Eden Eternal Basic Aven NPC Fame Guide

Eden Eternal Basic Aven NPC Fame Guide by Ageratum

Through getting Fame with different NPCs, you can get access to Materials and Equipment needed to craft higher level weapons and armor.

List of Aven NPC Fame and What you can get:

Silver Needle
Location: 351/332
Mats: Fame
Devil Sealing Hammer: 1000
Deep Sea Stone: 2000
Perpetual Stone:4000
Fashion Catalog 1-4: Book Quests

Nature Seekers
Mats: Fame
Pure Dew: 1000
Dawn Dew: 1000
First Light Dew: 2000
Nature Records 1-4: Book Quests
Light Armor: Gloves and Boots

Amber Eyes
Location: 188/388
Equip: Fame
Metamorphosis Mold: 1000
Soul Mold: 2000
Star Pulverizer: 4000
R&D; Proposals 1-4: Book Quests
Light Armor: Hats and Waist

Sage Stone
Location: 189/333
Mats: Fame
Cooling Potion: 1000
Stabilizing Potion: 2000
Acceleration Potion: 4000
Scholarly Missive 1-4: Book Quests
Cloth Armor: Gloves and Boots

Location: 193/401
Mats: Fame
White Flame: 1000
Red Lotus Flame: 2000
Black **** Flame: 4000
Design Journal 1-4: Book Quests
Heavy Armor: Gloves and Boots

Arthur Hammer
Location: 224/393
Equip: Fame
Ore Separator: 1000
Metal Analyzer: 2000
Element Analyzer: 4000
Guild Secre Docs 1-4: Book Quests
Weapons: Greatswords and Hammers

Crystal Camel
Equip: Fame
Art Carver 1000 40
Magic Carver 2000 50
Amethyst Carver 4000 60
Chamber of Commerce 1-4: Book Quests
Light Armor: Waist
Weapon: Guitar

Spirit Followers
Mats: Fame
Shaman’s Prayer: 1000
Elder’s Blessing: 2000
Prophet’s Praise: 4000
Prophet’s Test 1-4: Book Quests
Light Armor: Gloves and Boots

Please let me know what I missed! Thanks

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