Last Chaos Knights Basic and Advanced Guide

Last Chaos Knights Basic and Advanced Guide by Tiberius88

Basic Guide

In the beginning I say that I will divide the knight class to templar(shield & sword) and royal(dual swords) before lvl 31 also. Thats because its easier to describe how to proceed with each type Razz . Before lvl 31 it doesnt really matter much what you choose. At lvl 31 you can change class so if you like to party a lot go templar, if you are the solo type go royal. Anyway here are some tips on what to do before lvl 31…

Knights level slow in the early stage because of no attack boosting skill until lvl 20. So my recommendation is to buy weapons at first. You can get the armor later & since knights have 50 def from their passive skill, you are pretty well off. At lvls 13-21 I would upgrade the weapon to +3 so you have more attack (some ppl still can upgrade it to +4 & more if they desire it). From lvl 20 upgrade the armor to +3. At around lvl 30 you can upgrade the armor & weapons as you desire (here its like the more the better if you have the money for it Very Happy ).

Well the basic is to choose Dragon (has attacks) for PvM and Horse(has buffs) for PvP. Knights are good at leveling pets, especially templars because of high defense and quick HP regeneration. When youre templar I would choose the attack skill for the pet and the defense skill for the royal. I would also recommend to mount the pet at lvl 37 or higher.

You have three choices here. U can go full strength, str:dex (4:1), str:dex(2:1). Personally I went the third way because you have more evasion then which helps you at pet leveling and fighting monsters, and still you have a nice attack. But it depends on how you play. I should also mention a special choice – full dex. Usually people choose this for special pet leveling knight builds, so if you want to make a build that is best for pet leveling, but not so fast at leveling the knight itself then this is your choice I guess Smile .

Ok so this is the most important part of any character I guess Smile . So here are the skills and how much skill points each lvl requires. Their description follows. Then the numbers is what I recommend for royal/templar knights. And my comments about the skills in the end…

Canid Fencing – [2-3-5-12-43] – Increases defense (5/5) – Maxed out it gives you 50 defense so get it as soon as possible.
Uncanny Movement – [3-4-7-18-65] – Increases running speed (5/5) – Also useful, you can leave it at lvl 4 until you are around lvl 25, then max it.
Quick Recovery – [3-4-7-18-65] – Faster recovery of HP & MP while sitting (5/5) – A must for every knight, you dont have to sit that much to heal Smile .
Deep Wound Training – [4-6-10-24-86] – Increases the chance of critical hits (5/5) – Another must, it helps you kill faster (critical hit = 2x damage)
Vitality Control – [6-7-12-30-108] – Faster recovery of HP while running or fighting (5/5) – Some people say lvl 4 is enough but I maxed it and it works great
Upgrade Mana – [7-9-15-36-129] – Increases MP (5/5) – Max it, extra MP arent bad in PvM and are a must in PvP
Divine Soul – [7-9-15-36-129] – Increases magical defense (5/5) – Yet again max it, knights have bad mag. defense so a boost in this way is not bad Wink (gives 50 mag. defense at lvl 5)
Improved resist – [8-10-17-42-151] – Increases magical evasion rate (5/5) – Everything that helps against mag. attacks is worth it, so max it Smile

Knuckle Spear – [0-3-5-12-43] – A melee attack that increases damage (1/1) – This is a big no for everyone, its slow and the damage it does is not worth it.
Fatal Divide – [2-3-5-12-43] – Personal dungeon only skill that can hit multiple enemies (1-4/1-4) – The personal dungeon is good for fast leveling with good skill points, so it depends if you are gonna do it or not. But only the first dungeon is good (for lvls 10-17). If you will then get the skill to lvl 4.
Armor Break – [3-4-7-18-65] – Decreases defense of target & does damage (1/4-5) – If youre royal then just get it to lvl 1, if templar I guess lvl 4 or 5.
Divine Shield – [4-6-10-24-86] – Increases defense (5/5) – Max it as soon as you can, at lvl 5 it gives 50 defense. Note : some people dont know how to cast it on themselves…click on your name in the upper left corner and then use the skill.
Light Spear – [4-6-10-24-86] – Melee attack with increased damage (1/1) – Some people use it, I dont. Its slow and its not much stronger than Knuckle Spear. So I recommend not wasting your SP here.
Devotion – [6-7-12-30-108] – Increases attack damage and hit rate, but decreases defense (5/5) – Finally an attack boost Very Happy . Max it, works great with Divine Shield. At lvl 5 it adds 70 dmg & 20 hit rate, but takes 40 defense.
Weapon Break – [6-7-12-30-108] – Decreases attack of target & does damage (1/1-?) – Not very useful, it doesnt decrease a lot of dmg & the dmg it does is not that big. Though its fast so if you have spare ponits you can put them here (when your a templar).
Shield Strike – [7-9-15-36-129] – Stuns the target (5/5) – When maxed it has a 75% chance of stunning. Really needed for PvP and helps at PvM (when saving someone). It reloads very slow so watch out how you use it in PvP.
Mana Break – [8-10-17-42-151] – Decreases mag. defense of target & does damage (5/5) – Although the decrease of mag. defense is only good in parties, the damage is good (better than Light Spear). Its fast so thats also a plus. But the funny part is that you HAVE TO get it because you have to have it maxed to be able to change class at lvl 31 Razz .

…so I hope I helped someone with writing down the basics. If I missed out something then please post a comment and I might add it Smile . Have fun exploring LC with your knight Wink

Advanced Guide

Ok so Im back with the knight advanced guide Smile . First of all I want to say that Im not gonna write something like “Oh templars are bad, go royal its better” Rolling Eyes . I think that it depends on the playstyle of the person & surely both classes are good. Both have their role in LC, its just about what you do more. If you party a lot I recommend going templar, if youre a solo player its best you go royal. But now for the advanced stuff…

When you hit lvl 31 you can change your class from Knight to Royal Knight (RK) or Templar Knight (TK). You do this at the master knight in any of the 3 towns. There are a few requirements though. You need to have the skill Mana Break at lvl 5, also you need 50,000 gold. If you meet these go to the master knight & choose your desired class (RK or TK). Be sure to change class at lvl 31, otherwise you will loose some stat points when you level (its best to do it when youre almost lvl 32 because at lvl 32 you get your class skills).

Its ok to have armor at +3, or if you want a fairy get all your armor to +4 (except the shield & the helm, they dont affect the fairy). In my opinion you dont need it to be higher, but if you want, get it to as high as you want Razz . About the weapons…get as much + on them as you can (as much as your money will let you Laughing ). Also you cant buy weapons over lvl 33 at a NPC, so thats why they arent that cheap. Another thing I should mention are the Dragon Weapons & the Horse Armor. They cant be bloosealed, upgraded or combined with anything. They do level with you. Well in my opinion the armor isnt worth to get. Sure you can get some parts of the armor set but its extremely costly to get the horse parts & theres still a chance to fail. Anyway if you want to get the horse armor, go to the animal trainer & check what items you need. Get the Class B items because they have a higher chance of success. The Dragon weapons are a good backup weapon in case the upgrading breaks your normal weapon. They are +6 and of your level (so if youre lvl 33, its also lvl 33 and has +6 on it), also they have a cool +15 glow Razz . Its good to get these at lvl 35+.

At lvl 31 when your stats reset you have 30 free stat points. Divide these according to what you need for your skills (explained more at the skills part of this guide). If you changed class before lvl 32 you get 3 stat points when you hit lvl 32, 4 stat points at lvl 33, 3 stat points at lvl 34…you understand how you get the stat points at higher levels now Smile . So always put stat points into those stats that you need for the skills. The lvl 50 skill doesnt require any stats so you can divide the stat points you get into str, dex or con then. NOTE : The new lvl 60 & 70 skills were implemented and might have stat requirements, so watch out with those stat points.

Again this is the most important part Very Happy . Im gonna divide it into 2 parts – TK skills & RK skils. Anyway you will max all your class skills eventually, when you will meet their stat requirements. First is the name of the skill, then how many skill points are needed for each lvl. After that comes the description and in the brackets are the requirements of the skill (the lvl & the stat). Last is my comment of the skill. So lets get on to the skills…

Protection – [9-12-20-48-173] – Increases defense of you & party members (lvl 32/23 str) – Good skill, at lvl 5 it gives 50 defense.
Damage Link – [9-12-20-48-173] – You share the damage of the targeted party member (lvl 32/12 dex) – Cool skill for helping party members, at lvl 5 you take 50% of the dmg that is received by your target. NOTE : This dmg is not going through your defense so if your target would receive 100 dmg, with damage link he receives 50 dmg & you receive 50 dmg.
Wall of Belief – [11-15-25-60-216] – Increases defense (lvl 32/2 con) – Great skill, at lvl 5 it gives you 155(!) defense.
Knighthood – [10-14-24-57-205] – Increases attack damage (lvl 38/35 str) – It helps a lot by raising your attack, at lvl 5 it adds 50 dmg.
Telekinesis – [10-13-22-54-194] – Teleports an enemy target to you (lvl 38/17 dex) – Another party friendly skill, helps at getting mobs or enemy players to you.
Anti Magic – [10-14-24-57-205] – Increases mag. defense (lvl 38/17 con) – gives a little boost to that poor mag. defense Smile , because at lvl 5 it adds 50 mag. defense.
Baller – [11-15-25-60-216] – Increases attack damage per party member (lvl 44/52 str) – Nice skill which at lvl 5 adds 5 attack per party member, so in a full party it adds 40 attack. This attack is given to everyone in the party (including you of course Razz ).
Weapon Perfection – [21-31-51-110-360] – Increases attack damage (lvl 50) – Ultimate passive skill Smile . Adds 120 dmg when maxed.
Temple Offense – [11-15-25-60-216] – Increases attack damage (lvl 60) – A must for all temple knights. I would say that unlike many others lvl 60 skills this skill is good. At lvl 5 it adds 155 attack.

…I would recommend getting lvl 32 skills at first, then getting Knighthood & Telekinesis, after that getting Baller and last get Anti Magic. When you get to lvl 50 max Weapon Perfection. At lvl 60 get Temple Offense.

Two Weapon Fighting – [11-15-25-60-216] – Increases attack damage (lvl 32/2 str) – Great skill, when maxed adds 90 dmg.
Concentration – [9-12-20-48-173] – Increases hit ratio & effectivness of skills (lvl 32/12 dex) – Helps a lot when fighting, at lvl 5 it increases the ratio by 25%. So shield stun has a 100% chance of success & the other skills almost always hit too Smile . NOTE : Also increases chance of success for non-knight skills – poison, snare, charge, knee crash
Defense Guard – [138-138-138] – Increases defense (lvl 32/12 con) – Max lvl is 3 and at this lvl it adds 150 defense. NOTE : this is physical defense not magical as some people think.
Double Bash – [10-13-22-54-194] – Melee attack which uses 2 strong hits (lvl 38/35 str) – Awesome PvP & PvM skill that at lvl 5 adds 320% dmg. Now thats cool, huh? Wink
Dark Immunity – [155] – Gives immunity to the witch skill “Blindness” (lvl 38/17 dex) – Although I dont know the population of witches in LC, I would get this skill just to be sure. It has only 1 lvl & you know what they say : “Better safe than sorry” Wink
Defend – [10-14-24-57-205] – Decreases long-range dmg you receive (lvl 38/17 con) – Good in PvP against archers & rangers, at lvl 5 it reduces the long-range dmg you take by 25%.
Triple Bash – [11-15-25-60-216] – Melee attack which uses 3 strong hits (lvl 44/52 str) – Ultimate RK attack that adds 300% dmg. Works great with Double Bash. The TB+DB combo brings fear into many of your opponents Laughing
Two Hand Control – [21-31-51-110-360] – Increases attack dmg (lvl 50) – At lvl 5 this skill adds 120 dmg.
Royal Resist – [48-60] – Increases physical & magic defense (lvl 60) – It has only 2 lvls and the increase in phys. & mag. defense is very little but since you probably have a lot of free SPs at lvl 60 I guess you can get it.

…first max the Two Weapon Fighting skill. After that chose either Concentration (for PvP) or Defense Guard (for PvM). Dont get them both or you wont have enough stat points to get Double Bash at lvl 38 (which would be bad since its an essential skill in the RK arsenal Smile ). Or you can get them both, but at lvl 38 you will reset your stat points at Crean to have the desired 35 str (it costs 20k per stat point). When you reseted your stats so that now some skills dont have the required stat, dont worry. You will just not be able to use them until you meet the required stat again. At lvl 38 get the mentioned DB skill. Then, if you have chosen the Concentration skill, get Dark Immunity. If you have chosen Defense Guard, get Defend now. At lvl 44 get Triple Bash skill, and at lvl 47 you should be able to have all the skills you didnt choose earlier (either Conc.+Dark Imm. OR Def.Guard+Defend). When you hit lvl 50 max Two Hand Control. At lvl 60 get Royal resist.

…the new lvl 70 skills arent well known yet so Im gonna update this later when they get more known

…thats about it. Hope this helped you in choosing your class & your strategy. Sorry that its so long but I wanted to cover as much as possible. If I forgot something or if something is wrong, just post here & I will update it Smile . Have fun playing LC…

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