Last Chaos Sorcerer Guide

Last Chaos Sorcerer Guide by xXxJokerxXx

(Ok im sitting here lvling my pet and it can be quite boreing at times, so i thought id give a little to the community, and make a sorcerer guide with the knowledge that i have obtained while playing the Sorcerer on the Malaysian version)

This isn’t a Perfect build guide this guide is just how I and many other have built the Sorcerer its by al means not to be taken as truth its been provided as a helping hand in designing your own character. As I previously stated everything I have gathered has been obtained from the malaysian version so some things may change when its released here as the malay version isnt the same as ours. So dont hold me accountable if one minor detail is off

heres the different styles u can choose from

So you decided to play the Sorcerer

Well first thing you should know is that the Sorcerer is a close ranged magic summoner, this being said if you like Magic dmg mixed with melee combat and haveing minions at your aid then the Sorcere is your kinda Character!

The Sorcerer has more Defence then the Mage or Cleric but less then the knight if i had to guess he would be like the rougeat lower lvl and the titan after 20 but with out the mass amount of life and you have to use a buff to be like him. This defense allows him to stand up to the monsters and deal his dmg without to much threat of dieing. Hes stil not a tank so u will still have down times.

The Sorcerers magic dmg is very close to the mages magic dmg altho i have been told at higher lvls the mage is able to do more but not by much. the reason behind this is they both do around the same dmg but the mage is ranged with lower def and the sorcerer is close ranged with higher defence. (to give you a taste of his dmg at lvl 10 i was already doing 100+ normal hits and around 400-500 spell/crits and ive been told after class change the Specilist is able to deal 1000 dmg and the Summoner is able to do 500 + 500 from his spirits)

The Sorcerer also has the ability the summon spirits 4 in total to choose from these spirits or spirits of the 4 elements Earth,Wind,Fire,Ande Water. You get your First 2 Spirits at lvl 5 (Earth and Fire) and your following 2 at lvl 15 (Wind and Water) these pets are in your Active spells and are free of charge and only have 1 lvl. You can make them stronger by getting passives at lvl 10 for your first 2 and at 20 for the second 2. These pets are quite strong and fast at killing monster and cab atk preety fast and between the sorcerer and his 2 pets his killing speed is fast enough to even rivals the rouges and this allows him to lvl insanely fast, i was able to start a sorcerer at 4pm oneday and i was lvl 20 at 8 pm a mere 4 hours later and i soloed my whole way never in team at all!!. the Pros of these pets are Added dmg, faster killing, meat shields, and of course cool looks Wink. The cons are they are timed based, can also die from dmg, have a 5 min recast timer after first summoned, and you can only summon 2 specific ones out at the same time for example: Earth can only be summoned with Water and Fire can only be summoned with Wind. No other combination is possiable. These Spirits are very vital to the Sorcerer build its what allows him to lvl so fast and it Makes him what he is wither its them helping atk a mob or atking stuff while you rest these summons have a purpose so dont over look them! ( besides their free Laughing )

p.s. you can only desummon the spirits be unequiping your weapon but if u just summoned you spirit and take off you weapon u cant resummon them for 5 mins

Weapon Choice Side or Polearm?

When chooseing the weapons it really up to personal choice untill 31 when u class change but to help assist you with your choice ill mention this. The polearm is the default weapon meaning you get a pole arm from the treasure chest and from guardian system so to save money u can go with this one. in my opinion i hate this weapon it looks stupid and swings stupid so i choose the Side. The Side or as some call it Scythe to me was my preferable choice i liked how it looked and the over all feel was perfect not to mention i was gonna be useing it after job change anyway

Polearm = Summoner/elementalist ( pet buffer/master)

Side= Specialist ( transfomaion summoner)

Which Job?

After you make lvl 31 you have 2 choices of jobs Summoner or Specialist everything i have seen they are preety equal to each other its just how u like to play

Summoner – has the abilty to Buff and manage his pets better i didnt chose this class but from what i see they gain pet atks that u can control and u can buff/heal you pets better then the other job. so if you like being a minion master this job is for you

Specialst – the specialist has a special ability to transform into 2 different spirits. a offensive form which is a red winged angel/demon form that fires out fire balls and deals lots of dmg and there is a Defensive form which is a flosting suit of armor with huge shield and sword which doesnt do as much dmg but can tank really good ( this seems to be the most popular summoner and i dont blame them transforming owns Laughing )


As far as stats go the Sorcerer stats are built just the same as the mage i went pure Int till higher lvl some ppl added Con since the Sorc is close ranged and gets hit more but i didnt see where he needs it

but for you ppl that love numbers each lvl the sorcerer makes he gets the followeing


as far as what u get for each point i didnt have time to test all of them but its about the same as the other chars so just use the mage as an example

so go pure int unless u need life then add a lil Con


for the passive skills just about every one is valid u get 5 active spells u have to lvl

Fire Swing – you first atk its close ranged melee but with the impact of the mages spell dmg i recommend it cause it helps u kill faster and lvl quicker (LvL-1)

Summon Earth spirit – summons 1 of your first spirits which is kinda good offensively(LvL 5 requires 0 Sp)

Summon Fire spirit – summons the 2nd of your spirits this one seems better at dmg(LvL 5 requires 0 Sp)

Wind Cutter – simialr to the mages wind cutter but its also close ranged but does more dmg then the fire swing and its good for a second atk (LvL-10)

Summon Water Spirit – this is the 3rd summon and this one atks with ranged from afar and melee up close (LvL 15 require 0 Sp)

Summon Wind Spirit – this is the 4th and final spirit you get this one deals melee dmg and seems to be more of a dps pet(LvL 15 Require 0 Sp)

Stone Skin- this spell is a must its very similar to the knights divine shield this is a castable buff that increases you defense the difference is this one will increas it as much as 140 def at higher lvl very much needed (LvL 20)

Vital control – this spell is used to heal your summons i did not take this spell because the summons dont last long anyway and it seemed like a waste of SP (LvL 25)

Ice Spike – the only ranged spell you get it slows the target and deals massive dmg and is the most widely used in PVP battles (LvL 30)

as for the passives im not gonna list them all because they are basicly the same as the mage but i will tell you this

make sure u max out the Essense of (element) spirit you have 1 for each element Earth,Fire,Wind,and Water these passive will increase the affectiveness of your pets makeing them stronger with every lvl if you want to be a elementlist if your going for specilist dont bother cause you will lose the pets at class change and waste points into this

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