Last Chaos Witch Guide

Last Chaos Witch Guide by Isador

Table of Contents

  • Basic Information and General Tips
  • Suggested Stat Builds
  • Skill Information
  • Armor Gallery and Suggestions
  • Weapon Gallery and Suggestions
  • Pets, Accessories Information, Minerals, Item Mall Items, etc.
  • PvP and PvE Tips, Monster Combo and Raid Monster Hunting!
  • “Witch Showoff”
  • Bonus Post for Reservation

Basic Information and General Tips

If you are reading this thread, I assume that you want to make a witch/ are a witch/ or you like to know a lot about all other classes/ or you are just curious how does this guide look like. Well, here it goes.

Witch description: (in-game)
She curses enemies to make them weak and negates their power.
She is very intelligent magic user.

Weapon: Wand

To change your job into Witch you need:

  1. Level 31 or higher
  2. The skill Nova Break to lvl 5
  3. 50 000 gold (50k)

Stat Point Description (according to game)
Strength: Increased damage, defense and encumbrance limit
Dexterity: Increased hit rate and evasion
Intelligence: Increase in magic defense and chance for first strike
Constitution: Increase in HP, MP and potion efficiency
Bonus stat: Dexterity

This information is also showed while changing your class. It isnt actually known what this means. Some speculate that it is the main stat point, and a witch focusing on it will be the most effective, although focusing on Intelligence can be as effective as a focusing on Dexterity. There are proponents for both stat builds.

HP as a full INT lvl 31 mage without armor weapon, pet or acc’s, or potions
HP as a non-stated Witch, without weapon, armor, pets or acc’s, or potions
HP as a witch without armor, pets, acc’s, or potions, WITH a wand equipped
The HP with a wand is boosted because of the mage skill Amplification AND because of the fact that a witch should wield a wand. Amplification does not provide a boost with a staff equipped.

If you want to be a witch, you have to start the game as a mage.
A witch is a class with very low attack and defense power
Witches are a support and pvp class
Witches us a wand
Witches have the biggest glow on their weapons
There are very few witches in-game

If you really want power and you want to rule on the killing field (pve)then a witch is not a class for you. Witches have very low attack power, low defense, hard to build a good witch that would be sufficient for pve, pvp, hunting raid bosses, and MC purposes. This guide is made to help you out in it! To build a witch that will rock on in all aspects of the game. And will show, that witches actually rock!

Suggested Stat Point Builds

As a Mage

– INT build: Put all stat points into INT and most commonly suggested. Go for it!
– DEX build: You wont have enough DEX to feel the difference yet, since you get only 1 stat point per lvl so it is NOT recommended.
– CON build: You wont have enough CON to feel the difference yet. You will get hit for less of your total HP, but you will also kill slowly so it is NOT recommended.
– Hybrid builds: As a mage you will never have enough stat points to make an effective hybrid build so it NOT recommended!

As a Witch

1. INT Build

Strength: 0 (you are a mage so you dont need strength =P)
Dexterity: 17 (for skills)
Intelligence: 100 (for skills) + all the remaining points into INT
Constitution: 17 (for skills)
Accessory Stat: Intelligence
This build has the advantage of giving you a high attack, but it gives low evasion (even with an evasion set). It is a good set if you will be doing things like MC, and usually always party. Its a hard to solo-grind with this build (without proper armor).

2. DEX Build

Strength: 0 (for the same reason)
Dexterity: 17 (for skills) + all the remaining points into DEX
Intelligence: 100 (for skills)
Constitution: 17 (for skills)
Accessory Stats: DEX, INT, Critical Rate
This is the build mostly used by all mages and sorcerers. It is very effective because it improves your evasion a lot. With a proper evasion armor, you will rarely be hit. Your attack will be lower than with an INT build. With this build, you will need at least 90% critical rate boost from acc’s to hit criticals more often!

3. INT/DEX Hybrid

Strength: 0 (again, for the same reason)
Dexterity: 17 (for skills) + every lvl put all stat points here except ONE, which will go to INT
Intelligence: 100 (for skills) + every lvl put ONE point into intelligence and the rest to DEX
Constitution: 17 (for skills)
An effective build, although some people dislike it. You will have good evasion, and a bit better attack. With proper set and weapon, you can be very strong.

4. CON Build

Strength: 0 (again, for the same reason)
Dexterity: 17 (for skills)
Intelligence: 100 (for skills)
Constitution: 17 (for skills) + all the rest stat points into CON
Not a very effective pvp build and not quite effective in pve. It just sucks. You will have a lot of HP and defense, but you will hit slow and low. And monsters will keep hitting you, but still hard enough to kill you in few hits. If you wish to use this build, use a constitution or defense based armor set, health suction and crit rate acc’s are recommended. Also, all armor HAS to be +15!

CON/INT or CON/DEX Hybrids aren’t very effective either, so I wont write about them since it doesnt make any sense. The most effective build is the DEX build. It really rocks! It makes the game funny. If you know that you will use the witch only for parts and need to solo or take aggro on you, go for the INT build!

Skill information

You need your skills be to a powerful witch! Make sure to get them all!

Skill Point Requirements
The total amount you need to max all witch+mage+special skills: 42,376
The total amount you need to max all witch+mage skills: 38,575
The total amount you need to max all mage skills: 3,894
Total amount of gold needed to max all skills: 2,966,000,000

Comparison with other subclasses:
Archer > WM > Wizard > HL > RK > Witch > TK > Ranger > Spec > Cleric > Sin > Ele

As you see, the Witch sp needs are in the middle Very Happy, that isnt bad, but isnt good as well Very Happy
You have to farm a lot of sp, so remember to sp farm!

Stat Point Requirements
Stat points needed to max all skills are:
Intelligence: 100
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 17

Note: This stat points have to be your basic stats, not added from accessories
Note: At lvl 38, you won’t be able to max get all 3 skills which require stat points: HP Drain, Decay, and Blind. You can only get 2 of them, I suggest getting HP Drain and Decay first. Blind you will be able to get at lvl 43.

Skill Books Required
Epidemic skill book
Burning Flame skill book
Seed of Agony skill book
Dark Smog skill book

Mage Skills

Active Skills

Energy Bolt
Level Required: 1
Total skill point cost: 63
This is the 1st skill you will have the pleasure to use. It is quite nice at lower lvls, but become useless at higher (will become like your normal hit +around 100dmg with a cast time), still worth maxing it out, since till low 40s its quite usefull for a witch.

Energy Field
Level Required: 5
Total skill point cost: 65
Personal dungeon skill, not worth getting past lvl 1. Personal dungeons are awesome, and they are a very fast way to gain xp and sp on lower lvls, however, Prokion and Velpist Temples are better.

Energy Cutter
Level Required: 10
Total skill point cost: 97
A strong, yet slow to cast skill, worth using it only with haste and as the 1st hit to aggro monster on you, since it has high damage (especially during the lower levels).

Flame Storm
Level Required: 15 (for lvl 1 of the skill) // 20 (for lvl 2) // 25 (for lvl 3) // 30 (for lvl 4)
Total skill point cost: 130
An AoE (area of effect) skill, that hits up to 5 monsters within 5 meters of the monster that you hit with it. Very useful skill for sp farming! MUST HAVE!

Level Required: 15
Total skill point cost: 130
This skill decreases the opponent’s speed by 5 at max lvl. Very good for pve (high lvl mobs) and also pvp (kiting method). A MUST HAVE SKILL!
Curse in use

Chakra Shield
Level Required: 15
Total skill point cost: 130
This is the first buff you will get as a mage. It increases your movement speed by 1 point at max lvl. Useful skill. And since you are a witch, you are for support so you MUST HAVE IT, to buff up your whole party!
Chakra Shield in use

Level Required: 15
Total skill point cost: 130
The second debuff skill you will get, decreases the opponents attack speed. Very useful in pvp and higher lvl pve! A life saver skill, MUST HAVE!
Sloth in use

Mana Recovery
Level Required: 15
Total skill point cost: 50
This skill makes your mana recover faster! It is very useful in parties as well as solo. With its cheap sp cost, it is definitely worth getting. Helps keep your party in fit (with mana) for a long long time.
Mana Recovery in use

Level Required: 20 (for level 1-5) // 41 (for lvl 6) // 74 (for lvl 7)
Total skill point cost: 163 (for lvl 5) // 663 (for max lvl 7)
At lvl 5 of the skill, it takes exchanges 200 HP for 380 MP. At lvl 7, the skill exchanges 300 HP for 500 MP. Very useful skill which helps you stay fit with mp while playing!
Transformation in use

Arch Enemy
Level Required: 20
Total skill point cost: 163
A very strong, but close range attack skill, good to finish the opponent off with. When the enemy gets near (effective only in pve, in pvp you should stay away from ANY enemy)

Level Required: 20
Total skill point cost: 162
This is the soul of every mage. Witches get an upgraded version of this skill later on called Haste 2. Haste increases your skills’ casting speed and can be cast on yourself or others. Thanks to this skill you use your skills faster, attacks, buffs, debuffs, all cast faster! A LOT! MUST HAVE!
Haste in use

Level Required: 25
Total skill point cost: 196
A buff which increases your attack speed and is very useful. It is a self-buff. MUST HAVE!
Scud in use

Nova Break
Level Required: 30
Total skill point cost: 228
Slow to cast skill (not that slow with haste). Very good, and it will be your main attack skill. You also need this skill at level 5 in order to choose a subclass. MUST HAVE!
Nova Break in use

Spell Focus
Level Required: 30
Total skill point cost: 228
This buff increases the target’s (yourself or a friend) magical hit rate and is very useful. Very effective buff for all magic-using characters!

Passive Skills

These are all must haves!!

Casting Guard
Level Required: 5
Total skill point cost: 97
Increases your defense. All defense boosts are useful! Smile

Secret Study
Level Required: 10 (for lvls 1-5 of the skill) // 35 (for lvl 6) // 72 (for lvl 7)
Total skill point cost: 130 (for lvl 1-5) // 604 (for lvl 1-7)
Increases magical attack. MUST HAVE!

Level Required: 10
Total skill point cost: 74
Increases your HP. MUST HAVE Wink

Mage armor
Level Required: 20
Total skill point cost: 228
Increases your mana regeneration speed. MUST HAVE

Level Required: 25
Total skill point cost: 228
Increases your magical defense. MUST HAVE

Fast Spell Casting
Level Required: 25
Total skill point cost: 228
Increases your skill refresh time which makes it very useful. MUST HAVE

Witch Skills

Active Skills

Level Required: lvl 32 (lvls 1-5) // 56 (lvl 6) // 66 (lvl 7) // 80 (lvl Cool // 88 (lvl9)
Stat Points Required: 12 Dexterity
Total skill point cost: 1,562
The best stun in the game! Stuns the opponent for 30 seconds! and it cancels all of the target’s buffs! MUST HAVE!
Stone in use

Level Required: 38
Stat Points Required: 35 Intelligence
Total skill point cost: 293
Very good pvp skill which makes the enemy blind (darkens the target’s screen upto 75%).

Level Required: 38
Stat Points Required: 17 Dexterity
Total skill point cost: 293
Decreases opponents hit rate. Enemies miss you much more when you use this skill on them! MUST HAVE!
Decay in use

HP Drain
Level Required: 38 (lvl 1-5 of skill) // 53 (lvl 6) // 63 (lvl 7)
Stat Points Required: 17 Constitution
Total skill point cost: 843
A life saver skill. Takes a part of your opponent’s HP and gives it to you! Be a bloodsucker Wink! At lvl 7 it costs 100 MP and gives you 400 HP!
HP Drain in use

Burning Flame
Level Required: 42, 52, 62, 72, 82, 92, 102, 110, 118 (every lvl one lvl of skill)
Special Requirement: Burning Flame skill book to make this skill lvl 7 // 300,000,000 gold
Total skill point cost: 4,073
Very good “bleed” skill. Reduces enemy’s HP in a small amount of time. Very good in pvp and pve! MUST HAVE
Burning Flame in use

Level Required: 44, 54, 64, 74, 84, 94, 104, 112, 120 (each lvl one lvl of skill)
Special Requirement: Epidemic skill book to make this skill lvl 7 // 360,000,000 gold
Total skill point cost: 3,989
Also a “bleed” skill. Works great in combination with Burning Flame. MUST HAVE
Epidemic in use

Stat Poll
Level Required: 44 (lvl 1-5), 58, 68, 82, 92, 100, 108, 116 (one lvl of skill each lvl from 5Cool
Special Requirement: 240,000,000 gold
Total skill point cost: 6,553
Awesome pvp skill! Decreases the opponents stat points! At lvl 12, this skill decreases all stat points by 85! MUST HAVE
Stat Poll in use

Haste 2
Level Required: 47 (level 1) // 76 (lvl 2)
Total skill point cost: 600
Must have! The best buff in game! Works just like Haste, but makes the casting speed even faster!

Sleeping Fog
Level Required: 70 (lvl 1-5 of skill) // 98 (lvl 6 of skill)
Stat Points required: 100 Intelligence
Special Requirement: 6,000,000 gold
Total skill point cost: 2,450
AoE stun which brings the enemies into sleep. Although they wake up once hit, it is still good when many opponents are aggro on you. Hits upto 8 targets! MUST HAVE

Seed of Agony
Level Required: 122, 126, 130 (one for each level of the skill)
Special Requirements: Seed of Agony skill book // 780,000,000 gold
Total skill point cost: 3,780
“Curses an opponent and temporarily decreases its HP.” (according to Ona’s LC wiki)
No comments, since I couldnt try out the skill yet (but I love the name)

Dark Smog
Level Required: 132, 136, 140 (one for each level of the skill)
Special requierments: Dark Smog skill book // 1,080,000,000 gold!
Total skill point cost: 4,080
“An AoE attack skill. This skill has a 6 second cool down time” (according to LC wiki)
No comments, since I couldnt try the skill yet.

Passive Skills

These are also all must have skills!!

Astral Energy
Level Required: 32
Stat Points Required: 2 Intelligence
Total skill point cost: 327
Increases your HP when a wand is equipped! At lvl 5 you gain 200 HP. MUST HAVE

Mana Barrier
Level Required: 32
Stat Points Required: 12 Constitution
Total skill point cost: 276
Increases your close-range evasion! Only works with a wand equipped. Great and useful skill

Mental Preserve
Level Required: lvl 50 (lvl 1-5 of the skill) // 84 (lvl 6) // 94 (lvl 7)
Total skill point cost: 1,973
Increases your physical defense and attack speed. You will feel the difference in your defense and attack speed!

Support Magic
Level Required: 60 (lvl 1-5 of the skill) // 90 (lvl6) // 106 (lvl 7) // 114 (lvl Cool
Special Requirement: 200,000,000 gold
Total skill point cost: 3,589


Armor is a very important aspect of every class.
A witch without a proper armor is very fragile. Witches have low base defense so a good armor is much more then needet! Its necessery!
How to + your armor? Giovanna_X (give her karma for it!) made an amazing guide about it, so I wont be writing her the same again, doesnt make sense:
Gio’s Guide to Upgrading
You can use armors that are 5 lvls higher the you are! untill the lvl 70-72 armor
(ex. when you are lvl 10 you can use already lvl 15 gloves!)
Starting from the lvl 75-77 armor set and going up, you need to be the lvl the armor set is to use it.

So, lets introduce everyone to the armor set’s!
LVL 1-71 ARMOR SET’S (basic previev)

Lvl 1 armor set
The armor that you get while starting the game, doesnt make sense upgrading. Use the whole armor till lvl 9 (only not shirt, since after finishg your 1st personal dungeon you get the lvl 5 shirt!)
Lvl 5-7 armor set
You get the shirt after finishing Straia Temple (the dungeon where you start the game), use it. Doesnt make sense to buy the rest of the armor, since you will lvl out of it very fast! Althought, if you get some part dropped from mobs, equip it ofc. Doesnt make sense upgrading
Lvl 10-12 armor set
Worth to buy this armor from the armor trader in Juno. Not worth upgrading tho, if you will make it +3 with smelthing stones you can skip the lvl 15-17 armor set, isnt worth it tho.
Lvl 15-17 armor set
Worth buying if you have no + lvl 10-12 armor, not worth upgrading tho. You can buy it at Armor marchant in Randol.

Lvl 20-22 armor set
Your “main” prokion shrine armor. Really necessery to get it +4, use smelting stones to do that. You can buy it at armor trader in Randol. Also bloodseal it fully!
Lvl 25-27
I’ve skipped this armor since the 20-22+4 armor was sufficent to lvl up in Prokion.
Lvl 30-32
Worth getting to +3/4, hard to get +4 with smelthing stones, and gets expensive, also expensive to buy from other players if you are a new player. Bloodseal it fully tho.
Lvl 35-37
Worth getting this armor to a high +, even +8-10 if you can afford it. The armor is a must-have if you are willing to start partying in Egeha at boogles. With your debuffs you will be pulling them aggro on you, so its important to stay alive! Also bloodseal it fully.

Lvl 40-42
If you have the 35-37 armor set at least +6 just skip this armor. If you dont have a set thats at least +6, its the time to get one Smile
Lvl 45-47
If you have a high + 35-37 or 40-42 set dont bother getting this one. If yo dont… YOU REALLY SCHOULD GET A HIGH + ARMOR SET!
Lvl 50-52

This is one of the best looking armor sets. Get it +8-15, if you cannot afford it yet, keep using your old armor set, and get a 57-57 armor.
Lvl 55-57
If you dont a high + lvl 50-52 get it +8-15. With this set +15 and a +15 weapon you will be able to solo demons!

Lvl 60-62
This is a “showoff” armor set! Its very rare, and drops only in Temple of Forgetfulness. If you desire to lvl up slowely you might need this armor, lvl 65-67 or 70-72 armor set +15. If you will do, you wont the 75-77 armor set!
Lvl 65-67
As I’ve written already, if you can, get this armor +15, you wont need any other armor set till the 85-87 set. This or 60-62 or 70-72
Lvl 70-72
If you can get this armor +15 (or the 65-67, 60-62). You wont need the 75-77 armor, and you can freely lvl up and save money till u can afford lvl 85-87!

Lvl 75-77
This is the first armor you can get with pure evasion seals, but you schouldnt bother getting it, since its hard to get these days. I even wouldn’t recommend getting it honesty, not worth the efford and prise. But definately you schould get the:
Lvl 85-87
Eavasion armor…
The best armor you can get. Recommendet blue 5 seals (if you cannot afford blue 6 seals). If you are able to afford get speed up boots and cast up helmet, theyr the most usefull.
With this armor set, you wont get hit often, but I still would recommend getting it +15 or at least +13-14 and cover to +15, you will be using this set till lvl 105-107.
Lvl 95-97
Impossible to get blue drops of this armor, so dont botehr with it, all I can say about it is, that it has a visible helm!

These armor covers can be bought in the item mall.
They look cool, but last only 30 days. You can meld them using books of melding or big books of melding, the big books of melding can give your armor a +, from +1 to +3, very usefull way to get your armor a higher +!


As a witch your weapon will be a wand!
For your lvl’s 1-31 people say the best is using a staff. But:
– You will be using a wand for your whole game time! Get use to it on your lower lvls.
– If you will be hitting much as a mage, and then you change into witch, start using a wand and your attack will be lower might make you hate witches, so if you start with a wand from the beggining you will get used to slow killing, and changing into a witch (with the basic atk boost) you will really like it!

Its important to have your weapons upgrade!
You are a support class, but sometimes you wont be able to finde a party, so you will have to rely on yourself. So you will need proper weapons! And upgradet! The max + you can get on your weapon is 15.
How to upgrade your weapons? Giovanna_X (give her karma for it!) made an amazing guide about it, so I wont be writing her the same again, doesnt make sense:
Gio’s Guide to Upgrading

You can use weapons that are 4 lvls higher then you are up to lvl 69 weapon! To use lvl 73 wepons and up you will need that have that lvl.

There are some special weapons that have a bonus seal called “Degress level of appeareal(?)” I can be -3, -5 or -10 when it has something like that, you can use the wepon 3, 5, or 10 lvls earlier then the lvl of the weap! They are very rare and expensive, but worth to get!

So, lets introduce everyone to the weapons!

Lvl 1 weapon
You get this weapon at the start of the game. Not worth upgrading, worth using untill lvl 5.
Lvl 5 weapon
Not worth getting, since you will out lvl the weap extremly fast. You can buy it at weapon trader in Randol
Lvl 9 weapon
Worth getting, not worth upgrading, you can get it dropped or buy it at Weapon trader in Randol
Lvl 13 weapon
Worth getting and worh upgrading to +3 with smelting stones (you can meld all the armors/weapons you got as a monster drop). You can buy this weapon at Weapon trader in Randol
Lvl 17 weapon
Worth getting and making it +4 with smelthing stones (you get a cool glow). You can buy it at Weapon trader in Randol, its very usefull in Velpist and 1st 2 lvls in Prokion.
Lvl 21 weapon
Not worth getting, becous at the same you can get the lvl 21 event wand!

Lvl 21 event weapon
If you can afford getting it +15 then do it! This weapon will be enought for you till a 4x weap! If yo cannot afford a +15 anything above +8 schould be very good!
Lvl 25 weapon
Not worth getting since the 21 event weapon is much better
Lvl 29 weapon
Not worth getting since the event wand has the same stats
Lvl 33 weapon
If your event wand is +0-6 then you schould get this wand +6 at least. If not, then dont bother.
Lvl 37 weapon
You can easily skip this weap if you have the event weap or the 25 one +10-15.

Lvl 41 weapon
Get this or the lvl 45 weapon +15! Very usefull, and since you are high enought to make proper money go for it!
Lvl 45 weapon
If you have the 41+15 dont bother with this one, if you dont GO FOR IT! It’s time to have a +15 weapon Very Happy.
Lvl 49 weapon
You schould have a 4x +15 already, dont bother getting this one then.
Lvl 53 weapon
You got a 4x +15, you need this one then ^^.
Lvl 57 weapon
You dont need it, if you have a 4x+15 weapon.

Lvl 61 weapon
If you are going to sp farm at lvl 6x in forgetfulness or in egeha, you will need a 6x weapon, althought I suggest using a lvl 65 or 69, so dont bother with this one Smile
Lvl 65 weapon
Worth getting +15, if you are going to sp farm in forgetfulness or egeha you will need it.
Lvl 69 weapon
A good weapon to grind till lvl 73 till you get your b5, b6 or g5 weapon, if you have a 65+15 it isnt worth getting this one.


You can have only 2 old generation pets (Dragon, Horse) at the same time
And 2 new generation pets (Ichi, Scra-tchi) at the same time
That means 4 pets together in your equipement.

1. Horse mount
A horse mount is something, that EVERYONE needs.
It is a fasy way of transport, and it also has special buffs. The most common horse mounts are lvl 31 and 37. At lvl 31 you can learn Offensive and Defensive hauling (one lvl 10 and one lvl 7). At lvl 37 you can make both buffs lvl 10 (max)

An agrevating buff. It makes monsters around you attack you, quite useless in higher lvls, may help in geathering monsters in merac tho
Offensive Hauling

This buff incresses your attack. One of the 2 buffs for whcih you get a horse mount!
Witch using Offensive Hauling
Deffensive Hauling

The second buff for which you get a horse mount. This one boosts your defense!
Witch usind Deffensive Hauling
HP MP up [mount]

This is a passvie ability that you gain when you sit on your horse, it raises your mp and hp.
Not worth getting.

2. Dragon Mount
Dragon mounts are a fast way to kill monsters in merac and dratan (low lvl monsters). Lvl 31 dragon mounts are sufficent. Lvl 37 are perfect.
Technique how to aoe mobs with a dragon mount:
– If you have a horse mount, buff yourself with offensive and defensive hauling.
– Run around and hit mobs with just one hit, to make them aggro on you (on foot). If monsters are aggro then just run past them so they fallow you.
– When you have them geathered them all equip your dragon mount.
– Use dragon roar skill
– Use dragon poison skill (if they are high hp mobs, if they die easily dont bother using it)
– Keep using dragon breath till all monsters die.
Dragon mount skills:
Dragon roar

This skill decresses attack speed and movement speed of monsters around you (aoe skill).
Worth getting lvl 1 of it.
Dragon breath

The dmg aoe skill of your dragon mount. After getting lvl 1 of dragon roar and lvl 1 pump it up!
Dragon poison

A typical, but aoe poison, more effective then the rogue poison. Worth geting only, if yo are going to aoe higher lvl 4x 5x in dratan or slamanders/larvas in merac.
Life regen

Incresses your hp and mp recovery rate while siting on your dragon mount! Usefull only if you dont have a horse mount!

3. Support pet

A support pet is a pet that flys/runs around you, picking up your drops, eating a lot, and giving you some passvie abilities. A strong support pet is very important for a witch. A pet starts beeing a support pet at lvl 2, when he can get his 1st passive bugg up. Theres no diffrence in the buffs between a horse and a dragon. When you hatch an egg you are getting a hatchlng, when its lvl 16 it changes into drake, while a Pony at lvl 16 changes inot a horse. Max lvl of all passive abilities is 30, and your pets max lvl is 60.
Increased power

This skill incresses your physical attack power (useless for witch, you hit with magic!)
Inceased armor

If you pump your pet with this skill your physical defense will be higher, very usefull for witches without an eva armor! (or +15 armor)
Magical power

Incresses your magical attack power! Awesume ability, worth getting on higher lvls (on lower better pump in physical defense). A must max skill when you have a +15 armor (or decent + eva armor)
Magical defense

Incresses your magcial defnese, very usefull ability while hunting magic monsters without a +15 armor set. A must have in demon/hadies parts/duos. On higher lvls quite useless, but may be a life saver!
HP up

This ability incresses your hp, not worth getting.
MP up

This ability incresses your mp, not worth getting.
4. Ichi and Scra-chi
Ichi: A usefull in pvp pet, since his debuff skill decresses the hit rate of enemys, quite useless in pve )but looks cool while hes running around you)
Scra-chi: Thanks to hit stun he might be quite usefull in pve, also might be annoying in pvp, not too usefull in helping killing (still, looks cool while running around you)

I will write them up in the prizes, from broke to rich Wink
BROKE: Normal acc’s that drop from mobs, with some low INT Magical hit rate or hit rate. They can get drop from various monsters, Bandits in merac have a good drop rate of 8 INT accesories.
SEMI BROKE: Normal acc’s (same as for broke) with some MC acc’s, from the low monsters, acc’s may have some higher INT (Power of Mind) or Magical hit rate. Dont bother with them with
NORMAL MONEY BALANCE: Try getting rare accesories, Rage of demon and eye of wise man are the best for you!
PVP: MC Accesories with 2×93 hit rate or 1×93 hit rate, they also may add some INT or DEX!
PVE: MC Accesories that add (althogether): 5% suction of mana 60-90% scritical hit rate, or around 32-48 INT
PVP: MC accesories with 3×93 Hit Rate with some DEX, INT or EVA seals
PVE: MC accesories that add altogether:5% suction of mana,% 150-180 critial hit rate, INT, DEX stats and some eva or Hit rate stats
PVP: 3 MC accesories, every one adds 4×93 Hit rate (VERY RARE)
PVE: MC accesories that add altogother:10+ suction of mana, 240%+ critical hit rate, other stats INT, DEX, Hit Rate

After testing a bit i’ve edited the accesories:
1st. suction of life isnt effective at higher lvls, suce hp drain at lvl 7 eats you 100mp and recvoers 400hp, and you can use it againa fter 8 seconds (with a cast helm around 6) so on HP just rely on HP drain skill and potions (which you wont use too many), mp steal around 5-10% is more then enought, mp pots will recover high ammounts if you have to buff a lot of people! You will be dong almost 100% crit hits with 240% of crit hits, its really amazing how it can work!

Player suggested accosories:

What items may be usefull for a witch?
Lvl 3,6,12 magical attack minerals which incresse your magical attack, very usefull!
Lvl 3,6,12 physical defense minerals which incresse your physical defense, a must have on lower lvls!
Lvl 3,6,12 magical defense minerals which incresses your magcal defense, must have while fighting magical monsters!
At lower lvls Small healling potions and Small mana potions will be sufficent. In prokion you might wanna use Medium Healling potions, and after changing class Greater healling pots will be the best while grinding lvl’s and medium while sp farming. Small and medium mana pots schould be sufficent thanks to transformation! Small HP and MP recovery potions (which drop from hands of breavery and protection) are alsov ery usefull, aswell as Defnese and Attack potions which drop from them aswell. Haste potions are useless since you have CHara Shield (the potion and skill deny each other, so you cannot have both used at same time).
To lvl up faster: Experience boosters (4x xp per kill)
To sp faster: Skill Point Booster (4x sp per kill)
To drop farm: Item Drop Booster (higher chance to get a drop)
To gold farm: Gold drop booster (more gold per kill To get fast pet food: Tool aids (boosts the pet food gain)

PvE (Player versus Enviroment)
Lvling and sp’ing spots!:

Lvl 1-10: Foxes, Deers, Wolfs, Elders Wolfs, Berserker Wolfs, Dire Wolfs, Jaguars (map1, around Randol)
Lvl 10-15: Velpist Temple (zombies there): in here you might want a low lvl +3-4 armor and a +4 weapon, monsters here are stronger then mobs outside. Monsters here also give 3x more sp then normal mobs (ex. if you get normally 1,1k here you gain 3,3k!). In here you can also get dropped armors and weapons with +!
Lvl 15-32: Prokion Shrine: In this dungeon xp doesnt metter (althught its great aswell) here metter sp only! You get 5x more then you normally do (ex. if normally you get 1,1k here you get 5,5k!). If you have a lvl 6+ guild you might want to cap your xp to 50% (the max) and gain slow xp, but very good sp! If you can afford get a lvl 21 event wand +15, and a lvl 20-22 +4-6 armor set. From lvl 15 to lvl 19 kill Ghouls, From lvl 19 to 24 kill mummys. From lvl 24 to 26 kill Orc Soldiers, from 26 move to Orc FIghters till 27. At lvl 27 move to Orc Axeman, and kill them till lvl 29, from lvl 29 till lvl 32 kill Orc Seargents till lvl 32!
Lvl 32-40:
Sp: Berserkers, Bandits, Blood Frenzys, Doom Slayers, Highlanders in Merac (your +15 event wand will be more then sufficent for this)
Lvling: Egeha boogles (need a duo or a party). For how to kill them effectively please read below, in Pve tips Smile ) If you cannot afford 800k for the egeha trip you also may go and kill Sphinx spear man in dratan (they are around Theos tomb)
I made it with a duo with my rogue friend, she was lvl 27 when we started, I was lvl 31! Very Happy
Screenies of it: 1;2;3
Lvl 40-48:
Sp: Maargadum Jail in merac, here you wont be able to use horse buffs, so a new, better armor will be needet, also a better weap then the event wand +15. If you cannot afford a +15 a lvl 41-45+10 will be enought.
Lvling: Boogles or Bocu Demons in egeha (boogles solo, demons with a party)
Lvl 48-50:
Sp: Salamander Ruins and Giant Larvas in Merac!
Lvling: Boogles, Dark boogles, Hadies (solo) or Bocu Demons in a party
Lvl 50-60:
Sp: Salamander ruins and Gianr Larva in Merac (till 52 are good) Then several monsters in Dratan, like Dragons, Wafes, Goblin Commanders.
Lvling: With a +15 set you can solo demons! Without keep partying there or solo boogles, dark boogles and hadies. Also with a bigget party with some stronger people you might try Theos Tomb (how to do it? read pve tips below)
Lvl 60-70:
Sping: Lvl 60-64 Sphinx in Dratan, Temple of Forgetfulness (which drops very rare armor parts!) or boogles in egeha, at lvl 70 Hadies.
Lvling: Solo demons (possible without a +15 set, just minerals), party in Theos Tomb in dratan or on Ghosts in Egeha (Weavers and Liches)
Lvl 80-88:
Sp: At this lvl’s making proper sp is impossible, you can try doing some on demons at lvl 85, but I suggest just skipping these lvls.
Lvling: Solo i Theos Tomb, Ghosts, or duo on Harpys in Strayan would also do the trick. Combat Partys on Commanders are the best tho (Theos Tomb)
Lvl 88-100
Sp: Sping is best from lvl 88 to 91-92 at ghosts in egeha. At lvl 91-92 Slahsers in Lust Trum (egeha), at lvl 95-97 Wraiths and Dark Wraiths give good sp (Lust Trum) At lvl 100 Nivas in Lust Trum, or Zombies in Theos Tomb (need lvl clarification)
Lvling: Combat Partys at Commanders in Theos Tomb

NOTE: If any HIGH LVL could tell me good llving/sping spots past lvl 100 which I could add to the guide I would more then thankfull, and I’m sure everyone who will finde this guide usefull will do so aswell!

PvE Techniques

Only effective on lower lvls, with easy to kill monsters (Juno, Dratan (- mobs in tomb zone), Merac, Velpist Temple, Prokion Shrine, Maargadum Prison). You just pull them all on you, with one hit or running past them, if they are aggro, when they all are on you, you will need a good armor, acc’s or just minerals/potions. To effective aoe you will need a dragon mount. Wthout it, you have to rely Flame Strom, whch is also effective.
Kiting is effective in pve aswell in pvp. Kiting is very effective to kill higher lvl monsters, Which can kill you in 1-5 hits (so basically you have no chance to keep them on you, aka tank them). To kite, the 1st thing you need to do is Curse the monsters. It will be walking very slow, so you ust have to run away to a safe distance and hit him few times, run again, hit, run, hit and so on. When u kite, also good to use Stone after the curse, when the mobs is stoned cast curse, sloth, epidemic, burning flame, stat poll and decay, or just skip some if you know the mob will die fast, if so, dont bother with stat poll and decay.
With kiting you can solo boogles at lvl 20 with a +15 weapon ofc (not suggested, you schould sp farm!)
With kiting you can solo zombies in Theos Tomb at lvl 44 with a +15 4x weapon. Here you have to remember to cast burning flame and epidemic on the zombie, or you wont be able to kill it due to hp recovery of the mob. Alos attack minerals might be usefull.
Saving Life
This is a technique to save your life, not a typical pve technque.
*Lets say, if you run throught egeha. What to do to not die by all the aggro monsters. Put your support pet on one of the quick bars (lets say F1). When you are running past monsters just summon/unsummon your pet instantly, the monsters will get aggro on it. When no monsters are around hide the pet. So the monsters loose aggro of it. Very usefull!.
*If you get ganged by many strong mobs, and you know you will die cast Sleeping Fog and either run away, or recover and keep kiling the monsters 1 by1. After using Sleeping Fog remember to keep attacking just one mob, and dont use any aoe skills. f you’ll do so, all the monsters around you will wake up, and you’ll be in trouble again.

Monster combo is a plce where you kill in a party. You can go there solo, but its boring, taking long as a witch and uite risky. I can make two kinds of monster combo wihch you can take place at:
1. Fast combo – here monsters die very, very fast, your attack doesnt help at all, and debuffing mobs doesnt make sense, since they die in a metter of seconds. Your main goal here is to keep your party buffed, and full in mp (mp recovery FTW). You dont have to attck at all if your “killers” in the party are fast, you might attacl a few mobs using HP drain tog et some hp back (if you dont have a healer) which you lost cuz of traps. If you have mp suction seals you might also attack some mobs to regain mp. But remember: RECOVER PARTY MP! they will love you for it!
Lvl do to this combo? At lvl 20, when you get haste and mana recovery you are good to go!
2. Slow combo – MC on elite monsters, which are hard and long to kill. Here you finally can show what a witch is made of! You have to debuff the monsters (sloth, decay, stat poll, blinde) you can also stone from time to time, and use your bleed skills! Dont forget about buffing party members and recovering theyr mp!
Lvl to join it? Lvl 47 with haste 2 and your mana recovery (and most of your debuffs) you are good to go with friends that are even lvl 90+! Works very fine when your 72 and have haste2 lvl 2! You just rock then!

Grand Red Dragon:
The main thins you need to solo this one is a +15 weapon and a lvl 12 magical defense mineral, you wont need more! Kiting is your best friend here. Curse, sloth and run around using nova break or any other attack skill. To solo him its possible already at 25 (with scud). Its hard tho. To solo it effectively you will need at least lvl 38! HP drain is your best friend in this case! It will help you recover the ammount of hp you lost. Also stone is very usefull!. When the dragon is close to dead it will spawn cerberils. When you see them getting out smply stop attacking and run a bit away. The dragon will falow you, the cerberils will stop tho and they wont bother you!
Grand Devilroad Kamira:
For this big lady you will most likely need at least 3 parts of armor+15 to kill her effectively and without a problem. She is hard to kite. But with hp drain, sloth, decay and stone you schould be able to solo her easily at lvls 55+. If you have a +15 armor set, it will be alos quite easy on lower lvls. She spawns low lvl mobs when shes close to dead, so dont bother with them =)
Grand Gold Dragon aka Bob
To solo this big guy you will need a +15 set b5/b6 eva lvl 75-77 ot 85-87. Also a +15 weapon.He hits hard to remember to debuff him with all you got and keep using HP drain everytime he hits you! It is possible to solo him with a proper set at lvl 77. He spawns Cursed Weavers on you when hes close to dead. The best way is either keep them on your pet. Or use Sleeping Fog to disturb them for a bit. This raid boss it totaly impossible to kite. So you have to rely on your gear and skills!

I wont write how to defeat any of the class, since it doesnt rely on the class, but on how the player plays, that means that sometimes you can easily kill an RK and sometimes using the same technique you will fail, thats why here are just some very useful tips Very Happy

– Never cast blind on royal knights since they are immune to that skill.
– Stone, burning flame and epidemic are you best weapons!
– Fighting an elementalist remember to stone him then kill spirits (always kill wind spirit first since it can stun you) then finish the ele
– Remember that you can always curse close range classes and kite them!
– Always have remedies and cures on your hotbar!
– If you fight a pet hides use sleep fog, it gives you some time to target him!
– Stat poll is somehow useless in serious pvp, but awesome in having fun with friends or fighting in a group against another one!
– With 30% cast you are able to permanently stone and sleep fog!!
– Dont pet hide, its bad D:
– If you know that you wont manage to defeat the opponent b4 stone is over and you dont have a cast up helmet decay and sloth (works very well together against strong opponents)

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