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Dragon Nest Frequently Asked Questions by Dragon


Q. Is this game available for Europe?
A. Dragon Nest is only available to our US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand customers.

Q. Will the gender lock on this game ever be removed?
A. No.

Q. What does cash shop contain?
A. The cash shop has a variety of things for our players to choose from. From cosmetics to small time savers, players can choose to purchase these if they choose so. Cash shop is not needed to access content or game play.

Open Beta

Q. Is there a application process for Open Beta?
A. No, Everyone will get to play the open beta as long as they are within our service region and have a Nexon account.

Q. Will there be a wipe after Open Beta ends?
A. No there will not be a wipe, everything will remain except scales ( cash shop points ).

Q. How long will OB last?
A. July 26th – August 9th.

Q. Will PvP be in Open Beta?
A. No.

Q. What will be the level cap of Open Beta?
A. 24.

Q. When will the games official release begin?
A. Immediately after OB ends.

Q. Is the Open Beta download available?
A. Not yet, but it will be released soon.

Q. Will guilds be in Open Beta?
A. Yes guilds are said to be in OB.

Q. Will there be any Open Beta events or participation rewards?
Yes, all OB events and rewards can be found here : http://dragonnest.nexon.net/news/news/00CWo/open-beta-events-are-coming?page=1

Class Changes

Q. When is the first class advancement?
A. Level 15. You will be able to choose 2 classes that are similar and different.

Q. What are the differences in classes? What makes one better than the other?
A. When you start the game, your character will be given different weapons. These 3 weapons change the game play insignificantly at first, however later on, certain class advancements will specify in using one or two these weapons only. For example, a warrior starts off with the option of using a Sword, Hammer, and an Axe. However, when the warrior decides to change his job to a Swordmaster he can ONLY use a Sword.

Q. Will I be able to reset my skills?
A. Yes you will receive a free skill reset when you make your first advancement, afterwards, you will have to purchase skill resets from the cash shop.

Q. Can I change my class if I don’t like it?
A. Unfortunately, no. You will not be able to change your class once you’ve chosen it.


Q. What’s the best class for PvP?
A. There is no “best class”, all are equivalent.

Q. Do stats gained outside of the PvP arena allow players to gain advantages over others?
A. Yes, but these advantages are so insignificant. Dragon Nest PvP revolves more around skill requirement and understanding your class rather than who has the best gears.

Q. Do I gain rewards from PvP?
A. Yes. You can gain Epic PvP sets and armors using medals received from winning matches. Supposedly, you can even gain experience.

Equipment and etc.

Q. What types of equipments are there?

A. There are 11 pieces of equipment your character can wear.
Helmets, Upper Armor, Lower Armor, Shoes, Gloves, Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Two Rings, a Necklace and a pair of Earrings ( one equipment )

Q. Okay which are the best?

A. Every piece of equipment has different qualities.
Regular – A gray border will surround the item image.
Above Regular – Greenish border
Advanced – Blueish border
Epic – Redish border
Unique (not found in OBT) – Purple boarder

Q. So whats the difference?

A. Well the difference is in the codes also known as potentials.

Q. What are codes / potentials?

A. Codes are items found in dungeons that add enchantments to equipments. These enchantments are always 100% successful and will add random blue stat(s) to your equipment (Potentials). In order to use them, you will have to find the corresponding code in terms of color, and type (Weapon, Armor, Accessory).

Q. So why go through all the trouble of finding the right armor AND code?

A. Because you receive amazing stats from these potentials. ( Max Hp + 6.50%, Max Intelligence + 5.00%, Phys Attack + 2.50%, etc.)

Q. So why find an epic gear? Why not just find a low level gear and add potential to it?

A. Because the better quality the gear is, the more potentials can be obtained. For example an above average item would only give you 3 potential-ed stats while an epic item could get you 4.

Q. Since potentials are enchanted randomly, can they be removed?

A. Yes, using Destruction codes that also correspond to the equipment.

Q. What are crests?

A. Crests are items found in dungeons that add pretty much any stat in the game. They came in the same qualities as equipment.

Q. How do I use them?

A. To use a crest, all you have to do is take it to an Amorist in town ( Harry Potter looking guys) and request them to unlock the crest, transforming it so that it can now be equipped.

Q. How many crests can I use?

Your character has a maximum amount of crests s/he can use. As they level, the amount of crests able to be used increases.

Q. What if I want to replace a crest?

A. You can, but you will have to destroy the on you had equipped previous.

Q. Can I upgrade my gear?

Yes you can upgrade your gear all the way up to +6. The enhancements may fail, but as long as its to +6, your item will never break.

Q. What if I go beyond +6?

A. Your item has a chance of being destroyed if a failure occurs.

Q. Is there anyway to lessen this chance of failure?

A. Yes, you can purchase items from the cash shop known as jellies which completely remove the chance of an equipment being destroyed. ( Failure is still a possibility )

Q. How far can I upgrade an item to? +12?
A. They say you can go all the way u to +15, but +15 has a 1% chance of success.

Q. How does armor durability work?

A. When you enter a dungeon and get hit by monsters, your armor durability decreases more and more based on the difficulty. when an item’s durability reaches 0, it will automatically be unequipped. You can easily repair your durability by various NPCs in town.


Q. What are the modes of dungeons?

A. There are 6 modes. Easy, Normal, Hard, Master, Abyss, and Hell.

Q. Besides difficulty, what are the differences?

A. Master and up comes with mini bosses and much better drop rates. Abyss allows you to receive epic items.

Q. How do I get better scores in dungeons?

A. Get hit as little as possible, keep your combos high, and try to kill mobs with aerial attacks or the final damage of a skill ( final attack)

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