Flyff Great Clockwork War Complete Quest Guide

Fly for Fun Great Clockwork War Complete Quest Guide by damballa

I believe you can begin this quest at lvl 70+ Although it is still unknown. If the banker has an exclamation mark over her head in Darkon, then you can do the quest.

It Begins by speaking with the Mayor Of Darkon. She is located next to the Banker. She asks you to speak with Dr Est.

Dr. Est is located at Captain Drillers. In the corner NE of the Tower by Captain Drillers.

Dr. Est asks you to find 5 Traces of War. These are tricky to find as you are looking for 5 seperate small pools of glowing water. Almost all of them are tucked away in a crack or crevice.

The first can be found in the Northern Cavern Entrance by the Small Sylica’s.
The Second in the Cave South of Sylicas. The Entrance From mongs.
The third is located by the Giant BombTimer, in the crevice behind where he spawns in the cliff.
The fourth is found right outside of Darkon by the Bombtimers, located Behind the small hill by the train tracks.
The Fifth can be located at Captain mongs, Tucked into the East Corner halfway between Captains and Regulars.

Remember, all of these pools are usually tucked into a spot hard to see from flying distance, so I would suggest flying to around where the spot is and then walking around to find it better.

Once you find all 5 Traces of War. You talk to Dr. Estern. He is located in the Hill Of Shade, WAY WAY WAY up on the cliff behind all the gigglebox’s and Jackhammers. He is more West on the top of the Cliff. The way to find it is to remember how you fly across there to get to the beach, the cliffs you fly over, he’s tucked away in a corner at the very top of the cliff and hidden by tree’s.

He will then ask you to locate and find 5 Scars of War. These are located by the Peakyrinds. Again, tucked in the corner by the large Cog in the back of the Peakys almost to the lands edge. It is the same blue pool as the 5 Traces of War, but the good thing is you don’t have to travel to each town to find all 5. Just stand there and wait for the 5 to drop. They drop from nothing and spawn fairly quickly.

Once that is done you head to the Fernfens. Over the bridge going towards Mas Dungeon and find Dr. E. He is on the SW side of the Ferns by the edge of the cliff. He will then tell you to go and defeat the small Clockworks.

The Small Clockwork is located outside of Darkon. Where people use to congrigate and skill spam. He is right by the Zombie guys on the opposite exit from Bombtimers. It’s the way you go to kill Hoppres and Mushys. There are 5 lights surrounded by brown barriers. He is fairly easy to kill and dosn’t seem to pose a huge threat. But at lower levels be careful because he does pack a rather harsh punch.

After killing the Small Clockworks return to the Mayor that sits next to the Banker. She will reward you with a generous amount of experience. At lvl 76 I got 40% for completing the quest.

With each step you finish you will recieve a book from each brother. Keep those books as the Mayor will need them from you to complete the quest. Do not use them, click on them, or discard them.

I hope this helps. Took me around 2 hours to figure out where everything was and though I’d share.

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