Last Chaos NightShadow Beginner Strategies

Last Chaos NightShadow Beginner Strategies by panakanudan

So, you’ve bitten the bullet and decided to make a Night Shadow despite the high SP cost of the skills. Well, here’s some general basic observations and strategies to get the most bang for your AP as far as leveling and garnering at least a portion of those huge amounts of SP you will need.

First, get to know your NS … do the first few easy quests you get in Egeha as you learn to use the basic free skills given to you as well as how to handle him, drain souls, detonate souls, and decide how you want to set up your action bar for chaining skills/buffs/potion and booster placement, etc. Your lvl 90 armor and weapon are more than enough to start off getting to know your NS. Boggles are easy practice, and convenient to gather your first load of souls on.

Now, the next two things you will need to do will depend on how deep your wallet is vs. time. They can be done in any order, but they are the next 2 things you will need to accomplish.

First Step, get your NS to 91 … however/whenever/etc. That will be the only armor you’ll need until 98-100.

Second Step (minimal cost), either go farm Wood Ghosts with a 100+ char and get a good G5 suit and weapon. You won’t find anything but white wings for 91, so don’t bother with them (your lvl 90 wings will work quite well until you hit 100, they only give a little magic defense that can be increased by plussing them, but it won’t be needed until over 100 anyways.) In under 2 hrs drop farming wood ghosts I was able to get several 91 G5 weapons, and almost 2 full suits of 91 G5E NS armors … plus a couple pair of 87 knight B5E boots, which made the farming for my NS into a profitable endeavor.

Second Step (max cost or max time), buy or drop farm for the 97-99 B6E(-10) armors. Yes, they exist. Good luck or Happy Spending, depending. ;D

Decent accessories will also help … I’m using 93x w/ 60% crit, 93x w/ 10% Mana, 93x w/10% Life and rarely have to pot or use stealers. Crit rate is easily 85%+. 10% is alot when they drain considering the DPS of a NS. Of course, I’m after better ones eventually.

Stat points … personal preference, but since they are INT caster, put most into INT (eventually ALL into INT) … I put 40 into DEX just to increase crit rate, etc. After that, it’s all been INT to increase damage. MC HR acc will increase your magical hit rate as well, also increasing damage.

Ok, now that you have your new level and gear (+6 at least hopefully, +12 or more on weapon (for PRS since no covers). Time to go grind out that SP …

That means Lust Trum or MC … I’ve chosen MC because it’s convenient and no mess. Start with Slashers then progress to Wraiths at lvl 92, etc up through Nivas at 98-100 … feel free to use guild donation (50% XP cap lock), etc … or just grind it out. Over 100, you can slowgrind Tomb, etc … but here’s a rough breakdown of SP farming MC from 91-94 … Note: this is PSSP and SPB useage to maximize the SP per booster, not # of boosters per hour (since boosters cost waaayyyy more than PSSP do).

Oh, I’m also using PBI and XPB to get up through to 96 so I can then use guild donation (50% XP cap lock) and max SP on Nivas at 97 thru 99 … so, you can multiply these SP gains by 12 to get a better idea on how you wish to progress.

You shouldn’t have much problem soloing 3 MC of 20 mobs each per hour.

Level 91 to 92 on Slashers:
With XPB/PBI – 3 hrs, 180 XPB, 3 PBI, 180 SPB, 3 PSSP … ~750 SP
No XPB/PBI – 36 hrs, 2160 SPB, 36 PSSP … ~9000 SP

Level 92 to 93 on Wraiths:
With XPB/PBI – 5 hrs, 300 XPB, 5 PBI, 300 SPB, 5 PSSP … ~1250 SP
No XPB/PBI – 60 hrs, 3600 SPB, 60 PSSP … ~12750 SP

Level 94 on Wraiths … Here’s how I’m working it. I locked guild donation at 50%. I don’t have a gazillion SPB to burn, but i do have several thousand. So, instead of just locking at 50% and slow grinding thru it, I’m burning off my several hundred Blessed Iris … basically getting unlock exp rate and donating same to guild. So, per hour of MC, I’m using 91 G5+15 weapon and 91 G5E+6 suit … 93 HR 60% Crit Acc, 93 HR 10% HS Acc, and 93 HR 10% MS Acc … burning a BI and Shield every 3 hours, and every hour burning PSSP, MS, HS, 60 SPB. In a solo party to max XP and SP, I get 52800 SPX per kill … so 5.28 SP per mob. 5.28 x 60 = 316.8 SP per hour for 60 SPB and roughly 1.7% exp an hour towards lvl 95. So, in rounder numbers, 3 hrs SP grinding on Wraiths in MC gets me 950 SP and 5% of level. It’ll take me 60 hrs to grind thru MC at this rate, netting me 19,000 SP for 3600 SPB and 60 PSSP.
If you don’t use BI, 120 hrs for 38,000 SP and 7200 SPB and 120 PSSP.

Level 99 on Nivas … will let you know after I spend another 48 hours in MC, lol.

Since levels increment by 10 bil per until 100 … you can roughly just multiply out per level .. SP gains will increase as you go to 97/99 bosses, etc … but just straight leveling and SPing as I am will result in 750+1250+2000+2750+4000+4750+6000+6750+8000(no adjust for more SP from higher lvl bosses) will result in roughly 34250 SP. Obviously, slow grind it with guild donation (50% XP cap lock) and you can get 170k SP easily (if not quickly) as you wish.

Now, about Skills … some of the NS skills are really not worth even leveling beyond level 1. And some are not worth getting at all. Here’s a few examples, by no means complete, and more will be found as ppl lvl their NS and (sadly) waste SP to learn the skills that are essentially useless:

Soul Drain … no need to take beyond level 1. You can only use it once per mob, and it already does 80% of your attack power as a damage over time(DoT). At lvl 5(level 160) it does 160% of your attack power for a mere 7670 SP total cost… and you still can only drain a mob once. Is all that SP worth the pittance of a damage increase on a single-shot skill(only useable once per mob)? Definately not. Note: On some boss mobs you CAN Soul Drain more than once, but there seems to be a cool down timer before you can drain them again … In most cases, due to NS high DPS, you will kill the mob before you will get a chance to drain them again … GRD, GDK, GGD, Fluton, Strayana Dragons, cave bosses, Tomb Bosses, etc …

Mass Drain … again, no need to take beyond level 1 where it drains 3 souls at a time and reduces attack speed of surrounding enemies. At lvl 4(level 153) you can drain and slow 6 mobs … and again, mobs can only be soul drained once … so is that extra 9680 SP worth it to max? Most probably not. Besides, at 130 there is another mass drain called …

Screaming Soul … mass drain and confuse enemies. Level 1 does 3 for 1290 SP … iffy, because again, since you can only drain a soul once from a mob … you can’t chain Mass Drain with Screaming Soul. Definately not worth the extra 6860 SP to take to lvl 3(level 156) just to drain and confuse 5 targets. Besides, we’re Night Shadows …. we don’t need no stinking confusion, we kill.

Soul Eruption … also no reason to take beyond level 1. You do 10x damage at level 1 … 9600 SP later to get lvl 5(level 153) to do a mere 12x damage? Definately not worth it, the main reason being that as you level and get more powerful weapons, that damage will already multiply across to reflect higher damage with Soul Eruption. Also, you don’t have an unlimited number of souls … so the basic rule of thumb will be drain target and soul eruption … again, can only drain a soul once but too many soul eruptions and you’ll find yourself having to drain more souls to be able to burst soul eruptions on another target (and again, can only soul drain a mob once .. so entropy balances out on this skill as well.) Max it for PvP if you want, but even lvl 1 with a lvl 91 G5+15 weapon hits for 44k.

Basically any Aura as well … 2m range is pretty irrelevant as mobs get larger and have longer close range attack distances. Most of the time you won’t even see the debuff auras hitting them because they are so big compared to the NS … same for beneficial buffs. IF the magic crit buff aura affects the NS as well as the party members within 2m, then it’s worth it … solely for increasing the NS crit rate. How often do you have party members within 2m of you to get the buff aura effects? The Auras probably need some tweaking to get the ranges effective.

Now for the fun part … Weapons And Armor Guide (heavily in progress, and filling gaps as I can as well as farm mobs). Weapons and Armor have 2 versions … the lower level suit of same name will not have an adjective … ex. 90 suit vs. 91 suit … same names, but 91 suit is the ‘Noticible’ suit. The adjectived suits are a couple levels higer than the base suit, but can be the blue 3 to blue 6 weapons/armors. Obviously the better armors, especially the 117 casting helm, any of the 98-110 b6e(-10 level) armors, etc. With the new item upgrade and set system for 140+ armors …. piecemeal info at best.

Suit Names and Levels

91 ‘Noticeable’
97-102 ‘Cold’
106-111 ‘ Frightful’

90 Preill
91 Noticeable Preill – Wood Ghosts (Strayana), Thorny Mantis (Strayana), and probably more.
96 Preilla
98 Cold Preilla – Silent Spirit of the Knight (Spirit Caves)
105 Khro
107 Frightful Khro
114 Khrocuz
116 Dark Khrocuz
124 Aklah
126 Mean Aklah
134 Agilss – Judge Ballak (Misty Canyon)
136 Enraged Agilss
140 Tus

90 Bient
91 Noticeable Bient – Wood Ghosts (Strayana), Thorny Mantis (Strayana), and probably more.
99 Bientiss
101 Cold Bientiss
108 tezma
110 Frightful tezma
117 Tezhmala
119 Dark Tezhmala
127 Chak
129 Mean Chak
137 Nukh
139 Enraged Nukh

90 Stinger
91 Noticeable Stinger – Wood Ghosts (Strayana), Thorny Mantis (Strayana), and probably more.
98 Stingue
100 Cold Stingue
107 Laphiz
109 Frightful Laphiz
116 Laphathe
118 Dark Laphathe
126 Damahkuss
128 Mean Damahkuss
140 Damazhgus

90 Inishil
91 Noticeable Inishil – Wood Ghosts (Strayana), Thorny Mantis (Strayana), and probably more.
95 Anisirh
97 Cold Anisirh
104 Barrian
106 Frightful Barrian
123 Silversmith
125 Mean Silversmith
133 Goldsmith
135 Enraged Goldsmith
140 Masterpiece Goldsmith
150 Berhna

90 Thunder
91 Noticeable Thunder – Wood Ghosts (Strayana), Thorny Mantis (Strayana), and probably more.
97 Thungering
99 Cold Thundering
106 Sandsilk
108 Frightful Sandsilk
115 Elaborative Sandsilk
117 Elaborative Sandsilk
125 Twophara
127 Mean Twophara
135 Pasian
137 Enraged Pasian
156 Eltah

90 Wing of Black Spirit
91 Wing of Noticeable Black Spirit – Wood Ghosts (Strayana), Thorny Mantis (Strayana), and probably more.
97 Wing of Blue Spirit
99 Wing of Clod Blue Spirit (yes, typo in game as well)
106 Wing of Dead Person
108 Wing of Frightful Dead Person
117 Wing of Dark Degraded Dead Person
125 Wing of Wild Butterfly
127 Wing of Mean Wild Butterfly
135 Wing of Real Spirit
137 Wing of Enraged Real Spirit
140 Devilish Butterfly Wing
150 Wing of Demon

Soul Weapons
90 Soul of Moonlight
91 Soul of Noticeable Moonlight – Wood Ghosts (Strayana), Thorny Mantis (Strayana), and probably more.
100 Soul of Blue Moonlight
102 Soul of Cold Blue Moonlight
111 Soul of Frightful Rot Root
118 Soul of Frightful Rot Root
120 Soul of Dark Fallen Root
130 Soul of Sneaked Dark Forest
138 Soul of Misty Forest
140 Soul of Dark Misty Forest
160 Soul of Corpse

More to come as I work through lists on server downtimes ….

Well, that’s a good start I think … I’m off to go kill and bring suffering to the poor trapped souls of the monster combo …

Hope you find some of this helpful or insightful … Happy Slaying!

Dark Prince of Pestilence

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