decided lack of infomation on the boards regarding Tarot Fusion and Synthesis, I’m going to start working on this guide to the process.. Please feel free to correct me as needed. Most of the information I have is from the Japanese wiki and it is very difficult to get a good translation from. Seeing as I do not have access to demon crystallization or soul stone fusion, this is very much a work in progress!

What is Synthesis?

Synthesis is a production type chain expertise used to empower equipment in a variety of ways.

To being with, you need to unlock the Synthesis chain expertise, and to do that, you need to complete the Occultism quest from Saint Germain in Shinjuku Babel. He’ll ask you for 30 soul shards to complete this quest. If you have the money, they’re commonly sold by players in Home 3. Otherwise, you need to do Suginami Tunnels Bronze over and over, killing Kodamas. An average run will net you 3-6, so expect to be there a while.

Once you have the soul shards, head back to Saint Germain (make sure you have ticked the grey box beside occultism in your expertise window) and finish the quest off. This will automatically grant you Class 1 Occultism and a Lethe Bottle, and unlock the Synthesis chain expertise.

Go into the chain expertise window and locate the Tarot Fusion skill under Synthesis. It will be your staple for some time, so drag it out into whichever skill bar you keep rarely used skills in. Now you’ll need some items to begin fusing!

Saint Germain sells 4 tarot cards that can be used for basic Tarot Fusion. They are :

The Fool – HP +3, MP -1 (has 10% less chance of succeeding, but gives greater expertise points when used) (200 macca)
The Magician – Mag+1, Str-2, Vit-2 (50 macca)
The Power – Str+1, Mag-2, Lck-2 (50 macca)
The Hermit – Spd+1, Str-2, Lck-2 (50 macca)

The remainder of the tarot cards are a bit harder to find…

Empress – Expertise gain+5%
Lovers – Partner (Demon)’s exp gain +5%, your exp gain -5%
Tower – Physical Def -3, Magic Def-3, Experience Gain +3%
Star – EXP gained+2%
Hierophant – Mag+1, Int+2
Chariot – Vit+2
Justice – Str+2, Mag-1, Spd-1
Death – Str+1, Vit+1
Devil – Mag+2, Str-1, Spd-1
Temperance – Vit+1, Luck+1, Int+1
Judgment – Spd+2, Str-1, Mag-1
Moon – Mag+2, Int+3
Sun – Luck+3, Spd+2
High Priestess – Mag+2, Luck -5, Magic Incantation speed -3%
Emperor – Spd+2, Luck -5, Shot +3% damage
World – 5% chance of not being stunned when hurt
Fortune – Str-1, Mag-1, Spd-1 Expertise gain +2%, Luck+5
Hanged Man – Str+2, Luck-5, Rush Damage+3%

Possible Locations:
Empress: Yagiya Prize for Shibuya Quartz. 9000 tickets
Lovers: Yagiya Prize for Sugi Tunnels. 9000 tickets
Tower: Yagiya Prize for Celu Tower. 9000 tickets
Star: Yagiya Prize for Ichigaya Camp. 9000 tickets
Hiero/Chariot/Justice/Death/Devil/Temperance/Judgement(?): Seem to be in a reward chest for completing Sugi tunnels gold, on a specific moon phase for each.
Moon & Sun: Reward chest in Catacombs Bronze. Possibly quite rare.
High Priestess: Reward chest in Zhu Que Cavern Bronze. Possibly quite rare.
Emperor & World: Reward chest in Ichigaya Camp gold.
Fortune and Hanged Man locations not mentioned in wiki.

(There are additional cards in the game, but I have no idea where they come from)

Purchase a few of your choice. You won’t need many to start. They do not disappear if you fail a fusion, only if you succeed and they they become merged with the equipment you are trying to empower. Next, grab some gear you want to power up. This is best done in an armor/weapon shop (preferably in an aligned city) and only if you have a steady supply of money. The reason for this is a failure will remove 5 durability from the item you are working on. You cannot destroy the item using Synthesis, even if it does reach 0 durability, so just repair it and keep trying.

The Process

The skill itself is easy enough to use. Find your tarot fusion skill and click it twice. The following window will appear.

Drag the tarot card you wish to use into the window first. It will auto insert itself into the correct position. Next, drag in the equipment you are working on and it will appear. The link between the two items will be indicated, along with your success chance. Press execute and hope for the best!

If you succeed, your item will gain the powers of the tarot card.

The Technical Stuff

Some of this information may be incorrect. If it is, please feel free to correct me!

The Synthesis chain expertise is ranked up through your points in occultism and demonology primarily.

Occultism – 40%
Demonology – 40%
Weapon Knowledge – 10%
Mineralogy – 10%

Currently, Occultism can only be raised through the use of synthesis, and it is advisable to work on it first. Granted, it will be quite slow, but the argument is that as Synthesis rises, you get less and less expertise points per success/fail. This leads to occultism increasing much more slowly at higher ranks. Demonology however can be leveled outside of Synthesis though successful demon fusions, and therefore will rank up much faster, forcing synthesis higher, and lowering your ability to rank up occultism. Mineralogy is currently not implemented, and weapon knowledge may or may not be worth the 10% increase it gives as the points could be better spent elsewhere. It is currently not possible to max the Synthesis chain skill as it requires 31000 ep, and even at level 90 you will only have a pool of 26000 ep.

After finally dragging my synthesis up to Class 2, I can share a few points on leveling it! Firstly, untag weapon knowledge and mineralogy. Their points while handy, are not as powerful as those you put into occultism or demonology. For example, 1000 points in weapon knowledge gives you 100 points in synthesis, while that same 1000 in occultism gives you 400 points. This may not mean much, but in the build I am currently using, by level 33 I have destruction magic nearly maxed, Erosion Hex and Pulse of Assault/Solid unlocked. However, with synthesis bumped to class 2, I have a whopping 3 EP left to spend, so it may be touch and go to have a playable character that can synth. Use tarot fusions to pull synthesis up to Class 1. At that point, the EP gain takes a sharp nosedive, so I went out and bought a truckload of jewels and magic stones, and spent a week training demonology. Use the stones (and only stones) to entice pixies and kodamas and once you have a stack, take them back and fuse them for another decent shot of EP. It’s not incredibly fast, but it does work, especially on 2x EP days.

Don’t despair though! Some things will help to increase your successes with Synthesis!

For Tarot Fusion: 10 Int = +1%, 5 Luck = +1%
For Crystalize Demon: 10 Int = +1%, 10 Luck = +1%
For Soul Stone Fusion: 5 Int = +1%, 10 Luck = +1%

The Mirror of Moonlight item, randomly obtained from Gold Suginami Tunnels, Celu Tower Bronze, and Celu Tower Silver will increase your chance by 5%. They can also be purchased from the AP shop.

On top of this, it appears that AP items have a 20% inherent boost to their success rate!

Additionally, certain demons will assist you with your work!

A Lucky demon will add 10 luck when it is summoned out, giving you a healthy boost off the top. Additionally, any demon that is Earth Mother class, such as Artemis will give you a passive boost to synthesis based on their friendship with you. (Note, demons must be active while using synthesis skills to gain the bonus)

Crystallize Demon

This skill is unlocked once you manage to obtain Class 1 in the synthesis chain expertise. The process itself is fairly simple. Recruit a demon and either through the use of melons or by using the care command and leveling your demon, get it’s friendship level to open hearts or better, and then with the appropriate gemstone in inventory use the skill. If successful, the gem disappears, but you gain a demon crystal. If you fail, the demon loses several ranks of friendship, and the gem vanishes.

These demon crystals are more powerful than any of the basic soul stones or tarot cards you might want to buy, and can be used in both instances, with different effects. Additionally, specific combinations of crystals, one used in tarot fusion and the other in soul stone fusion will serve to create special equipment that cannot be obtained in any other way! Please note, you should likely do the soul stone fusion first as the crystal will vanish if you fail. The tarot fusion attempts will damage the durability of the item, but you will not lose your crystal if you fail repeatedly.

A quote from flepa, which I need to actually try to understand fully.. “You needed to click on the laysing icon (which appeared in the right spot) when performing the 2nd fusion, you’ll see success % go down a lot…” This refers to the Garm’s collar + garm + garm special fusion, so once I give it a try I’ll let you know Smile

I think you can still do it, with another garm crystal.

Garnet – The Wilder
Amethyst – The Raptor, The Evil Dragon
Aquamarine – The Fairy, The Fowl
Coral – The Snake
Diamond – The Tyrant, The Seraph
Emerald – The Avian, The Element, The Dragon
Jade – The Wild Bird, The Haunt
Pearl – The Heavenly God, The Reaper, The Godly Beast, The Nation Ruler
Ruby – The Demon God, The Vile, The Guardian, The Destroyer
Peridot – The Yoma, The Brute
Sapphire – The Goddess, The Demigod, The Holy Beast, The Earth Mother
Opal – The Evil Demon, The Femme
Topaz – The Earth Spirits, The Nocturnes
Turquoise – The Divine, The Fallen Angel

Katana of Renki + Koppa-Tengu or Karasu Tengu + Koppa-Tengu = Blade of the Wind God
Katana of Renki + Karasu Tengu + Karasu Tengu = Blade of the Wind God
Katana of Renki + Oni + Oni = Blade of the Thunder God
Katana of Renki + Angel + Choronzon = Blade of Flames
Unknown Sword + Yatagarasu + Yatagarasu = Kogitsunemaru
Unknown Sword + Jatayu + Jatayu = Shadow Kogitsunemaru
Cross Spear or Lance of Longinius + Cu Chulainn + Cu Chulainn = Gae Bolg

Silver Ring or ???(its an ap ring) + Valkyrie + Valkyrie = Ring of the Nibelungen
Garm’s Collar + Garm + Garm = Lasing
Leyding + Garm + Garm = Dromi
Dromi + Fenrir + Fenrir = Gleipnir(JP name)
Amber Necklace + Dwarf + Furies = Brisingamen
Gauntlet of Thunder or lvl 30 gloves from h3 + Gorgon + Gorgon = Aegis

Crystal Effects

Baphomet’s Crystal
Tarot Fusion: Mag +1
Soul Stone Fusion: (Top) -20% damage from Gods

Legion’s Crystal
Tarot Fusion: -1% damage from Ariels
Soul Stone Fusion: (Weapon) +20% damage to Ariels

Koppa-Tengu’s Crystal
Tarot Fusion: Long-range skill effect +1%
Soul Stone Fusion: (Weapon) +20% damage to Beasts

Choronzon’s Crystal
Tarot Fusion: Max HP +3, Max MP +1
Soul Stone Fusion: (Weapon) +20% damage to Divines

Angel’s Crystal
Tarot Fusion: Expel Res +1, Death Res -1
Soul Stone Fusion: (Neck) Null Charm

Aquan’s Crystal
Tarot Fusion: Ice based effect +2%
Soul Stone Fusion: (Weapon) Weapon gains Ice-based

Gaki’s Crystal
Tarot Fusion: (If lvl is between 7 and 20) Shot +5%
Soul Stone Fusion: (Arms) Spd +2 Str -1 Mag -1; (If Shot is at Class 3 or above: Spd +2)

Pixie’s Crystal
Tarot Fusion: Max HP +3
Soul Stone Fusion: (Ring/Earring/Extra) Max MP +8

Orthrus’ Crystal
Tarot Fusion: FR res +2 ICE res -1
Soul Stone Fusion: (Neck) null tarunda

Cait Sith’s Crystal
Tarot Fusion: SLA res +1 CHR res -1
Soul Stone Fusion: (Shoes) spin cool down time -20%

Shiishaa’s Crystal
Tarot Fusion: CHR skill effect +1%
Soul Stone Fusion: (Bottom) -20% damage from nocturnes

Soul Stone Fusion

This process is incredibly similar to Tarot fusion, so I’m not going to bother with additional graphical aids to clutter up and slow down the load of this guide. Activate the skill, drag in the crystal you want to use, and the item you wish to modify and press execute. There ARE some important differences however! Firstly, a failure drains the durability of the item you are modding by 10, so even decent stuff won’t last long, and secondly the crystal is consumed whether you succeed or fail, so saving your mirrors and using them here might be a very good plan.

Special Thanks!

My list of helpers is growing! So it gets it’s own section now Smile

Many thanks to Swords504, ShadowArc, Wakelord, wazzupkiller3, etilay, flepa, Dra31xus, mexmer, reptiles29, donkey132

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