Dragon Nest SEA Farming Dimensional Keys Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Farming Dimensional Keys Guide by BrianLai

Any place to recommend to farm these keys?? haven’t gotten them in awhile…

Simplified this thread with a little extra to help out new players… LIKE ME!! :)
…………… Q&A……………;

a) Dimensional Keys?

“They are used to get gifts (Dimensional Fragments, Epic Skill Plates, Revert Cubes) from the Dimensional Bunny when you run a dungeon on Abyss mode. DO NOT SELL IT TO THE NPC !!! Its worth is way more than 1 gold.” [OLD!]


b) Dimensional Bunny?

“Don’t worry, they’re not mini bosses =.=!! The dimensional rabbit is an NPC that gives out rewards, similar to the reward chest, at the end of an Abyssdungeon. Each player in the party can left-click on it to receive items, but this action can only be performed once per rabbit, and the items are bound to the receiver. There are two types of rabbits, the silver and the gold. The gold one appears rarely and has the chance to drop epic and other rare items.”

Gold : http://asset.103.ggftw.net/wiki/dgn-w/images/d/dd/Gold_Dimensional_Rabbit.png

Silver : http://asset.103.ggftw.net/wiki/dgn-w/images/b/b3/Silver_Dimensional_Rabbit.png


“GIFTS DON’T REQUIRE KEYS. If you finished abyss and don’t have key just talk to the bunny anyway to get a gift for one of the NPCs. Supposedly gifting enough to certain NPCs will net you discounts for some of their wears such as plate bags on the scholar. Every now and then you’ll also get gifts in the mail, for example May sent me some medium octagonal water once.”

In Short…..



Silver bunny drops

Without dimensional Key:
NPC Gift

Red Army Stamp

Blue Reset Cubes

With dimensional Key:
NPC Gift

Red Army Stamp

Dimensional Key

Dimensional Fragments – 23 pcs
Blue Reset Cubes

Gold bunny drops:
Without dimensional Key:
NPC Gift

Epic Reset Cubes
With dimensional Key:
NPC Gift

EPIC Skill Heraldy

Epic Reset Cubes
c) What do you get from using Dimensional Keys on the Bunny?

“Do an Abyss dungeon and at the end when the rabbit appears, when you click it, you will automatically use your key. If you dont have a key, you will still get a npc gift item from the rabbit, but with the key, you get Dimensional Fragments and sometimes Revert Cubes. If its a golden rabbit and you have a key, then you can get an Premium/Epic grade skill plate which can make u filthy rich….”

d) Dimensional Fragments?


“If u have a key and u talk to the Silver bunny, u can get 23 dimensional fragments. Collecting around 800-1000 pieces and u can exchange them with Heraldry Scholar Bailey to get random epic skill plates for ur class.”

* Bunnies drop 23 fragments at a go.. If i’m not mistaken @.@

e) Master & Apprentice Method?


“Master and apprentice method is a method implemented in dragon nest to get keys n dimensional fragments the legal way. when u are alvl 24, u can party with a group member of lvl15 and below to get keys at the end of the abyss dungeon, frm the bunny. at least 1 of ur group member has to be below 15. means, 3 can be lvl 24 and 1 will be lvl 13. at the end of the dungeon, talk to the bunny to get the key as well as the items to gift to npc. everyone in the party will get the keys, so no need to share. also, u can get around 1-2 keys each time. it depends. so u might gain, or replace ur used key on the bunny”

f) Solo & Party Method?

i) Sigh Canyon Abyss Mode


“When i farm keys, i go to Sigh Canyon with a low level PARTY between level 10-15 (lvl 16+ doesn’t work) The dimensional bunny will provide 1 Dimensional Key At Abyss Mode. Why Sigh Canyon?? Its the Easiest and faster Dungeon!!

“Here is one video of me farming solo on Sigh Canyon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNgSN4LSUpI (2:25 mins dungeon).. normally i do 2:30~2:50 depending on how it goes but is way faster on farming bunnys :) and not mentioning that i dropped 15 revert cubes in some hours of farming plus i got enough fragments to buy a bag in Bailey and got my premium plate of gravity blast *_*”
ii) Sanctuary Core Master or Hard Mode
“This method is for higher level characters ( 22+ ) for solo runs. Besides massive Rough Agate drops which you can sell 20+ Gold a stack, The boss is relatively easy to beat and drops Dimensional Keys around 2/5 times.. But this method also allows you to gain alot of GOLD through Rough Agates, Revert Cubes, Rare Jewel Codes, High Grade Plates & etc which you can sell to other player via TRADING MARKET and I dare say that you can make atleast 150+ gold every 10+ runs..”
*There’s a royal chest at the second level around that diamond switch thing.. Break the boxes :P


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