Flyff Cheapest Classes Guide

Fly for Fun Cheapest Classes Guide by ace

[#1 Strength AoE BP]

Male and Female in Level 71 NPC Billposter Armor. (Taken From Flyff Wiki)

So here is your build:


Put 120 on stamina first, then continue to strength.
NEVER put anything on intelligence or dexterity.
If you’re gonna make a Str AoE BP.
Then those two stats are not factors.
Here are the skills you need to max in order:

Max Heap Up
Max Beef Up
Max Burstcrack
Max Prevention [Level 18]
Stonehand Lv. 19
Max Cat’s Reflex
Max Asmodeus (Billposter Skill)
Max Haste
Max Cannonball
Max Accuracy

Max Heap up and Beef up first, then Burstcrack and then get Prevention to level 18.
Max Stonehand as it can save you a lot of money on food and pots.
Then Max Cat’s Reflex, Asmodeus (essential), Haste, Cannonball, and Accuracy last.
This will take you over level 60 to max all of these.


This build will focus on Stamina mainly.
If you think it’s too much stamina, then you’re wrong.
The Maxed Beef Up gives you enough Strength to carry you a long way.

Prevention will save you a bunch of times when put at only level 18.
The combined accuracy buffs are just an added bonus.
Stonehand will often stun 1/3 of your mob.
Which is good so you don’t have to struggle with money for pots and food.

(Some information on the skills was given by _ChriSter. Thanks For The Help. :mrgreen: )

[#2 Strength 1v1 BP]

Let’s go with the original “Cookie Cutter.”
Even though I would recommend AoE some people happen to hate AoE.
So for all of those Demanding vagrants here it is. :wink:


For the stamina it’s recommended
that you stop at 30 because you won’t need much.

These are your skills to max in order from level 15-60.

Heap Up (Substitute for low Stamina)
Resurrection [Optional: Put At Level 1]
Beef Up
Stonehand [level 19]


This build focuses on getting crits and attacking fast.
Cookie Cutter is a build no one can deny. :mrgreen:

(All 1v1 BP information was taken from abhishekh’s guide. Thank You!)

#3 AoE Knight

Male and Female in Level 71 NPC Knight Armor. (Taken From Flyff Wiki)

So here it is, the AoE Knight.
The AoE knight is a cheap character to fund.
You can make do with NPC equips and possibly a +3 green axe.
Which is affordable for any level 60+ with a little merchanting.


You will be going on this build just like the AoE BP build.
Except this character is cheaper because the knight gets more hp per stamina point
than the Billposter does. So it won’t require some of the more expensive equips at higher levels.

At the skills I want to quote Gemedet from his Guide (Thanks for the info!)

Skill progression:

At Lv15, you have just finished your job change and have received 40 skill points from it. At this point, you have 68 skill points so make Protection Lv5.
Points Left: 58

At Lv20, you will have 68 skill points so make Empower Weapon Lv4 (or 9 at highest).
Points Left: 60 (50 with Lv9 EW)

At Lv25, you will have 75 skill points so max Blazing Sword.
Points Left: 35 (25 with Lv9 EW)

At Lv30, you will have 50 skill points so max Sword Mastery and put whatever points you have left into Empower Weapon.
Points Left: 0

At Lv38, you will have 24 skill points so max Empower Weapon and add whatever points you have left into Pan Barrier.
Points left: 0

Skill levels at this point
Slash: 0
Keenwheel: 0
Blindside: 0
Special Hit: 0
Bloody Strike: 0
Hit Reflect: 0
Guillotine: 0

Protection: 5
Pan Barrier: 1
Sneaker: 0
Empower Weapon: Max
Smite Axe: 0
Axe Mastery: 0
Blazing Sword: Max
Sword Mastery: Max

At Lv43, you will have 18 skill points so make Pan Barrier Lv10 and start focusing on Sneaker.
Points Left: 0

At Lv53, you will have 40 skill points so make Sneaker Lv19.
Points Left: 2

At Lv65, use the Reskill you received at Lv15 and distribute your skills to look something like this:
Points Left: 33 (15 for those with Maxed Pain Dealer)

Skill levels at this point
Slash: 0
Keenwheel: 0
Blindside: 0
Special Hit: 0
Bloody Strike: 0
Hit Reflect: 0
Guillotine: 0

Protection: 5
Pan Barrier: 10
Sneaker: 19
Empower Weapon: Max
Smite Axe: Max
Axe Mastery: Max
Blazing Sword: 0
Sword Mastery: 0

Charge: 0
Earth Divider: 0
Pain Dealer: 4 (or Max if you plan on CWing)
Power Stump: Max
Guard: Max
Rage: Max

At Lv70, you will have 58 skill points so max Pain Reflection.
Points Left: 28 (10 for those with max PD)

At Lv75, you will have 53 skill points so max Power Swing.
Points Left: 23 (5 for those with max PD)

Now you can spend your points on whatever you want. The other skills won’t really help that much in normal leveling, but they can be fun in the arena and possibly useful during giant hunting.


The knight is usually called the “Meat Shield” of Flyff because of their high “hp per stamina” rate.
This is also a very good use for AoEing as AoEing requires large portions of hp.
So with the AoE build this is a meat shield that fights back. :wink:

#4 HnR Elementor

Male and Female in Level 71 NPC Elementor Armor. (Taken From Flyff Wiki)

So for this section I’m gonna be using some quotes from patangua’s Guide to the hit and run elementor.
Because I just can’t explain it any better than she did in her guide. :P
(Thanks patangua!)

Your Build Choices:

Typical HnR: 40-60 STA, xxx INT
This build gives a bit of HP to survive the odd hit from those pesky monsters that just refuse to slow. Of course, you can’t tank too many still, but it should provide you with a cushion while still providing excellent damage.

Hybrid: 80-100 STA, xxx INT
This build is a good all round build. With it, you don’t really have to worry too much if monsters aren’t slowing (I don’t even bother slowing the spawn until I’ve finished collecting with this build) and can even level by tanking if you fancy a change from HnR from time to time. This build doesn’t provide the highest damage output, but it does allow more flexibility with regards to your levelling style.

I didn’t include full Int because it’s a little too risky for someone new who might quit soon because he’ll die a lot.
I personally would choose the second build just because of the flexibility it allows for you to use your own style of HnR, but it’s your choice the first build is good if you want to finish the monsters off quickly.The cons of the second build is that you won’t get as much damage in, but will get a lot of defense and vice-versa.

Image Windfield: This is the main skill that a HnR elementor uses. It is a ranged AoE with a 50% chance to slow the target by 50% when maxed.
Image Wind mastery: When mastered this skill adds +15% damage to wind attacks.

Additional useful skills to master
Image Earthquake: This is another ranged AoE attack that is useful for fire/electric elemented targets.
Image: Earth mastery: When mastered this skill adds +15% damage to earth attacks.
Image Poison cloud: A damage over time (DoT) AoE that can aid in killing the target faster. Can be useful in collecting the spawn.
Image Water mastery: When mastered this skill adds +15% damage to water attacks.
Image Burning field: Another DoT AoE that can aid in killing the target faster. Can be useful in collecting the spawn.
Image Fire mastery: When mastered this skill adds +15% damage to fire attacks.
Image Blizzard: When mastered, has a 36% chance to stun the target. Can be useful when dealing with targets that are losing the slowing effect from windfield.
Image Blinkpool: Allows you to gain distance on the target more easily. Remember, the RM will lose target of you, so make sure they are aware of what’s happening.

+ A fast casting mage skill is always useful to have, such as ice missile or firestrike. One that helps increase damage of other skills is doubly useful.

(This was Taken From Patangua’s Guide To The Hit and Run Elementor)

I’m guilty of not doing any work for this one, but truthfully this helped me out a lot with my elementor.
Visuals are always good for any guide. so here are the skills you need to master..
Windfield and wind mastery are the main two skills.
They will catch your enemies, slow them down, and then you can go ahead and kill them.
The only warning about this is that windfield doesn’t have a 100% chance to slow so be careful!
The others are just boosts that you’ll need for an HnR elementor.


An HnR Elementor collects monsters, slows them down with windfield and then kills them.
It is an AoE class with many different tactics which provides a feeling of being unique in the game.
So here it is, now go windfield something! :mrgreen:

#5 1v1 Bow jester

Male and Female in Level 59 NPC Jester Armor. (Taken From Flyff Wiki)

To start off, let me thank heosjester for giving me all of this information. :mrgreen:

So here’s your build.


Yes! Full Dex.

The reason is that Bow Jesters (BJs as they are more commonly called) concentrate
on getting a lot of criticals and making their attack speed very high.
Although they can make use of stamina more than other classes.

Bow Jesters actually gain very few attack from Dex, so stamina wouldn’t
affect them as much as other classes, but at the same time they are one of
the few classes that can solo well without adding stamina, so because of that
no one should add stamina to their Bow Jester, unless it’s for pipelining, but this
is for the 1v1 Bow Jesters, so we won’t go into uncharted seas.

Since a Bow Jester uses a Bow instead of a Yo-Yo as a regular Jester would use
all of the Jester skills are for Yo-Yo users.
Acrobat skills could be made of use, these are the acrobat skills you should max:

Max Junk Arrow
Max Dark Illusion
Max Perfect Block
Max Fast Walker
Max Bow Mastery

Junk Arrow will be used to level to level 60 (Until you become a Jester).
After you become a Jester using it is optional, but using all of the other skills listed
is necessary. Dark Illusion will be used to escape, so will Fast Walker.
Perfect Block will be used to heighten block rate.
Bow Mastery adds bow damage.


Also, to add, you will probably need to buy a cruiser at a higher level.
Think of it as an investment because for a small price, you’ll be
able to use that cruiser until you are a Hero, so long-term, it’s good. :wink:
Rastra will be available at level 90, but is not necessary.


Bow Jesters are Jesters who take advantage of a Jester’s critical rate per Dex point
(4% per 10 Dex points compared to the usual 1%). They equip a bow and add Dex
for a higher critical rate. As they do not PvP as well as Yo-Yo Jesters many
YJs (or Yo-Yo Jesters) go BJ because of the ease in leveling.
They can grind especially well solo, without needing rebuffs or heal.
They can also Ghunt well.

#6 AoE ranger

Male and Female in Level 59 NPC Ranger Armor. (Taken From Flyff Wiki)

This section is also dedicated to rbardy, the coolest ranger I know. 8)
Thanks for the info man! :mrgreen:

So here’s your build:


With this build you can tank your mob with a +3 NPC set.

For this I will take from rbardy’s [Guide] Bow users skill distribution V 1.5

Acrobat stage:

Congratulations now you are an acrobat and choose to use a bow and don’t have idea how to use those 78 points so i will help you :wink: .
Note: You will get a nameless scroll when you finish the job change, keep it, it is a reskill scroll (but you cant sell or trade or mail or anything, you can just use it), the best time to use it is when you reach the level 60 as i will say later in the guide.
Note2: In this guide when i say spend x points i will mean skill points, and when i say level it to lvl 6 for exemple i mean skill level.

Level 15
Skill points you have: 78
New Skills available: 3
ImageJunk arrow: It is the best 1st job damage skill among all classes but don’t max it yet because it will suck all your MP, but if it is your 2nd char and you have a lot of refreshers so max it, my recommendation to lvl it to 10~15 (20~30 skill points).
Points left: 58-38

ImagePulling: A yoyo skill you wont use it but it is needed to other useful skills like DI and PB so put it to lvl 4 (8 skill points) and leave it.
Points left: 50-30

ImageSlow step: It is a guide to bow users so don’t put points here.
Points left: 50-30

Level 18
Skill points you have: 56-36
New Skills available: 1
ImageFast walker: It isn’t a really useful skill, put it to lvl 6 (12 skill points) and you will be able to have Dark Illusion.
Points left: 44-24

Level 20
Skill points you have: 48-28
New Skills available: 1
ImageBow mastery: This skill add 1 damage per level so don’t worth to spend skill points here now, put it to lvl 5 (10 skill points) just to have access to silent shot and aimed shot.
Points left: 38-18

Level 30
Skill points you have: 68-48
New Skills available: 2
Note: This level is checkpoint, if you don’t mastered JA it is the time because now you can start your arena life and you will want to have master JA to kill the others and you have the access to the Dark Illusion that makes acrobats survive in the arena, so now you will have 48 skill points.

ImageDark illusion: Now the acrobat signature skill, it is a skill you must to master right now.
Points left: 8

ImageSilent Shot: Well put the rest of your skill points here and keep leveling this skill until it reach level 9 (18 skill points).
Points left: 0

Level 35
Skill points you have: 5
New Skills available: 1
ImageAimed shot: It is a good skill mastered but don’t put any point here now.
Points left: 14

Level 45
Skill points you have: 40
New Skills available: 2
ImagePerfect Block: Don’t care if you will be ranger or bow jester you must have it mastered.
Points left: 0

ImageAuto shot: It is a fantastic PvP skill, but you wont use that while you level, so spend your points here after you mastered your main skills later as a ranger.
Points left: 0
Note: I said rangers because a BJ wont use that skill at leveling or at PvP, so that is only worth for rangers.

Level 50
Skill points you have: 20
New Skills available: 1
ImageArrow rain: That skill have the best AoE damage per cast, but you wont use it until you become a ranger so you can past that skill for now and if you followed my guide you don’t even have lvl 5 aimed shot.
Points left: 20

Note: With those 20 skill points and the next points you can use in whatever skill you want, rise bow mastery or fast walker since you have a reskill to use when you become ranger or bow jester.

Level 60
Now congratulation you reach the level 60 and now you can choose to become a Ranger or a Bow Jester, the next part of the guide will be divided for those 2 classes:

Ranger stage:

Now you are a proud and happy ranger as me :mrgreen: and i will help you to use that skill points you have.
I will base my guide to AoE rangers, but i’ll make notes to 1v1 and hybrid (1v1 and AoE) rangers.

OBS: You can check the details of the rangers skills Here

Level 60
Skill points you have: 328(after you use the reskill)
New Skills available: 3
Ok it will be a long part of guide so let’s go:
Acrobat skills:
You will need Perfect block and Arrow rain mastered and Auto shot level 4 to get Ice arrow, so spend your skills points to have those skills and the their required skills.
Dark Illusion and Junk arrow will be great mastered to go 1v1 and in PvP so master it.
Master Arrow rain too that skill cause the highest damage per cast among the rangers AoEs.
Points left: 102

Ranger skills:
Fire arrow: Master it without questions.
Points left: 72

Ice arrow: It is an AoE, slows the enemy, good damage, you HAVE to master it.
Points left: 42

Poison arrow: It is a good PvP skill, cause a good damage and cause poison in the enemy so max it.
Points left: 12

Level 65
Skill points you have: 37
New Skills available: 1
Fast shot: AoE, 1v1 and hybrid rangers you can master it, it gives you 2.5% aspd per skill level, you will get 100% aspd with any haste.
Points left: 11

Level 70
Skill points you have: 36
New Skills available: 1
Piercing arrow: If you go AoE ranger max it, it cause a good damage and fill the cooldown that happens some times.
Note: 1v1 rangers can skip that skill and for hybrid it is a optional skill.
Points left: 36-6

Nature: The most useless ranger skill, level it to lvl 4 (12 skill points) to get access to Silent arrow skill in the lvl 75.
Points left: 24-0

Level 75
Skill points you have: 49-19(It depends if you spend points in piercing arrow)
New Skills available: 1
Silent arrow That is the best PvP ranger skill, max it no mater or what .
Points left: 19-0

Level 80
Skill points you have: 44-13 (13 skill points if you got master piercing and silent arrow)
New Skills available: 1
Triple shot That is a nice skill and you have already all the skill you need so why not master it?.
Points left: 14-0

Final note: Your final skill tree will look like that:
Junk arrow – 20
Bow mastery – 5+
Dark Illusion – 20
Perfect Block – 20
Aimed Shot – 5 (for arrow rain)
Arrow rain – 15-20 (depends if you are hybrid or AoE, 0 if 1v1)
Silent shot – 9 (for auto shot)
Auto shot – 4 (for ice arrow)
Ice and Fire arrow – 10
Poison arrow – 10
Fast shot – 10
Nature – 0-4 (same as poison arrow)
silent arrow – 0-10 (max you can get if choose to have it)
triple shot – 0-? (if you have points to spare, it is a really optional skill)


Rangers are one of the most skilled in AoE and are one of the cheapest.
You can literally get to level 90+ with an NPC set.
They can make better use of an NPC bow with a good awake than an Abow or Hbow.
An Abow will be needed later in the game, but it’s one of the cheapest greens.
You also won’t need to waste as much on refreshers, food, etc.

#7 Satan Psykeepers

Male and Female in Level 71 NPC Psykeeper Armor. (Taken From Flyff Wiki)

This section Thanks alone_ for giving me all of this information.
I’m gonna have to keep the format of the thread. :lol:

So here’s your build:

Full Int

Although I myself recommend at least 10 points to stamina for safety.

Satan psykeepers will use a skill to stun their enemies, so hp isn’t a factor.

Since alone helped I’ll do something a little new and post the basic
armors and weapons needed, but not required .

Equipment: Teba/ Misty set (lv 45 green set.)
-advantages of teba/misty
+10% decrease of magic motion time (faster casting = more kills quicker)
-15% mp consumption (great for spirit bomb)
+10% hp (good for pvp)
+48 defence (incase your satan fails, a great backup)

Guardian Wand (lv 60 green wand)
-advantages of G wand
+10% decrease of magic motion time (see ”teba/misty” dmmt advantage)
+30 defence (see ”teba/misty” defence advantage)

*the above two will be used until you are level 90, max them out the best you can.

-Gore necklace (the best you can afford, to avoid ”satan fail” deaths)
-INT rings (again the best you can afford, more damage is key)
-Demol earings (see above reason)

*the above three will be used forever, max them out the best you can

Okay, since alone_ was kind enough to include a mini-leveling guide I’ll
just quote him again.

from lv 15-60
-level mental strike to level 15. you will use this until the level 25/30 skills are unlocked
-alternate from above: get it to 20, and use at reskill once you hit around level 45. my recommended way is the ”alternate” path because a reskill will not be needed once you hit 60+
-get stone spike and swordwind to level 5. (level 18 and 20 skills)
-max out strongwind and rockcrash (level 25 skills), personally i do not use wind cutter (lv 30 wind mage skill, its damage differnce isnt much and it does not push away enemies like strongwind does- which is vital when you are full INT and rooting is useless.)
-level at bangs, then flow to higher levels obviously, you will need the wind/rock skills first and foremost.
-once you hit rocks, use wind.. from them flow to either dumbbulls or totems at level 30-33(i reccommend totems since you have max rockcrash,otherwise stick to mental strike at dumbbulls)
-after totems, head to tombs.. from there head to pranksters.. while leveling your character you should be adding points into ice missle (max lv 5.) waterball (max lv 7.) and finally, maxing waterwell.
-once done at pranksters, head to SM and start the ”script” quest. then head to small steamwalkers and use waterwell. a massive advantage here is that small steamwalkers ”run” at 1/3 hp left, the disadvantage is that there a good amount of aggros at steamwalkers.
-by the time your done finding all the ”scripts” you should have gained at least one level, the script quest will boost you around 2-5 levels, depending on your current. (i start it at level 47 personally, and end up at 51 usually.)
-flow to drillers, using strongwind on smalls.
-flow to cranes, using strongwind again until you hit 60.

level 60-65
demonolgy vs. psychic bomb.(both will usually kill in same amount of hits)
+faster casting
-psychic bomb-
+stuns target randomly

advantage- demonology.
reason: faster casting beats ”random stun” anyday.
-train on cranes until your level 65, seems like it takes forever, but fish and mongs have almost 2x the hp as cranes, and only provide a minimal % per kill bonus.

lv65. your here.
-max satanolgy
-max psychic bomb

head to mongs-
use 2 or 3 ”psychic bombs” in your action slot, 2 is preferable as it will be hard to run out.


Psykeepers are one of the best damage dealers in-game and PvP very well.
The satan psykeepers are usually slow levelers at higher levels, but are very strong.
They can giant well, and are essential for CWing.
You may die once in a while, but don’t worry.

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