Dynasty Warriors Online Using a Controller Guide

Dynasty Warriors Online Using a Controller Guide by S4V10RX

Guide to installing PS3 controller (credits goes to TheBloodRed,abdullah_mag and Alastor700)

to make it easier for the non 360 owners, this program allows your pc to recognize the Dualshock 3 and use it just like a 360 controller.

the program is called MotioninJoy (everything you need is in the link).

-To allow the drivers to be installed:
(ONLY DO THIS STEP IF YOU’RE USING A 64 BIT SYSTEM) first you have to restart the PC, and when it starts up spam the F8 button….a menu will then appear…….move down to “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” and select it (you must do this every startup if you want to use the ps3 controller).

let windows startup normally, click the PS button on the controller..plug it into your pc…then run MotioninJoy….go to quick start*and click “Load Driver”..let the driver install.

now you will be able to use your ps3 controller Smile

P.S: Select the “Analog Gamepad 3” profile…thats the one that fits ps3 controllers

P.S2: the L2 and R2 won’t work by default, so click options on the right of the Analog Gamepad 3 profile..and go to Button 7 and change it to L2, then go to Button 8 and change it to R2.

You should be all set to play DWO and any other game with a ps3 controller now

Updated: 64-bit PS3 controller installation

You might have to do something different if you have a 64-bit OS, download MotioninJoy, install those drivers, restart computer, hit F8, disable Diver Signatures, then check motioninjoy to make sure your PS3 controller shows up. This is a website for using installing and using motioninjoy (http://www.motioninjoy.com/help/sixaxis-dualshock-3-connecting-usb) keep in mind this is mostly for just people with 64-bit OS, the other way works usually if you have a 32-bit OS.

Another software you can download for Ps3 controller for For 32 bit system

To download the file:

-Simply download the rar file and extract.

-Run the libusb-win32-filter-bin-

-Plug in your PS3 Controller(using USB). It should start blinking as it will be charging its battery.

-Run ps3sixaxis_en.exe. You don’t need to do it many times, just once.(it will just be a flicker)

-Your controller should now be able to be used as a controller on your PC. If it is not recognized try hitting the PS button or running ps3sixaxis_en.exe one more time.

I hope everyone enjoys this link as I know not all of you have Xbox 360 consoles and would like to use a controller. Of course you could just go out and get a cheap USB controller but why do that when you can use your top notch PS3 SIXAXIS** controller? Very Happy

If you have an comments or concerns please post them here.

**SIXAXIS is not functional on a PC but everything else on the controller(buttons, vibration where applicable, pressure sensitivity) works just fine.

PS3 Controller Button Config
Button to Set [Town]/[Battle]

Button14 Confirm/Musou Attack
Button15 Cancel/Jump
Button16 Response/Normal Attack
Button13 Main Command/Charge Attack

Button11 Fix Camera/Block
Button12 Switch Mini-Map/Upgrade

Button1 Switch Target/Summon Lieutenant
Button4 Switch Target/Switch Mini-Map

** Help/Help
** Chat/Chat

** Switch Camera\Emotion/Switch

**Buttons 9 and 10 are L2 and R2 respectively. Button2 is the Left Stick Button(L3) and Button3 the Right Stick Button(R3).
Feel free to label these as you please.
I personally have Button9 on Help, Button2 on Chat and Button3 on Switch Camera\Emotion/Switch.


Analog Play Settings is the Sensitivity rating, or how much you need to push the stick for it to register.

Xbox 360 controller for pc Guide!(credits goes to Canadian11)

Setting Up Your Wired Xbox 360 Controller for Your PC:
First of all you want to download the software from Microsoft which will allow you to use your wired Xbox 360 controller to play PC games. You can find it at :


Just fill in the relevant details, download the file and install it on your PC

Most versions of Windows will automatically detect the controller when you plug it in and prompt you to update your system with the relevant drivers

You can try this first if you don’t want to download the software separately.

Once the software is installed you can plug your Xbox 360 controller into your USB port on your computer. To ensure it is working correctly select Game Controllers in the Control Panel in Windows.

You can also use your wireless Xbox 360 controller to play PC games but in order to do this you will need to purchase the wireless gaming receiver.

So if you are struggling with mouse and keyboard controls why not try one of these solutions and use your Xbox 360 controller instead?

****NOTE**** Charge and play cord will NOT work to play with wireless controller’s!

Most people already know how to do this but i thaught i would post a guide forthose who dont!

For PS2 controller installation and guide: (credits goes to TaurenMight for finding this info)

just plug it into a usb port the game will auto recognize it and configure it

they had a faq on their webpage that told you how to change what button does what here
I want to change the controller’s button/action mappings.
You can change the button assignments by:
1.Click [start].
2.Select [All Programs] also may be called [Program Files]
3.Click the [Koei] Folder
4.Click the [Dynasty Warriors Online] Folder
5.Click [Configuration of Dynasty Warriors Online].
6.Select [Controller] and adjust the button assignments as desired.

[GUIDE+APPLICATION]How to run DW:O in windowed mode
You can also change the resolution to anything you want, windowed mode or not (credits goes to Untamed1337)

Download URL:

First, let me note that I got the O.K. from Product Manager Sasrine to post this here, as this application does not modify the game files or gameplay.
If any GM has questions about this application, feel free to PM me.
If any player has complaints about this application, please keep them out of this topic. If you really feel the need to complain, just PM me. On the other hand, if you have a problem with it, you may ask for help in this topic.

This application will allow you to run DWO in windowed mode, as well as give you the ability to change the resolution to anything you want. You can still run it in fullscreen mode if you wish. Full info for this application is at the bottom of this post.

This application will run DWO directly. It does not go through the launcher or updater, therefore, I highly recommend you run the normal DWOnline.exe file at least once a day so that you have the chance to update your client daily. Do note that to update you need to launch the game normally, so after updating, the game will launch – you can then close the main game and launch it via this application. Also, for anyone familiar with DxWnd, this application is NOT DxWnd, it is something similar but it is more powerful and works better, at least for DWO.

How to launch the game in windowed mode:
Unzip the zip file you downloaded and run DWO-Windower.exe
Double click DWOnline. The game will now launch. (DO NOTE that you must have installed DWOnline to C:\AeriaGames\DynastyWarriorsOnline. This is the normal install directory.)

How to change the way DWO launches:
I have the game defaulted to launch in window mode with 1280×960 resolution.
To change this, highlight DWOnline in the list from the DWO-Windower.exe application. Above the list are some icons. Click the icon to the right of the computer icon – it looks like a closed folder with tools on it. This is the configuration for how DWO launches. Feel free to change Height & Width to any resolution you want, and check or uncheck Use Windowed Mode based on your preference.

More Info:
It handles Direct3D (AKA DirectX) in a way so that any Direct3D exe file will run in windowed mode – nothing more, nothing less.

It uses a roughly translated (to english) japanese program called D3D Windower.

The application is completely safe. It has previously had only a good reputation, and NOD32 (A virus scanner statistically proven to capture a higher percentage of viruses then nearly any other scanner out there), as well as Malware Bytes (A very nice application that protects you from spyware, trojans, malware, etc), have both come up saying that this application is completely clean. None the less, there will be a note at the top of my topic saying something along the lines of [Note: Download at your own risk.] I have seen a few false positives involving this application from a few odd antivirus applications that I have either never heard of or that are notorious for giving false alerts.

You can do more research on the application itself if you wish, it is called:
D3DWindower (AKA D3D Windower)

The files will be distributed in a zip file in case anyone wants to scan them in there with their own virus scanner. May I remind you one more time that 0 client modifications are required to make this application run DWO in window mode.

I have prepackaged the zip file with the config file that should work for anyone with DWO that installed it to the default directory.

Now, the only thing I should note is this:
This runs the game without patching. Although, I am pretty sure the game client/server will not let you log in if your client is not fully patched to the latest version. To update, you have to launch DWO normally. It will update and launch the game in normal full screen mode. You then need to close that and launch it via this windower.

Running the game on Linux (credits goes to ShadowBelmolve)

A simple how to run on linux
First, the only thing that don’t work is the intro video, you need to disable it in [DWO Environment Settings Tool] -> Play Media -> Play Movie -> Off

The 3d graphics don’t run out of the box, you need to install/download winetricks and install the d3dx9

In login screen ‘down’ is pressed and ‘right’ after load my char, but I think that is a bug of joypad(that don’t have in windows)

You need to emulate a virtual desktop [open “winecfg” -> graphics -> Emulate Virtual Desktop] because:
1) The DWO don’t give me a 16:9 resolution
2) The gnome’s bars don’t hide

I’ve tested the game with graphics in Fast and Standard and runs like Windows 7 x86-64

I use Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat x86_64 and my specs are:
Notebook LG R590 5100
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz
GeForce 310M 512MB

For more detail question and troubleshooting please click this link:
PS3: http://forums.aeriagames.com/viewtopic.php?p=7600339#7600339

Ps3 Motioninjoy website:

Xbox360 controller question and troubleshooting:

More question and troubleshooting for window’s mode:

More detail question and troubleshooting on Linux mode:

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